As I told you before I am a size queen; I just love them long and thick. There is simply no better turn on than a handsome guy with a long, thick cock aiming at my mouth or ass. I won't say that I am picky with men; I don't have any prejudices against any age group though I don't like them too young nor to old; against any race or colour be they white, red, brown, black or yellow, though I don't care much for small-dicked Asian men; or against any statue thin or thick, short or tall, though I don't care much for fat guys, who think that they are all that and more.

In one of my favourite porn shops the movie theatre is in the basement alongside with ten or twelve private cubicle; there are four different theatres, each showing a different film - only one of them shows gay films, the rest show heterosexual films of some kind - Latinas; Blacks; Big breasted teen girls and so on - and even though I am not into the whole bi-sexual scene, I like to be in those theatres because many of the heterosexual, straight guys tend to grow so horny that they are willing to let you give them a blowjob, when they have seen a bit of the film playing.

The cubicles are in two lines, divided by a narrow corridor, and between some of them there are holes which allow you to take a peek of the guy next door, and if you fancy a blowjob through the glory hole there is your chance. Some of the straight guys are so nervous that someone they know might see them getting a blowjob that they tend to be satisfied with the glory hole, which really isn't my style. I like to have access to the whole cock and the nut sack as well, but what the hell if the cock at hand is huge enough and the guy is willing, I'll go for it.

Last week during an unexpected visit to the porn shop described above, I took my time going from one theatre to the next just to get a feeling of who was there and how their equipment was.

There are three things that really turn me off; a small dick, fat guys who think that they are all that and more, and guys - no matter how hot they are, or how big the equipment is - who blow their loads in a hurry. Stamina is very important to me.

There was no one who I fancied at the moment, so I went to one of the cubicles to watch one of the films playing. I closed the door, sat down and began to look for a film, I like, skipping all the channels showing straight porn. I hate those bosomy women vulgarly screaming and jellying, while some fat guy tries to fuck them.

Finally I found a film for me, staring Pavel Marek and Pavel Novotny, both Czech guys are well hung tops, and they have filled many a fantasy of mine, when I have had to get off on my own. It didn't take me more than a couple of minutes to have an aching hard on, fantasying that I was the guy being pounded by the two super hung Pavels on the screen in front of me. My stiffy was aching for some desperately needed attention, but I tried my best to ignore it; I had come to suck some cock and hopefully get fucked, and I didn't want to come on my own.

I could hear a guy in the cubicle on my left was having some problems, because he was making some clatter as if he weren't able to fit in the narrow cubicle. After that I could hear a zipper being opened ever so slowly, trying not to making any noise what so ever, followed by a shallow moan.

The guy next door was getting into it, enjoying himself with a hand job. I leaned forward, trying to catch a glimpse of the guy, and I was utterly disappointed. It was an older man with a fat belly hanging down and a somewhat limp dick, no more than 12 centimetres at the most. And the man was desperately trying to get it hard. I guess he heard the squeaks of my chair, because he turned his head, his fat cheeks vibrating as he stroked his miniature piece of man meat. He smiled at me and pointed to his prick. I shook my head, leaning back in my seat, trying to find something with which to close the hole in the wall between us. There was nothing I could use for that purpose, so I let it slide. I sat for a moment, considering whether nor not I should leave the cubicle; and after a few minutes I decided against it, because the old man next door seemed to have understood my rejection.

And then the door to the cubicle on the other side of mine closed, and through the glory hole I could see from the moving shadows that the guy who had entered the cubicle sat down, opening his fly and grabbing his goods. I leaned forward in my chair to get a better look of the guy, but the light was simply too dim. I could only see his neck and shoulders - which seemed to be somewhat broad - but it could also be the dim light and the shadows playing tricks on me.

I moved as silently as humanly possible, making sure that my chair didn't squeal as it had previously done with the old man. The new guy looked young, a kind of rough and handsome in the dim light. He wore a pair of baggy army pants with numerous pockets, a tight t-shirt that caressed his chest underneath a padded military jacket. From the angle I was watching him, I had no way of seeing his cock, but from the movements he made, it was clear that he was gently stroking it. Long, slow strokes going up and down his piece of meat.

It was rather exciting to watch the guy, so I got on my knees to get at better view, hoping that he would shift his position allowing me to see what he was carrying around in his baggy army pants. The slow moves he was making indicated that I wouldn't be disappointed. And I kept my fingers crossed.

The army guy was watching a heterosexual film, where two hot guys - the one hammering his cock into her mouth being quite hung - were fucking a young girl in both ends, preventing her from moaning too loudly. As military guy leaned forward to change the channel, he turned his head a bit sideways, eyeing me watching him through the glory hole. I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw a smile on his face, as he found a gay film and leaned back again, keeping a firm grip on his manhood. He continued the slow movements up and down his cock, and I continued to watch his neck and a part of his shoulder, hoping he would change his position.

