Standing in front of the mirror, shirtless, flexing one arm then combing fingers through his hair once again, Dean smiled at his reflection. His jet black hair messed up just right, a few curls hanging over his forehead. He leaned in close to the mirror looking at his face searching for any sign of a pimple or any other blemish. He studied the smooth surface, the only mark on his skin was the small mole at the top of his neck below his left ear. Standing up straight looking at his lean body, one not as muscular as some of the other guys, but he didn’t care. He liked the way he looked, liked the way his clothes fit, fashionable shirts that fit snug around his torso or tight jeans that showed off his long legs. His only regret was his name. ‘Why couldn’t he have been a Lucas or a Xavier or a Quinton’ he thought, wishing for something that sounded more unique, something with a sense of being gay about it. For the last three years he has felt more in tune with his feelings, this innate desire he feels toward his own sex, some attraction he was still trying to understand but had no fear of it.

Dean picked up one cologne then the next before deciding on the third bottle spraying once in the air and walking through it. ‘Just enough’ he thought as he sat the cologne down and reached for his shirt. Freshly pressed, the collar sharply creased, he eased each arm into it then pulled it on buttoning the middle three buttons leaving it open at the tail and at the neck. The shirt appeared to hang on his body ready to fall off. He reached up and saw it spread open perfectly exposing his stomach. He smiled mischievously and went to the nightstand where his wallet, keys and cell phone lay.

He walked out of his dorm room and headed down the hall. He saw the looks, recognized each one. The look of disgust, the look of curiosity, of shock and then there were the looks that tempted him, made him smile back causing the guy to turn away. The look of desire. ‘Do they even realize it?’ he wondered as he went down the stairs. It was the second week of class, his Freshman year and he was quickly getting his bearings, learning his way around the campus and the routine of the course work. He knew most thought of him as cocky but he considered it confidence. It was something he strived to maintain, at times it seemed he had to fight for it, but he found so many situations were so much easier when he didn’t back down standing his ground. It seemed more so on campus.

It was Tuesday night and the first LGBT meeting on campus. He had been looking forward to it since arriving for it was one of the main ways to meet others. At eighteen he couldn’t get into most bars and clubs and the club he could get in he found it to be lame.  Maybe it was too early in the semester but he was looking for an avenue to meet other guys and tonight’s meeting offered his best immediate hope.

Dean did something he normally never would do; he arrived early. He had been so anxious to get to the meeting and he assumed it would let him see who came in, check out each guy, the way they walked, how they carried themselves, and whether or not he could capture their attention, even if only for a brief moment. He sat in the middle row three seats back. He leaned back angling his body so he naturally sat facing the door to his left. Two guys came in, obviously together, and they said hello as they walked to the last row of seats and over half way back. A woman came in then another guy, blonde, nice build and looked to be a Junior or Senior, so much more mature looking than he looked. They smiled at each other and the guy came down the aisle for his row and sat two seats behind him. ‘Close enough’ Dean thought and he stifled the urge to smile. Two guys and three women came in next talking animatedly amongst themselves not noticing Dean or anyone else in the room as they took seats in the first two rows at the front. For the next few minutes more people arrived and Dean checked out each of the guys, giving several his most friendly smile. Tall, short, average, blonde, brown and even red hair and Dean checked each one out as they did him. An instructor came in and sat at the desk, pulling out a folder of papers thumbing through it.

“We’ll start in just a minute. Let’s give any stragglers on their way time to get here” the instructor said as he laid down the folder.

Dean looked around the room, first to his right then around to his left. There were thirty or more in the room. He actually thought there would be more at the meeting but even so there were several guys obviously alone looking around the room checking each other out. He sat up, elbows on the desk, arms crossed and wondered what the discussions would be about; how did these meeting work? Movement at the door caught his eye and he looked up to see another guy come in, backpack on his back head down not looking around like all the others. Dean watched the guy come in the room, glance up quickly and move across the front of the room to the second seat in the row just past his own. Brown hair that was a little long, uncombed in a distressed manner. The guy was about Dean’s height, nearly the same build. He watched the way the guy took his seat, head down the entire time.

‘Really shy’ Dean thought and he found it cute. The instructor stood up and introduced himself and began to talk to the group. Dean heard bits and pieces of it, had to be asked twice to give his name for he was studying this last arrival, this guy who seemed so introverted. A white t-shirt that hung loose on this frame and a pair of worn jeans, a hole in the side at the hip revealing the white fabric of his underwear. Dean wondered if he was struggling to pay his way through college then he saw the new running shoes. He realized the guy was just trying to blend in. When the instructor had asked the guy his name Dean had sat up listening closely.


