I just begun my first year of college football when the team got a new Coach name Cliff Hill who had a bad reputation as been overly firm and aggressive at times. The heat was booming during the first couple of day's of practice before our first opening game of the season, I was called into Coach Cliff office around 5 pam after everyone went home for the evening.

The chat between the two of us heated up at times when I try to explain my slight back injury that occur a few day's back, He then told me to go over to the trainers room so he can check me all out since he had a degree in sports medical and medicine. It took a good 10 minutes before he came into the room as I was laying on my stomach before he started to massage the sore area of my back.

Coach Cliff  was a short fucker,  As he stood around 5'8 a solid 155 pounds with a nice hairy body along with a trim beard and dark brown eyes. The name for him was a Daddy Brown Bear  type with a nice 7 inch mushroom head cock. I also notice that he love wearing tight pair of Black Addias sports shorts.

The massaged last a good 15 minutes before he told me to get lost and hit the shower room, I woke up feeling a lot better before I made it to the early morning practise at the school, " Hey Troy hows your back now Kid " Coach shouted out loud at him. " I am find Coach " Before he took a couple of hard hit from the linebackers that day.

The Dean of the college had call Troy into his office for a meeting about his English and Math marks on his first exam, He suggest that Coach Cliff will tutor him for the next few months or until his mark got up to a 72% level. Later on that day Troy and the Coach meet for his tutor session over in the Sports building classroom beside his office. 

Troy waited a bit as the door open and Coach walk in wearing his Hagger Slacks along with a white Wangler dress shirt and a nice green silk tie. Troy could not stop gazing at his huge bulge as he also notice that the zipper was half down showing off his dark red underwear that he had on. Coach was now bend over the side of Troy as he started to get angry with him over a math question other issues and attitude he was giving him. They both got frustrated with each other as they both decide to end the session for now. Coach Cliff also request another meeting with him this time it will be on Saturday morning.

Troy quickly got on his bike to head over to meet Coach Cliff as he was running about 10 minutes late, The door of the office was open as Coach was sitting there with his arm folded over one another with a mad look coming from his dark brown eyes. " You are fucking Late Troy  once again  " He shouted real loud, " Sorry Coach My alarm clock died last night"  Troy now had to do 75 push up on the floor in front of his desk. 

The meeting went well as the two of them decided to respect one another from here on in, Troy   also wonder to himself before he ask Coach if " He was ever married " ? He gave him a funny look before he told him that I was married for over 20 years and have 1 kids who lives with his Mother over in Maine. Coach found it was strange why he ask me that kind of question.

Troy was walking on a bike bath in a park when he ran into the Coach sitting on a bench all alone after his jog, " Hi Coach what the hell you doing here "  Cliff gave him a nice Bear smile as the two of them had a nice long chat before the Coach inviting him over to his place for dinner that night. 

It was shortly after 4 pm when Troy buzz his Condo unit as he took the elevator up to the 17 floor, Coach Cliff had a huge Condo that looks over the city downtown Park. They both began to drink some of Troy red wine that he brought with him, The rack of lamb dinner that the Coach cook was a hit with Troy as the two of them are now sitting on the Balcony watching the sun go down. 

The time was around 6:30 pm as they stated into the beers before the Coach ask Troy if he likes to wrestle with him. I got no trunks with me as the Coach walk over to the closet to hand him a pair of singlets he had, "Wow Coach this cool " Before he went into the bathroom to change as the Coach was now in his bedroom getting his singlet on for the match.

Troy was a short guy also around 5'7 around 140 with blonde hairy body and a well trim moustache that he likes wearing. They both started to wrestle as the bugle in their singlet started to get perky a bit, Coach Cliff gave Troy a huge smile as the match got more intense now as the sweat started  pouring out of their body's. Troy began to rub his mouth on the Coach semi hard cock that was showing through his singlet. 

They took a rest now has they were both totally exhausted from wrestling match, Coach took his time before he got his nerve up to ask Troy if he could fuck his ass, The look of shock in Troy eyes after he ask the question to him, I got to tell you something Coach that I only been fuck once in my life and it was well over a few years ago. Know problem Troy I will go slow with you as he guided him into his bedroom. They both help each other pull off their singlets that they had on before they climb onto the king size bed that was in the corner of the room.

Coach started to work on Troy cock with his bearded mouth rap around his dick firmly tight, " Fuck Coach it feels fuck'n great dude " He suck Troy dick a good 10 minutes before they started to 69 each other. You can see their mouth were getting full of the pre cum that was pouring out of their dick before they reach climax. Troy was the first one to shot off his load of cum all down Coach Cliff throat as he started to spit it up a bit, He then grab for his beer that was on the night table beside the bed so he can wash the rest of Troy cum all the way down. How would you like to cum Coach ? I going to fuck your tight hairy ass and then shot it all over your chest and mouth dude.

Coach then began to spread Troy hairy ass cheeks apart as he was pouring some Heat Active Gel over his hairy blonde ass, He then began to moan a bit as two fingers started to go up his tight hole as Coach dick started to get a huge semi on by now. " More Coach, More Coach " Troy yell out at him, He then pull his fingers out of his hole before he started to eat and lick his ass juice all out. Once again Troy scream out of sexual passion as the Coach was eating and licking him all out before his cock went inside him.

Troy ass cheeks were in the right position as the Coach was all lube up real good, He enter him with great ease as it he began to push his mushroom head cock and  shaft to his hairy balls, Coach Cliff cock was fucking the somewhat Virgin hole real hard with large stokes of his mushroom head dick as Troy ass juice started to pour out all over his shaft, They both were screaming and moaning of great sexual pleasure as his cock and balls were slapping against Troy hole good and hard now before Coach Cliff shot his load off.

" Fuck me Coach, Fuck me Coach " As Troy was well into some kind of sexual trance now as the Coach started to fuck Troy in a different position with his legs wrap around his hairy neck and shoulders like a Boa. Coach Cliff body started to vibrate as he was about to shot his load off.

" Oh my God dude " I am close Troy, I a real close Troy he yell out fairly loud at him, He then quickly pull his wet cock real fast out of his ass as his cum flew over Troy hairy chest ,mouth and eyes. " Fuck Coach that was hot " As the Coach body was slurp over totally exhausted from the fuck. They both took a rest before they went into the washroom to shower off their hairy bear sweaty body's. 

The time was well after 10 pam as Troy watch Coach pull on a fresh pair of Green Fruit Of The Loom Underwear before his Nik'e Track pants along with a white v-neck t-shirt that show off his hairy chest very well. They hug each other at the door before Troy left to go home. " Thanks for the Fuck Coach " Troy told him as he open the door very slowly to leave.

The rest of the year was so, so for Troy his marks were well into the 75% range as for his football status not so good, He suffer 3 broken ribs from a hit that happen  5 games into the season. Troy was somewhat upset when he heard that Coach got a better paying job working as head Trainer in the NFL. The team was located 3 states over from were he lives.

The End Part 2 




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