I have to admit that I am indeed a size queen, there is just no way about; I love huge cocks. I love to suck a huge cock, having it shove down my throat, being face fucked until it pumps loads of hot cum into my mouth and down my throat, forcing me to shallow. And if the well-equipped guy at hand is ready for it, having a huge cock hammered up my ass and being fuck long and hard, feeling the heavy nuts bang against my butt cheeks and tights.

My only problem is that there aren't that many guys around with huge cocks, so whenever I get the chance I go to a cruising area nearby, one of the porn shops with movie theatres or the local sauna to find someone, who is equipped and willing to help me out.

I am quite good-looking - a former male model being 1 a metre and 80 and weighing 80 kilos - and I try to keep as fit as possible. My hair is blond and I have bright blue eyes, which sparkles in the sunlight. And to tell you the truth, most guys are turned on by my looks and willingness to go down on them.

During my early career I lived in Paris for almost two years, some of the best time I have ever had. Paris is wonderful, and the gay scene is even better. If you haven't been there, do yourself a favour and go.

Well during my stay in Paris I used the Metro a lot, just like you do with the U-Bane in Berlin, the Tube in London and the Sub in New York, and there was something very exciting about the Metro. During rush hours people normally stand so close to one another that it is impossible not to touch the persons surrounding you, which, I have to confess, I exploited more than once. It is phenomenal; at first the guy being fondled and groped does nothing because he isn't sure who is doing what, and then when he discovers that you're the one with your hand on the family jewels he can do three different things, either he can shout at you, making you stop exposing what you are doing, or he can leave quietly, avoiding to out you and himself, or he can lean back and enjoy the rest of the ride. Most guys I have done this with - I have done it five times -opted for the second or the third possibility. No one ever took the first way out.

The first time it happened I was on my way from the flea market at Porte de Clignancourt to Odeon to meet some friends, with whom I was going to have dinner. The ride from Porte de Clignancourt to Odeon is a very long one, mind you, and the wagon I was in was simply too overcrowded. An elderly looking man with a cane was desperately trying to find a seat, and I gracefully stood up, giving him mine, even if it would deprive me of the enjoyable view I had to the guy opposite me.

The guy I was keeping a keen eye on looked as if he were in his late twenties, early thirties; he was tall and athletically built with a handsome face and a strong chin with a dimple in it. His brown eyes were watchful and I was sure that he had noticed me looking him over more than once. However, I just couldn't help myself; there was something magical about him, something that kept drawing my eyes to his finely toned body and the huge lump in his tight jeans.

There I was, giving up my seat to this elderly looking man with his cane, and as I raised from the seat the athletic guy gave me a broad smile. I grabbed a hold of the bar next to him, and the metro wagon huddled along towards the next station, and as so often before the light went and came all the time, sometimes the lights would flicker for several minutes, which was quite usual. The athletic guy was standing in the corner and I was sort of blocking his view of the other passengers, when the driver of the metro hit the breaks quite hard, making most of the standing passengers lose their balance for just a moment. I took one step backwards, trying to regain my balance, and my free hand accidentally brushed his crotch; there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that this guy had a huge cock, and that his cock was somewhat inflated as I touched it. That did it for me; that was all the encouragement I needed. Randomly and obviously by accident I kept on brushing the guy's crotch with my ass, leaning back ever so often, and the effect was clear to both of us.

In the window in front of me I could see him fighting a loosing battle, trying to control his erection. There was absolutely no way he could leave the wagon now, not before the piece of elephant meat had gone down, which I wasn't going to let happen, if I had anything to say about it. As nonchalant as I could I put by arm behind my back, making sure that none of the other passengers could see, what I was doing back there, and I began to work him over. I started out being very gentle, brushing his growing lump, caressing it and enjoying the feeling of the swelling.

He seemed to enjoy it as well, even though it was quite awkward for him being torn between his growing lust and the rising fear being spotted by some of the other passengers. The athletic guy was desperately trying to control himself and his breathing, which was turning into gasps. I acted as if everything was as it should be, and I pretended not to notice his subdued moaning; but it was clear to me that I had him on the edge; a few rapid moves with my skilled hand, and he would have come in his jeans. I was, however, not going to let him of the hook that easily, as I was just beginning to enjoy myself. I kept up the imperceptible movement behind my back, adding and reducing the pressure of the athletic guy's stiff horse cock. It was actually quite hot; I would have loved to suck him off - but there were too many passengers in the metro wagon - so that would have to be another time and another place.

