I must say that college was something that I looked forward to more than anything. The four years of high school seemed to stretch on and on and all I waited for was freedom. Freedom from constantly being told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. It seemed I was living in a constant prison with my family and the rules of the school. Each year of I got closer I could feel myself getting more and more excited. Finally the time had come. Graduation had come and gone and my summer went by as though it was a dream.

I arrived at my university with giddy anticipation. The place was big and there was a lot they seemed to offer new freshman. I came from a pretty small highschool so other than studying business, I didn't really know there was as much to do as there turned out to be. As I moved into my dorm, my roommate, Ryan, told me that they were going to start frat rushes pretty soon. It seemed like a great time and an even better opportunity to stretch my new found freedom! Ryan and I went to a few of the parties but there was a particular frat that Ryan really wanted to get into. Alpha Betta Phi. We actually had to sneak into the rush party just to check it out. The party was by invitation only and they were only looking for the cool and already connected freshman to advance their frat. But Ryan and I were curious.

When we got in the frat was filled with the biggest guys you'd ever seen. It was like all of them were the star football players of the Dallas Cowboys. We were so out of place and they knew it too! As we walked around we saw tons of hot girls and got our hands on some drinks and began to mingle. The guys started talking to me and Ryan but the more they talked the less interested I became in their frat. They were playing with us and I knew it. But Ryan fell for it hook, line, and sinker. He wanted to get in so bad that I don't think there was anything they could have said that would have changed his mind. After an hour or so I just left early. I went back to my dorm room and stripped out of my clothes and jumped into bed wearing only my white briefs. Coming from a small town most of the guys just wore briefs but some wore boxers I guess.

Later that night Ryan came into the room and it sounded like he was super wasted. He kept bumping into things and shushing himself. I was half asleep, but it sounded like he didn't really know the room at all. Then as my senses began to come back to me, I realized there was more than one person in the room. I guess I thought Ryan had scored some hot chick or something, but oh how wrong I was. Before I knew it I was being held inside my blanket from all sides. I was trapped like a catapillar in a cacoon. I tried to yell but some cloth was shoved into my mouth and tape was forced over it. Then I was pulled out of bed and a loose bag was placed over my head before I got the chance to see anything.

As I was dragged in just my briefs and a bag over my head, the group was laughing. One of them said, "Oh you thought you guys would just come on over and spy on us! And to top it off they thought they would get away with it! Ha ha ha!" Then another one said, "Oh but we always catch spies!" And then he smacked my ass hard. It stung like fuck and I yelled into my gag. I was so humiliated and pissed. But how was I going to get out of this.

The guys just kept laughing. Then after we had traveled for a bit, amidst laughing from passing students who were still awake, the pulled me up and pulled my arms around a poll. They began to use duct tape and they strapped me to the pole so I was helpless. I was taped so my stomach was facing the poll and my ass was exposed to anyone who wanted a shot. Then it began. Wack after wack. It was like my ass was on fire. Smack Smack Smack. Again and again they spanked my ass in my white briefs. I could feel the red. The only part of me that was not taped seemed to be my ass and there was no way of stopping the paddles from attacking my sensitive ass. I moaned and moaned through my gag but all I heard was the jeers and cheers of the crowd. Then as though the channel had changed they just stopped. Then suddenly the bag blocking my view was ripped off and I was confronted with what was surrounding me. There was a small but formidable group all watching and laughing. Both boys and girls. It was the most humiliating thing ever. As I looked around in hopes that help would come, I noticed Ryan taped to another poll with his back firmly against the poll. And I saw what most of the attention was on. His dick was rock hard and he was a boxer guy. His cock has slipped through the slit and was raging in full glory. They guys were having fun laughing at him and smacking his nipples with a horse riding crop. While he yelled and moaned, his cock betrayed him. Girls would walk up to him and play with his cock but never did it get enough attention that he would be allowed to cum. Just enough to keep him infinitely humiliated. They seemed to be getting bored of this activity because slowly the group went on their separate ways. The bystanders slowly left as well and the biggest frat guy walked up to us. He laughed and told us that we would be spending the night out here for our little spying game and told us that if we ever wanted to get into a frat like theirs we would have to prove that we were men. He asked us how we would do this but being gagged we just moaned into our gags. Then he laughed a little more and said, "Yeah, I thought you guys didn't have it in you." and he left us. Me with my ass facing the world for anyone to play with and Ryan, with his cock slightly limp but hanging out of his boxers non the less.

Every now and again, someone would come up and laugh. A drunk frat guy or two would whip off their belts and give my ass another round and then then they would twist Ryan's nipples making his cock go instantly hard again. This only seemed to provoke the guys more who would piss on him and slap him in the face calling him a fag. I felt like I was never going to be able to face the world again. As the night rolled on though the random people of campus had all gone and we were left. It was a less traveled rout it seemed, and there wasn't a lot of hope that anyone who would help us would spot us until morning. As humiliated and soar as I was, exhaustion was slowly creeping up on me. And being in my taped state, I simply drifted off to bed with the sounds of Ryan's sobs in the back of my mind.

Suddenly I was woken up to muffled moans from Ryan. I only got a glimps before the bag went on my head, but I saw someone put a sac over Ryan's head and move to cut him out of the tape he was bound in. This just seemed to be me to a way to move us to a new location. So I went with it. Ryan, I think tried to fight a little but I guess he gave up because I stopped hearing him struggle. Suddenly I heard a van drive up and we were flung in side on our sides tied up in our underwear. I tried to feel behind me and managed to get ahold of his hand. He moved it and we sort of communicated a bit with just our hands letting the other know that they were ok. We drove for what seemed like forever. I honestly thought we were just being toyed with by the frat again. I figured they were just trying to see if we would take this hazing like men and then we could work our way into their frat....not that I really wanted anything more to do with them, but still a way to end all this. I did get a little worried when the van left the paved street and headed onto a gravel road. But still, for Ryan, I endured.

