Fall always seem to fly by real fast from August on. This time Cody decided to go out on his own to see if he could get some wild turkey before Thanksgiving. He rented a cabin about 30 miles off of interstate 95 just of Albany  New York. The cabin cost him around $400 bucks from Monday to Friday and it has everyone in it evan a bathroom with a shower stall in it.

It was shortly after 1 pm that he spotted another hunter about 120 yards away with a cross bow rap around his broad shoulder, They finally hook up with one another a good 10 minutes later on an old rail line. " Hi there I am Cody, " The guy look kind of funny before he told him name was Rex.

Rex was the meanest looking hunter that anyone could see. He is around 6'3 weigh well over 240 plus with short dark brown buzz cut along with a bushy goatee, He also has a deep wolf grey greenish eyes that would make anyone attracted to him.

Cody has just turn 25 and had a good job working for his Uncle Welding shop, He stood just over 5'10 like Rex with a solid 170 frame tone body. He alway kept his blonde hair short and always trim his beard.

They had a great conversation for a good 30 mins over by the pick up trucks that they were both driving, Cody felt bad for Rex that he has to get a hotel room close to Albany for the night. He quickly though about before he invited him back to his cabin for the night. Without any hesitation Rex took offer before they turn their engines on.

The drive was a good 20 minutes from where they park their trucks as Rex was following Cody, They finally arrived at cabin and Rex was really impress on the size and cost the Cody pay for the four night stay. Rex was a pretty good cook and made a wonderful stew and dumplings for their supper that evening . Cody made sure that he clean the miss up because Rex did make the dinner. 

There were well into beer number 5 as Rex help Cody bring the pieces of logs in for the wood stove which heated the entire log cabin. " Holy shit it gets real hot in here real fast Cody." Rex was curious were he was going to be sleeping and thought their was another bedroom in the log cabin. " Sorry Rex either you bunk with me or sleep on the floor in the sleeping bag you brought."

Cody was the first one to get undress and hop into the queens size bed and took a book out from the table beside the bed. Rex was uncomfortable a bit as he really took his time taking his hunter pants off. Cody was truly amazed watching it all go down in front of him and he deeply enjoy seeing a straight man wearing a very tight dark green pair of spandex material briefs. 

" Were did you get those from Rex ? "

" You mean my underwear dude "

" Yes, they look very comfortable  Rex "

" I got last week over at the Pro Bass store in Buffalo "

" Nice, I might have to go over there to get some "

" Cool, I saw them in a Hunter magazine add from the Duluth Underwear company "

" May I ask how much Rex? "

" It was like close to $40 dollars for 5 pairs that come in different colours "

" Are they made to keep you and warm ? '

" I guess Cody that what I have read in the magazine "

Rex was now getting real hot and decided to sleep out of the covers as Cody was fast asleep.The room temperature was well very close to 80 when Rex got up to take a piss first before he went over to check the  Thermometer that was hanging on the wall close to the bathroom.

Cody then woke up when he heard Rex get back into the bed. The sweet was now pouring off of Rex hairy bear body as Cody just lay there trying to get back to sleep. Once again Cody woke up and notice that Rex is in some deep sleep snoring with a massive hard on showing  through his briefs. He then got up quietly and went over to the fridge to grab a cold can of coors light and brought back to the table beside the bed.  

He then took a huge swig as he notice that Rex pull his huge 8 inch cut dick through his hole in front of the briefs. It was a good minute later that Cody lips were rap around Rex huge dick and began to deep throat it all the way down his throat.

" Fuck Cody that feels nice "

" You like Rex ? "

" Fuck always wanted another hunter suck my dick "

" Just lay back and enjoy it my friend "

Rex huge cock shot off 2 loads only seconds apart as it flew all over Cody beard, face as the rest landed on his hairy erect sweating nipples. " Jesus that was fucking great Cody " He then got up and took another swig of the beer after he slurp up the rest of Rex out juicy load. They both had cereal,toast and coffee next morning before they went back out the door for another round of hunting.

Cody made a lunch for them to take in the bush together. It was well after 2 pm that Rex had Cody bend over a tree stump fucking the shit out of his hairy cub ass. The temperature outside was close to 65 degrees as the fuck got more intense. You can here them both moaning of sexual passion when another hunter spotted them both.

" Holy shit Rex,  I think there some one near us "

" I think so to Cody "

It was less then a minute that Stew was now standing behind Rex playing and pinching is hard sweaty nipples. 

" Holy shit that feel good guy's

" Please called me Stew "

Rex then pull out of Cody ass and then help Stew slide as uncut  9 inch thick cock into Cody butt. Cody was now screaming of sexual pain and pleasure as Stew dick and sweating balls were slamming good and hard against his juicy hole. 

" Pinch my tits Rex ? "

" OMG you have great tits Rex "

Stew took a real gasp when he felt Rex cock slowly go into his hole. His cock was now slamming Rex hole in full throttle at the same time Rex is fucking the shit out of Cody.

" Holy shit Rex, I am close guys "

" Same here Stew "

" Please guy's shoot Cody scream "

" OMG here it comes dude "

Rex and Stew body exploded as booth their cock were shooting off at the same time as all 3 of them reach a sexual orgasm that they will never forget about in their lives. Stew pull out of Rex ass first and now it was time for Rex to pull out off Cody juicy fill hole.

" My God that was fucking hot "

" You got that right Cody "

" How did you like it Stew ? "

" Fucking incredible, I always had a fantasy this would happen "

Cody was still horny and notice that Stew still has a huge amounts of his man juice on his cock. He then went over and slurp the rest up before he went over to Rex to do the same thing to him.  It was  now getting close to 3 pm when all 3 of them got back to Cody cabin to do some more drinking and fucking before Rex and Stew left that evening. Stew then gave Cody his dirty cum fill smelly briefs for a present. As for Rex he felt bad and did the same in what Stew did. 

The End 





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