"Ah shit Jamie I'm about to cum!!!!" Jim yells in etacy. I was sucking his dick as usual. He loved when I did that. He was 6in uncut so average. I was a pro so I could deep throat his cock easily. I speed up and slid his cock deeper down my throat. I increased the suction around his cock in my hot wet mouth. I have to say I was enjoying this. I felt his body tense and his cock head swell in my throat. I swallowed him whole. I went all the way down to his pubes and waited for him to explode. He delayed and I thought he wasn't going to come then my throat will filled with his glorious white cum. I swallowed hard and plopped off his dick. He was sweating and his face was red. I couldn't blame him. I give some pretty good head if don't say so myself.

"Oh god Jamie how the fuck do you do that?" He said pulling up his pants. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. Wiping the excess cum off the sides of my lips.

"So Jamie I need you to do something for me." He said gathering his supplies off his desk. I was curious to what he was going to ask me. It was probably another sex favor again. I was in debt to him. Back when I lived with my old best friend Jay and his parents back in Lanley Falls. I needed a loan to move out and Jim gave it to me. Once I was going into the gay porn industry he offered to be my manager so I could pay him back. I owed him a couple thousand unfortunate.

"What is it now? I'm not doing another sex favor." I said annoyed.

"See that what it is. Look ill be straight with you. I got 3 guys who saw your video with Keith and now they want a piece of the nice ass you got. They're paying Jamie and plus I already said they could do it."

"Dammit Jim...fuck you! I'm not doing it. I'm not a whore."I said.

"Ha then what the hell do you think being a porn star is then?" He said.

"Whatever Jim. I'm not doing it for free." I said.

"Ok how much." he said pulling out his wallet.

"How much are they paying for me?" I said.


"Well then I want 5 Jim" I said reaching for his wallet. He recoils and scowls at me. I walk up to him. I grab his manhood in his pants I look into his pearly green eyes and gives him a passionate kiss. He pulls away.

"I'll give you 2500 and not a penny more." He says as grabs me ass.

"Okidokie big boy." I said. He slaps my ass hard and I release his cock. I walk over to his desk and sit in his office chair. He looks at me. I know he was admiring me. I was stunning. There was no doubt. He left and told me where the lube and condoms were. He left and I waited for them. Next thing I knew there was a knock on the door and three gentlemen let themselves in. They were wildly hansom. They had good stature. They were muscular and had bold chiseled faces. All of them had blue eyes and blonde hair.

The first one stepped forward.

"Hi me name is Shemus Mclafferty are you Jamie Star?" the man said.

"Indeed and you studs must be here to fuck my renowned ass?" I said with a giggle.

"Aye these are my mates Joseph and Eric." He gestured towards them. They waved. My eyes were set on Joseph he was the quit one of the bunch. But those are the one you look out for. They are always the best. Well based off of my experiences.

"Great to meet you guys. Aren't Irishmen known for having small dicks but big balls?" I said looking at all their manhood's sticking out off their pants. They all laughed.

"Boys lets show her what we got in storage." He said. They all whipped out their dicks. They were massive! With length it goes to Shemus but thickness goes Eric but Joseph had a combination of the two. They all must be at least 7 and 2 ½ in girth. I was slightly intimidated. But this isn't the first time I've been in this situation. I laughed a little all their swollen red cockheads were leaking mounds of pre cum. I felt my mouth water slightly and my asshole clench.

"Ok boys let me lay downs so rules.

1. We use condoms and lube here I don't want an STD.

2. Please don't go easy on my I love a rough fuck.Dont hold back because I won't on you.

3. I am going to be the tightest ass you ever fucked today. Your dick will have sensations you can only dream. Today be prepared to scream like bitches as I break you and know that you are one of many who has fallen to me. Be grateful you have gotten the chance." I said smirking. They all laughed and were gripping their dicks as well. I slid all the stuff off of Jim's desk onto the floor. I unbuckle my pants and get completely naked. I get on the desk and flash my asshole to them. Their smiles were gone and their eyes were filled with pure desire.

"Now on that note. Who wants to go first?"....




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