‘Logan’ Dean repeated to himself knowing he would not forget it.

The meeting went over policies of the university relating to LGBT, went over programs offered and then talked about events held each year. When the instructor asked if there were any questions a few raised their hands. Dean by then was anxious for the meeting to end for he had been plotting the whole time on how to speak to Logan on the way out.

“Okay, let’s call it a night. Next meeting is the first Tuesday night of next month and watch your emails for location. We typically have this room but sometimes we have to move” the instructor said as he put his things together and everyone began to stand up.

Dean watched Logan stand up, lift up his backpack slipping it over his shoulders. He started to move toward him but someone came up blocking his path.

“Hey your Dean right? I’m Gary…you a freshman? Hey, I was wondering if you’d like…”

Dean saw Logan going out the door and he interrupted Gary, “Hey man, yeah maybe sometime we can get together but right now I really have to go….sorry man” he exclaimed as he headed to the door.

“Yeah…okay, see you around” Gary replied but Dean never heard everything for he was almost to the door.

In the corridor he looked left and saw only two other guys walking away. Looking right he saw two women and two guys and in front of all of them Logan moving at a rapid pace. Dean took off and watched as Logan took the stairs down. He wasn’t worried about really losing him for it was late and the campus was nearly deserted at this time of night.

Down two flights of stairs and out into the night standing on the sidewalk Dean looked around. For a moment he was panicked that Logan had in fact gotten away then he stepped over to look around the corner of the building and saw him walking in between the buildings heading toward the old section of campus where some of the oldest dorm buildings were located. Dean took off to make a loop around the science lab building next door knowing it wasn’t as far around it. He would intersect with Logan somewhere on the main concourse through campus.

Dean made it to the concourse and slowed his pace for he saw he had beaten Logan. Logan was coming from the side onto the main concourse. Head down watching the brick pavers Logan wasn’t aware of Dean’s presence until he spoke. Dean waited till Logan was close.

“Hey, you’re Logan right?”

Logan pulled up short, stood for a moment not saying anything. His hair hung down into his eyes and Dean watched as he used one hand to comb it back. Thin eyebrows arched high over each eye. Dean tried to look into Logan’s eyes to see his expression but they were in deep shadow so he waited impatiently, suddenly unsure about another guy for the first time in a long time.

“Yeah…I’m Logan…how did you” Logan replied slowly, stumbling over his words. He looked behind him then back at Dean, “how did you get here so fast?”

“I just left as soon as the meeting was over and looped around Sanford Hall.”

“But…I cut through…”

“Oh I walk fast sometimes. Hey man I was left pretty quick so I assume you may have a boyfriend waiting for you?”

“What…no, no…no boyfriend…”

“Oh good” Dean interrupted Logan, “listen, it’s only a little after nine, you want to go with me to Aalto’s Coffee? I was going to get one of their deserts. A little snack before calling it a night.”

Logan just stood there quiet for far too long and Dean decided to take the initiative.

“Come on, go with me; my treat.”

“I…huh…really? I mean…”

“Oh come on” Dean replied putting his arm around Logan’s neck and turning him toward the sidewalk that headed toward the edge of campus and to the coffee shop.

Dean felt the way Logan stiffened at first so he took his arm off and settled into rhythm next to him. They walked a little fast, Logan obviously nervous by has mannerisms. He kept glancing over at Logan as Dean talked about the meeting, then about himself, telling Logan where he came from and what he was majoring in. He knew he needed to carry the conversation, anything to get Logan to relax. As they walked together he realized Logan was taller than he was which made him look skinny with his long arms and legs and torso so lean the t-shirt just hung on him.

The coffee shop was a block off campus, where it occupied an old drug store building. It was larger than most coffee shops Dean had been in but this one catered to the students on campus and was always busy. It stayed open 24/7 and never lacked for business since it also had a bakery and deli section.

Dean and Logan made their way through the line, got their orders and found two arm chairs near the back in which to sit. Dean let Logan get settled, have time to eat half of the pastry and show signs of relaxing.

“So Logan, where are you from?”

