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I love everything about Christmas. The lights, A snowy backdrop that looks like it has come off a Christmas card and of course i love spending the holidays with my parents and friends.

But particularily I like spending Christmas because one year ago to this date I met my Christmas lover.

It was 24th December and I was walking around the town hurrying to buy any last minute gifts for my family and friends when I walk into a clothes shop.

As soon as I entered the shop one of the staff (my lover) approached me and asked if I needed any help.

I looked him up and down and could see that he is 22, 6 ft 3, muscular build with brown hair and blue eyes

"I'm just browsing but thanks for offering" I replied in a polite manner and continued to browse.

Whilst walking around i noticed that the particular man that i had my eyes on all of a sudden his eyes were fixtated on me.

I picked up this rather cute jacket for my dad since he loved to wear jackets and walked over to the till where the man was serving me on the till.

"How are you today sir?" he asked me.

"Please sir is too formal call me Andrew" i replied.

Throughout the process of buying the jacket i notice the name of my mystery crush printed on his shirt

"Riku" the tag reads.

"Thank you for shopping here today and hope to see you soon" Riku says with a wink.

I walk out of the store with the plastic bag in my hands and i walk back home.

I head upstairs and put some christmas music on and start to wrap my presents up for family and friends starting with the jacket

As i got the jacket out of the bag i notice a slip of paper that fell from one of the inside pocket

curiously i looked at the peice of paper and on it was the following note:

"I seen that you couldn't keep your gaze away from me and just so you know i feel the same way. meet me at the restaurant at 5:30. Love Riku"

i finish wrapping up my present and carefully hide them from view and check at the time. turns out to be 4:00 so i start getting ready making sure i'm dressed smartly

i head into town and look around for the restaurant which by some random miracle happened to be right in front of me so i enter.

the restaurant looks modern but with an italian twist

i notice Riku in the distance as he waves me over.

i walk over to him and he stands up to pull my seat out which i thank him for.

he shows me the menu and i have a look over whilst he's drinking red wine

"So how does your dad like that jacket?" He asks me.

"It's his christmas present so he does not know about it yet" I reply as a waitor arrives at our table and I ask him for a lager.

"Well what are you getting for Christmas?" he asks curiously

"Absolutely nothing i spend most of my christmas alone and miserable pining for somebody to love and to have the same emotion returned" i confess with my head down.

Riku pulls my jaw up in a gently and erotic way and leaves me speechless as he kisses me with such passion and intensity that i return the favour and equally passionate

When he finally stops kissing me the date goes rather well and we decide to go back to my place for a chat and some more drink.

I show him around my place whilst holding his hand and he comments on how beautiful my home is and how it looks fairly modern

Then he asks me the question i've always wanted to hear in my life. "Will you be my boyfriend?'

"Of course i will" i replied with complete shock and the next minute we are kissing and cuddling.

"Sweetie i don't wanna be alone tonight so could you stay with me for tonight?" I questioned him.

He seemed to be ok with it so we headed off to bed us both in just undies.

It's turned out to be a magical Christmas Eve evening already....

To Be Continued --------------------




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