So there I am, tied to my straight roommate Ryan, so that my forced and drug induced hard on was forcefully being kept in his ass. I couldn't help it. The only way out of this was to get soft, so I did what my body demanded. I fucked him. I fucked him hard and without mercy. I wanted to end this torment with speed but I had a need to fuck that must be attended to as well. And I fucked until I blew my load.

I damn near collapsed on Ryan. I was cumming so hard I thought I might shoot my dick right off and into his helpless ass. But the problem came during and after my load was released into his helpless body. His faced, which I could see because the sadistic fucks who were keeping us held in this bondage placed a mirror so we could see each others face while this torment endured, showed that he knew what was coming next for him. I was not getting soft. In fact the more cum I dumped into his hole, the more horny I seemed to be getting. It was like the second wind I had never felt before was stealing me to keep going. And now his hole was lubed not only with regular lube, but my own cum. This combination made it impossible to stop. I came, I grunted, and I fucked some more. His face was covered with embarrassment and mine was filled with hunger. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted him to want this. But still the agony in his face would not subside. And I knew I was wrong to continue. But I had no choice. This was the trap the frat guys who had captured us had designed. They were so smart to have set it up this way. My helpless straight and defenseless roommate being fucked by his closeted gay and super horny roommate. I fucked him again and again, spilling load after load. I could feel my semen running down my cock and balls and down my legs. A puddle of my cum, lube, and Ryan pooled under us. It was the best and worst feeling I had ever had all rolled into the same thing.

After I had pulled off 4 fully loaded ejaculations, I finally began to soften. I was sweaty and spent. Ryan was tired, in pain, and exhausted. As my cock slowly began to finally slid from Ryan's broken ass, the masked men returned to the room. They seemed very pleased with each other and us, and as they entered they gave each other high fives. They began to untie us and all the while they would give me and Ryan little sportsman like slaps on the ass with big thumbs up. Ryan simply looked away and I was in shock. This was still a game to them. They had destroyed our friendship and this was all a game. As tired as I was, rage began to fill me. I wanted revenge for what they had done. I wanted them to pay. So I decided to play along. I would get my revenge. I would escape this and then Ryan would know that I did not want this to happen and he would forgive me. They took me and blindfolded me once again. I imagine they did the same thing to Ryan. Then they guilded me over and layed me down on my stomach and tied me down so I was bent but secure with hardly any room to wiggle. But there was a hole for my cock to flop through. Then once I was secured and unable to once again move around I felt my balls and cock getting placed in a machine. It held my balls like a cock ring but slightly pulling them down. Then a cylinder of some kind was placed around my shaft. It felt wet and slimy and made my cock tingle a little bit. Then I felt a needle go into my ass and shoot it's poison into me. Almost instantly my sore, tired, and spent cock began to spring to life once more. It was a hard on to end all hard ons. It was felt like the walls of my cock would explode. And as swiftly as the pain came to my cock a new horror arose. My blindfold was removed and I saw Ryan in the mirror standing over me. A vengeful smile spreading across his face. His cock was swollen. It was at least 10 inches and thick. I had never seen a cock so huge and so hard before. And then Ryan walked up to me and whispered in my ears, "So you shot four times in my ass, I bet I can go double." And as soon as his lubed rock hard cock split my body in two, the machine went to work. Pumping and sucking. Ryan was fucking me without mercy. He was mad and this was his revenge. And it hurt, a lot. But then all at once my cock was yet again shooting load after load. He fucked and fucked as I moaned and screamed and pleaded for him to stop and the machine took load after load. It was the most painful and glorious experience ever. I could feel Ryan shooting 6, 7, and then after a solid hour of fucking, finally, 8 loads into my ass. I however had now made it to 12 orgasms counting the previous four. I was shaking I was so drained. There was nothing left. My balls were sounding in agony along with my tired and beaten cock. The masked men cheered and applauded as Ryan pulled a soft and cum covered cock from my ass. I was in another world. The pain and pleasure had mixed sending me into a euphoria that I had no control of. Then Ryan was given his clothes back. He put them on but with a new shirt. This one had the fraternatie's logo on the front. Then they handed him a paddle. I shook, I pleaded, I tried to defend my self. But he stood over me and shouted, "Now count them out!" And he sent wave upon wave of paddle smacks down upon my ass. I screamed, but it was not until I counted out loud to 20 that he stopped. But really it had been near 30 or so smacks.

My ass was glowing. My cock was in agony. I was so shocked and pissed that Ryan would join them. I knew that It was my fault that he took such pleasure in all this but I couldn't understand why he joined them. These, the people that humiliated him. Then after my smacks were over. I was untied. I was stood up. I was told to shake Ryan's hand and say that were even for all wrong doings. I wasn't sure why this needed to happen, but at this point I would do anything to get out of there. Then the guys threw me my clothes and a shirt with the frats logo. I put them on and the other guys removed their masks. They were NOT the guys from the frat that had humiliated us before. They were from a neighboring frat and explained that they needed to put us through hell week in order for us to be apart of them and then to be allowed to participate in the next adventure. They took us home and we slept. If only I knew what was in store for us. A battle had been drawn and it seemed as though we were the pawns in the middle with no way to escape, back out, or save ourselves from either party. But.....we would get a chance at revenge!



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