Logan initially talked slowly, tentative in every word but Dean didn’t interrupt, let him talk and slowly who this person was came spilling out. He was from Hartsville, South Carolina, a small town where he had kept to himself. The way Logan described high school, the brief reference to it being no fun made Dean realize Logan may have been bullied. Logan was the youngest of three, an older brother working in Atlanta and a sister who was in college in North Carolina. His father was an insurance salesman and his mother was an elementary school teacher, details that told Dean of an average middle class life.

When Logan feel silent after telling Dean his major was in biology Dean waited a moment drinking the last of his coffee, letting Logan finish his own.

“Do your parents know?”

Logan just nodded his head.

“Are they okay with you being gay?”

“Not really…mom found…found out I was gay and it was kind of bad for a while but things are better now.”

Dean leaned over toward Logan smiling mischievously, “she found your porn?”

Logan smiled for the first time, even blushed red then shook his head no. “She found the gay website I had been looking at online. I had left my laptop up and gone to the bathroom and when I came back she was at my desk going through what I had been looking at.”

Logan sat back, leaned his head back and laughed, “boy did she get mad. I had always been worried it would be dad who would be the worst but he…well, I think he knew already. I wasn’t like Matthew. All sports in everything, big muscular body and outgoing, always off somewhere with his friends but I…” Logan said, his voice trailing off.

“I told my parents in tenth grade. They sat shocked for a moment then my sister came in and asked what was wrong. So I told her and she just laughed, I mean out loud, then looked at me and said, ‘about time’. I think my parents were more shocked at her response than my confiding in them. It took a week but everything was soon back to normal.”

They got refills and sat for another hour, Logan relaxed, smiling and laughing as Dean told of coming out in high school and the way some of the guys freaked out at first. Dean told Logan of his first time and how they stumbled through it, accidently bumping chins and falling off the bed and in the end being silly, wrestling around on the floor till exhausted then slowly moving together and doing it.

Dean wondered if Logan had ever had sex but he wasn’t going to ask for he felt it might embarrass him and he didn’t want to ruin the mood. And he didn’t really care one way or the other.

“Dean…I really need to go. I’ve got a paper to finish before my first class. I’ve had fun…really…”

“Hey no problem; it is getting late. Let’s get out of here. What are you doing tomorrow night?”

Dean wasn’t going to tarry. He was not going to let Logan get away without some commitment to meet again.

“I’m not doing anything tomorrow night…why?”

“You like to play video games?”

“Yes…have you got that new Lords of War? It’s great.”

“Yeah I got it. You want to come over to my dorm room around six. We can go grab a sandwich or something and then play video games for a while.”

Logan smiled and nodded his head. “Yeah, that’ll be great.”


The day was warmer than usual but the air was dry and fall finally seemed to be in the air. Logan showed up about ten till six catching Dean still getting dressed and he sat on Dean’s bed watching him pull on his jeans as he talked non-stop. Logan didn’t say much as he had sat their looking at Dean in his briefs, the bright red briefs were so snug fitting they revealed everything, how Dean’s cock lay over its sac with the flared head showing its outline perfectly. As Dean put on his shirt Logan had stared at his lean long waisted torso, the smooth fair skin and the way each nipple rode high on his chest. He realized his own body wasn’t as skinny as he thought as he stared at Dean. Stared at the flatness of his chest and stomach and how it made his arms look even longer. He watched Dean’s arms go up and the small patch of hair become visible in each armpit. Logan felt his heart rate increase and a tightness in his stomach as he looked at Dean who was so confident, so sure of himself. He wished he was as confident, instead he looked quickly away when Dean turned toward him, his shirt neatly buttoned up and tucked into his jeans.

“Let me get my shoes on and we’ll go grab something to eat. You want pizza or a sandwich?”

“I don’t care” Logan replied as he scooted over to let Dean sit down.

“Let’s do pizza.”

It was nearly eight by the time they got back to Dean’s dorm room. Dean didn’t bother to turn on the main overhead light leaving the room dimly lit by the lone lamp on his nightstand. Logan moved into the room wondering where Dean’s roommate was for the other bed was neatly made up and there were no signs of personal effects.

“Where’s your roommate?”

“I guess he’s back in Memphis” Dean replied laughing, “the guy was a walking disaster. Seriously, he broke so much shit the first few days it was unbelievable. Then last weekend he takes a nasty tumble on his bicycle and ends up so hurt he dropped out this semester. Supposedly he’ll be back for the next semester.”

