Colter is having a great time down in Georgia were he is attending the Sports and Fantasy show over at the downtown convention centre. He just has just meet superman and batman were he really got turn on seeing Batman in his 60's TV show style uniform. The man who was playing the role was very close has been identical to Adam West the original Batman in the series.  

The afternoon went by fairly fast went in stop over at the section that had huge former Pro Wrestling stars and Skater from the 80' s Roller Derby League. Colt also finally got to meet the original 4 Horseman from Georgia  Wrestling circuit along with Phil Groll the former Captain of the New York Chief Roller Derby Team who is there celebrating turning Sixty that weekend. 

Phil and Arn were Colt all time fantasy to get together with for some fun. Arn and Phil were both the Daddy Bear in many ways. Arn stood well over 6 feet as for Phil is was around 5'10 and just grown a goatee that was blondish grey a bit along with his deep blue eyes. 

It got to be just after 5 that Colt decided to head over to his Hotel and meet Steve who was there meeting with some new clients that are interested in the UnderArmour Product. Steve always new that Colt would like to blow him one day. The 2 of them are now up in Steve room having some beers and chicken wings that they order up from room service before Steve got feeling really good and ask Colt to give him a blow job. "Are you sure about this Steve " It only took a few seconds for Steve to agree.

Steve was now laying on the bed as Colt tongue started to go down on Steve hairy chest right to his nice 6 inch plus cock. He began to help Steve pull off his spandex boxer brief as throw them unto the floor and began sucking Steve cock.

" Wow Colt does this feel good dude "

" Love your dick Steve '

" I love to take your juice "

They are both enjoying the blowjob as Steve cock was throbbing of excited by the bristle of Colt goatee that he likes wearing. It was well into 10 minutes now that Steve was almost there.

" Fuck Colt I am close "

" Give me your load Steve, I want your Load "

" Here it comes Colt "

" Fuuuucccccck "

Steve Cock was shooting a huge load of his juice all down the back of Colt throat has Colt was jerking off at the same time. " Fuck Colt that was nice " Colt was now over at the table looking for some Pepsi to wash it all down. They both went into the shower to get clean up before Steve went on back to his room for the rest of the night.

The time was 9:30 pm that Colt decided to head down to Hotel Fitness Room for a little work out, Hot Tub and Sauna. The hot tube area was a little dark since there was a light burn out in the ceiling. Colt was sitting there peacefully when he notice that Phil and Arn are approaching the Hot tub in their ropes and towels. You can see Colt was so excited as he started to get a semi on in his swim suit right away.

First it was Phil who took off his rope and place it on the chair before Arn did the exact same thing. The look in Colt eyes as his mouth drop to the floor by watching these 2 men climb into the hot tub in their very tight Nik'e spandex swim suit. It only took a few seconds for all of them to introduce themselves to one another. Phil and Arn both took turns sitting on the side of the Hot Tub as Colt could not stop starring at the outline of their dick that was showing of through their swim suits. " Hey Colt would you like to join us for a Sauna now " Colt smile and told Arn that he will love to join them both.

The Steam room was real hot as the 3 of them are now sitting there sweating like pigs before Phil made the first move and rubbing his leg against Arn and Colt. Colt was so nervous by now that he did not know what to think that was happening to him. Phil once again started to rub the side of Colt legs as Arn began to rub and play with his semi hard cock by now, This went on for a few minutes until Colt was sitting there and enjoying  Phil mouth working up and down on his cock. 

Colt then open up Arn towel that he was wearing and began to suck his massive 7 inch semi cut curve dick. 

' Fuck Colt you know how to suck a dick dude "

" You like Arn "

" Love it Colt "

The 3 some got more aggressive as they all took turn and blowing on another before Arn was the first one to shoot his load off all over Colt mouth and hairy chest nipples. Phil got so turn on by it all he started to jerk his load off all over himself. All 3 of them were so hot and cover in sweat by now that they all had to take a cold shower right away before they went back into the steam room.

Colt was feeling great by now and invite them both back to his room for a drink. The time was well after 11 pm when he heard Phil and Arn nock at his room door. " Come on in guys " As they all made there way over to the table in the corner of the room. Colt brought his Martini Kit with him and made them both up a triple Martini straight up with 2 olives in it. It only took a good 30 minutes as all 3 of them were feeling great. " Hey guy's you like to fuck me " They both look at one another before Arn open his mouth up. " Fuck Colt I never fuck a man's ass before "

 They all started to undress as Colt told Arn if he could fuck him with his underwear on as Phil look on. Colt went into the washroom to grab some Trojan Heat Active Condom along with a bottler of poppers and brute aftershave that he spray on them both. Phil stood right behind Arn and help him pull his massive curved cock through his powder blue underwear.

Phil began to open up the condom package and roll it up the shaft of Arn cock all the way to his hairy trim balls. The 3 of them all took a huge riff of the poppers as Colt legs were pull over Arn massive broad hairy shoulders. Colt and Arn both moan with great sexual pain and pleasure as Arn curve dick as it enter Colt hole has he begins to push it all the way right up to his balls.

You can see Phil was loving it all going down has his cock was rubbing against Arn ass checks while at the same time he was playing with his sweaty hard nipples by now. Arn was now in full throttle fucking the shit out of Colt as he was hanging onto Arn briefs very tightly as all 3 of them are sweating once again of sexual climax.

" Fuck me harder Arnie "

" Fuck my ass "

" Fuck dude your ass is tight "

" I love your tight hole Colt "

Phil started to yell at Arnie now !

" Fuck him Arnie , Fuck him deep "

" Oh God I am getting close "

" Fuck I am real close guy's

" Give to me Arnie, Give it fuck "

" Here it comes  guy's "

" Holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk "

Phil felt Arn balls and shaft vibrate as it was releasing his hot load of his juice into Colter hole, They both vibrated and shook when they both hit orgasm. Colt cook flew out a load of his white cum all over his sweaty hairy chest a few seconds after Arnie load. Colt took a few deep breaths as Arnie pull out of him fairly fast. Phil began to help Arnie taking the juicy cock condom off him before he pour it all over his own hairy chest and dickfor him to jerk off with it.

Colt and Arn just watch totally exhausted from the fuck as Phil was jerking off in the bed with Arnie hot load. It was a good minutes later that Colt began to suck on the cum fill dick as Phil was close in coming bye now. 

" Fuck Colt I am close " 

Phil cock exploded a load of his juice all over Colt goatee and chest before they all ended up in the shower together. The rest of the weekend was great for the 3 of them as they enjoy the convention very much. Colt finally got home shortly after 8 pm and had to get things ready for work next day.  Colt then went on and became second in command with the Under Armour Company before he retire at the young age of 50. 





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