I was a senior in High School and had just turned eighteen. I was pretty hot and had a good amount of muscle growth from playing football all four years. We still had a few games left, but I was still planning on working out even past the football season. It was just recently that I began to admire the male physique. I began working my ass out more often, trying to get the round, sculpted ass I see on the magazines.

But I was never satisfied and always wanted to improve myself in some way. Mom and Dad never noticed because Mom was too busy working while Dad went on frequent “business trips” to who knows where. Coach Shepard picked up on this, however. He’d noticed that I was becoming more depressed and he already knew about my dysfunctional family. So he wanted to help.

He would have me stay after practice and would work out with me, all the while convincing me that I was perfect just the way I was. He was like a father to me. It was around that time that I began to admire Coach’s physique. He was a mountain of a man, muscles bulging from every part of his body. He had a dusting of hair along his body and most of it concentrated on his muscular abs, pecs, and legs.

He had a handsome face, something that I just recently realised, and a massive package. I knew this because when we worked out he would get a hardon. Especially when we did wrestling or when he was spotting me while I did bench presses. His dominating presence over me also turned me on, but I never thought Coach would be sexually turned on like I was. He was just probably getting hard from exercise, something that frequently happened during team exercises, so I thought nothing of it.

Also, since we started working out together after practice, Coach became a whole lot more physical. He would not only slap me on the ass, but his hand would linger there for more than it should have. Or he would rub my body from behind after workouts. I never really thought anything of it until one fateful day that would change my outlook forever.

It was Friday afternoon and we had just finished football practice. All of us headed to the showers to get clean. While we were showering, Coach dropped in to ask me if I would keep my shower running for him so that he could shower before our workout. I obviously agreed and he left along with most of the team. Several minutes passed and soon I was all alone, the hot shower pouring over every inch of my body.

A thought had popped in my head. I had known that some people say that playing with your asshole could really feel good. It was a stupid thought, but I wanted to try and I was all alone. I slowly slid my finger in between my bubble butt and began rubbing a ring around my asshole. To my shock, it felt really fucking good and I was miffed as to why I hadn’t done this sooner. I also found that rubbing a line from your balls to your asshole also felt really good.

In no time I had a throbbing hardon. I began to stroke myself while rubbing and pushing against my asshole, heat building up inside my chest. When suddenly someone spoke. 

“That’s some fine work you’re doing there.” Coach said. He was standing only a few feet in front of me, his arms crossed, fully naked, with a raging hardon.

I stopped suddenly and awkwardly stood under the hot streams of water. I said nothing, for I knew he’d seen it all. I stood, paralyzed as Coach slowly made his way into the shower with me, sidling up behind me.

“You look great when you did that.” Coach said. I couldn’t move as Coach began molesting me. His massive cock hotdog bunned my ass while his one of his hands rubbed soap on my chest and the other one stroked my cock. It was so hot. After lathering up my torso, Coach began applying copious amounts of soap to his cock and then continued to rub his now slippery and soapy cock up and down my ass.

I flinched as I felt something push against my asshole. It was Coach’s soapy finger. It slowly slid into me and I struggled, but Coach held me in place with his strong body. Then two fingers slipped inside me. I felt them moving around inside me and then one pushed against something that made my breath catch and my cock throb hard. He’d found my g-spot.

I struggled to push away, but Coach held me tight. He retracted his fingers and then something four times the size began to push for entry.

“Please Coach… don’t do this… I’m a virgin.” I whimpered, but Coach wasn’t listening. Coach began to push inside me, but I tried to fight him. I was still slippery from the soap and I managed to get out of his grasp I made a run for the door, but my feet slid on the slippery shower floor and I felt on my stomach.

Within a split second Coach had me pinned beneath him. “Ima fuck this ass so good.” He moaned into my ear. I whimpered. He began to slowly push his massive cock against my asshole. I struggled but I couldn’t move beneath his dominating, muscular weight. I tried to wiggle my ass so he couldn’t push in, but that was my downfall. The second I wiggled my ass, it gave his soaped up cock the leverage it needed to slide in.

