Coach had made me his willing slave and now we were driving to his second job where I would no doubt be fucked by all his buddies. But the strange thing was that after only a day and a half being broken by Coach, it worked. I now craved cock to rape me and use me. I couldn’t understand my feelings but I had a need to be dominated. Was it even rape anymore if I wanted it?

We drove for what felt like hours and then we arrived. Coach met a guard at the gate. “Who’s the passenger ya got with ya?” He asked. I could see the guard’s massive, muscular frame from the car and I was turned on. Coach had trained me well. “He’s tonight’s dessert. Want a taste?” Coach asked the burly man. “Fuck yeah! Let me see this bitch.”

The massive man opened my car door and pulled me out. He had me stand against the car, my arms above my head. He began to feel me up. “Goddamn! This kid has quite the ass! I don’t even get to see this stuff on porn!” He pulled down my pants and examined it further.

“And he’s guaranteed not to run? Although I do like it when they struggle.” “That’s correct.” Coach said. “And just ask him whatever you want and he’ll do it.”

The guard seemed to ponder this. Then he whipped out his dick and slammed it into me before I even knew what was happening. I shouted out at the initial pain but then I fell into lust. He began ravaging my ass without mercy. Coach whipped out his cock as well and began masturbating as he watched the guard rape me. I pushed back against his every thrust and he came inside my ass.

He pulled out. “Well shit! Now that is one hell of a bitch! He took my entire cock without even flinching!” The guard let me back into the car after letting me pull my pants back up, which made a wet spot where his cum was leaking from my ass. Coach drove us into the prison.

Coach parked and he got out, calling everyone over. At least eight massive, muscular bears of guards surrounded me.

“Now listen up.” Coach said. “This is here is our Bitch. He’s here so you can do anything you want with him. I have to go get changed and I’ll be back soon. Don’t damage the goods just yet.” Coach said with a wink to his pals before gathering up a backpack with his change of clothes and walking off. The massive men surrounded me like a wolf pack surrounds their prey. One of them scooped me up, fireman style, and carried me inside, the others following close behind.

They threw me down on the floor and they made a circle around me. “Let’s have a little fun.” The leader said. He was taller and more muscular than the rest. He also had a little something bigger than the rest growing down under. He pulled me up to my feet, swung me around, put handcuffs on me, and began to guide me to one of the cells.

There he pushed me into a cell and threw in two of his guards in with me. I watched as the metal bars closed behind them. I was now stuck with two massive prison guards in a cell while the others watched me from outside of the cell. The two prison guards leered at me and forcefully shoved me to my knees. They both whipped out their monster cocks. Both were fat and massive.

They skull fucked me until I couldn’t breathe and even then they didn’t stop. My face was almost purple as they forced me to take their cocks deep down my throat. The guards outside of the cell just hooted and cheered, giving suggestions while jerking off. The leader, the biggest of them, just stood and watched me, his arms crossed, a dark gleam in his eye, and a massive hardon in his pants.

The guards finally let me go from the lack of oxygen and I gasped for air. Precum oozed down my chin and onto the floor. One of the guards grabbed me, ripped off my shorts and shirt, and threw me on the bed. He immediately jumped on and wedged himself behind me, his cock pushing for entry in my tight little hole. The other guard positioned himself in front of me, his fat cock waiting for me to take it deep down my throat.

I whimpered as I felt the prison guard behind me push inside me, inch by grueling inch. His cock was so big I had a little trouble accommodating for his size. My face was red with strain and then the other guard forcefully grabbed my head, pried open my jaws, and slammed his monster cock deep down my throat. I choked on it, but that didn’t stop him. He fucked my face in a frenzy, as did the guard raping my ass.

The guard raping me grunted, “I’m gonna fucking cum!” And the one skull fucking my face echoed that. I felt both their cocks swell up inside my ass and down my throat and I flinched. At the exact same time, piping hot cum blasted down my throat and deep into my ass. I yelled out on the guard’s monster cock and a single tear slid down my cheek from squeezing my eyes shut so hard.

I gulped and gulped all of the guard’s cum down my throat, but a little dribbled down my chin. The guard behind me grunted as he kept pumping burning hot cum deep into my bowels. Finally he finished and his cock pulled out of my ass as did the guard in front of me. I heaved from choking and being fucked at the same time. I stood up and wobbled from my sore ass. I felt hot cum stream down my legs. 

The prison cell door opened and all the men surrounded me, all except for the leader. They all began jack off all on my face. Within seconds, all of them were cumming onto my face. Cum shot into my mouth, my nose, my eyes even. The men huffed and puffed from exertion and my face was soaked with cum.

The leader stepped forward. “Now it’s my turn…”

To Be Continued...



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