Well all I can say is that this is one of those stories that brings back so many memories. It was during those wonderful years back in high school, when you just walked around with a boner most of the time, and outside of your usual school work, your mind never left your crotch and what was taking place down there.

'Hey hows it going? My name is A.H.Mullins,' the A.H stands for Alton Hathaway, which I hate,all my buddies call me Al, but I always thought it should have stood for, 'Always Horny,' LOL! which I was, hell! for that matter still am.

My cock ached most of the time for the want of a touch, my touch, someones elses touch, fuck man, anybodys touch, it just wanted to be touched, fondled, sucked, fucked, My Father use to kid with me and say, 'when I was your age, I would have fucked a snake if someone had held it still for me'. Guess I inherited my Dad's trait for that.

I was seventeen, Junior, tight end, (No pun intended) on the football team, when Colton Denison showed up, He was a transfer student from another High School down in Arkansas, and my eye caught him almost immediately, he was so friggen good looking, I just knew that he had females hanging out his ass.

But I wanted to do everything within my power to make him my buddie.

I walked over to introduce myself that second day of class, and finally got thru all the other people to introduce myself and say, 'Welcome to Central High.'

He smiled at me for the first time and our eyes made contact and I felt like shock waves going thru my body as we just looked into each others eyes.

I noticed his stature, I could tell he was athletic and found out he worked out a lot and played football, he had those thick muscular arms and he was about 5ft 8inchs, a little shorter than me, stocky built, not chunky,just actually beautiful, dark almost black hair, short cropped and almost a wisk of thin blackish hair on his upper lip, not a real mustach but the makings of one, and his eyes were deep dark blue, mysterious, and a perfect set of white glowing teeth, and a voice that could have been on any radio as an announcer, deep very masculine, and very resonant, he was gorgeous.

I felt this stirring in the pit of my stomach as we chatted and began to get aquainted, seem like we both shared a lot of different interests.

Damn, after that first day and even into the evening at home I couldn't get Colton out of my mind.

My mind was going a thousand miles an hour, thinking, wondering so many things, It was like I was obsessed with Colton.

I took my shower that first night and I went to bed, an while I was in bed in the darkness I found my self undressing his awesome body and wondering what treasures he was hiding in his jeans.

I ended up stroking one out that night while my thoughts were on Colton, damn he was one hot dude.

I was in the locker room the next dressing out for Football practice when Colton walked over and sat down beside me and began to strip to get dressed, 'Hey Al, how's it going? Your on the team too I see,' Coltons voice was so deep and sexy I began to sexually respond and before I knew it I was naked and doing my best to hide almost eight inches of thick uncut cock that was starting to stand up.

Colton noticed it to, to my embarassement, 'Man don't be embarrassed about that, It happens all the time to me too, and he bent down and I saw his gorgeous ass, with beautiful dark hair going down into the crack between his asscheeks, swirling around his anal oriface and I almost busted a nut right then and there, but it was almost more that I could take as Colton turned around and His cock as almost half hard, I swallowed hard, and couldn't help but stare, it was gorgeous, just like the rest of his muscular body, his nuts were heavy, oval, hanging down in a neat thin sack of skin, and his cock, wow, it looked like it was almost eight inches long, at half mast. Really thick, and veiny, and his foreskin was pulled about halfway back, exposing about half of his cocks head, my mouth waterd and I wanted to drop to my knees and suck it all into my mouth, but I didn't know where that would get me.

Colton saw me staring down and smiled, 'What part do you play on the team?' he asked, 'Oh! Tight End.' I responded.

Colton looked down at my ass, ( I was just wearing my Jock strap still) and said with a giggle, 'Yep, looks like it might be,' and squeezed my bare ass a little, and walked out.

After practice that afternoon, I went in and Hurried and showered, not to be seen in the shower room getting another embarrassing boner.

The last class of the day was 'Study Hall,' I was setting thru study hall with a hardon like nobodys business, it was aching, and Colton was setting right across from me, making matters worse,.....I couldn't believe how much I wanted to have sex with Colton, I really didn't even know I was gay, I had fantasized but never done anything yet.

Colton slipped me a note, 'Hey Al, what you doing after School today, would you like to hang out,'

Well hell yeah, especially with Colton, so we decided to go to my place after school.

My parents were both at work downtown, and they told me they might not be home that night, since it was a Friday, and if they did come home it would be after midnight, Colton's mom was dead, having died several years ago from cancer, and his father was going to be gone for a couple days on a business trip, so we just went to my house and goofed around.

We had gone up to my bedroom and was playing video games, and then after about an hour, Colton accidently found a book under my bed, I didn't really notice what it was, then I saw the cover, Colton was very intent on looking at the booklet and I realized it was a gay magazine I had found, about a month ago in a trash can in the mens room at the Mall.It was a book of Stories and Pictures of guys kissing, sucking, fucking and eating ass, the whole nine yards.

I looked over in total embarrassment, and saw Colton, looking from page to page, Colton layed the magazine down on his lap and looked at me in the eyes, and said, 'AL, have you actually ever done any of this stuff, it looks kinda interesting,'

I almost fell over, 'No I just found that booklet and, Well,fuck man, I have wanted to try some of it but was afraid of letting anyone know about it. You know what I mean?' I asked.

I had walked over and sat down beside Colton on the bed and we both just layed our heads back on the pillows and began thumbing thru the pics in the Booklet.

