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Eric back peddled until his back hit the wall. Tyson slinked closer and without pause, punched Eric hard in the gut. He staggered and then drop to his knees, clutching at the impact spot. Ty grabbed a fist full of his hair and pulled his head back. Tyson crouched and with his free hand fondled Eric's lil dicklit-it hardened. "I thought you'd be bigger, to be honest I've never seen one so small." Marveled Tyson as he fiddled with the little dick, Eric grit his teeth.

"Don't touch me you fucking f.." Eric began to growl; Ty slammed his head in the wall. Eric wavered in a daze.

"Your macho act don't work anymore buddy, besides you like this. I think you actually wanted this, am I right?" Ty said as he looked up into Eric's eyes. Fear was plain on his face. "Eric how come no one ever mentioned you have a baby dick? There is no way people would not gossip about this." Eric's face flushed, his eyes darting away as the truth hit Ty. "Eric, are you a virgin?" Eric's eyes widened, he bit his lip and couldn't bear to meet Ty's eyes.

"Hey big guy, its ok, that's an easy fix." Said Ty as he cradled Eric's sobbing head. Ty felt bad for the some deep, dark, forgotten part of his soul (maybe in Logan's half?). But more than anything he was horny and what greater revenge on the person who has tortured you all throughout high school than to fuck him-and make him your bitch!

Now We continue:

The hiss of the showers echoed about the blue tiled cave. Hot steam filled the air, warm water pooled on the floor. Eric was on his knees, naked, fighting back tears. The 6'3 QB-- pale freckled skin, short cropped red hair, muscular and fit-stared up in to the face of an angel, a very deviant and violent but beautiful angel. Tyson glared back, his baby blue eyes mercilessly raking over the submissive bitch-boi that use to be his bully. An impish smile spreads across his cute baby face as he takes note of the tears in Eric's sea green eyes. He's scared of me. The thought almost made him laugh. Here this red headed giant was at the mercy of a 5'4 pettily built swimmer-the irony of it all.

Ty stepped closer, Eric didn't flinch but looked at him with a mix of sadness and confusion-like this is not how the world was supposed to work. Ty could see it in his eyes-Eric was the giant ergo he should have the bigger dick. The thought sent a jolt through Ty. But it was he Ty, the little junior, with the 9 inch member and Eric, the hulking senior, with the 3 inch nub. Ty cupped Eric's face, scruffy chops tickling the boy's fingers, as he positioned his raging hard on in front of Eric's mouth.

Ty winced as it throbbed but manage to grunt, "Suck." And with some hesitation Eric opened his mouth, his tongue darting out like a serpent's lapping at the long rosy rod like a lollipop. Tingles tickle Ty as the eager tongue slithered over his sensitive spots, his shaft coated in warmth. Eric tongues Ty's tip and a heavy shudder hits him, Ty retreats-panting. "Open wide," he gets out, wincing to hold back the flood building in his balls, but Eric shakes his head vigorously.

"I ain't no..." Ty kicks him straight in the balls, Eric cups them and cries out-as his mouth hangs open from shock and pain Ty plunges his saber deep into the QB's throat. He gags, but Ty holds him to the spot-hugging his head so hard that all Eric can breathe are Ty's white blonde pubes. It's warm inside and gooey, shivers race up and down Ty's spine. The little angel stand stock still, not completely trusting his control over him and not wanting to cum too much before the real fun starts. But Eric is still gaging, his throat constricts, his tongue writhes beneath Ty's cock-it's too much. His cock erupt molten white gold, clutching at Eric's skull-his knees threatening to give out. He can feel Eric trying to scream around his cock as cum backflows into the jock's mouth. As the fourth wave hits the back of Eric's throat, Ty's legs buckle and he drops to the floor-taking Eric's head with him. The two are locked in a violent fluid exchange until Ty kindly pulls out, a shower of cum and drool follows suit. be continued

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