It was almost eleven o'clock whent the taxi pulled up in front of my parents home at #3372 Rue Royale drive. I sat there for a few moments just looking at the house that I had grown up in, the house that I had run away from almost five years ago.

What a time of hurt that was, I wanted to get away from my father before he found out I was gay.

My Older sister had moved out and gotten married when I was sixteen I had left when I was eighteen and I'm now twenty three.

The truth was I loved my father so much, he was such a great guy, after mom died when I was ten, Dad took over and just fell right in and did all the things that Mom did for us, He was so loving, kind and gentle.

Leaving home and going away without telling him was he most hurtful and hardest thing I had ever done.

Then Dad finally found out where I was and called me, I told him I loved him so much thru my tears and sobs but, I hadn't wanted to hurt him and bring embarassment upon him, all he said was 'Craig, What could have been so horrible in your life that I couldn't have looked over it and loved you, your part of me, I love you, your my son.'

I finally was sobbing so hard that I had to say good bye, and hung the phone up.

I made a decision to go home, I missed my Dad so much, I spent most of my younger life without Mom, but I needed my Dad, I loved him and I wanted him, and the thought of him finding out and throwing me out, and rejecting me was just more than I could face.

'Hey man, you gonna get out, the clock is ticking.' The taxi driver said.

'Oh yeah,' I said as I paid the driver his fee and gave him little tip along with the fee.'

I got out of the taxi and grabbed my bags and slowly walked up the driveway and around the back

of the house, stepped up on the back porch and looked under the old flower pot on the porch, there it was the door key, just where it had always been. God how many time had I snuck out and went late night prowling as a teenager, and that key was my way back into the house without Dad finding out. I smiled and snickered as I entered the kitchen door in the back of the house.

I looked up and just shook my head, every thing was just as I had remembered, nothing had changed.

I remembered just how much a creature of habit Dad had been, I don't think anything had ever changed with him. But it was really good to be home again.

I layed my bags down on the floor. I unbuttoned my shirt and headed up the stairs to the bedrooms. I looked into the first romm, my old room and everything was just as I had left it, just as if it had been yesterday, waiting for me to return.

As I went up to the bedrooms I realized that he house was nicely kept, just like Dad always kept it.

My memories went back to how proud of my Dad I was, he was a hard working man, a carpenter in construction, he made good money and we always had what we needed. He was so good looking, I always wondered why he never had a lady friend after mom died. but I just thought it was the fact he was so in love with Mom.

I finally went into his bedroom, God Dad was good looking, I really had to keep my mind on who he was, he was laying there on his bed uncovered with just a pair of almost glowing white briefs, laying on his stomach Dad's gorgeous body was almost picturesque, he looked like some sort of Adult men's magazine Model doing a photo layout.

His legs were so masculine, covered with dark hair, not thick just masculine.

his back muscles were awesome and his thick muscular arms were outstanding too.

He had one leg straight down and the other pulled upward, I looked down at his ass and noticed that bit of a nutbulge between his legs, I felt a twinge in my stomach, god Dad was awesome looking.

'Get your mind out of your briefs Craig,' was all I could think.

I leaned over and was almost crying, I wanted to hug my Dad so bad I was aching, I leaned over and kissed him on his forehead as he slept, he jumped a little, 'Craig, is that you, has My son come home to me, Craig My boy.'

Dad rolled over on his back set up and grabbed me and started hugging me like mad, I could feel his heartfelt sob as he held me tightly, 'Oh God son, I have missed you so much, Why? Why? did you leave home with letting me talk to you before you just up and left.'

I finally felt his arms release me, I wiped tears from my eyes. and said, 'Dad, I left because I didn't want to hurt you, I love you so much, and I knew me being, well, Dad I'm, Shit its so hard to say to you Dad.'

'What could be so hard, I'm the one person in the whole world that will love you no matter what.'

