Colter was very happy that his baseball team won the Bronze Metal at the World Championship in Montreal last Saturday night. The whole team got totally smash as the celebrated their victory at the Hotel Sports Bar. 

It was early June that he decided to hitch hike out to California to spend some time with his Aunt and Uncle who retire out there 15 years ago. The first week he meet some old rough looking Truckers that got him to the Winslow Arizona area. He started once again walking down the high before the State Patrol Officer Mike Parson pick him up and drove him to the bus station.

The time was just after 7 pm he snook out from behind the Bus Station to start his journey back down the road. He finally got pick up by a trucker name Mick who remind him so much like Manger Marc from the ball team. Mick drove truck most of his life and never settle down with anyone at all, He had plenty of friends and a nice ranch house about 30 minutes from the  New Mexico boarder. 

" Hey Colt '

" Yes sir "

" You like to stay with me for a few day's at my ranch "

" Yea Sir, That well be nice "

" Then I will drive you to Fresno in my new Ford Pick up.

" Cool  Mick "

" I got to pick up a load of steel and drive it down to Mexico on Tuesday "

They finally got to Mick Ranch House shortly after 5 pm just in time for Mick to throw some got old Texas steers steaks on the B Q along with a cob of corn and a bake potato. 

" Fuck Mick that fucking good dude "

" Thanks Colt "

" Is that you guitar over in the corner '

"  Yes that my new Yamaha that I just bought "

" I got a nice Gibson acoustic back home "

" What do you like playing '

" Some rock, country and folk Colt "

" Do you have extra guitar around for me to jam with Mick "

" I sure dude '

" You can play my old one '

" That cool Mick "

" How about some Eagles stuff Colt "

" Peaceful Easy Feeling good "

" I love that one Colt "

They play for well over a couple of hours until it good real dark outside.The time was going onto 10 pm when Mick ask Colt to join him outside to join him for a few beers. Mick was very great looking for someone who just turn 55. He stood around 6'2  weigh a solid 230 along with huge biceps and muscles from head to toe. It was well over 10 years that he retie from the Rodeo as a Bull rider and went into trucking along with his 2 other brothers. He also new how to turn anyone on with those very tight Wrangles jeans that show off his pouch very well. 

The old clock hit midnight as Mick show Colter were he was going to be sleeping for the next few nights. His room is directly across from Mick and beside the main washroom that they will be both sharing. Colt was reading a Hunting and Fishing magazine with the bed reading light turn on very low. 

It was a good 15 minutes later that he saw Mick flexing his muscles with some weights right in front of his Mirror chest. His got began to get a huge semi on now watching Mick doing his workout  wearing a pair of tight Red Spandex Sports Briefs. It was another few minutes that he caught Colter staring at him while he was working out.

" Hey Colt , Are you a sleep yet "

" Know sir '

" Like to come over for a chat "

" Sure Mick why not "

Colt got up slowly and made his way into Mick room before they started chatting about sex and politics and music. Mick was so impress by the knowledge that Colt has on most of these topics. 

" You like a message Mick '

" That will be great Colt "

" I got some massage oil in the washroom "

The message went on for well over a good hour as Colt rub his hand all over Mick hairy body and thick husky legs. Colt began to get a huge hard on now as he started to suck Mick 9 inch super huge cock. They both began 69 each other as they were both screaming with excitement and passion coming from their dicks. Mick bearded mouth was rap around Colt dick so tight that his cock was close in cumin.

" Fuck I am Close Mick '

" Same here Colt'

" Let's come together "

" Oh Yea '

" Holy Shit "

" Here it comes Colt "

" Same here Mick "

Two huge loads shot off at once down each other throat as both of there sweating bodies were shaking from the orgasm that they both had with each other. 

" Fuck that was great Colt "

" You got that right Mick "

The next few days was all about fucking, sucking and having great meals along with them both strumming their guitars and singing songs. Colt was finally drop off at his Aunt & Uncle place 5 day's later. As for Mick it took him a few day's down to Mexico to drop the load of steel off for his client.

Part 4 To Follow 




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