“So you have the room to yourself?”

“Yep” Dean replied as he pulled out the controllers.

“Must be nice” Logan replied as he took a controller from Dean.

“Get comfortable on the bed. I’ll sit on the floor” said Dean as he eased down on the floor by the bed. Logan watched him lean back against the bed as he loaded up the game. The thick wavy hair and the way it hung over Dean’s ears and down on his neck. Logan’s eyes roamed over the smooth fair skin of Dean’s neck. When the game came up on the television Logan kicked off his shoes and moved around on the bed lying on this stomach.



They played for nearly two hours going back and forth, each one winning at times. When Dean won the next game he didn’t start up another, instead laying the controller down.

“I need something to drink; do you want a soda or some water?”

“Just a water” Logan replied as he propped up on his elbows. Dean pulled two waters from his mini-fridge handing one to Logan. Dean stayed standing as he drank, turning the bottle up. Logan drank about half and closed the bottle setting it on the floor.

“You ready to lose?” Logan taunted making Dean scoff then turn up the bottle emptying it. He tossed the empty bottle into a bin and moved to sit back down on the floor but his eyes moved over Logan lying on his bed, the long lean body angled from one corner to the other. It was Logan’s ass, the curvature of it, much more pronounced than his own and he moved to the side of the bed and sat next to Logan.

“You have the nicest ass” Dean uttered in a low voice more to himself than to Logan.

“What did you say” Logan asked looking over his shoulder, smiling for he thought Dean was goofing off again. Then he froze and his eyes grew wide open. He felt Dean touch him, a hand right on his left ass cheek.

“I said you have the nicest ass” Dean repeated as he ran his hand gently over the curvature of Logan’s left ass cheek.

“I…huh…” Logan stammered then fell silent as he felt Dean’s hand move over his ass, felt the way it followed the curve then moved over his thigh and back up and over it. “Dean” Logan whispered, a pleading in his voice and Dean knew it was not meant for him to stop.

Dean let his hand move upward, tugged the shirttail free and slipped his hand underneath. He touched Logan’s back, the smooth skin, warm to the touch, and he glided his hand upward pushing the shirttail upward revealing Logan’s lower back. Dean pulled his hand out and moved over Logan, let his body rest on top of him as he reached around and began to undo buttons of the shirt. He undid the top three and rising back up took the shirttail and tugged upward. “Raise up” he whispered in Logan’s ear and when the long lean body rose up he pulled the shirt up till it was gathered underneath Logan’s arms. Logan shifted on the bed and raised his arms upward letting Dean slip the shirt off. Dean ran his hands over Logan’s bare back, fingers tracing the line of spine, move over each shoulder blade then with one he kneaded Logan’s neck.

Dean saw how Logan was breathing harder and how he kept his head down not making a sound. He ran one hand back down Logan’s back, felt the undulations with each breath and at moments a shiver. He ran his hand down to the waistband of Logan’s jeans and let his fingers trial underneath touching the top edge of briefs Logan wore as he moved one across then when he moved back he let his fingers slip beneath the waistband of the briefs and grazed the top of Logan’s ass. He felt the shift in position, the slight movement of the hips, an up and down movement so slight he could barely see it.

“It feels good doesn’t it” Dean whispered in Logan’s ear as he ran his hand across Logan’s ass, up and over, down to the top of each thigh then back up where he pushed down, encouraged Logan to pump his hips harder, to give himself up to the feel of being touched, of becoming aroused. Dean felt his own arousal from touching Logan. He moved on top of Logan pressing himself against his ass as he ran each hand up Logan’s sides. He let his fingers tickle the sparse hairs in each armpit then moved over and around Logan’s neck hugging their bodies together.

“When you came into the meeting, I just wanted…” Dean stammers in Logan’s ear as he moves on top of him. “I just wanted…you” he whispers as he kisses the back of Logan’s neck. Logan begins to undulate beneath him, to become animated stretching out to his full length then pushing up against Dean’s erection.

For Logan this intimacy is blinding. He can’t see, can’t focus on anything but the feel of Dean’s body on top of him and the way he is being touched. Fingers pressing into the flesh, kneading the muscle till he feels the tightness of his own erection in his jeans and he pumps his hips into the mattress driving his arousal to greater heights. Deans hands move around his torso and slide down his chest, move over this stomach till they are at this waist. He doesn’t have to be told; he rises up and lets Dean undo his jeans, work the zipper down till he feels Dean’s hand over the front of his briefs fondling him, fingers stroking along his shaft then kneading the head making him moan.

