Christmas Lover: Part 2

Thanks so much for the positive comments I think I have gotten to grips with how to construct a romantic story and this is one I truly believe in. So please give me feedback as it is greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy this latest part

I usually have a wake up routine which consists of stretching, finding a pair of underwear to put on and then eventually to open my eyes.

Going through the same routine I see my boyfriend sleeping in what must look like an uncomfortable position but he looks so peaceful laying there

I head down the stairs and into the kitchen yawning as I prepare to make breakfast and a cup of coffee when he walks in wearing a nice pair of jockstraps and a noticeable bulge straining to get out

"Are you that excited to see me?" i teased him as i stared at the bulge.

He wrapped his arms around me tightly so that i could feel it against my ass and gave me an intense but tender kiss on the lips.

"So what are your plans today?" he asks me in between kisses.

"Well when you get off my lips I was about to serve you breakfast, then I was thinking we could go to my parents for dinner" I answered and could immediately sense his anxiousness

He had nothing to worry about because my parents have always been supportive when I managed to "come out" to them at the age of 16.

Anyways I get back to working on breakfast while my boyfriend sits at the table watching me when I finally manage to give him the cooked breakfast which he tucks into immediately.

------------------------------------------ sitting in my car awaiting for him to finish work so we can have dinner ar my parents place. I am half nervous for my boyfriend but a part of me knows that my parents want me to be happy with whoever I fall in love with.

It's weird that I've said that now but I truly believe that he is my Mr Right.

He waves and runs up to the car and enters through the passenger door.

"So sweety how was work?" I asked curiously

"It was ok but I've been offered a job in a tattoo place as a tattoo artist" he replied.

Nothing much was said as I drove to my parent's house quietly listening to music on the radio

As we both get out the car my mother runs towards me and gives me a massive hug

"Sweetheart it's so nice to see you" she says as she pulls on my cheeks gently

"Oh mom" I say embarrasingly as well as my cheeks blushing red

She eventually let go and exchanged pleasantries with my boyfriend and invited us in.

"This is a beautiful home you have here Mrs Vaughan" Riku admires politely

"Oh please call me Lorraine" she says with a slightly reddened face.

Seems like my boyfriend's charm also worked on my mother as well. I decided to get that thought out of my head quickly when I could hear little footsteps approaching.

"Andy" Screams little Jamie as i pick him up and give him a hug

"Wow look who's growing up" I exclaim as I gently put Jamie back down on his feet.

I notice that Riku's eyes were fixated on me during my time with Jamie and I wonder if my boyfriend would like kids one day?

Unfortunately Jamie did not stay long as his father (my brother) picked him up. Bizzarely enough my brother did not say two words to me that evening but I ignored it

Anyways the meal was delicious and me and my boyfriend offered to clean the dishes which surprised my parents and we started to get into the routine of cleaning when my boyfriend had a naughty idea.

"How about when we finished cleaning the dishes and get back home we should have a soap bubble fight" he winks at me.

I make sure all the dishes are cleaned and say a quick goodbye to my parents and head back home with my boyfriend.

I struggle to get my key in the door so he helps me and starts undressing me slowly down to just underwear

I do the same but I pull his underwear down revealing his mouthwatering 10 inch cock.

"Hmm like what you see?" He says in a seductive voice.

To tease Riku even further I suck on the head of his cock which instantly makes him moan.

The next part I did not expect as he carried me in his arms and laid me on the bed with my underwear around my ankles as his face inched closer and closer to my cock...

To Be Continued




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