Finally the van came to a stop and we were lifted out of the van by the guys and taken into what ever building they had. I suddenly had restraints placed on my wrists and ankles. I was dragged over to a table where I was lifted and then layed down with my ass once again facing the world. And then I heard clicking sounds like locks. I tried to see how much mobility I had but I was stuck. There was no releasing my hands and my legs were being held apart with my ankles firmly locked. I struggled a bit but then just decided it wasn't a terrible possition to be in, lying down on my stomach, so I just relaxed. It had been a long night ya know?

Suddenly I heard laughing. These guys sounded like they couldn't have been more pleased with themselves. They slowly ran there hands up my legs and up my inner thighs. They would grab my ass cheeks and squeeze them hard through my briefs. Then they felt my back and sides. I must say that for working in a small town I had aquired quite a defined body. Then my head was held down and forced to a side where it was strapped and locked so I could only look at one side. This is when the bag was taken from my head. I was in a forced position to stare only at Ryan who was strapped down on his back with hands and ankles strapped down. His head was also turned and strapped down so he was forced to stare at me. It was probably more humiliating to be like this than even when we were in the big group. At least when we were out in public we had the option to look away while the other was tormented but this position only left one option to see.

I could tell that these men were behind me because suddenly Ryan's eyes were bulging and he was looking almost terrified. The men walked into my view between us and I could see the knife that the masked man was holding. That was another thing that got me. All the frat guys were in masks this time and dressed in black. The one guy walked up to Ryan and lowered the knife to his balls. Ryan was so terrified that his dick went soft. The guy just laughed really hard. I wasn't sure what was so funny because now the man was blocking my view of what exactly was happening. But then the guy cut the boxers free and holding them in one hand he walked over to me and took my gag off and forced Ryans boxers into my mouth. But there was another problem. The boxers were wet. I realized from the horrid taste and the look on Ryan's face that he had pissed in the boxers when he saw the knife and now I had piss soaked boxers in my mouth. I was so furious and disgusted. What the fuck were these frat guys doing to us? But I was helpless. I simply had no choice but to swallow the draining piss as it ran down my helpless mouth slowly being that I was with my head turned to the side. I tried to spit it out but because of all the material in the boxers the spit and piss began to build up and I had to swallow or choke.

The guys let me sit there with piss and spit filling my mouth for what seemed like forever. Ryan was now crying, which only aggrivated me more. I mean, why was he being such a bitch about this. It was his fault we were even in this mess in the first place. He should be more scared about what I'm going to do to him when I get free.

The masked men must have sinced my anger at his tears, or I might have rolled my eyes and made a rather loud hmph noise in my damp gag, either way they decided now was the time to amp this shit up. Each man took ahold of a leg and an arm and they turned Ryan so he was now tied in doggie position over what looked like a painters rack. His cock and balls hung over the side leaving his ass up in the air for a change but his arms and legs were tied to the legs before them as they dangled below. Then they tied a rope around his balls and tied them to a hook in the floor directly below. His balls were pulled tight and it was clear that any movement that deviated from the position they put him in would cause him a considerable amount of pain. A rubber gag was then placed in his mouth and all there was were his muffled sobs. Then they graciously relieved me from my gag. I spit and gagged trying hard to relieve myself from the taste of piss that now was left. They guys laughed and told me that I could have some water if I wanted. Of course, I said, and they attached a new gag which had a hose and funnel sticking out of it. They then showed me a bottle of water and began to pour it. I was so thirsty that I immediately began lapping up the water. This only caused more and more laughing from the men.

They then showed me the bottle of viagra that they had added to my water. And with each second of fear filling my body a wave after wave of blood filled my penis. I had never been so rock hard in my whole life. There was nothing to do. I couldn't concentrate on anything else and even if I could, I couldn't convince myself to get flacid. It was the most helpless hardon I have ever experienced. Then they gathered around me and as with Ryan, they each took ahold of a leg and an arm each and began to move me. Except that there was no other painters table to tie me too. No they were much creweler for that. They tied me with my cock resting on Ryan's ass hole and tied my head so it faced over Ryan's. It was like forcing two puzzle pieces together. I fought all I could. But one of them forced a condom on me and covered my cock in lube. At the same time Ryan's ass hole was being finger fucked and lubricated as well. I knew where this was going. I was determined to fight it at all costs. But their strength would win in the end.

They forced my cock into his ass whole so it slid balls deep. Ryan screamed into his gag as all 8 inches filled his gut. I couldn't stop it. My cock wouldn't soften for anything. The even worse part, was as my cock was sliding into his hole, I was receiving an abundance of pleasure. I tried to fight and remain still and ignore what my body wanted. They then tied my waist so that The only way to get my cock out of his ass would be to go limp. We were tight together so tight I could barely pull back but and inch or so. And the feeling grew and grew inside me. I instinctually began to move my hips. Ryan moaned and I moaned. I moved more and more, unable to do anything but. And then without even realizing it, I was trying to fuck Ryan's virgin hole. They even set up a mirror so I had to see his face as I fucked him. He moaned louder and louder into his gag, biting it to try and subside the pain he must have felt. I finally had no choice but to give into my cock's needs and desires. I began to thrust and plunge as deep as my cock could find. I was shaking I was fucking him so hard. As I fucked him I thought how terrible I was for not caring at this moment how Ryan felt. I only new that I had to fuck him to gain release from this torture I was in. And suddenly the flood gates opened. I blew load after load after load of hot white sticky cum. But the more I came the more I saw the bigger problem that had emerged....... I wasn't getting soft and it didn't seem that I would be going soft anytime.





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