Due to a freak accident in my second year of college, I was moved out

of my dorm and into an off-campus apartment I shared with a guy who was

a year older than me. Jeff was a jock on the football team, but he

needed help in Business (my major), so the school thought our pairing would

be beneficial. Beneficial for giving me hard-ons, was more like it.

Jeff didn't believe in wearing anything other than tight gym shorts

and baggy tank tops that showed off his hard body. He'd been thrown

out of two gyms for causing fights, so he was forced to work out in the

apartment. I don't know how many times I walked in on Jeff wearing

just a jockstrap, every muscle in his body flexed while he tried to keep

a large barbell from falling out of his sweaty grasp. Any idea how

hard it is to study with a hot stud glistening in sweat in the same room?

Everything is hard, let me tell you.

One night I was working on a project at my desk while Jeff did his usual

thing. He finished his workout and then stood right next to me and

told me he was grabbing a shower before we worked on a test he had the

next day. All I could do was gaze into the sweaty mesh of his jockstrap

pouch and try not to blow a load all over myself.

He went into the bathroom and started the shower. Jeff loved long

showers, so I knew I would have plenty of time to relieve myself before

he was done. I went over to the futon and lay back, pulling my cock

out of my shorts, thinking of Jeff - naked - under the spray. I was

just getting into my jack off session when something interrupted me.

'Jesus, Marty! What the fuck?' I jumped about three feet

and tried to cover my cock. Jeff was standing in the open doorway,

a towel wrapped around his waist. He was staring at my dick, which

stuck out like a flagpole.

'I thought you were in the shower!' I shrieked lamely, my face about

as red as my dick.

'Fuck, dude! Making me jealous with that cock. How big is

it, anyhow?' Jeff couldn't take his eyes off my tool, which - truth

be told - gets about 11 inches long when I'm fully aroused; needless to

say, I had been at full mast when he'd interrupted me.

I nearly fell over backwards when Jeff walked toward me, his hand reached

out. He made a fist around my meat and squeezed it, as if he wasn't

even sure it was real. I couldn't look him in the eye. 'Uh..

don't you think you better get your shower?' The water was still

running in the bathroom.

'Yeah,' he said, still holding my dick. 'Get in there with me.

I want to see this cock up close.' Without waiting for my answer,

Jeff led me to the bathroom, using my hard-on as a leash of sorts.

He told me to strip and got into the shower, holding the shower curtain

back so I could follow him in.

'I'm a little nervous,' I stammered, letting the jock push me under

the hot spray. While I didn't have a football player's build like

Jeff, I wasn't in bad shape. I have a tight smooth body, which Jeff

seemed eager to check out. He spun me around and ran his huge hands

down my back, getting my skin completely soaked.

'Relax, dude. I know you're into guys. At least me.

I see the way you watch me when I work out. Let me just make you

feel good. And let me see that cock!' I put my arms against

the closest wall of the shower and moaned. Jeff's hands came up between

my legs and took my dick, pulling it back between my thighs.

'What are you doing?' I yelped. I knew what he was doing, and

his mouth was too full of my thick tool for him to respond. Jeff

spun me around again and went deeper on my dick. I looked down; Jeff

was staring up into my face. I yanked my dick out of his mouth.

'Didn't that feel good, dude?' Jeff stuck out his tongue and teased

the head of my cock while his hands groped at my low hangers.

'Felt great, I just didn't want to cum.' Jeff stood and pulled

me close, letting me explore his body. 'I've wanted to do this for

so long,' I moaned, rubbing my entire body against his. His cock,

while not as big as mine, was certainly larger than average. I sank

to my knees and began to swallow it, amazed at how thick it was, especially

near the root.

'Oh yeah, man, fuck! Make me cum with that hot mouth!' Jeff's

fingers pulled at my wet hair, pulling me deeper onto his cock.

'Ever fuck a guy?' I asked, hoping. Jeff was spanking my face

with his dick.

'Let's not rush,' he said. 'Did you like the way I sucked you?'

He didn't wait for me to answer, just put me on my back on the floor of

the tub, getting on all fours over me. All I could see was tile,

water and flesh covered muscle. Somehow he managed to spin around,

so his dick was over my mouth. I swallowed him again and he went

down on me. We sixty-nined under the shower, getting closer together.

He didn't tell me he was going to cum, but I could sense it. I

could feel my own body getting close, his technique surprisingly good for

a (I assumed) first timer. I felt myself cum just as my mouth filled

with Jeff's load. I heard him moaning, unsure if he was turned on

by his own orgasm or caught by surprise at the jizz I was shooting down

his throat.

Somehow we righted ourselves, sharing an amazed look just as the hot

water ran out. Jeff spoke first. 'I think we better get out

of the shower, man.'

'Yeah this was probably a mistake,' I said, reaching for the towel that

had been wrapped around Jeff's waist just a few minutes ago.

Jeff took the towel from me and began to dry my body. 'Not a mistake,

dude. Just meant we ought to dry off so we can get to the next step.'

I looked at him kind of funny and he added, 'You still want me to fuck

you, right?' I smiled. You bet I did.




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