After a few minutes army guy stood up, took his padded military jacket off, revealing an amazing upper body; the black t-shirt was tight hugging his fit and rather muscular torso and biceps. As he hung his jacket on the hook beside the door he turned sideways, giving me a full view of his long cock; it dropped out of the fly of his baggy army pants, half hard, resting of two gigantic, shaved nuts togged away in a nut sack that somehow seemed to be way too small to contain them both at the same time. This was the guy I wanted to suck and get off, if he would let me. Army guy turned around, leaning against the door of his cubicle, smiling at me, while slowly jerking his cock the same way he had done before - long, slow strokes - giving me a full view of the action. I was horny as hell, aching to taste his cock and huge balls.

My eyes were locked onto the huge cock, which slowly but surely rose in front of my eyes, and army guy kept smiling at me through the glory hole. His face was calm; though I recognized the randy expression and the twinkle in his eye, as he was trying to remain in control of his hornyness. Army guy knew exactly what he was doing, turning me on while savouring the gentle touches and strokes on his hardening cock.

I licked my lips several times, my mouth was dry and my cock was stiff as if it were made of wood. I really wanted to taste his meat. I struck my tongue through the glory hole a few times indicating that I would do him the honours, if he would let me, but there was still no response. Just as I was about to give up, army guy shrugged as if he had been debating with himself and took a step forward, holding his cock only ten centimetres from the wall separating us from each other. He let go of his cock, which pointed upwards, reaching a point above his bellybutton. His nuts, which were jammed in the small sack, were hairless and completely round, hanging only a centimetre under the base of his one-eyed butt buster. He was truly handsome, standing with his stiff anaconda, snaking out of his fly pointing towards the ceiling.

I held my tongue out, hoping that he would lean in and feed me some of his awesome meat. And he didn't disappoint me, taking a small step forward, putting his index finger on his giant cock to align it with the glory hole and my waiting tongue, before he pushed forward, and finding the warmth of my mouth.

I tasted the tip, letting my tongue circle it before I let it slip all the way to the back of my throat, savouring the taste and smell of army guy. He tasted great, manly. The taste was a mixture of soap, fresh sweat and precum - a very nice mixture that really turned me on. And I guess that army guy also liked what I was doing to him, because he began to leak like a broken hose within seconds. And then he began to thrust his groin forward, hitting the wall time and again, trying to force his huge meat all the way down my throat.

Army guy's cock was just like a playground, and my tongue rapidly became the troupe of kids swinging enthusiastically from the monkey bars, wielding my skills with a brazen expertise. I wanted to make him enjoy every stroke and every lick, and without wanting to sound to ostentatious, I am somewhat of a master when it comes to cock sucking, at least that is what most of the guys I have had the pleasure of satisfying orally have said to me, and many of them keep coming back for more, so I guess they aren't lying. My hot tongue laved and prodded, licked and titillated, drew sloppy, wet swirls about the sensitive head and veiny underside of his leaking butt buster, trying to launch him into another world - a great big wet wonderful tongue world, where he was the king and the pleasures of good cock sucking was the daily homage shown him.

Just as I thought that he was getting close to busting his nut and feeding me his hot love cream he withdrew his cock from the hole, leaving my mouth with an empty feeling. He bent down, looked through the glory hole, smiled and whispered that I should meet him in the toilet in a few seconds. I smiled back and nodded, watching as he stood up again, fighting to get his gargantuan piece of stiff snake inside his pants, before zipping the fly. There was no way in hell he could hide his hard on, even when it was inside his baggy army pants, so he threw his padded military jacket over his arm, holding it in front of his crotch as he left the cubicle. I stood up, stuffing my cock inside my own pants, trying to rearrange it, so it wouldn't look too obvious and followed army guy to the toilet.

He was waiting for me outside the toilet, and he smiled as he motioned me inside, closed and locking the door behind him. I step forward, wanting to undress him, but he pushed me gently back and motioned me to sit on the toilet seat, while he began to undress in front of me.

He was truly handsome, no beautiful is the right word. His hair was short, cut in a traditional army style haircut and he had a well-trimmed goatee. Army guy's body was all curves and angles, hard and well-developed muscles, a six-pack, large pectorals and well-defined biceps, good, strong legs. His crotch was shaved except for a small line of hair running from his navel down towards the cock ending in a T; in short a very well-trimmed body. When he was butt naked he stepped back into his army boots.

'Do you like my cock?' he asked smiling.

'Yes, very much,' I stuttered. I was so horny that it was difficult for me to think straight.

