I walked onto the set. They all looked at me. I was naked and i had the biggest hardon i ever had. My first porn shoot. I have to say i was nervous. All of them watching was a turn on though. But Jim my manager already told me while i was give him a blowjob that the crew were straight so i had nothing to worry about. The guy i was getting fucked by was Keith Storm. He was very known in the gay porn industry. I had to suck alot of cocks in order to get a video with him. I plan to enjoy every moment of his 11 inch cock. The biggest i ever had was 7 1/2 in and that was from my old friend Jay but he was long gone. I saw him on the bed getting head from a tight ass twink. I sat on the bed and we talked.

"Is this your first time?" Keith said.

"Yeah. I'm kind of nervous. Your "friend" is mighty big im afraid its is going to turn my tight little asshole inside out ha ha" I was being a little whore i know. But i didnt care i loved it. I loved the feeling of a big meaty cock slide in my mouth and i adored it in my tight ass. I like rough sex. I wanted a guy to fuck me as hard as he could bare then breed me at the end and make me suck the cum of his manhood. Verbal i know.

"You are just most horniest ha sexiest little twink i have ever seen. I cant wait to fuck your brains out." He leaned in and our tounges danced in each others mouth. The twink giving him head started to gag and pulled off holding his throat.

"Ha thats the third guy i had blow me in the past 15 minutes. Little fuckers cant take it." He was cocky. It was sexy to see a man who had confidence. The director came in. He gave out directions to the crew and sat down in his directors chair. He looked at Keith.

"Well Keith a pleasure to see you again. Please dont hurt this one. The last shoot i kept getting calls saying that the guy couldnt walk for a week." Keith grinned then looked at me and winked. I wasnt worried ive broken many guys. I never moan. I always make the guy moan. My ass was amazing i spend at least six hours a day on it. Making sure its nice and tight for my next victim. I was verbal though. I loved talking dirty during rough sex. The director looked at me.

"Ah Mr. Star i have heard much about you. Lets just see who will when this battle between the ass of steel and the man whos dick is the size of an andaconda. Well ok boys lets get started. Start kissing and groping each other. Keith there is lube and condoms in the drawer to your right. Jamie if you want raw dog make sure to apply extra lube to your asshole ok? ok 3 2 1 action!"

There was a flash and Keith turned my head towards his. His beautiful green eyes had me in a trans.His tounge enterd my mouth. Our tounges battled inside my mouth. We fell back onto the bed. I felt his hand slide down my hard nipples. He pulls away and licks down to them. He sucks on the slightly then bites them hard. I wanted to moan but i kept it in. He continued down to my shaft. He slid his tounge up my shaft to my piss slit. I was in exatcy. Every touch was pure pleasure. He lifts my legs up. He sees my tight asshole and smiles.

"Damn this is the tightest asshole i ever seen."

"You want lick it?"

"You bet your sweet ass i do." on that note he started to eat my sweet ass. Pulsing his tounge in and out my asshole. God this guy was gifted. I felt screaming. There was so much tension building up inside me i wasnt sure if i was able to hold it in.

"I want you inside me."

"Already you didnt even suck me off yet."

"I wanna break you babe i wanna teach that cock whos boss."

"Oh really?" He said. He openend the drawer and got the condom and lube.

"Fuck the condom go raw dog bitch." I said in a low tone biting my lips.

"Are you sure about that?"

"Just shut up and stick that big ass cock in me." I grabbed the bottle of lube and lubed up my asshole and his massive manhood. He was uncut. What a turn on. I grabbed his dick and shoved in my tight asshole. He was taken aback by its tightness. He grabs on the pillow behind me. We were in the missionary position. He was on top i was on bottom. His breath was heavy and he started to build up speed as he pushed his hard cock inside me.

"God its so fucking tight im going to break this little fucking ass."

"Oh no you wont babe im about to make you squel like a bitch." I swung over him. Making me on top riding him. His face was tight.

"You think you take this ass." i said. I began thrusting my hips harder and harder. Pushing back on his cock with more and more force. He began to moan tryying to hold it in. I tried to. His massive dick was sliding over my G- spot over and over again. The pain was gone and was replaced by pure pleasure. He was now screaming to the top of his lungs.

"You must understand babe i break big dick bitches like you!" I thrusted back as hard as i can on his massive cock. I felt his cock head swell inside me. He was screaming so loud i had to cover my ears. Then he filled my asshole with hot cum. I let out a small moan at the end. I slidded of his cock and saw he was crying.

"That was the greatest ass i ever felt." He was breathing very hard. I got off the bed and headed to my dressing room. Leaving a trail of dropped jaws of the crew and a line of cum in my trail.

"Bravo!" the director screamed.



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