Now I don't suppose any of you readers out there have ever seen an old Pal from High School days and thought things about them that stirred up old emotions, Yea Right! Here I was at the fifteenth year High School Reunion and I was looking, staring at a young man that I had had a crush on during my high school years, He was more gorgeous and Handsome than ever, Damn He had filled out into a really hot looking specimen of manhood, I was breathing hard and really just ogling him, and he looked at me and smiled and said Mark, is that you, I said Yes, Eric?? he said yea man, I have't seen you since High School days.

I Just looked at Eric and said yea, fifteen years, man time flies quickly, he said man, where are you setting man I dont have a place yet, If you don't mind I'll set with you, I said Great, Damn Eric Its so good to see you, He said yea man it's good to see you too.

We found a table and watched the others dance, got ourselves a drink and I said is your wife here, He said what wife, Man I'm a confirmed bachlor, I said no way man, you, Mr. Stud, voted the most likely to succeed? He said yea Right, Me, Mr. Stud, I said Eric your probably the most handsome Hunk here, Eric kinda blushed and said, Mark your embarrassing me, I said no man, I mean it, I have always thought that you could have any female you wanted, and He just smiled and Said Mark, do you remember that camping trip we took in the summer before our senior year? I said yea man it was awesome, He said remember Derick, and Leon Stivers, You and me, I said man how could I ever forget, He said well something happened on that trip that changed my life forever, You and Derick were in one tent and me and Leon were in the other, yea I remember man, He said well believe it or not things got a little hot in our tent and I said yea, ours too, He said what you mean man, I said well, Derick, I found out liked to jack off and we ended up jacking each other off, sorry man I know it's a little perverted so to speak, but thats what happened, He just smiled and said well that's mild to what happenen to me and Leon, I said what you talking about? He said well Mark to tell the truth I got really turned on laying next to Leon, you remember how built he was? and he had the biggest cock on the football team, how many times I wanted to reach out and take that cock into my hand and stroke him off, but there he was laying back with his boxers on and His cock just flopped out and as he lightly snored I took his cock and started rubbing it and he got hard as a rock and I was so fucking turned on man I started stroking and Jerking him off and the thought hit me, I wonder how it would feel in my mouth, and I leaned over and started sucking his cock and It felt like it swelled up huge, and man I almost couldn't take it all in my mouth I gently rubbed his nutsack and his balls drew up into his body and I was so frigging hot man I was breathing harder and harder, I felt my heart racing and I felt like I was going to explode, I could taste something coming out of his opening and I found out later it was pre-cum and god I was in awe at the taste, and I started sucking like a vacuum cleaner, man I was lost in it and that soft silky, velvety head was flaring out in my mouth and I felt his cock starting to do a jerking dance in my mouth and I realized he was cumming in my mouth I waited and with about half a fucking mouthful of his cum not knowing what to do I started liking the taste of it, I just started swallowing a little bit at a time and by the time I got thru, I was in love with the taste of cum, Leons cock was still in my mouth and He raised up on his elbows and said Eric, Fuck man that was awesome, I was in shock, I didn't know Leon was awake I said, How long were you awake, He smiled and said From the time you started stroking my cock, He said don't feel embarrassed about It Eric, Man I fucking Loved it and He said Lay back and he leaned over and said Man I will suck you off but I don't want the cum in my mouth O.K., I said O.k., Man That was the day that sealed my fate, Man He started sucking my cock like a professional, I could tell he had done it before. I started very quickly to feeling the cum shot comming on, and I said Leon man you better back off, I'm gonna squirt it, and he kept going and I said LEON, man you better get off, and He just kept on going, I couldn't hold back any longer and I felt the spasming and jerking and the ejaculation muscles in my groin start spasming and I shot a load large enough to drown a grizzly, and he just started slurping, and swallowing, and grunting like a Hog feeding, I was sorta startled by his swallowing it after saying not to shoot in his mouth.

When we were finished He just smiled I said I thought you didn't want my cum and he just smiled and said Man you took mine, so I changed my mind, I said fuck me man, that was awesome, I said did you two ever do it again? He said fuck yea man, all the time, up untill he went into the Marines, and even then when he came home on leave, I said WOW man, What a story, I said then I take it your gay, he said 'as a three dollar bill', I said well man so am I, He said no way man, I said yea, He said then what are you saying, we can get together after the reunion tonight, I said, Now that I know this, I would be rather disappointed it we didn't, I was like in the 'twilight zone' so sudden and yet so exciting man, Well we sat next to each other at the table, and stayed together all evening at the dance and I felt excitement as he put his hand down onto the inside of my thigh and gently rubbbed my leg up onto my crotch, and my cock was about to split them open It was laying down the leg of my slacks and hard as a peice of flint, and I noticed he found just the tip end of my cockhead and was just flicking it with his little finger, and smiled and stared into my eyes, I sorta wimpered a little and really wanted to lean over and kiss him all over the place, man he was fucking gorgeous, and He said I want that in me, and I said I promise it, just as soon as we can get to my hotel room, I said If you havn't got one stay with me, He said I'd Love to and I'll share the cost with you, I was sorta wimpering and sort gasping and talking in an almost sexual stuporous sort of heavy whisper, and I said man you better stop or I'm not going to be able to keep from cumming, He just smiled and said, lets go to the mens room, and I got up and felt kinda conspicous, I had a boner that stuck out like a cowcatcher on a locomotive, after all I have an eight inch rather thick cock and my boxer shorts did little to hold its size back.

