I have always wondered just what it was that I was supppose to be. As a student in High School I was always feeling desires and attraction to the other dudes in my classes. Gym class was absolutely my favorite class, I was able to get glimpses of the other athletes in the locker room.

I really couldn't understand why I was always getting aroused looking at the other guys in the locker room, was I gay,a fag? all a guy had to do was just strip to his jock, let me see a nice bulge, and get one shot of his ass and I was a gonner. It really seemed I would walk around with a boner all afternoon after our gym class.

I would end up going to a John stall and jerking one off, so I could go back to my class without having a seven and a half inch log laying to the side in my jocky shorts. Yeah, I was always told that I was a lucky stud and that haveing the cock I had was a lucky trait, I had inherited that trait from my dad, but I didn't feel so damned lucky, especially when it got bone hard, always at the wrong time, and I couldn't hide the damned thing.

Well I finally got through High School in the spring of 2002, and got an opportunity to attend a State University with a sports program. I was a first rate wrestler, and I might say quite good at it, I loved wrestling.

I had the build of a greek god; or so I was told. My dad had taken me to a Vic Tannys health club for the purpose of buildng up my body for wrestling. I was really nicely built, I really have a body to be proud of.

I had gotten to the University In the fall of 2002, I got checked in, took care of my paper work and got assigned to my dorm room.

The first thing that I did was to go and find the sports complex there on campus. I got to the sports building and just walked in and started looking around. I saw some guys practicing basketball, and then I noticed a weight room with all sorts of gym equiptment: weights, rowing equiptment, jogging track, and even a couple Bowflexes standing over to the side. Damn anything you could want for building your body and staying in shape was there.

I had gone into this weight room and thats when I saw Him. He was absolutely the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He was about six foot tall, had deep brown eyes, his facial features looked Latin or at least Italian. His hair was almost black, dark eyebrows and looked like he needed a shave, dark almost light beard hear on his face. He had one of the most handsome faces I had ever seen, and his body was like nothing I had ever seen before, he was built like a god, a true god. He could have modeled for any magazine he would have wanted.

I watched as he layed on the weight bench and pressed his reps.

Laying on that bench, all I could do was ogle and stare. He finished his reps, sweating like a hog, and set up and noticed me. He smiled and had the most awesome smile, 'Hey, How's it going man?' he said. 'Great man, Hows it going for you?' I replied. I almost felt stupid for saying that, but he just smiled and said, 'My name is Antonio, but all the guys here call me Tony.' 'I'm Glad to meet you Tony, I'm Stanley, but my friends call me Stan.' 'I'm glad to meet you to Stan.' he said.

'I was just sort of taking a tour of the sports area.' I said. 'Man, give me a few minutes to change and I'll show you around.'

He got up and walked over to a stairway and said,'you can come with me if you want.'

I followed him down to the mens locker and shower area, and Tony opened his locker and took out some clean clothes. I stood there and chatted about the school and my plans to wrestle, as soon as I said 'Wrestle' Tony's eyes lit up 'I'm on the wrestiling team myself,' Tony said.

'Wow thats awesome,' I responded. Tony just smiled. He stood right in front as we chatted and stripped down to his jock strap, it was so full looking and his ass was to die for, it was lightly hairy looking and I could see when he bent over in the crack of his ass was this dark hair sort swirling around his love hole. I just stared and had such desire and lust coursing thru my body Tony stood up and turned around and was facing me, although I didn't want to stare down at his cock, it was an automatic reaction to his nakedness. My eyes went down to his package, if I had shouted I'm looking at your cock, it would not have been anymore noticable. Tony looked up at my eyes, and smiled a great big pearly white smile. He knew, I just knew that he knew. His cock was an awesome peice of beautiful uncut Italian sausage, and it looked like it was a good six inches soft, and like a large banana around, got it was big. I felt my own start that pushing out in my trousers and I know my trousers were tented like I had a fence post in them. Tony looked down and saw the tent in my trousers, and said, 'Hey man while I take a shower you need to relieve that pressure,' damn, he was so fucking right.

While he took his shower I went into the stall and jerked it off, it was quite a load too since I hadn't jerked off in about two weeks getting ready to come to college and all, It felt fucking wonderful.

Well when I finished Tony was drying off when I came out and he smiled and said,'Hey man, do what you have to,' I said,'sorry about that.' he said, 'Hey man don't be, I do it myself sometime, gotta do something to relieve the pressure,' and he just laughed, I noticed his cock was about half hard and red, I just wondered if he stroked one off in the shower.

Time went on and about three months later the wrestlers all met to begin intensive wrestling training, it was gruesome, we was working our asses off, lifting weights, running, building ourselves up.

Tony and I had become really good friends by then and started getting together to eat, and go to different school functions. We played volley ball on an intermural team on friday nights, just to stay loose and free.

One night during a volleyball game, Tony ask me if 'I wanted to practice wrestling together with him? I said,'Hey man that would really be great.'

The next afternoon we met in his dorm room he had layed out some blankets like a mat and moved the beds around to give us more room.