Logan suddenly feels too bound up, his clothes too tight, too confining and he begins to push down his jeans and briefs, struggles to get them down wanting to be free of them. He rises up and Dean moves to his side helping him get his legs free. Logan is desperate to get them off and Dean struggles to help him, one leg then the next. Logan carelessly tossing them across the room, his briefs flying out of the jeans as they sailed through the air. Logan suddenly stopped moving and just sat on the bed heaving for breath.

Dean put his hand on Logan’s chest and guided him to lay back. He sat by Logan staring into his eyes. There was a pleading there he could not imagine. He leaned over and kissed Logan gently on the lips, felt him rise up and press back against him. He moved one hand down Logan’s torso till he felt it, thick, hard in full erection and he let his fingers slip around its girth. He stroked it as he kissed Logan. He moved along Logan’s jaw then to the ear, kissing the lobe then mouthing it.

“Don’t move” Dean whispered. He eased up off the bed, Logan’s eyes following him. He stood up and began to undo the buttons of his shirt, one at a time, slowly working each button loose till his shirt hung open. He slipped it off his shoulders and tossed it on his chair. He unfastened his jeans, pulled the zipper down and spread them open. He pushed them down, the whole time his eyes on Logan, watching them watch him, following each of his movements. With the jeans finally off he stood in his briefs, the tight red fabric obscenely stretched out in front with his erection. He took the waistband and eased them down working them out and over his cock letting it spring up flexing with his arousal. He let the briefs drop to his feet and stepped out of them as he moved back on the bed.

Logan watched him, every move, as he moved to the foot of the bed on his knees, where he lifted each of Logan’s legs up to rest on his shoulders. Dean moved up closer and he felt Logan tense up for a moment as he rubbed his cock along Logan’s ass, a slick trail left by his leaking cock. He rubbed the opening with the slick head then pushed against it. Logan tensed again then relaxed. Dean felt Logan push back and his cock squeezed through the tight opening. Logan sucked in his breath as his whole body shivered with the penetration.

“You want me to stop?”

“No…please…” Logan pleaded and Dean felt Logan’s hands on his thighs, the fingers stroking his skin, spurring him on. “Dean…fuck me” Logan whispered.

Dean shifted positions and began to ease into Logan, inch after inch squeezing through the tight ring till he was pressed tightly against Logan’s ass. “Shit you’re tight” Dean uttered as he pulled back till just the head remained in Logan then he pushed back in. He kept it up, slowly working his cock in Logan till he felt Logan loosen to his penetration and saw him relax beneath him. He picked up his pace, began to drive his cock into Logan, to fall into a rhythm: to fuck.

Logan’s hands touched him, ran up and down his thighs, then glided over his undulated stomach and upward over his chest as he fucked, pumping his cock into him. When Logan dragged one hand across his nipple he felt the touch course down his spine. He reached up, grabbed Logan’s hand and put it back on his nipple. “Pinch it…hard” he begged as he drove his cock into Logan’s depths. Logan pinched gently but as he took Dean’s thrusting cock he pinched harder till Dean shook and jabbed cock into his hole harder, pushing inward forcefully till their bodies smacked together. The bed squeaked beneath them. Logan twisted the nipple and Dean fucked him even harder, drove into him roughly touching something inside of him that made him want more, drove his desire for their fuck to become more physical.

Logan rose up, bear hugged Dean and rolled him over on his back as he moved on top. He rose up over Dean holding the wet slick cock up to his hole. He dropped down on it taking all of it, every inch buried inside him.

“Fuck” Dean cried out as he watched Logan ride him, up and down roughly on his cock. He watched it come into view beneath Logan then just as quickly disappear. He felt the heat of Logan wrapped around his cock, felt the way Logan’s opening milked his cock as it slid up and down his shaft. Logan began to grunt and moan then his whole body began to glisten wetly in the dim light. Dean ran his hands up Logan’s stomach and chest feeling the hot slick skin against his fingers. He took each nipple and worked the hard nubs between his thumbs and index fingers and Dean rode him more roughly, harder, bouncing off his hips. He twisted both nipples and Logan cried out. Suddenly Logan grabbed his hands and pinned them down over his head. Logan held him down kissing him roughly moving up and down on his cock. He felt drops of sweat land on his face and chest. The room filled with their sex, the sound of it; the smell of it.