Colton raised up and looked at me straight in the eyess, 'Would you like to Mess around Al, I'm willing if you are.' he said.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Colton reached over and slid his hand under my tee shirt and the touch of his hand was awesome feeling, his sensual touch, his fingers rubbing, fondeling, tweeking my nipples, I was about to explode, and knowing it was going to be better in a few minutes.

I think my cock was harder than I had ever been, and I looked down and noticed a very large bulge in Colton's pants too, I reached down and squeezed it a little and felt it flex up like rock under his jeans.

'You like that,' Colton said, as he smiled at me.

'Yeah, I have thought of nothing else but you since I first met you, wondering what this moment would be like if ever given the chance.'

'Well it feels awesome Al, enjoy yourself, cause I sure am,' he said.

Colton reached down and undid the button my jeans, unzipped my jeans and began to slide them down, I was already bone hard, and he slid my briefs down to my knees, looked up and smiled at me, 'I have always wanted to try this,' he said. Colton leaned over and slid my forskin back and took about four inches of my hardon into his mouth, 'UGHMMMMMMMM,'' was all he said, and he went to work sucking my cock, first time I ever had someone suck on my cock and it was phenomenal, I had to keep my eyes open to realize that this was actually real.

I raised up while he was sucking me, and I just thought he is not going to have all the fun.

I undid Coltons trousers and slid them off and his boxers and we got into a sixty nine position, Tasting a cock for the first time was one of life great pleasures, his cock had begun to expell what was called pre-cum, and I loved that sweet, salty tasting liquid, I was sucking on his cock like it was a soda straw, trying to extract the last little bit of pre-cum I could extract, I felt his body makeing all sorts of movements as I sucked on his cock and I know I was doing the same.

We had sucked one each others cocks, and massaged each others nuts for a while, when I noticed his thick nuts that had been in a very nice thin, hanging sack, had pulled up very tight against his body, and I felt his cock starting to jerk inside my mouth and flare out feeling like it was thicker, and I tasted his semen as he moaned with my cock still in his mouth, and he flooded my mouth and throat with his cum. I could have died a happy guy right there.

It only took about a minute more and I was doing the same to Colton's mouth and throat, except I was almost yelling as my rock hard boner belched out a huge load of cum right into his mouth and he gulped it down like a trouper.

I layed there with Colton's cock in my mouth as My eyes observed just how gorgeous his body was, his thick carpety almost black thick bush surrounding his cock and balls, was awesome, manly, and his legs, thick with heavy running muscles nicely covered with his curly dark hair, I even found my self kissing a little scar there on his leg, actually I think I was falling in love with him.

'Holy Shit man, that was fantastic, I sure hope this isn't the only time we can share this experience.' Colton said as he stared into my eyes.

'Are you fucking kidding me, I would love to do this every day, and twice on Sunday's if we can.' I said.

Colton and I busted out laughing at each other.

About that time the phone rang and I answered it, It was my parents they had decided to take some private time and stay in the big City about a hundred miles away and just enjoy themselves, I told them if it was alright I would like to have my friend Colton spend the night, they said sure but no drinking or wild partying.

'Hey man, why Don't you spend the night, your Dads not home is he.'

'Sounds great, then we can try some of this other stuff,' he said with a smile,, truthfully, I had thought of that too.

We thoroughly enjoyed each other that evening, I got us a pizza and some pepsi, we had popcorn and watched some flix on Cable t.v.

Then about ten Oclock we went up to bed like two kids on a date, we were hugging and even kissing, it was awesome, Damn I had never had the pleasure of kissing someone, male or female, but I was glad it was Colton.

Then we stood in front of the bed, and undressed each other it was so romantic, I had always wanted to try something that I had seen in that magazine, so I layed Colton, flat on his back on the edge of the bed, lifted up his legs and had him hold them and I spread his beautiful ass cheeks and began to dive my tongue into the little cleft starfish looking hole surrounded by those little curly dark hairs, I was in love, his manly almost musky odor, there mixed with shower gel odor, I was alive with sensations and sensuality as I tongued his awesome manhole, I was eating ass for the first time and he was going wild with his reaction to my tongueing, he even was pulling my hair as he pulled my face tighter into his asshole, I loved it, my cock was about to burst and so was his.

I went into the bathroom and go some sort of lube, KY jelly I think.

I went back out and Colton had his finger in his asshole finger fucking himself, I loved it.

I lubed up his asshole and then my cock, as Colton smiled, 'I have wanted to do this for a long time to see what it's like,'

I leaned over ontop of Colton and I felt my cock head punch thru this very tight hole, 'OH Fuck me, Jesus man' Colton said, 'stop a second,' I stopped pushing as Colton got his breath and then as slowly and Gently as I could, when I felt his anal opening relaxing and my cock started slowly sliding to the balls, I pumped very gently at first and then I picked up speed and virosity as Colton got adjusted, and before I had been fucking him ten minutes, he was almost screaming for more, harder, faster, he as going wild with my cock up his ass, Damn the heat of his intestines was fantastic feeling against my cock head, 'Oh yeah, O Yeah. thats it fuck me harder, deeper,' and I felt his body go very tense, and he shot cum all the way over his head, without touching his cock,it was amazing.

Just seeing his cum flying out of his thick cockhead, was what took me over the edge, I felt his body's taughtness and I felt my own cock begin to belch out a thick continous stream of cum into his man hole, The sensations we both shared with each other that night was awesome, just simply awesome.

Colton and I have enjoyed each other so often, but he next story will be about my experience of getting fucked by Colton, that is another great story, in Chapter 2. ciao my friends.



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