It was well over 7 years now as I ran into Coach Ted again as he was staying close to my new log cabin that I have just build in the woods. The time was well after 7 am as I was doing some great Trout Fishing on Lake Echo as I heard a voice in a distance yelling out loudly  "Hey is that you Cam " ? He came a little closer to me now as I recognized  that it was Coach Ted from College. "My God" I said to him as he was now bracing me with a nice hug and hand shake. " He told me that he is up here camping all by himself " We then chatted and fish as he was now telling me his whole life story on how his wife left him and move the kids to the West Coast.  I felt so bad for him as I told him that I had the same experience that he had.  The time was now showing on my watch was close to 10 30 am before I invited Coach Ted back to my place to stay there with me for a few day's.

We drove into town to grab some more food and booze to cover us for the rest of the weekend. Coach Ted told me he had just retire from teaching and he is only working like a 12 to 15 hours a week coaching and filling in when Teachers are off that day. There is one thing I notice that Coach Ted has aged a bit over the last time since I saw him. He has now got salt & pepper hair and goatee and looks like about 20 pounds heaver. Put he is still a great looking man for someone his age. The afternoon sun was getting real hot as the temperature is climbing well into the late 80's now. I told Coach that I am getting on my swim trunks and head down to my new dock that I had just build for a swim. The water felt great as I watch Coach walk down to the dock in a pair of new Red Under Armour mid size briefs that show off his package very well. He took a huge dive into the cold water and began to swim over to me. The swim lasted a good hour as we are just  laying on the dock soaking up all the sun and having a few beers, snacks now before supper.   

The cabin is in a very private area without any neighbours around me at all, I ask the coach if he still into men these day's ? He smiled and " Told me that he would like to Make Love to later on tonight ." I reply back to him that will be great Coach ! The night was getting a little cooler as I got lots of logs out to build a nice fire for myself and Coach Ted. The sun is almost sunk down into the West as the beer starting to go down real good by now. My eyes started to glance over at the Coach sitting there in his powder blue Nike cotton shorts. With his balls and semi hard cock showing as his legs were spread open.  

Coach Ted fuck me very good long and hard that night. I felt his nice cock inside my tight hole for well over 15 minutes plus. We both scream out with great sexual pleasure as he was orgasming into my ass. I can really smell the sweat and the Brute after shave that he was wearing coming from his soaking wet body from the fuck. The shower felt great as the 2 of us soap and spray each other down before we went out to dry off. 

The next morning we both woke up around 8 am as I made us some breakfast as he was in the bedroom getting dress before he head back home. I then gave Coach Ted one more hug at the door before he drove off in his pick-up truck.




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