After I asked Josh if he was thinking what I was thinking, he turned slightly and looked at the man sitting on the chaise. He was looking back at us, smiling.

Josh returned his gaze to the sea and said, 'Yea, I probably am.'

After a couple of minutes, I nudged Josh with my elbow ever so slightly. We turned and walked over to the man and sat beside each other on the chaise next to him.

'Hi. I'm Matt and this is Josh.'

'It's nice to finally meet you. I'm Ken. Are you two traveling together?'

'No,' I answered. 'We met while waiting to board. This is my first cruise and Josh is acting as my guide and teacher.'

'I assumed that from part of the conversation I overheard, but what kind of teacher?'

'Were you eavesdropping on us?' Josh asked.

'No, honestly I wasn't. But I did find the conversation most intriging.'

'Look, we're going to get together in my cabin for a few beers later and wondered if you'd like to join us?'

'That sounds great. What time and where?'

How about eightish. That will be after dinner and we can all relax. It's suite 8C.'

'I'll be there,' he replied.

Josh and I left him and when we were well away, Josh asked, 'Well, what is your take of him?'

'He's either curious about gay sex or he's wanting some action. What about you?'

'Oh I definately think he's wanting some action. My guess is that he's a bottom.'

'A bottom?' I asked stupidly.

Josh smiled and said, 'Yea, a bottom. A bottom is a guy that prefers getting fucked by others.'

'Gotcha,' I said. Then I assume that a guy that prefers fucking other guys would be called a top?'

'You got it. You learn quick,' Josh said with a laugh. We went and changed for dinner and after eating we returned to my suite. it was almost eight so we remained dressed so we could spring our plans on Ken.

I called and ordered the beers and about ten minutes after they were delivered, there was another knock on the door. I opened it and invited Ken in. He was wearing short nylon shorts and a tank top that revealed his great physique.

'I didn't know this was a dress up get together,' he said.

'It isn't. We just got back from dinner and haven't had time to change. Josh brought some things here to change into so if you'll excuse us we'll go get comfortable. The beer is on the balcony.'

Ken headed for the balcony as Josh and I stepped into my bedroom.

'Naked?' I asked.

'Fuck yea. Why not? We'll see real quick what his game is.'

Josh and I stripped and headed for the balcony. We were right behind Ken before he realized that we were there.

Turning around, he saw us and exclaimed, 'Oh, Fuck! You did mean comfortable didn't you.'

'Well, yea. We found out that we're both nudist at heart so we stay that way whenever we can. Does that make you uncomfortable?'

'Heavens no. I just wasn't expecting it. If you have no objections, I'll join you.'

'Be our guest. Go right ahead.'

Ken stepped back inside and kicked off his deck shoes then removed his tank top, short, and jock strap. When he returned he smiled that beautiful smile and said 'This definately IS more comfortable.'

I sat in one chair and Ken took the other. Josh leaned back against the railing only about a foot from the side of Ken's chair, his cock at Ken's eye level.

We talked and found out that Ken was from Nashville and was thirty-one years old and single. He was a high school biology teacher and had been teaching for six years.

He asked what we did and we told him although Josh only said that he worked in 'public service' in Atlanta.

As we talked, Josh would casually reach down and rub his cock periodically. This caught Ken's attention. Before long we noticed that Ken was beginning to get an erection. He saw us looking and smiled.

'Guys, I might as well confess. Ever since I first saw you I thought you were lovers. I'm gay and was wanting a three way with you two. You can see what looking at your bodies is doing to me. If you're not gay, I would like to ask if both of you would please me by fucking my ass.'

Josh smiled and said, 'Ken, I've been gay for years and Matt is new to this lifestyle. We invited you here to see if you would be willing to have a three way.'

'Oh, shit. This is a dream come true,' Ken said.

Without words, I led them to the bedroom and Ken sucked us both off. We took turns sucking his average size cock. When we were ready to go again we each fucked him slow and deep, making it last at his request. When one of us was close to a climax we'd pull out and let the other take over. For three hours, we did this before we told him that we couldn't hold out any longer. We both filled his ass with huge built up loads of our cum.

afterward, as we lay there and regained our composure, Josh asked, 'You ever manage to get any of the boys at school?'

'Oh, yes. Mainly the guys on the football team.'

'How do you manage that?' I asked.

He began to tell us that about four years ago, the star quarterback was failing biology from the day school started. If he was failing he couldn't play football. He said that the student asked if he could get tutoring. Ken said he told him yes. With practice every afternoon and games on Friday the only time was Saturdays. He said that the kid would come to his apartment and he would tutor him. he was still failing but just barely. Ken said the kid told him that he'd do anything he asked if he would just give him passing grades. Ken asked what he meant and the kids said that he'd never done it before but if he wanted a blow job he was willing to give one just to pass. Ken said that wasn't necessary but he asked if the boy was willing to fuck him. The kid said yes and it became a weekly thing.

Ken got another beer before continuing. He said that other players in the biology class were having trouble also so they would 'get tutoring' also, meaning that they would go and fuck Ken. He said that sometimes he would have two to four there at one time all fucking his ass. He'd alter grades just enough to pass them. He said that the boys kept his secret and the information was passed down from year to year. He said he was still getting fucked by the players. He said some even come back to see him even though they have graduated.

'Damn, man, you better be careful. If one of them slips and let's it out, your ass will end up in jail,' Josh told him.

