Sorry for the long update, been busy with school work and work in general these past few days, didn't get time to write. But here it is! Hope you enjoy it!

I'm also sorry for people who wanted some sex scenes, I'm getting there I just want to build the story up a little more, it IS the 3rd part.

I left the library at 11:55 and decided to actually go and meet some new people around campus. Everyone I met were pretty great, one girl even tried to hook up with me but when I told her I was gay, she and her friends completely supported me. This college really is great.

It was 4:25 when I decided to head back to my dorm and get myself ready for the party. When I got there, I saw the bathroom door slightly open and heard the shower running. Probably Rob, I said to myself. I was very tempted to go in there and just take a shower with him but I refrained. I heard the shower stop and Rob stepping out. I didn’t have to imagine what he would have looked like naked because, next thing I know, he was standing a few feet away from me, without a towel around his waste.

 I tried my hardest not to stare but my libido bested me. I marvelled at how incredibly ripped he was now that he’s naked, remaining water trickled from his left shoulder, all the way to his veiny biceps and arm. More drops of water trickled down his slightly hairy pecs and finally settling onto his hard nipples. His washboard abs glistened from his shower and sweat from the warm room. I went further south and followed his blonde treasure trail and rested my eyes on the treasure. I was drooling at this point, boy did he have a big cock - it must have been 7 inches soft, if not more! He had a slight bush around his thick rod and he had big low hangers that went well with the size of his dick. My own cock was rock hard at this point and I’m pretty sure it was sticking out of my pants, it ached for someone to touch it, it ached for Rob.

I realised I have been staring for far  too long when Rob coughed to get my attention. My eyes met his. I saw a hunger in his eyes that seem to burn through my soul, he was smirking.

“I didn’t hear you come in” He said, still smirking

“Uhh… I was just… Just” I stuttered like an idiot, I didn’t know what to say

“You were just” He walked closer to me and I walked back until I hit the wall. He walked closer until we were inches apart, I was pinned in between the wall and Rob. He put his right hand on the wall and leaned in closer “what?” He whispered.

His powerful green eyes burned through my light blue ones. He wanted something and he was gonna get it. I tried to say something but it just wasn’t there, I was completely overwhelmed by the fact that he’d pinned me to the wall, looking at me like I was his prey all the while being completely naked. Not to mention my raging boner poking out of my pants.

“You have beautiful eyes” Rob whispered “Everything about you is beautiful”

“What’s gotten into you?” I managed to ask, he looked away for a second then quickly made eye contact again

“I don’t know” He said “But the first time I saw you… I… I couldn't explain it”

Is this for real? I know I’m about to wake up at any moment now but a knock on the door told me otherwise. Rob quickly jumped off of me and hopped on his bed,  I just stood there, against the wall, paralysed. I didn’t know what to do.

“It’s open” Rob called out before picking up some clothes  on his bed and putting them on

The door swung open and Tyler walked inside with a sexy smile on his face. He was wearing a loose tank top with the college’s symbol in the middle that displayed his strong, veiny biceps and arms and a pair of black jeans to go with it. I noticed that he had a tribal tattoo on his left pec that went all the way to his shoulder and upper bicep, hidden if he wears a short sleeved shirt. This man was unbelievably hot.

He looked at me, still leaning against the wall and at Rob who was now fully clothed.

“Thought you might have been ready by now” His gaze shifted to me. I still had an aching hard on which he no doubt noticed. 

Tyler was looking at me it felt like hours before I replied “I was just about to take a shower” before I quickly walked to the bathroom and locked the door.

I walked up to the mirror above the sink and examined myself. I still had an expression of shock and confusion. Why did he do that? This is definitely not what straight guys do to other men, what the hell is wrong with him? He has a girlfriend for god sakes, is she not enough for him? He has to go for men as well, me of all people! It’s not like I necessarily hate him for acting like that, quite the opposite in fact, but what would his girlfriend doing she found out? She's friends with everyone in campus and they will no doubt listen to her. She’d make my life miserable. Maybe he’s just confused, or he’s just joking, right? There’s no way all of this could be serious, it’s all for shits and giggles, right? He’s known for that after all. I tried to convince myself that this was all just a misunderstanding but I knew it wasn’t true. Man, this is my first day and everything is already heading towards a pile of shit, I cursed to myself.

I sighed heavily. Well, guess I should actually take a shower, they’d be wondering why I haven’t turned the shower on yet.

I stripped naked, threw my clothes in the laundry basket and hopped into the shower. I looked down and noticed my cock still standing proudly. Not now, I said to myself before turning the shower to the coldest.

I hopped out of the shower after 20 minutes. I dried myself off and wrapped a towel around my waste.

I purposely took my time in the shower so that Rob and Tyler become impatient and leave without me. I really didn’t want to talk to Rob for now and I don’t feel like explaining to Tyler what the hell we were doing.

I got out of the bathroom and looked around, as expected  Rob or Tyler have already gone. I sighed and made my way to the cabinet where I picked out my clothes and put it on. I didn’t wear anything revealing, just a long sleeve white v neck and a pair of grey jeans. Well, my shirt does hug my skin tightly meaning people can still see my figure, oh well.

I looked around for my phone and found it resting on my bed, I walked over to my bed and pocketed my phone before leaving for the party.

I arrived at the party at 4:55 and it is now 8 o’clock. During that time, I got to know a lot more about everyone. Rob has also been consistently trying to talk to me but I always made up excuses to leave, not to mention Tyler who sat alone at a stool in the kitchen the whole time and whenever his friends try to talk to him he always kept the conversation short. I had no clue what was going through his mind.

