Tyson plowed through the pool like the champion he was, the water bending to his will like he was a son of Poseidon. The cold water tingled as it lapped at Ty's fair skin, he felt weightless-- a joyful calm in his heart. The lean boy's swim-sculpted body buzzed with energy as he free-styled, a grand grin on his cute baby-face. Ty reached the end of the lane and climbed out. As he stood he heard a whistle, Ty looked around--his baby-blue eyes scanning. There on the bench ahead of him sat two guys dressed in workout gear. One was a big, almost body builder-ish, guy with short brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. His hulking frame had a wrestler-type build to it, which seemed to be bulging out of the black wife beater and basketball shorts he was wearing as gym garb. A scruffy chin strap framed his face, a sly smile on his lips. Ty felt his insides twinge as Ryan eyed him up, feeling naked standing there in only his speedo. The other guy he had known since birth, wearing a white wife beater and soccer shorts, he grinned--his was like a mirror image of Ty's own. Jet black hair, dark blue eyes, and a lean soccer built build--Logan giggled. Tyson felt a smile of his own spread across his lips; Ryan just gawked at him shamelessly. Ty felt a tightness in his speedo, he lunged for his towel. Logan snatched it away before Ty could grab it.

"Give it to me." growled Tyson as he felt his dick become semi-hard.

"Why so you can cover up that bangin' body of yours? No way in hell" teased Logan. Ty lunged again, Logan passed to Ryan.

"Come on guys this isn't funny!" Ty barked as his face reddened, his boner growing ever harder. It did not help that both of them reeked of sweat and alpha male musk. Ryan and Logan only laughed, passing the towel back and forth between as Ty chased after it.

"Fuck it, I'ma go shower now." growled Tyson, blushing furiously, he turned and stormed off towards the locker room. CRACK! Tyson squealed as the rat tail stung his behind. "Knock it off you dicks!" Ty roared as he rubbed his sore butt.

He glared at his brother and Ryan, but they only smiled back in return. Logan handed the towel over to Ryan, who rolled a new rat-tail-- pumping each coil with power. The sting on Ty's butt pulsed. Ty gulped, and bolted for the locker room.

"Dicks!" Tyson huffed to himself under the steaming hot spray of the shower. Why do they torture me like that? Ty stiffened as his member throbbed, begging to be released from its skin-tight cage. Ty ignored it and continued to scrub, lather coating his body, his white blonde hair—a shampoo afro puff. Foot falls echoed down from the hall, each step sounded a fleshy smack as the person or people, walked barefoot on the tiled floor. Ty paid it no mind, it was a communal shower—no privacy. The guy rounded the corner and froze. Ty looked up.

There in the door way was a tall red head, 6'3'', with a football player build. He had sea green eyes, short cut hair, and a handsomely cruel face. His creamy white skin was riddled with small freckles here and there. A neatly trimmed happy trail lead down into...boxers? Ty's eyes snapped up to the red head's face and he scowled. It was Eric Coin, the senior jock who hated Ty and Logan—but mostly Ty. He was jealous that Ty had Nikki as his girlfriend and claimed that he stole her from him. (He also hates us because Logan and I also lost our virginities to his Ex-girlfriend our freshmen year....at his birthday party...while they were still dating...in his bed.) Ty smiled evilly and went back to showering.

"What are you grinning at punk?!" Eric barked. Ty just shrugged his shoulders. The football player scowled and trudged over to the shower opposite Ty. The showers hissed in the eerie silence, steam filled the air. Ty shivered as he felt pure hate radiate off of Eric, Ty could feel the jock's green eyes boring into Ty's back.

Something hard struck Ty in the back; it bounced off and hit the floor. Ty looked down; a bar of ivory soap lay on the tiled floor. Ty snickered. Is that the best you got loser? Ty turned to smirk at Eric but as he did he came to face Eric's broad freckled chest. Before he could so much as retreat, a huge hand caught him by the throat and slammed him hard into the tiled wall. Stars danced across Ty's vision. The grip on his throat tightened. Ty gagged.

"I know you are not smiling at the fact that you fucked Sarah, you and your clone. You think that's funny punk? You think it's funny to fuck every girl I've ever wanted?" Eric snarled, his eyes blazing with hatred as he choked the life out of Ty. "To ruin Sarah, to steal Nikki, and your clone taking that new ebony beauty that just transferred here. You think I'll let that stand without vengeance boy?!" Eric slammed Ty again, hard—more stars. "I wonder how you'd feel if I fucked you over for once, no scratch that," he glared at Ty, "I should just beat you to a bloody pulp, maybe then you'll learn not to fuck with me!"