'I know, but the boys now consider it a sacred club and keep it just amoung themselves.'

Ken dressed and left and Josh and I were in shock at the revelation from him.

'One of these days one of those boys is going to slip up and say something and ruin his life.'

'He's living awfully dangerous,' I said.

That night I asked Josh to stay the night. We still had a week left on the cruise and I really felt close to Josh. He stayed as I figured he would and when we'd make port, we'd find either a nude beach or some local stud to have sex with.

Josh was staying in my suite every night that last week. The stewards were regular visitors, having hot three ways with us. I was now totally gay and loving it. I'd look at the girls at the pool in their skimpy bikinis and have no desire but let me see a hot guy in a speedo and my cock would get instantly hard.

We arrived back in Miami and Josh and I had already agreed to keep in touch.

'Let me know what happens with the divorce,' he said.

'I will, and thanks for everything. No only helping me through everything including finding my real self but also with the detective.'

'No problem, and by the way. I checked with a friend of mine and he recommended this lawyer. He great with divorces and also gay so he will fight like hell for you.'

'Hey, man, thanks.'

We went our seperate ways and I missed him immediately. I returned home and there was a notice that I had a package at the postoffice.

It turned out to be the video and still pictures that the detective took as well as statements from the neighbors that he had talked to. I called the lawyer and made an appointment. At our first meeting I came clean with him, telling him that while on vacation I had discovered my true sexuallity. He smiled and agreed to help me, and that he did.

We met with my wife and her lawyer and after showing the statements, pictures and video, she agreed to take nothing but her personal belongings. I paid a nice sum to the lawyer but it was worth it. She now knew that I knew that she was bisexual but she had no idea that I was gay. on my lawyers advice, I had remained celebate until the divorce was final. Man was I ever horny. Once it was final, I asked my lawyer about the best gay bar and he recommended the one he went to on occasion.

I tried it out and scored that first night. I was back in action. I'd call Josh two to three times a week.

A year went by and I had sex regularly with some guys that I had met but I still missed Josh. Then one day, he called and asked if I was ready for another cruise. I said definately. He said that he'd book us and handle the details. He gave me the date and said to meet him in Ft. Lauderdale. When the time came, I called him and said that I'd be arriving the night before departure and be staying at the Marriot near the docks. He said he'd meet me in the bar at seven. I told him not to get a room because he would be staying with me.

The day arrived and I couldn't wait to see Josh again.I went into the bar at half past six. There were several tables occupied but just one guy at the far end of the bar. I sat down and ordered a beer. When the bartender sat it down, he asked if I was taking the cruise the next day. When I said yes, he smiled, said have fun, and walked off.

I waited. Suddenly I heard a whisper in my ear. 'You're under arrest.' It was Josh's voice but when I turned, I didn't recognize him. His hair was now below his shoulders and he had a full beard.

'What the shit?' I asked.

'I'm now doing some undercover detective work for the narcotics division. I have to look the part of a junkie or dealer. What do you think?'

'Man, you're even hotter than you were when we met. Your ass is going to get raped tonight.'

'Promises, promises,' he said with a laugh.

'That's no promise, that's a fact.'

He had a beer with me and we headed for the room. As soon as we were inside, I grabbed him and kissed him passionately. 'Damn, I've missed you,' I said.

'I've missed you too baby.' We began stripping off each others clothes and soon we were in bed with my cock up his hot ass.

After I climaxed, he looked at me and said, 'Damn, you weren't kidding about raping me were you?'


'Well, just so you know, I fucking loved it.'

After I then sucked him off, he told me about the cruise.

'Baby, we can hold hands out on deck if we want to. It's a gay cruise. Gays and lesbians. Kissing is allowed, just no sex in public. And this trip we're in the same room. I booked a small suite like you had and we're sharing.'

'Fucking perfect,' I said.

We went on the cruise and had a great time. It was so relaxing to be able to be ourselves out in public.

On the last night of the cruise, I told Josh that I didn't want it to end. 'Can't you get a job with one of the police departments around Dallas?'

'I don't know. It would depend on the salary. I'll still have bills to pay.'

'Think about it, please. Josh, I love you and want you with me.'

Matt, I have so wanted to tell you how much I love you. I wanted to tell you on that last cruise but you were still new to everything so I decided to keep quiet.'

He did agree to check into possibly moving and getting a job near Dallas.

We went our seperate ways and I managed to hold back the tears until I got home. We talked regularly until about three months later. He told me that he was working on a case and couldn't be disturbed and that he'd call me when it was over. I reluctantly agreed and told him to stay safe.

A week and a half went by and I was nearly crazy with worry. It was a Friday night and I was in no mood to go out. As I sat picking at my dinner and halfway watching TV, the doorbell rang.

'Who the fuck is that?' I asked outloud to myself.

I went to the door and opened it. There before me stood the love of my life. Josh.

'What are you doing here?' I asked.

'Well, you said that you wanted me to move here didn't you?'

'Yea. Are you?'

'Yes. I start work Monday morning with the Dallas police department. Can you put me up for a while?'

'Fuck that. You're going to live here with me.'

Josh had his personal belongings shipped in and we became lovers. That was five years ago and things couldn't be better, nor could we be happier. My ex -wife found out and said that if she had known that I shared her love for men we might still be together. I smiled and said, 'No way. I could never have loved you as much as I do Josh.' That shut her up. True love does exist. Just be patient. It will come.

THE END.........................MAYBE



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