Richard Wijaya lay on his back, completely unconscious and unaware of his surroundings. His naked body was positioned on a dark green table with his feet apart. Touching a console, his captor observed a small electronic screen, checking readings. He was sure Richard would remain unconscious as the drugs feeding in from the table were very potent. After entering a few commands onto the screen, Richard 's captor exited the room and bolted it shut from the outside, leaving Richard and the table completely still in the faint light of the console.

The table received the commands from the console and began to shift slowly, snaking a very thin green thread up between Richard 's glutes and into his rectum. The thread-like probe was designed to be narrow, ensuring it would not even trigger the nerves in Richard 's anus to sense it. Once inside, the table began the second phase of its operation; microscopic enzymes jettisoned from the string and through the vulnerable, soft tissue inside their new host's body. For a brief instant, Richard's body rippled from head to toe, then returned to normal. The table set to work, wrapping each part of Richard 's body in a sort of sleeve, holding it for an hour, then retreating and moving on to the next part. Arms, legs, hands, feet, head, chest, and abdomen all received the same treatment. A long tube snaked up between Richard 's spread legs and enveloped his penis, expanding to completely encase his testicles and backside. They stayed encased for a longer timeframe before the table retreated from the area. Another tube-like shape reached up and pushed past Richard 's lips, enveloping his tongue, then retreated after another hour. The same occurred for each nipple, one at a time, and back to his penis. The table then covered Richard 's entire body for two more hours, then retreated. The console beeped its completion.

Hours later, Richard 's eyes fluttered open, then squinted against the light of the room. His entire body felt sluggish and chilly, exposed to the air. He grunted, completely disoriented.

'Ah, you're awake. Good. How do you feel?'

'Where am I?' Richard couldn't remember anything.

'You're safe. Are you thirsty?' Richard managed a nod, and his captor held a cup to his lips and tilted Alex's head to drink it. Richard drank deeply, realizing he was thirstier than he initially believed.

Richard then licked his lips. He felt some strength flow through his body and struggled to rise. He sat up in a fluid motion, his hands balancing him on the smooth tabletop. As his weight shifted forward, so did his penis and scrotum, feeling the tables coolness. 'Where am I?'

'My lab,' his captor said. 'You'll be happy to know that everything was a complete success.'

'What do you mean? Who are you?' Richard felt his muscles tighten for a second.

'You may refer to me as 'Master,' as you are now my slave. And I am quite proud of making you into my slave, hence, everything was a complete success.'

'Fuck you!' Richard slid himself forward across the table. 'I'm nobody's slave!'

His captor laughed. 'I made you what I wanted in a slave. The hair on your head will grow, eventually; I wanted to watch it grow in at various stages before deciding what style you will wear. I made you look more masculine, as I do not want a girly-looking slave. If I want feminine, I'd have taken a woman. The penis is emphasis on the masculinity, obviously. Your piercings are for me to play with and my way of controlling how you will respond to things, and your back tattoo is a slave marking. Even if you leave, you will always be a slave.'

'You're insane!' Richard leapt off the table and headed for the door.

'Slave, get back here,' his captor said casually. Instantly, Richard stopped dead in his tracks, turned, and slowly walked back. 'As you can see, I have priority over your motor functions. This is because I want to watch the struggle as your mind breaks and accepts your body's new role as slave.

'Fuck you!' Richard tried to swing, but found his arm would not respond to the desire to strike his captor. He tried to turn, but his legs remained in place.

His captor laughed again. 'You cannot hurt me, nor can you leave me. I am Master, you are Slave. There is nothing you can do about it.' He grabbed one of Richard 's new piercings and twisted. Richard cried out in pain.

'You know you love it.'

"Ah-uhhhhhh..." Instantly, Richard's scream became a moan of pleasure, the nerves sending waves of ecstasy through his new body. A smile crested on his lips.

'I will not be your slave,' Richard argued, his voice a whimper and the smile faded.

'It will be just a matter of time,' his captor assured. 'Now, kneel.' Richard 's legs bent, and he fell to his knees; there was a clunk as his penis hit the ground. His captor undid his pants and retrieved a penis, not as massive as Richard 's, but impressively sized, nonetheless. 'Suck and swallow my cum.'

There was a brief struggle for dominance as Richard's body trembled for a few seconds, he's heart bleeding out cold sweat. Then he abruptly relaxes in one smooth motion, his lips parted and he took the head in his mouth. He began to suck, his muscles programmed to fellate perfectly. Richard fought the physical sensations, forcing himself to stop, but failed. He knelt before his captor, helplessly sucking cock until there was an explosion inside his mouth. Instinctively, he swallowed it all, and continued licking the head clean. Richard was disgusted with himself, yet part of him felt satisfied.

'Excellent, Slave!' He pet Richard 's head approvingly. 'Now, lay on the table.' Richard's body complied. 'Now, I have made you undoubtedly masculine, but took away everything that makes you a man. You are a slave, you will eat cum and nothing else, and you will eventually accept this as your life.'

Richard 's eyes widened in fear. He wanted to cry, but his body would not let him. His captor pulled his hips toward the end of the table and pushed his legs apart. 'No, please! Don't!' His protests went ignored, his captor pushing his erect member into Richard 's tight hole and fucking furiously. Time held no meaning for Richard as his captor plowed him endlessly, each thrust sending shivers and thrills through him, and Richard wished he were dead. After an eternity, his captor began to hiss and buck. 'Please,' Richard pleaded, hoping the inevitable would not happen. He remained ignored, his captor ramming hard into his ass and unleashing massive amounts of cum into his hole. Richard lay back, wishing he could just cry, utterly humiliated.

Richard 's captor sighed contentedly, running his fingers along Richard 's smooth tanned chest. 'Get used to it, slave. That's all you'll ever be good for now.' He pulled his dick out and walked around the table to Richard 's mouth. 'Clean it off.'

Richard sealed his lips as his body shifted to take his captor's cock, covered in cum from his own ass, he let out a grunt from deep within his chest as he made a final attempt to stop, but eventually his mouth opened and allowed his captor's dick into his mouth. The taste was unlike anything he'd ever experienced, and he wanted to puke in spite of his tongue happily lapping the cock.

'And that's enough, slave.' His captor pulled away. 'I'll leave you alone for a bit, maybe you'll enjoy your new body while I'm gone.' He smirked, then retrieved his pants from the floor and left the room, sliding the bolt as he departed, leaving Richard alone and naked.



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