We got into the mens room and looked at the room, and I noticed there was a broom closet and I opened the door and it was a fairly large closet, I said in here and It had a louvre at the top over the door that let light thru, We got in and closed and locked the door from the inside and Eric was all over me, fuck man I just raised my hands up over my head and just layed back against the wall and Eric undid my shirt and then my trousers, He was like a wolverine attacking a rabbit, Man I was on fire he was kissing me and rubbing me, man he said I wanted you back in High School and I want you more now, and I said I'm all yours babe, He said O fuck Mark, I said do it man, Oh fuck man do it, he slid my boxers off and reached down and like a wild man slid my foreskin on my hard throbbing cock back and started the most elacious blowjob I have ever had, and the thought that He had been one of my best friend during school and I had no idea he was like this, I was running my hands thru his hair and moaning and groaning and saying Oh Fuck Eric, no wonder Leon liked you so much, Fuck man, Eric was taking the whole length into His mouth and down his throat and licking on the head of my cock and sucking and grunting his enjoyment vocally and I started that awesome feeling you get as the climax builds up and fuck me man, it felt like my cock was harder than I ever remember, I started jerking and my stomach started that pumping as my cock belched out a load of cum, Fuck I was about dead from the intensity of the cum and Eric didn't stop, and when I said Eric man pull off, my cock was so sensitive that I thought the head would fall off if someone touched it, I Sorta fell back against the wall of the broom closet, and smiled and said Fuck man, that was just awesome, and Eric said I know, it tasted wonderful man, I hope you saved more for later tonight, I smiled and said My system will reload in a couple hours and I'll be ready. He smiled and we got ourselves together went out into the mens room and took a leak and I saw Erics cock, it was 'Cut' quite large, long and thick, I said Eric man I don't remember that being so big back in the showers, He said Yea it grew some more after shcool, I said yea it did!.

The reunion closed down about midnight and we went back to my hotel room and got ready for bed, we had a shower and both got ready for bed and of course we went to bed totally naked, I leaned over and started rubbing on Erics body and He said Mark, I want you to fuck me, Please, I said Erick I will be my pleasure, and I started fingering his hole He started winpering and grunting and saying that feels awesome and after about ten minutes of eating his asshole out and fingering his manhole, I used lube on my cock and on his asshole, I was hotter that a blacksmiths forge, I leaned up against his manhole and started sliding my extremely hard cock to the hilt into his very hot, manhole and the feeling was exquisit, It was like something out of a storybook, and I was lost in it. I was taken away into a rapturous moment in time, I started pumping in and out of his love canal, and I was putting all I had into fucking his asshole, Eric was just about singing with each thrust of my cock and I was moaning my pleasure vocally and I changed positions for the side to the top and he layed back on his back and I shoved my eight inchs, of very thick cock to the balls into his asshole he grunted and said thats it baby, fuck me, make me cum with you, he was turning red from the intensity and his body started convulsing and I went wild and started pounding his ass hole with all my energy and I felt it coming on and then as I started to blast a load into his turd tunnel, he stared yelling Oh FUCK Mark, Oh Shit, and he started shooting a load all over the fucking place, It was the wildest most exciting display of sexuall engery I had ever wittnessed and I love it, He had come upon his face and I was awestruck, I fell in love with Eric, at least for that moment, and I looked down and Eric looked like he had passed out, Fuck I reached up and kinds took his face into my hand and said, Are you alright Man, He looked up sorta drained and said Oh fuck yea, man that was totally awesome, Mark, baby did you enjoy it, I just smiled and said, Is The Pope a Catholic' he just laughed and said I take it you enjoyed it then, I said Oh Yea.

The next morinng we had a Class Reunion Breakfast at a banquet room there at the Hall were we had the Class Reunion, Eric of course set together and Eric Said, Mark do you have a place of your own, I said yea I bought a three bedroom house about seven years ago, He said would you like to have a boarder I could help with your expenses and such I have put in request for a transfer back to my home town office and I think the transfer goes thru this month, well we exchanged phone numbers and addresses and planned to keep in touch, about three weeks later he was transferred back home to his home office there and we live together totally happy, thinking back this was the first class reunion I had attended and Im really glad I went this year, It changed my life completely for the better, I am totally happy and thank my lucky stars I went to our Class reunion and ran into Eric.



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