I watched the ground leave from under my feet as the Jumbo Jet lifted off the ground from 'LAX,' what a beautiful day for a trip to Rio.

It was kinda disheartening that It was a business trip instead of a weeks vacation at the Playground of Brazil.

I had sorta been looking forward to this trip for some time, actually since my boss at work chose me to represent the company at a conference In Rio De Janero. I was so excited that I had almost forgotten about the guys I would encounter in Rio, I had heard so much about those hot Latino, Brazilian studs, and my cock has been at half mast ever since I had gotten my passport, and plane ticket, I was, as the old saying goes, 'all atwitter.'

As I set back an felt the power of this awesome machine taking us to 37,000 feet off the ground, I felt in awe as just how small we really are as human beings, looking down at the citys full of hustling and bustling, people of all races and creeds and I thought how lucky we really are to live on such a diverse and wonderful planet, full of some many wonderful things and places, and of course gorgeous men, many men, lots of men, all colors and ethnic diversities, and for some reason I love them all, 'So many men so little time.'

I started laughing at myself from the thoughts that were flying thru my head as we were told we could move about the cabin, and remove our seat belts.

I knew the flight would be several hours before we would be landing in Rio, so I just layed back, pulled out a magazine, into which I had hidden a copy of a gay story book, and started reading.

I was really into the book, actully thinking about going to the restroom and stroking my cock, when this young man, spoke and ask me if he could take the seat next to me and be company during the flight.

The Flight was not a full flight and many unused seats were available, I said, 'Sure love to have your company,' I looked into his eyes and, God He was gorgeous, He was Brazilian, bronzed skin, beautiful dark eyes, nicely trimed close cut hair, and a pearly toothed smile that could outshine the sun, He was just absolutely gorgeous.

'Hello, My name is Rinaldo, I'm from Rio and I'm on my way home, I took a holiday to Los Angles to visit a friend and I'm returning to my home in Rio.'

I held out my hand to shake his hand and as I did, our eyes met,'I'm Steve O'Halaron, I'm going to Rio for a conference on business for the company I work for. I will be there at least a week.'

I felt electricity shooting my body as he held my hand just a little bit longer than he should have.

As we held onto each others hand, Rinaldo looked down at our hands and looked up into my eyes and smiled the most gorgeous smile, I smiled back, 'Is your wife with you?' he asked.

'Sorry no I left her at home, he looked a little sad, as I started laughing,'No Rinaldo, I'm not married,' I watched as his smile returned, 'Wow, thats really strange, your so damned good looking, and not married.'

'No I'm afraid not, 'Haven't found the right woman, Hugh?'

I began to realize that Rinaldo was 'fishing,' and I was the fish he was wanting to land.

'No, Rinaldo, Ijust haven't found a woman that is built the way I like.'

He looked puzzeled at me, I was beginning to like the game we were playing, I was looking into his eyes after each question, and I was getting so fucking turned on with this game my cock was throbbing and aching inside my briefs, and it definately wanted to get some relief, I realized that It had been almost two weeks since I had gotten off, and I needed someone to open the relief valve, if you take my meaning.

Rinaldo looked bewildered at me and said,'Well just exactly what does a woman have to be like to make you happy, I have seen a lot of woman walking around that are just beautiful.'

'Yes you have and so have I but, the woman of my desire and dreams has to have, smooth, muscular chest, ripped washboard stomach, muscular legs, and she needs to have about six to ten inches of meat hanging between her legs over a set of nice sized balls. She can be cut or uncut, but these things are my dream woman.'

He sorta smiled as said, 'Man it sounds like your wanting a guy.'

'Hey Rinaldo you catch on fast,' and we both started laughing.

So Man, your gay! and I watched him look around to see if any one was listening to his statement, which no one was of course.

Rinaldo leaned over to whispered something in my ear. 'Have you joined the 'Mile High Club' yet?'

I guess it was my turn to be bewildered, 'The Mile High Club,' Whats that?'

Rinaldo stood up and said,'Follow me to the restroom.'

I waited for a minute after he left and walked back to the rest rooms, one had an occupied sign on the door the other was empty, I tapped on the closed door, and Rinaldo opened it and let me in.

It was rather cramped quarters and I immediately was accousted by Rinaldo, his lips met mine, and we started to intensly suck face. I was in a state of arousal at the prospect of sex with Rinaldo in a plane at 37,000 ft in the air, as well as shock. I hadn't dreamed something like this would happen.

The best that I had dreamed for, was finding some Brazilian dude in Rio and having a romp in my hotel room.

I was leaning back against the lavatory as Rinald went after me like a wild animal, I felt his hand rubbing my hardon inside my briefs and It felt like heaven as I undid my shirt and he started sucking my nipples going wild.

I was in sexual limbo, god It was awesome, this gorgeous young man, before I knew it, had my trousers down around my ankles, and my briefs to the floor and had my seven and a half inch cock totally buried into his mouth, It was fantastic, god I needed this, but here, in a plane. Awe Shit man,! who gives a fuck, I wanted this anywhere I was. The more he sucked my uncut cock, the more I wanted him too, he had taken his dark skinned uncut thick cock out and was playing a tune on his skin flute with his right hand as he sucked me into la la land.