We both had gym shorts on and jocky straps, then we took off our shirts and started. I saw his goreous body and couldn't wait to touch Tony, even if he kicked my ass I didn't care.

We got into the proper beginning stance to start, and he had his hand around my waist and the usual college starting position and in a second he had me flat of my stomach, and his body on top of me. I know that we were suppose to be wrestling, but, I was beginning to feel arousel and I was just plain getting turned on. After about four minutes of struggling and horse handling him, I finally got my hand up between his legs, and at first I thought was that I was dreaming, but Tony had a fucking hardon in his shorts. I thought I would pass out. My cock was like a peice of iron, that was understandable, I'm gay, or at least I think I am.

Tony sorta humped my arm as I held him in this hold. Then Tony pulled me over and threw me on my belly and had me in an arm lock.

And then this turned from wrestling to something else. Tony held me face down and reached up under me between my legs and said, 'Hey Stan, Lets make this worth the energy we're wasting,' he was sweating and breathing hard and I felt his hand start to massagge my nuts and my very hard cock. Tony held me down and started to do something very unexpected, but damn it was exciting, he started slipping my gym shorts down, He leaned over and stuck his tongue in my ear, I almost pissed my pants, it was so electrifying, like shocks of intense sensations went thru my body, and my cock was throbbing. Tony held me in that position while he stripped my shorts off my body and out stuck my hard cock and my bare ass was sticking out shiny and bright like a big light. Tony leaned over to my ass and started sucking on my nuts while holding me down, even in the pinned position I was in, it felt like a little bit of heaven, I had never had that before, but the real knockout punch was when he stuck his tongue into the crack of my ass and started licking it, I almost lost control of myself.

I finally felt him release his tight hold on me and then just start making love to my ass, and my nuts.

I finally was able to turn over and reached down and took Tonys cock in my hand and started stroking his hard cock thru his shorts.

Tony raised up his body and I pulled his shorts and Jock down and I had his cock in my mouth in two seconds, Now mind you this was my first experience with anyone. Tonys grunted and moaned and said, 'Fuck Stan, Easy with the teeth,' I forgot teeth can be a little rough if they get in the way.

After about five minutes of this playing around, by then Tony and I were totally naked and into a sixty nine position.

I was finally getting to do what I had only dreamed of. Tony was awesome at sucking a cock. The sensations going thru me and onto the head of my cock was fantastic.

We sucked each other off for twenty minutes and finally my cock couldn't stand any more and it started to blast cum out the end like a cannon.

It wasn't a half minute later and I was rewarded with a load of mancream from Tony's cock, it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever had, the taste was new and different, but knowing that I was able to bring such satisfaction and pleasure to Tony made me feel awesome.

Tony and I were best buddies from that day on. we were always with each other, and finally got rooms together as dorm room mates.

That is when the party really started.

One friday night after a football game in the college stadium, Tony and I had been partying and enjoying the festivities, especially after our team had won the game, man it was a party night.

We got back to the room having had a few beers and wine coolers. Tony got inside the dorm room and grabbed me and started kissing me like we were lovers, I started kissing madly, passionately back at him. Tony looked into my eyes and started undressing me, and he kissed me each and every step of the undressing process, he kissed all over my body, he had me to the briefs and then he slipped them off, and just engulfed my cock to the hilt.

He was going at it like a maniac, he had gotton his mouth over the entire package, he had my cock and my nuts in his mouth and was trying to get more, man He was like a starving wild animal or something.

He started stripping his clothes and just got up on the bed and layed on his back and said, 'Get on top of me.' I said, 'Sure man,' and he reached back and got a jar of lube and lubed up his asshole and said now, 'Fuck me like the whore I am,' I just got up and sunk a seven and a half inch cock to the balls into Tony's ass and started fucking an ass like I was a professional breader. Tony started moaning and groaning and going wild, at first I thought something was wrong with him or something, I found out later wine and beer does that to him.

Finally I was building up as I fucked like a wild man. After about ten minutes of intense fucking Tony started really getting wild and he was holding me tight against his body as I hammered his ass, finally I felt Tonys body start jerking and felt him cum all over my stomach, he had shot his load onto me. I went over the edge and started unloading my load into Tonys ass. Holy fuck, it was awesome my first peice of 'Ass.' Tony just collapsed and went sound asleep with me laying on top of him.

I got up and cleaned us both up and then went in to take a shower. I covered Tony up and let him sleep.

Finally I crawled into the bed with him and slept like a baby.

Next morning Tony got up and said, 'Fuck man, what happened last night?' I said, 'I got my first peice of Ass,' 'YOU DID,' Who was the lucky dude?' I Just smiled at Tony and said, 'Hey Tony, Hows your ass feel?' Tony just smiled at me and said, 'your shitting me,' I said,'I don't kid about things like a nice peice of ass.'

Tony and I spend two years in college as room mates and enjoyed the hell out of it, we were both college champion wrestlers too. I guess you could say 'College is what you make out of it.' Its not 'what' you do in college it's 'who' you do that makes all the difference in the world.



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