After I called Josh, I waited by the door. In less than two minutes he was knocking. I quickly opened the door to let him in.

'What's wrong?'

'Nothing,' I said. 'Everything is so right.'

'In that case, will you please explain why you called me with suck urgency in your voice.'

'Josh, i did a lot of thinking last night about what we did. I realized that it is what I want and what I am. I want more. I want to experience it all. Now. Today.'

'Hold on sport. Are you sure or are you just intrigued by the idea?'

'Josh, I'm sure.' I squated down and quickly pulled down his shorts and began sucking his limp cock, feeling it harden in my mouth. I loved it.

'Well then, let's do this right.' He pulled me up and led me to the bedroom where he kicked off his shorts and joined me in bed. He lay next to me with his head close to my knees. I realized that I was about to have my first man-to-man sixty-nine. We began sucking each other and it was hotter than I expected. We both sucked eagerly and soon we were feeding each other our hot thick loads. after swallowing every drop fed to us, we sat up and kissed passionately.

'Damn, that was hot,' I said.

'I know. That's why I love a good sixty-nine. Let's get some breakfast and then we can come back here and discuss what else there is for you to experience.'

'Deal,' I answered. As we began to get out of bed, Josh's cell phone rang. He answered and then looked at me and mouthed 'detective'.

'What did you find out?'

He listened for a good while then thanked the detective and said the favors were wiped clean.

Turning to me, he said, 'Very interesting.'

'What did he say?'

Josh began telling me the story. He said that the detective went to her work and found her car. When she got off, he followed and she went to the home of a man named Steve Turner.

'He was one of her instructors,' I said.

Josh nodded and continued and said that he waited and soon the said man arrived and went in. Josh said the detective began talking to neighbors and they all said that they noticed that about eight months ago or so they began seeing her car there quite often in the evenings. Then about two weeks ago they saw her moving in a lot of clothes and boxes. He said that the house next door was vacant and he found a door unlocked so he went in and went upstairs and could see straight into the master bedroom. He said that the detective has video of them having sex. He said that he also had the statements of the neighbors and would be sending it all to my address.

'Damn, it wasn't all me,' I said.

'Wait, it gets better.'

Josh said that while the detective was videoing them in bed another woman arrived and let herself in and soon joined them in bed. He said that he got video of the women in a sixty-nine while the man watched.

'Mother fuck!' I exclaimed. 'She's fucking bi.'

'It seem that way. Anyway, you'll have the video and statements if you want to fight what the courts want to give her in the divorce.'

'You're damn right I'm going to fight it. I'm not giving her a damn thing. That bitch.'

We went to breakfast and afterward sat out on deck for a while talking. I asked Josh what else he enjoyed doing with another man.

'Well, I do enjoy anal, both giving and receiving. also as you know I enjoy kissing, being nude with another guy, cuddling, making out, rimming and have started doing a little water sports.'

'Explain what you mean by rimming and water sports,' I said, showing my ignorance.

'Well, rimming is nothing more than licking and tongue fucking a guys ass. When it's done to you it feels fucking great. And to be honest, I love doing it to another guy.'

He looked over at a guy that appeared to be in his early thirties sitting about three chairs farther down the row. He was looking in our direction and smiling.

Josh smiled and said, 'In a minute, glance down at the guy three chairs down. I think he heard us talking and when I looked in his direction, he was looking at us and smiling. I'll lay odds that he enjoys male sex.'

I waited and glanced over and again the man was looking in our direction. He smiled and nodded. I nodded back. he was reasonably well built and nice looking.

'I just might agree with you,' I said. 'Now, what's water sports?'

'A lot of people think water sports is gross and others love it. It involves piss. Some people like to be pissed on both clothed and nude. Some like wearing wet piss soaked clothes. Others just like the feel of it hitting them and running down their nude bodies. Then there are those that are really into it and like to have guys piss in their face and mouth. They actually drink another guys piss.'

'Holy shit! Have you done any of that?'

'Yea. I've had guys piss on me. I have to admit that it very erotic. And to be truthful, I have drank it a few times. If it's clear, it's not bad, but I just can't do the strong yellow piss.'

'Damn, I've got a lot to experience.'

'There is more. There is bondage, pain, torture, slavery, scat, which is when a guy likes playing with and/or eating shit, and gang bangs, where one guy gets fucked by any number of guys one after the other over and over. Some even like getting fist fucked where another guy inserts his entire hand and part of his arm up the other guys ass.'

'Mother fuck.'

The guy down from us got up and walked past us and as he did he smiled. It was obvious by looking at his crotch that he had a boner.

'I'll bet that if we wanted to we could get him into a three way before this cruise is half over,' Josh said.

'After I get to try some of the other things, we just might do it. I'd like to see what a three way is like.'

'Oh, they are hot, believe me.'

We returned to the room and after we stripped, Josh looked at me and asked, 'What would you like to try first?'

'I want you to fuck me,' I answered.

He smiled and said, 'I'll be right back. He slipped on his shorts and left, soon returning with a small brown bottle and a tube of cream.

'What's that?' I asked.

Holding the bottle in his left hand he said, 'This is poppers. It will help you relax. It gives you a mild 'high'. The other is lubricant for your ass.'

Without bothering to go to the bedroom, we got on the floor. Josh had me lay on my back and he got between my legs, the poppers and lube close at hand.

Gently, he raised my legs and pushed them back over my head, raising my ass several inches off the floor. I watched as he bent forwrd and suddenly I felt a sensual wave go through my body as his tongue began caressing my hole. Damn did it ever feel fantastic.