Someone banged on the door.

“What the fuck are you doing in there.”

Logan seemed not to hear as he held Dean down and rode his cock. Dean felt his cock grow thicker, more sensitive as his whole body grew rigid, shivering for release. He felt Logan drop down on his cock and he shoved upward, hard and ejaculated wad after wad into Logan’s depths. He thrust upward as he cried out emptying himself into Logan.

Logan stopped moving on his cock but he felt him still moving in some manner. He opened his eyes and saw Logan masturbating, stroking furiously.

“Logan…Logan…stop” Dean said in a low calm tone.

Logan stopped and looked down at him wondering why he had to stop.

“Give it to me” said Dean.

Logan nodded his head and eased up roughly helping Dean to roll over on his stomach. Logan moved with determination saying nothing as he quickly straddled Dean’s thighs. He pushed his cock down, the slick head pressed down to Dean’s opening and he moved with it, rose up and pressed down with the weight of his body breaching the tight opening and penetrating Dean with his cock.

“Oh fuck…” Dean cried out as he grabbed the bed frame and pushed upward to meet Logan’s push.

Logan moved over Dean and began to fuck, his body hovering over Dean’s, sweat dripping off of him as he moved his hips, drove his cock into Dean, thrust inward till his abdomen smacked on Dean’s ass, over and over and over. Dean cried out begging Logan to fuck him harder, pleaded for Logan’s cock, wanted to feel it deep in his hole. Logan fucked, his pace straining every muscle, blooding pumping hard and his mind lost to its primitive need. Dean fell still taking Logan’s punishing fuck, took every thrust as he lay breathing hard.

Logan didn’t slow but kept his fast pace till he felt his cock grow thicker, more sensitive then with sudden urgency he felt his release. He slammed into Dean and came. He kept pumping his hips, jabbing inward with every release. Thrusting inward he drove his cock through his slick load till he grew too sensitive to continue and he collapsed on top of Dean. They both were heaving for breath, their bodies hot and slick against each other. Logan nestled his face in the back of Dean’s neck, kissed him and he captured some of the saltiness on Dean’s skin. They laid still a long time, neither barely moving till their breathing returned to normal and the heat between them too much. Logan slipped over to Dean’s side and rolled onto his back.

Dean finally opened his eyes and leaned up on his elbows looking over at Logan, eyes closed appearing to be asleep.

“You still with me” Dean asked.

“Yeah” Logan whispered.

“Let’s go shower off then we can get some sleep.”

Logan dragged himself out of bed behind Dean, both moving as if half asleep. Dean pulled out two pair of gym shorts handing one to Logan then took out two towels.

“Slip those on and come on.”

The shower was empty when they came in and Dean led the way to the open showers. He dropped the shorts and moved to one shower head glancing back at Logan. Logan was easing the shorts down and gingerly stepping out of them.

“What’s wrong?” Dean asked trying not to laugh.

“I’m exhausted” Logan replied as he moved next to Dean. He just stood under the water, head down letting it cascade down his body.

Dean quickly bathed then rinsed the soap off as he looked over at Logan. When he finished he moved to the lifeless form and began to bath him. It startled Logan making him jump.

“Aren’t you afraid someone will come in?”

“I think having heard us earlier makes that a moot point” Dean replied.

Logan let Dean bathe him, raising his arms and turning when asked. When he rinsed the soap off Dean shut the water off and led him out of the shower area where Dean dried him off first then himself. Towels wrapped around their waist they headed back to Dean’s room. The corridor was quiet, only a couple of doors open at the far end. As they near the dorm room the one next door, the room that shared the bed wall, opened up and a guy stopped into the door frame wearing just his boxers.

“Hey John” Dean said as they approached.

“What the fuck Dean. Jesus, I hope you two are done for the night” John replied shaking his head and stifling a laugh. As Dean and Logan passed, John eased back into his room and shut the door.

Back in the room they tossed the towels over a chair and got back into bed. Dean lay on his back with Logan spooned up next to him. He ran his fingers through Logan’s hair, pushed it out of Logan’s eyes as they settled down. He felt Logan’s breathing slow, felt the way Logan’s body relaxed and he knew he had drifted off to sleep. He smiled at how everything turned out, the way events unfolded as he hoped. He was confident things could only get better with Logan.



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