'O.K. then, here goes,' I looked him straight in the eyes, with the remnents of tears still lingering, 'Dad, I left because, I'm Gay.'

The look on Dads face was shock, I saw anger rise up in his face, 'Your Gay,' Are you kidding me son. your Gay, thats it?'

I thought he was going to go wild, and I stood up and stood back a little, he Started laughing, and crying at the same time. 'Thats it? You left because your Gay?' We have been seperated for almost five years because your a homosexual, Holy fuck Craig, Why didn't you tell me?'

I jumped back not knowing what to expect,Dad stood up and reached out and grabbed my shirt and pulled me to him and began to hug me I was in a state of shock. I thought he would start pounding on me or something. But instead he was hugging me.

'Dad, would you mind if we talked about his in the morning I'm drained, I started to go to my bedroom, 'Oh no you don't, your not going to get away from me that easy.

My dad started undressing me just like I was a little boy again, he said, 'Get your clothes off son, your sleeping with Dad tonight.'

This seemed very strange, I hadn't slept with Dad in years.

I undressed and crawled into bed, in just my white briefs. I layed next to my Dad, I felt his hand reach over and go across me, I felt my Dad lean over and kiss me first on the cheeks and then slowly on the lips. I really didn't think anything about it untill I felt his fingers go down to my nipples and began to massage them, I felt electical surges going thru me, and then I felt his tongue slip into my mouth, Jesus this is my father.

I was really enjoying it, but my father? what the heck is this.

'Whats going on here Dad?' Well son, thats why I was so mad. Son I have been gay for years, And we have been seperated for almost five years because you were afraid I wouldn't understand.

I leaned over and hugged my dad, I began to feel some funny feeling toward my Dad, I was getting turned on.

I felt my Dads hardon pushing against my leg, I was feeling shocking little jolets of excitement jolting thru my body, I felt my cock start to swell filling with blood as it got harder and harder, I was rubbing my Dads heavy muscular chest, I reached down and slipped my hand down inside my Dads briefs and felt a very hard cock, it even felt the same size as mine, my Dad and I were almost identical in size and looks. It was as if I was looking at an older version of myself.

My Dad grabbed my shoulders and layed me down ont he bed, I felt his hand go around my hard cock and he slid my briefs off and began to suck on my nuts and then my cock, I was about to float off into outer space.

My Dad was working sexual magic in my body, I was so turned on.

I finally felt Dads mouth working on my cock and I wanted to do the same to him, I leaned down and got into a sixty nine postition and began to chew my dads hard cock thru his briefs. I slid his briefs down and took my dads thick hard uncut cock into my throat, god it was awesome My Dad gave out a big groan as I began to suck on his awesome cock, I was enjoying it so much knowing that it was my Dad, the one who had given me life thru this very same cock. My Dad leaned over and took my cock into his hot mouth and began to sixty nineing with me.

I had sucked on his beautiful cock for about ten minutes when I felt that feeling in my cock that let me know I was about to unload my cum, I told Dad I was getting close to cumming and he just started working on it more intently, I couldn't hold it any longer and My Dad just kept sucking and as I fired off he swallowed every last little drop of my nectar. My dad knew how to suck cock.

Not to be outdone, I began to suck more fervently, I felt my Dads body giving out the little signals that he was close, I continued to suck with passion, I felt his hands go onto my head and shove it down onto his thick cock, and I felt that feeling of his cock pumping out its cum, Dads cum was sweet, musty, large in quantity, and rather salty too, it tasted fantastic, I didn't stop untill I had drained his reservoir.

We both layed back on the bed together embracing each other as we dozed off and fell fast asleep. The Next morning I awoke with such a great feeling, sorta bewildered at what had happened the night before, but happy.

My Dad and I have gotten along just fantastic, and we share everything now with each other, even boy friends.

We enjoy all sorts of sex with each other and with others too. Life is so sweet now. and Its great to be back home with my Dad again.



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