'Hold your legs for me,' he said. I did and he used his hands to spread my ass cheeks further apart befor sliding his tongue in deeper. I was in total ecstacy. After a few minutes, he stopped and as he said, 'Your ass if fantastic to eat,' he lubed his fingers.

'I'm going to try and loosen you up with my fingers. Just relax.'

He slipped one finger in and slowly and gently moved it around before starting in and out with it. He pushed in and began feeling around. Suddenly my body shook and I asked what he did. He said it was my prostate and if the guy was fucking right, the guy getting fucked would climax without ever touching his cock.

He then pulled out and went back in with two fingers. Then after a while, he was using three fingers. I was uncomfortable but not in pain.

He lubed his cock and put some more on my ass. Looking at me he warned, 'Matt, this first time it's going to jurt like hell but if you'll sniff the poppers and relax it will make it easier.'

When he was ready, he instructed me to take a 'hit' of the poppers. As I did, he began his insertion. He was right. It did hurt like hell. I let out a yelp and he could see it in my face. 'The head is in. I'm not going any further right now. Just relax. The pain will turn to pleasure soon.'

After a minute or so the pain began to subside and I told him so. He said to take another hit and I did. He slid in further then stopped. After ashort time he began sliding in and out of my ass. With each forwrd thrust he go in a little deeper. After a few minutes he went in and stopped. He looked at me and said, 'You've got it all baby.'

'That entire thing is up my ass?' I asked.

'Yep. I'm balls deep in you. How does it feel?'

'A little uncomfortable right now, but no real pain.'

'Well, baby, get ready for the ride of your life. Your ass is about to get fucked good.'

He began sliding in and out and as he past that magic spot, my body quivered. After a few minutes, I pulled his face to mine and kissed him passionately. When we seperated, I said, 'Fuck my virgin ass. Oh, yea, shoot that load up my hole.'

He picked up speed and as he drew closer to a climax so did I. I was moaning like a whore off the streets. 'Yea, fuck me, baby. I'm close.'

It wasn't but a few seconds before I knew that I couldn't hold out any longer. My cock exploded on it's own sending the first shot straight to my lips and the rest on my chest. As my cock emptied his began it;s eruption. i could feel his thick hot cum spraying inside me and filling me up. We both let out a loud 'Ahhhhh.'

He slowly pulled out as I licked my own cum off my lips. Once he was out, he leaned forward and licked the cum up off my chest.

'How was yuor first time getting fucked?' he asked.

'After the pain subsided, it was fucking fantastic.'

'Well, the more you get fucked the more accustomed you ass gets ti\o the invasion and the pain is much less.'

'Man, I loved that,' I said.

We cuddled for a while then got up and made coffee while I relaxed. I didn't think I could get more relaxed.

A while later, the thought of fucking this Atlanta cop got my cock hard again. 'You ready?' I asked.

'I'm always ready,' he answered. 'But I'm used to it so you can go all the way in with one thrust. I prefer it that way.'

He lay on the floor on his back and raised his legs. I decided that I was going to go all the way, so I pushed his legs higher and dove into his ass with my tongue. It was so fucking erotic that I didn't want to stop. The thought of eating another man's ass made me even harder. I relented and stopped and after lubing us both up, I positioned my cock against his waiting hole.

'Just shove it in,' he said. I did just that.

Fantastic warmth enveloped my hard cock as Josh moaned loudly 'Oh, fuck yea. That feels so fucking good. I've needed this. Fuck me baby.'

I began fucking Josh's hot ass. It felt like velvet. It didn't take long for either of us to climax. 'Oh, yea, Matt. Shoot that cream up my ass, baby.'

After I was through, I licked him clean as he had done to me. We kissed and he looked at me and said, 'Just like sucking cock, your a natural at fucking also.'

We got up and after another kiss we showered. Just as we imerged from the shower there was a knock on the door. It was the steward coming to make up the room. We said 'Fuck it ' and let Greg in as we dressed. It was obvious that he had a boner. I had slipped on my shorts and decided to get brave and go for broke.

I reached out and grabbed Greg's hard cock through his slacks and said, 'Would you like for me to take care of that for you?'

'If you want to sir.'

'I want to.'

He dropped his pants and briefs and out popped a beautiful eight inch uncut cock surrounded by dark silky pubic hair. I dropped to my knees and began sucking him as Josh stepped forward and began kissing him. It didn't take long for Greg to climax and his cum was sweet and delicious.

'Sir, that is the best tip I have ever received.'

'Well, there is more where that came from, from either of us,' Josh told him.

He pulled up his pants and as we left he returned to making up the room.

'What made you do that?' Josh asked.

'Something just came over me when I saw his boner in his pants.'

'Well, I can say that he is a great kisser. He's done that before.'

We ate lunch and hit the casino for a while before returning to the room. That afternoon was spent sucking and going a second round of fucking. After the second round, Josh asked how my ass felt.

'Sore,' I answered.

'That's to be expected. It shouldn't last but a day or so.'

Later we showered again and even did some water sports by each of us kneeling in front of the other while getting pissed on. Josh was right again. It was erotic.

Shortly after dinner we were walking around the deck again and as we did so, we saw the guy that was sitting by us earlier. As we passed, he looked at us and smiled. About twenty feet passed him we stopped at the railing. As we looked out to see, I said to Josh, 'are you thinking what I'm thinking?'




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