I was sitting on the sofa laughing with a bunch of friends that were once strangers to me, Rob was right, it was easy for me to make friends. I only had 1 beer in the entire party and wasn't planning on having more. Even though I only had 1 to drink, It quickly made it’s way in my bladder so I had to excuse myself. I went to the bathroom upstairs where there were less people.

After finishing up my business, I left the toilet and was immediately met by Rob. He looked pretty pissed.

“Why are you avoiding me?” Oh god, I really didn’t feel like having this conversation with him right now

“I’m not, what are you talking about?” He looked even more pissed when I said that and walked closer, I instinctively walked back. This situation seems familiar, huh? I was now trapped between the wall and Rob once again. I could smell the beer off of him, he must have had one too many... or several.

“Don’t fucking lie to me, Al” His eyes locked with mine. If his plan was to intimidate me then it’s working

“I’m not avoiding you, I… I just have a lot on my mind” I tried to convince him so he would drop all of this, I didn't want to cause a scene

"It's because of what I did back at the dorm, isn't it?” His voice was slightly softer but his eyes still burned through mine “I know what I said and I don’t regret any of it, Al”

“You have Bianca, Rob, you love her” I was staring back at his intimidating green eyes. Just looking at him gave my dick a sudden jolt which is highly unwanted in this situation.

“I do, I mean... I think I do... The first time I saw you... You made me question that” He paused for a while “You’re different, Al. I know we only met each other this morning but…”

“Last night… I came to the dorm late, when I got there I saw you sleeping”  He continued “you were so peaceful… I walked up closer and I saw your face for the first time… You did something to me, Al… Something I couldn’t explain”

I stared at him completely speechless. I didn’t know I made this much of an impact on him. After what seemed like an hour, he spoke again.

“I want you, Al… I need you…” He leaned in closer to me so that our bodies are now touching. I couldn’t believe it, his cock was rock hard and grinding on my own. I was hard within a couple of seconds. He smirked at this “I know you want me too, Al. We can do this right now”

“We can’t, Rob. You can’t do this to Bianca” I tried to get him off but he was too strong. It’s not like I was even trying anyway, I secretly want this to happen.

He didn’t reply with words, he hooked his right arm underneath my knees and his left on my back and carried me to the bathroom I came out of. When we got inside, he stood me up and locked the door. I didn’t get enough time to regain my composure since he pushed my back against the wall and trapped me with his whole body. He was staring hungrily into my eyes and was breathing slightly heavier than before.

“I know you want this” Was all he said before he lifted me up and put my legs on his arms. I was no completely helpless as he slowly rubbed his cock into mine, I was moaning helplessly.

“We should st—ah!” I groaned, I was leaking pre-cum and I can tell Rob is too

“Do you really want to stop?” He smirked and rubbed faster causing me to moan even louder. He put his left hand on my mouth and leaned in closer to my ear “Someone might hear us” he whispered in a seductive tone.

Rob rubbed against me faster and faster until he was moaning as much as me, I had to put my own hand on his mouth.

“Rob… Ah… Rob!” I moaned, even if he was just rubbing his dick against mine with our pants on, it was still enough

“You have no idea how much I wanted this” He groaned. He was still making fierce eye contact with me, the look on his face was both intimidating and seductive. My brain was telling me to stop all of this, and that this is wrong but my whole body was fighting against it.

Rob leaned into my neck and started sucking and biting. I moaned helplessly as he trailed his tongue along my neck and up my ear.

“No one’s allowed to touch you, you’re mine” He whispered seductively which gave me goosebumps. I’m his… That thought circled my mind. I felt like a backstabbing whore, I shouldn’t be letting him do this, Bianca’s too nice of a girl to deserve this.

“Uhh… Ah… I… I can’t… Be yours… Bianca…” I couldn’t utter another word as he picked up his pace. I put both my hands on top of Rob’s to further muffle my intense moaning.

“Dont' worry about it... don't... worry about it" His thrusts began to pick up speed even more

I didn’t speak, I was too engulfed in pure ecstasy and lust. He removed his hand from my mouth, taking my own hands off with it as he trailed kisses down my jaw before stopping at my lips, barely touching. He leaned in closer so that his forehead was touching my own but our lips still an inch apart, his eyes were boring through mine. It seemed like he was waiting for something. I just looked into his eyes. After what felt like hours, I turned away.

Rob pulled away with a hint of disappointment and anger in his eyes but he still kept grinding against me. Only this time, it was even harder and rougher, it sent me over the edge.

“Rob… Rob… I… Oh fuck… Rob I’m gonna cum!” I threw my hand over my mouth and bit down hard as I exploded in my pants. It was the most I’ve cum in my whole life, my underwear was no doubt soaking wet.

Rob only moaned until he too exploded, he had his eyes closed and mouth opened.

After a few minutes, we regained balance and our breathing became normal. Rob let go of my legs so I could stand but I was still a bit shaky and would have fallen to the ground had it not been for Rob who quickly hooked his arms under my armpits to lift me up.

“Thanks” I said, my left arm was around his neck for support as I shakily got back up on my feet. My eyes met Rob as I balanced myself, he was just staring at me with his right arm around my waist, not moving “Rob… you're drunk... you should go back to the dorm”

He stared at me for a while, seemed like mywords didn't reach him. I sighed and retrieved my arm from around his neck, I made a move to leave but he pulled me closer. He was looking away from me now but our bodies were fairly close to each other.

“I meant it, Al… I meant all of it…” Was all he said before he let go of me. I made my way towards the door and unlocked it  “I’m the only one allowed to touch you... I want you all for myself” he said in an intimidating yet seductive tone before I left.

How'd you like it? Sorry there was no pole in hole action (do people say that? I don't know) but I'll see what I can do in the next installment. 

By the way, did it feel rushed since this is literally Alex's first day? Let me know in the comments or email me! Your opinions are much appreciated.



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