He kept smiling at me and squeezing his cock, forcing blood into the huge piece of meat.

'Would you like to blow me until I come?' Army guy asked.

'Sure,' I replied.

'Do you swallow, if I let you?'

'Yes please,' I answered readily.

'Do you like to get fuck?' Army guy was stirring intensely at me, his brown eyes boring into the depth of my soul, trying to make out if I was lying or tell the truth. Well to be honest, the question at hand wasn't all that difficult to answer truthfully, so I did. I nodded silently.

'Well, let's see how you treat Mr. Meat Missile here, and then I'll decide if I want to fuck you. But take care; Mr. Meat Missile is a long-range missile, just so you know.'

Army guy smiled, giving his cock another good squeeze and it began to rise again, long and majestically. I remained seated, with open mouth, as hypnotised by the beautiful man in front of me; army guy was really a sight for sore eyes, and I was sure that if I gave him the chance he could make my ass sore. My surprised look amused army guy, and he kept stroking his cock right in front of me. It was obvious that he was very proud of his equipment, which he had every right to be. Again, it began to grow in front of my eyes, and I longed to taste it again, but I didn't have a clue of how to go about it, as army guy had taken the lead.

Luckily for both of us, army guy knew exactly what he wanted and when he wanted it. He grabbed me with his strong arms, lifting me up from my seat, unbuttoning my shirt with one hand, while the other fondled my ass and groping my cock and balls. He let his tongue follow the line of my neck, leaving a trail of his hot saliva and then he bit me tenderly on the ear lop, before his tongue roved my mouth in greeting.

His hands shucked off my shirt and jeans and pawed my naked body; it was quite obvious that he was hungry for some hot sex. And before I knew it he pushed me back onto the toilet seat, grabbing me by the chin and forcing his monster meat down my throat. I swallowed all of it grabbing him by his hard ass cheeks and pulling him into me. I swallowed the whole thing, feeling it hardening in my throat, rubbing harshly against my uvula, fighting to find room to grow. I let him face fucking me; until I needed to breathe again, drawing back my head and sucking in air greedily. Then I slid my tongue down the underside of his meat towards his shaved balls, sucking them one at a time, they were simply too big for me to take both of them into my mouth at the same time. Afterwards I went up and again, licked my way back before I swallowed again; savouring army guy's huge, hard and cream leaking meat. I was really turned on, and he seemed to be lost in my sucking, licking action.

Army guy's crotch reminded me of Burger King: Home of the Whopper. His cock was truly a masterpiece, a thing of mystic beauty while at the same time frightening because of its shire size. But I was too horny to care about that; letting him ram it all the way down my aching throat. The force of his thrusts indicated that he was close to bursting his nut, feeding me his ball cream, so I let him. I fondled his heavy nuts, feeling how they withdrew and grew into an even tighter ball of meat. Army guy picked up the pace, having a firm hold on my face, forcing his monster cock further and further down my throat, and then with a sigh he let go of a truly huge amount of hot man juice: 'Here it comes,' he sighed before letting go of all control.

And it did. It was more than I could swallow even though I did my best to follow his instructions, the hot creamy cum kept shorting into my mouth and down my throat and I kept on swallowing as much of it as I could, but some oozed out of my mouth and dripped onto my chin and down on my chest.

When he was finally finished, I kept sucking his cock as it went limp in my mouth, savouring the taste of his creamy load. He smiled at me, still having his cock in my mouth, and then he withdrew, not able to stand the friction any longer. He stepped back, leaning against the wall, breathed heavily. I used my fingers to gather the cum, which had dripped out of my mouth and onto my chin and chest, eating it as I held his gaze.

'I did warn you that my load would be huge,' army guy smiled. He wasn't subtle.

'You did,' I replied, glad that he had noticed my efforts and that I struggled to take all of it, and not intend to waste any of the precious drops.

'God, that was hot,' army guy sighed, as he had caught his breath. 'You can suck me anytime you like.'

'I am ready to go again, if you are,' I answered, holding my hard cock in my left hand, jerking it slowly.

'Just give me a minute,' army guy said taking a deep breath, trying to catch his breath again. It was clear to both of us that I had done an excellent job, and that army guy was more than satisfied with my performance at least for the moment.

'You really like to blow a guy and take his cream, don't you?'

I smiled nodding, no words were necessary.

Leaning against the cold, tile wall army guy scratched his balls and gave his limp dick a hard tug, while he sighed ever so loudly. And I kept on jerking my own cock, horny as I was. I could still taste army guy's cum in my mouth, and it made me crazy with lust. I really hoped he would fuck me with his hard cock, even if I was afraid that I might not be able to take it. I was sure as hell going to give it an honest try if he wanted to feed it to me.

