I was attending a fairly good sized College in the Midwest. I had made really good grades in High School, but fell short of a Scholarship, and I got a loan, went to the college I had chosen and gotten a part time job off campus.

I was cooking in a local restaurant, and making enough money to afford the tuition, coupled with the loan I had gotten, and I was doing pretty good. I had enough extra money each month to sorta live well. I had rented a small two room apartment on campus, and I advertized for a room mate to share expenses with.

I was setting at my study desk, checking some information on the college registration papers, and someone knocked on my door, I got up to answer it. I was really shocked to see this dude, about the same age I was, only he was built like a bull, He was awesome looking, He said hi, Are you Kyle, I said yes, he said, My name is Ben, I said come in, he said he had seen my add for a room mate on the bulletin board and got the address, and decided to see if I had found one yet. I told him not yet, he said wow, thats great, I said, are you here for academics, he said not really, he said, I am really financially set for life, due to my Dad being very wealthy, He said I have a very large trust fund waiting for me when I'm out of college, I said some people have all the luck, He said yea, but sometimes I don't feel so lucky, some guys won't have anything to due with you if they think your a spoiled brat. I said yea, I can see their point.

We sat there, and chatted back and forth, I told him what the cost of the room would be and he said fine, I said we have to share a bedroom tho. He just smiled and said well if thats the case where's my bed, we walked into the bedroom and I showed him his twin bed across from me, he said HUM, is said what? he said ,I guess it will have to do, I said is there a problem? he said I guess not, Just don't leave much room for privacy, I just smiled and said Hey Ben, were both guys, you ain't gonna do anything I don't do myself, He smiled and said yea, I guess not. Just have to get used to another guy in my bedroom with me.

Well He moved in with me, I noticed he had very nice, expensive things, which I found out he was very willing to share.

The first night we were there, I shut off the lights to go to bed and he said Kyle? I said Yea, he said you don't have any problem with me sleeping in the nude do you? I said not at all, I did myself untill you came, he said man, go back to doing it, I am.

We started getting free with each other about getting undressed and naked in front of each other, I first saw Ben naked that second night we were together, He came into the room with a towel around his waist, just haveing showered, and he let the towel drop, and I saw a very round muscular awesome looking ass, my cock jumped up and started throbbing I made sure he wouldn't see it, and I sat on my bed and watched the show. He turned around and I was his awesome cock, I said, damn man, what happened to the rest of the horse that, that came off of, He just laughed, yea I do have a pretty big cock he said, I said that is the understatement of the year.

I was getting very lustfull, and wanted Bens cock bad.

It was the following Friday night he had a date. Some girl he had met in the school food court and gotten aquainted with. I had some things to take care of in the Library and I got home about nine o'clock friday night. He was gone when I got home, I finished up my paper for Journalism class, and then undressed pulled out a copy of a porn Magazine and layed back totally naked under the sheets on the bed and started having a good 'Jerkoff' I had zero'ed in on a certain picture of a hot looking dude and was working a slow, rythm on my very hard cock, and It was really feeling awesome, and I heard the door, someone was trying to get in, I realized it must be Ben, because he had a Key to the door, I always keep the door locked when I'm there by myself.

I just acted like I was asleep, He came in sorta mumbling something, sounded like he was pissed about something, and He noticed me asleep and got quieter, I was watching him in the moonlit darkness and he got naked and just layed down on his bed and raised his left hand up behind his head on the pillow and his right hand down to his cock,in the moonlight coming in thru the window, I watched him as he started stroking his big cock, god man, my stomach almost cramped from an electric shock like feeling, going thru my body, it was totally exciting, and I was breathing funny and hard, watching as I could clearly see his very large, thick, long cock. It was a thing of beauty, and he was making it sing as he played it like a fine musical instrument, I let out a gasp, He looked over and saw my eyes opened, and he said Man, are you watching me Jerk off, what are you, some kind of queer or fag or something, I just said man, I have watched you every time you have done it since you got here, He got up and came over to my bed and yanked back the blanket and sheet and saw my naked body, I had a boner like a brick. FUCK, your jerking off while watching me, Damn, I felt like crawling up under the pillow, He said Oh fuck man, Your Gay, I said yea Ben, I am , so what, When in the hell did It become such a crime or disgrace to admire, and yes, even desire a good looking guy and have desire for his cock? Have you ever had a blowjob from a dude before? He said no, I said then why do you judge it, man it's like never haveing eaten shrimp, If you've never tried it, don't judge it so harshly, shrimp is delicious, and so is a blowjob by a dude, its just plain unfair.