The metro ride continued, and as we went under the river Seine, many people got of at Les Halles and some at Le Quartier Latin, leaving the rest of us some more space and room to breathe, but it also forced me to step away from my jerk victim, as it would appear totally out of place if I had kept him cornered. I should have stepped off at Odeon, but decided that I would be half an hour or maybe an hour later for the dinner with my friends, and I was sure that they would understand when I told them want happened. As I stepped away, he smiled awkwardly at me, holding one of his bags in front of his crotch, trying desperately to cover his hard cock, which would have jutted straight out, hadn't it been for his all too tight jeans. As the metro drove into the Denfert-Rochereau station - there are only three stations after this one before the metro line ends at Porte d'Orleons - we were finally the last two persons in the wagon.

Athletic guy finally removed the bag for his crotch and revealed what looked as an aching hard on. There was a huge wet spot of precum on his jeans, and it was possible to see the outline of the whole cock and the huge balls that went with it. This guy really turned me on. The hung guy didn't say anything, he just placed his bags on the floor, sat down, unbuttoned his jeans and wiped his huge butt buster out of the all too tight enclosure. It was beautiful in all its glory, even though I have to admit that I was happy that he couldn't fuck me then and there, because this cock was truly gigantic; some 25 centimetres in length and a girth that was amazing. It was larger than my wrist... There was simply no way that he would ever be allowed to shove that up my ass, but I was more than willing to give it a try with my mouth.

'Sucez-moi,' he said. 'Blow me.'

And that was all the encouragement that I needed to go down on this masterpiece of hot man meat. I was so horny, longing to taste his cock and his ball juice.

With the tip of my tongue I made the head wet, before I opened as wide as I could, try to fit the entire piece into my mouth, and surprisingly I managed. I was more successful than I care to remember, because at the moment the when athletic guy felt the warmth of my mouth on his cock, he grabbed me by the ears and thrust, with all his built-up hornyness and strength, his fat piece down my throat, where he kept it until I began to gag. I really needed some air, but athletic guy only loosened his grip ever so slightly, allowing me to take a deep breathe before he pushed my mouth back down over his huge member. He was definitely in need of some cock sucking from the way he acted. And there was no doubt in my mind that this guy was either straight or bisexual, gay he wasn't, because no gay guy would ever force his partner to blow him like that; but most 'straight guys' do that - well that is my experience anyway.

While the metro wagon was driving towards the end station, I kept up the good work, working him over the best I could sucking, licking and trying to swallow it all without choking myself in the process. My hands were just as busy as my mouth and overworked throat, fondling his huge, beautiful balls, groping them and making them twist around in the tiny sack that seemed to be way too small for the two gigantic lumps he was carrying. It was an unforgettable blowjob, to me anyway. I am quite sure that athletic guy enjoyed it as well, judging from the groans and moans this unknown guy let out from time to time, and from the way he kept pressuring me down to the very base of his huge piece of hard meat.

After a while of being forced to swallow the large cock from end to end, my throat began to adjust to the shire size of it, and I began to follow the rhythm he indicated with his hands. His balls tightened up in the small sack and I knew that he was getting closer to spraying his load in my willing mouth. I figured that I still had a few minutes to go before the eruption happened, but I clearly miscalculated, because before I could move backwards and gain some control over the situation, athletic guy grabbed my head again and forced me all the way down, letting out a loud sigh as the hot cum jutted out of his cock, which was again buried in my throat. Jets of hot ball cream invaded my mouth and throat and forced me to swallow if I wanted to survive this close encounter. Athletic guy sighed and moaned ever so loudly; he was clearly enjoying ever movement I made with my tongue and throat muscles. It was the apotheosis; he had come and didn't seem to care about me, standing up, withdrawing his half stiff cock from my mouth, wiping it over my face, pressing out the last drops of sperm, before he began the fight to put it back in to his jeans. I licked my lips, removing any traces of his ejaculation on my face before I stood up with a smile, my own cock aching for some much needed attention, but I ignored it. There would be time to think of that later. Before athletic guy left the metro wagon with his bags, he gave me a huge smile, groped his package and walked off. That was one hot mother fucker; and I knew that I would go down on him anytime. My only regret is that I didn't meet him again...



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