Ty's head was spinning, and everything was starting to go dark. Eric's grip loosened, Ty gasped for air. Just as the air made it to his lungs, a thick fist slammed into his gut—the wind was knocked out of him. Eric grabbed the band of Ty's speedo and threw him to the floor. Ty landed in a heap and slid a ways. He retched and sat up, to find Eric towering over him.

"You know you and your twin are very pretty for boys. In the right light, you can easily pass for a girl." Chuckled Eric as he lunged closer, Ty back peddled. "Since you keep cock blocking me, bitch, I think it's only right that you apologies to the Coin Loin's, a deep and gut-filled apology." Eric hissed coldly as he slowly peeled down his boxers. "Kneel before a true man, bitch!" Eric's boxers hit the floor.

Ty sat stock still, staring up at Eric. The QB crossed his arms and glared down at him, almost daring Ty to contradict him. He stared up into Eric's face, they locked eyes. Baby-blue—wide eyed—into sea green—narrowed. Ty threw back his head and howled—with laughed. Eric's smile faltered. Ty giggled and cackled, tears building up in his eyes. His boyish voice echoed off the tiled walls, the showers sounded like they were filled with 20 hysterical Tysons. Eric's nerve failed him.

"Sh..Sh..SHUT UP!" Eric roared, sending a kick towards Ty's unprotected jaw. Tyson stopped laughing. Caught the kick and pulled the leg towards himself. Eric stumbled. Ty coiled back his arm and then punched straight up—savagely. Eric doubled over, cupping his jewels. Ty kicked his other leg out and Eric crashed to the ground. Before he could recover, Tyson landed on his chest. Eric glared up in hatred. Ty cocked his right arm, forging a blade with his fingers. Eric hissed. Tyson swung his hand in a vicious arch and bitch slapped the shit out of Eric's face. Eric's eyes rolled in their sockets. Tyson leaned in--all innocence gone from his features--, his eyes merciless, his mouth spread in a wicked smile.

Tyson whisper into Eric's ear, "I understand now Erica, you were just upset cause all those females got to experience heaven and be with real men. And you just wanted your turn, right?"

"Fuck you Tyson" spat Eric as he tried to shake him off. Ty chuckled.

"No I don't think that's possible or what's gonna happen here lil miss-think-she-a-man, not with this itty bitty baby dick." Chuckled Ty. To emphasize his point he reached back and jiggled Eric's small 3 inch dick. Eric's face went red with rage. Ty squeezed, Eric stiffened.

"Now Erica, let me show you what a real man looks like, feels like, and fucks like." Ty said sweetly as he peeled off his speedo, Eric's eyes widened, his numb of a dick stiffened. "Cause in this light, you sure look like a bitch to me." Eric looked at Tyson's 9 inch meat, then up at Tyson. Tears welled up in his eyes and he began to cry. Tyson looked on in confusion. Eric thrashed violently and managed to shake Ty off. He scrambled to his feet , went to grab his boxers and bolt. He turned and found Tyson in his way. Arms cross, a wicked grin on his face, and his dick pointing north. "Where do you think you're going?"

Eric back peddled until his back hit the wall. Tyson slinked closer and without pause, punched Eric hard in the gut. He staggered and then drop to his knees, clutching at the impact spot. Ty grabbed a fist full of his hair and pulled his head back. Tyson crouched and with his free hand fondled Eric's lil dicklit—it hardened. "I thought you'd be bigger, to be honest I've never seen one so small." Marveled Tyson as he fiddled with the little dick, Eric grit his teeth.

"Don't touch me you fucking f.." Eric began to growl; Ty slammed his head in the wall. Eric wavered in a daze.

"You macho act don't work anymore buddy, besides you like this. I think you actually wanted this, am I right?" Ty said as he looked up into Eric's eyes. Fear was plain on his face. "Eric how come no one ever mentioned you have a baby dick? There is no way people would not gossip about this." Eric's face flushed, his eyes darting away as the truth hit Ty. "Eric, are you a virgin?" Eric's eyes widened, he bit his lip and couldn't bear to meet Ty's eyes.

"Hey big guy, its ok, that's an easy fix." Said Ty as he cradled Eric's sobbing head. Ty felt bad for the guy....in some deep, dark, forgotten part of his soul (maybe in Logan's half?). But more than anything he was horny and what greater revenge on the person who has tortured you all throughout high school than to fuck him—and make him your bitch!

To Be Continued

p.s:I'm glad you have enjoyed my writing, and for my story's fans --there's more fun to cum. Please comment and vote, it helps motivate me to write more. Also check out earlier adventures of the gang, that should hold you over until i write another tale.




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