He calmed down and said O.K. then Heres my cock, I really need to get off, that girl left me with a case of 'blueballs', not willing to give me any pussy, so convince me of what your saying, suck me off. I looked at his body, gorgeous, athletic, and his awesome cock, man I really wanted to do just that, but I said Ben, I don't want to do it if your doing it when your mad, and taking vengence out on me because you got turned down on your date tonight, He said Ah, I'm sorry man, I would love to try a blowjob from a you, but no one, I mean no one, can ever know I let you suck my cock, I said they will only know it if your the one to tell them. I said Ben Lay back down and spread your legs, My cock was bouncing and throbbing and almost aching, my breathing was course and hard and my heart was beating like a war drum.

I got up on the bed beside Ben, and I layed down between his legs with my face right at his cock level.

I licked his cock head and got it wet first, then I backed up and blew a breath of hot breath across his cock head, He wimpered and said aw fuck, that was different, and then I started massaging his very nice heavy nuts, he said that was awesome, but then I slicked up a finger and stuck a wet finger into his asshole, He went wild.

I just started sucking and licking and giveing him an awesome suckoff, He was saying aw fuck Kyle, this is better than any girl ever did, I said Yea, and I went back to sucking, and he was holding on to my head and fucking my face, fucking awesome, just awesome, man I'm gonna cum, and I just sucked all the more, He said man here it comes, and I took his cock to the pubes and felt it jerk and bolt a load of cum down my throat, He finished, and layed there gasping and finally got his breath back and said fuck man, so thats a blowjob by a dude, I have been missing a lot of good shit man, I said it has been your loss. He smiled, and said Maybe next time I'll fuck you, I just looked up and said NEXT TIME? I am not a peice of meat for dogs to use and then throw away, And I started to laugh, he finally smiled thinking I had been serious.

WE layed there an talked about being gay for about an hour, then he said man do you want me to jerk you off, I will do that for you, It's only fair, I said sure man, that would be good. He came over to my bed slid in and I felt his body heat against my naked body and I wanted to kiss him and I leaned over and Kissed him, He jumped back a little and stared at me, and then just let me kiss him, He said fuck man it feels almost the same as kissing a girl, I said man, don't you realize that a kiss is a kiss, and it don't matter who its from, male or female, he said yea man, thats great and he really got into kissing me.

He took my cock into his hand and he looked at me and said man, it feels a little smaller than mine. I said, thanks for noticing, that makes me feel really great. He laughed and He started stroking my cock, the difference was He still had his foreskin, I didn't, He said it feels diffferent, I said its not really different, except for the size,and it's just missing something, he smiled and said yea I can tell.

He was really good at giving a hand job, man It wasn't long before he had brought me to a hightened level of sensetivity, I was almost ready to shoot a load, and I could feel the climax comming on, I said Ben I'm gonna blow any second now, He just tightened up his stroke and then he did something I never expected, and it sent me completed from 70 to 120 in about two seconds, He leaned down and took my cock into his mouth, just as I started blowing a load, and he just took it with gusto and much fervor, damn he was good, I was in a quandry about htis, even tho I was really enjoying his sucking my cock, This stud was drinking my cum, what the fuck, I said Ben, What just happened? he said, you seemed to enjoy it so much, I thought I would try it, and it didn't taste that much different than my own cum, which I eat all the time, I just layed there with my mouth opened, He said it was alright wasn't it? I said fantastic dude. He smiled, kissed me and went to his bed and said good night Kyle.

The next day, I was like walking on air all day long. Ben finally got back after his football practice, and he just looked at me and said, you know Kyle? I really liked what we did last night, I think I will forget the girls while in college, and just stick with you, man I was totally and completely sexually satisfied last night, and I want to do it again, I said anytime you want Ben.

That night we slid our beds together and started sleeping naked with each other. We woke up one morning and I wanted Ben really bad, He wasn't awake yet, but I didn't want to wait, I went down under the blanket and took his half hard cock into my mouth, it didn't take long before Ben's cock was standing hard and tall, I lubed up my ass and just straddled him and let his cock slowly sink up into my manpussy, He woke up with me fucking him and I started really pouring on the heat then, He said whoa Fuck dude, and the grabbed my outer thighs and started pumping up into my ass, pulling me into his body, I was feeling like I was going to explode, He was hitting my prostate and I was about to loose a load from it, I almost started jumping up and down hard on his cock and It was doing it's work. Ben was grunting, and fucking, and pumping, sweating and finally he let out a loud moan, and he dumped a load in my intestines, I didn't even care that he had not put a condom on either I just wanted to be fucked, and man, I started stroking my cock as he unloaded in me, and I belted out a long, thick, ropy stream of cum looked like a clothes line rope, it shot up on Ben's face and in his hair, and on his chest, he just smiled and said awesome Kyle, just awesome, We layed there exhausted and gently kissing each other and he said, man, what a way to wake up in the morning. I said yea ain't it? That year was one of the best years of my life,

Ben and I were not only lovers in private, but we were best buds all thru college. I went on to become a Newspaper reporter, and he became a College Football and sports Coach.

We still hear from each other often, and I have so many affectionate and fond memories of my college room mate.





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