'Is your ass clean,' he asked in an authoritative voice.

'Always,' I smiled, telling the truth. I make sure to keep my body in working order just in case...

Army guy sucked on his middle finger, giving his half hard cock a few more yanks, before he stepped forward grabbing me by the arms again, making me stand up and smiling at me as he groped my ass, gently easing his middle finger into my tight hole. He smelled his finger, and much to his surprise it smelled of soap.

Then, unexpectedly, he pushed me back on the toilet seat, kneeling in front of me, where he began to lick my hole. His tongue tended my asshole in a perfect manner, and in a matter of second I was so hot that I could blow my load.

'Do you like it, when I lick your asshole, huh?'

Staked to the toilet seat with my feet pinned backed behind my ears could fathom no response to army guy's less than urbane inquiry, instead I showed my appreciation by moaning and sighing, when army guy's tongue went to work on my balls, making my cross-eyed with lust. Currents of pleasure speared my ass to the toilet seat, and I was crossed-eyed; I was ready to get fucked.

Army guy started out gentle enough, when he flipped me over on my hands and knees and, with no further overture, tried to burry Mr- Missile Head in me in one go, but as we both discovered it would take a bit of hard work to fit Mr. Missile Head in my ass crack; the good thing about was that army guy was very dedicated to the task at hand, and not once did he lost his interest in fucking my little tight ass.

Slowly, with all the consideration one could ever imagine emanate from a man like army guy, he began to fuck me with first one and then two fingers to loosen me up, and it kind of worked after some hard finger fucking, my hole was wet and I was moaning my bliss to an empty ceiling, feeling him robbing my man clit, and I was so enraptured and hornier than I felt before, ready to take his long meat missile. Army guy felt it too; he removed his eager fingers from my hot hole.

'Here goes nothing,' army guy said, as he pushed his huge cock into my ass. This, of course, was a meiotic - it was not nothing he was shoving up my back side, and he slit it all the way home; all the way to the hilt. Nice and slow, just going forward, one centimetre at a time, nice and easy. I was there and I felt this huge cock being buried in my ass, but I still could believe that this huge piece could be fitted into my narrow crack. But it could. And army guy did an excellent job. Finally he reached the end of the line, as his pubic hairs scratched me ass cheeks and his nuts rested against my crotch.

'Can you feel it?' army guy asked, 'Can you feel Mr. Missile Head stuffed up your ass?'

Stupid question actually, though I didn't tell him that. I had participated in getting the long, thick cock inside my body, but at the same time there was something nasty about the way he asked the question

And I could feel it. I could indeed feel Mr. Missile Head prodding the depths of my ass, ploughing and plumbing the deepest regions of my manly hole. I reached down under him and fondled his nuts which felt as large as cue balls.

What a fucking man! Was all I could think, being stuffed with his cock and still having the taste of his hot ball cream in my mouth.

Machinelike, army guy's cock pistoned in and out of my body. Each stroke quaked me, retracted my hole and beat the air out of my lungs.

'Oh, yeah,' I kept moaning. 'Yes! All the way in as hard as you can!'

With a snide grunt, army guy seemed glad to oblige. To me it felt as through army guy had just unreeled another five or six centimetres of hard cock into my ass. It was an excruciating mix of pain and mind-boggling pleasure. His cock was coring me like an apple. His thrusts grew harder and deeper, as he pounded my hole, as if he were trying to nail me to the uncomfortable toilet seat, making me lose my grip, but luckily his firm grip on my narrow hips held me in place. Army guy roared and slammed himself against my hips.

'Uh-huh,' army guy promised. 'I'll be busting my babe a big nut up this ass. I'm going to crack a load in you so hard my spunk'll be squirting out your nose. You'll need the biggest hanky in the world...'

It was clear to both of us that army guy was getting close to busting his nut, and I began to stroke myself, intent on joining his arriving climax. And before I knew it, army guy grabbed my hips, holding me tight, and with a low roar, he came deep inside me, as my own cock contracted and cum jutted out, hitting my chest, the toilet and the wall in front of me. I could feel army guy's cum spout inside of me, filling my ass with some of the hot manly juice I could still taste in my mouth. God it was hot.

With his huge love stick buried inside of me he leaned forward and kissed me passionately, making me shiver with lust and surprise. Most straight guys, when they have got what they came for, normally withdrew their cock and hurried out, but not this guy. Army guy was different in so many ways. After a long, passionate kiss - he still had his warm tongue buried in my mouth - he gently withdrew his cock, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see it was still semi hard.

God, that was hot!' army guy whispered in my ear. 'I really do hope that we will be seeing more of each other...'

I nodded, hoping the same.



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