I felt the blast coming on and I took his head and said, 'AWH, Fuck man, yeah, Damn,' and my body started jerking back and forth as I unloaded my nuts into this awesome looking young Dude From Rio.

I stood there astonished at what had just taken place, then I leaned over and finished Rinaldo off, damn his cock was heavy and thick, it tasted like heaven in my mouth, and when he shot his load, I couldn't get enough of his sweet mancream. I was rubbing his nuts, deep throating his cock and he was about to faint.

We cleaned ourselves off and straightened our clothes up and went back out to our seat.

Rinaldo sat with me all the way to Rio and we chatted and had a wonderful time.

Rinaldo offered himself as my guide while in Rio, I gladly accepted his services and even offered to pay him for it.

I rented a car on the company credit card, and off we took, it was awesome, this gorgeous young man was with me twenty four seven at least for the first few days but he had to return to work, He told me he was working at this hotel.

So I checked into his hotel. I got to my room, and got my things in order and needed to go to the place where my meetings were to be held, I went, got things in order for the meetings, and returned to the Hotel.

Rinaldo had gone on to work that day, I just kinda made do by myself.

I had gotten a little hungry and decided to go to the coffee shop there in the lower level of the hotel, I was setting at this little table when I noticed a very good looking young man, actually he was gorgeous, I don't know how they do it In Brazil, but the young men are outstanding looking, so gorgeous and just plain beautiful.

He smiled over at me. I watched him doing his work, he was sweeping the floor. I was the only one in the shop at that moment.

He walked over to me and introduced himself as Juan, I said, 'Hi Juan, Im Steve, Steve O'Halaron.'

'Very Glad to meet you Steve, You here on Vacation, It can be a fun place here in Rio for an awesome Vacation.'

'Glad to meet you too Juan.' Yeah I know I'm finding out theres a lot here that I like.'

'He said, yeah man, Beautiful woman, if thats what you like, and also lots of gorgeous men, if you preferr them.' and he winked at me.

God man how lucky could I get.

Well before I knew it I was back up in my room With Juan next to me, and we started having a romp, God Juan was fucking gorgeous, he was a little more muscular than Rinaldo but just as good looking facially, beautiful actually.

I felt so honored that these guys picked me out of all the guys they could have had.

Juan was kissing me passionately, undressing me as we went, I was again in limbo, god I was feeling great. I finally got down to my briefs which were sticking out in the front like wild.

Juan grunted as he went down and pulled the elastic out from my body and engulfed the head of my cock and started working my cock over.

I was really wanting to see that awesome looking hunk of meat hidden in his boxer briefs. it looked bigger than Rinaldo's.

I pulled it down and out flopped an awesomely big Brazilian meat. Uncut, thick, dark and gorgeous.

Juans body was exquisite, he was built like a Roman god, muscular and athletic, awesome.

I was rubbing his chest, slick, smooth, deep bronze colored he was really a god in the flesh.

I was licking all over his chest, lapping his sweat beads with my tongue, he tasted like fine Champagne.

Juan gave me the pleasure of licking almost all over his body and even his privates, licking and swirling with my tongue around that most sensetive of areas, his balls and cock and the head. Juan was moaning and groaning as I worked him over.

I felt him grabb my arm and lay me down on my back, 'Juan is going to make love to Steve now,' I heard him say, Juan reached into his pocket and pulled out a little bottle of something which he slathered all over his cock.

He raised me up with my ass in the air to his cock level, slid a couple of fingers with lube on them up my love canal, and then took that awesome bronze spear of his, pulled back that awesome foreskin and sunk it balls deep into my asshole, I let out a gasp as I gasped for air, I felt a slight pain, but the pleasure truly outweighed the pain.

I felt him start that rocking, and I felt that awesome, thick hunk of meat as every inch of it began to slide in and out, touching that precious spot up inside, Juan knew how to service a man with his cock, god I didn't know who I liked best, Rinaldo or Juan.

We went wild with the fuck session that lasted almost an hour or a little more.

Juan started wimpering saying something in Porugese, and then he grabbed my hips at the waist and sunk that awesome cock deep and tight into my body. I felt like time stopped and stood still for a short while as I felt that hot, very warm feeling fill my insides, and I knew he had seeded me. I realized as he fired off his love rod, I had emptied my nuts all over my stomach too.

If I had died right then I couldn't have been any happier.

We layed there for a couple hours. Then Juan jumped up, 'Oh! Shit! I need to run, my boyfriend gets off work in a half hour and I have to pick him up.'

I watched him rush to get dressed and I followed him down to the loby, I watched him and I noticed Rinaldo come out of his work area and grabbed Juan and embraced him with a kiss, Rinaldo smiled up at me and I said, 'Hey Rinaldo this is your boyfriend?'

Juan looked at Rinaldo, 'Do you know each other?'

'Yes, we met on the plane coming home,' Juan just smiled and said, 'Wow, isn't that awesome,' Then he whispered something in Rinaldo's ear, We would like to invite you to share our evening meal with us.'

I accepted and well lets say, supper wasn't all we indulged in that night, a fantastic threesome, well actually almost every night that I was in Rio. What a week I spent in Rio. And what a place for a vacation or a business trip.



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