I screamed as Coach’s cock didn’t just go in a little, but slid in its entire length. Coach shut my mouth with a massive hand and then laughed as he realised my mistake. “Don’t worry, bitch. You’ll love this.” He said and then began to pull out. At first I thought it was done, but then he thrust back inside me with the force of a jack hammer. I screamed into his hand and hot tears stung my eyes. Coach was raping me, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

He began thrusting in and out of me and eventually I stopped struggling. I no longer had the strength to stop this. I sat, dazed, as Coach fucked my ass with the energy of a twenty year old. His thrusts pushed the air from my lungs and I saw stars. Coach began raping me harder and faster, his meaty hands wrapped around my neck. I choked as Coach suddenly tightened his grip around my throat and then something burning hot was pouring inside me like a waterfall. My vision faded as Coach strangled me and I passed out.

I awoke suddenly from a nightmare. My eyes slowly opened and I realised that I couldn’t feel my hands or feet. I tried to move but I couldn’t. I was in a chair and my hands were tied together behind me and my feet were tied to the two front legs of the chair. I was still naked. I tried to move the chair with my weight, but I could only move about half an inch since my feet were tied so they just barely touched the ground. 

I looked around me to find that it was the workout room. Most of the lights were off and I was alone. “Hello! Can anyone hear me?!” I called out. “Somebody help!” I yelled, but there was no response. I tried to wiggle in my restraints but then I felt something wet inside and me and outside my asshole. With a sickening realisation, I put two and two together and the memories and vivid images rushed back. Coach had raped me and came inside me.

I felt nauseous. Suddenly, a door opened on the other side of the workout room. A massive, dominant figure walked in. It was Coach. He was only wearing gym shorts. He threw a pair of gym shorts at me as he began to untie my bindings.

“Don’t try anything stupid. Put the gym shorts on.” My limbs wouldn’t work properly but I still managed to put the shorts on. Coach turned on the lights and I had to shield my eyes. “I’ve locked all the doors and have given you a light sedative to keep you groggy, so you aren’t going anywhere. I have you all to myself for an entire weekend. Your dad is on a business trip and your mom was called for an emergency out of state. You’re all alone with me.”

I began to cry and tried to push Coach away, but my limbs felt foreign and not my own. Coach held me tight and then guided my shaking form over to a bench press. He laid me down on my back and had me bench press only the bar. He rubbed my arms as I did it.

“Atta boy! You’re doing great.” I whimpered when I noticed his cock growing inside his gym shorts. Within a few minutes his cock had grown horizontally so that I couldn’t see above me. He guided my hands to put the bar back in place and then he rubbed his cock against my face.

“Well look at that. It would seem that I’ve got a little problem that needs taking care of. How about you help me out.” Coach said before pulling down his gym shorts, releasing his beast from its confines. His cock drooled a clear fluid and it dropped onto my lips. Coach grabbed my jaw and pried it open, forcing me to taste the liquid.

“Don’t waste me seed, bitch. And if you bite, I will kill you.” He said in a deep growl. My mind was out of it and I didn’t realise what he meant until he pulled me body towards him so that my head hung off the edge. His cock was way too big as he pushed it into my mouth and down my throat. I choked and gagged but Coach never stopped until he was all the way in. I couldn’t breath. Coach laughed when he saw that his cock formed a bulge in my throat.

I struggled to push away, trying to regain breath, but Coach decided that. He held tight until my face turned blue and then he pulled out. I gasped as air rushed into my lungs again. “Ima teach you how to properly take a cock up your ass and down your throat.” Coach said and tears began to sting my eyes again as the realisation hit that he would do this and I would eventually break and no one was here to help me.

I had no idea what time of day it was, but Coach seemed to. I had already gotten three meals so I would assume that it was in the evening. Coach had been raping me and gagging me since before my first me, so for at least eight hours. My ass was stretched and cum soaked and my throat was now passed the gagging point. Coach was right, he’d trained my body to be his bitch. The thing that scared me the most was that I started craving Coach’s cock. I lived for the moments he would take my life into his own hands or when he called me his bitch.

The door opened and coach had some kind of object in his hands. It was large and looked kind of like a small caution cone. “This here is a butt plug. This is so that after I cum inside your ass, I plug it up with this and you don’t waste any of my precious seed. Got it, bitch?” He asked. I nodded my head and said, “Yes, Master.” That’s what he wanted me to call him, and what I wanted to call him if I was honest.

Do you know what I work as, part time, aside from Coach?” He asked me. I shook my head no. “I work as a prison guard at a prison a few miles out, every night. Tonight, I’m going to give my buddies something they’ve been needing for a long while.” Coach told me that I was to get ready to go with him and “service” his fellow prison guard friends. He gave me decent clothes to wear and then we set out…

To Be Continued...



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