Richard curled into the fetal position on the table, its dark green surface cool against the touch of his skin. He could not block the world out, his senses keeping him in the reality he now faced. His ass hurt from being fucked for the first time, cum dribbled out, cold when exposed to the air; he could taste his captor's cum still; his cock was limp and touched the table behind his knees, and he could feel the piercings in his skin. He was left completely alone, hairless and naked, and yet he also felt a twinge of joy at the situation. As the sense of joy seeped into his thoughts, Richard wished he were dead; clearly, half of his feelings were not his own anymore.

From behind, the table's console made a barely audible beep. Its surface rippled and stretched, snaking another probe upwards and seeking Richard 's sensitive hole. Richard struggled as he was bonded; prevented from moving. The probe penetrated him, much gentler than his captor had been. A moan of pleasure escaped from him as the probe gently began to expand, widening itself in Richard 's hole until the flesh could expand no more. As the probe began to vibrate, Richard cursed for whatever the captor have done to him as he tried to shift away from it and escape further violation, but found it was too far inside of him. He sighed, his body impaled anally on a giant vibrator.

He shifted his position again, stretching his legs to their full length. He briefly admired their musculature before frowning as his new penis entered view. It was apparently longer, and proportionately thicker, with a beautiful hood of foreskin covering the head. His balls were equally impressive, perfectly smooth as they rested in their pouch. He felt equally bitter.

He glanced down at his chest, seeing his buff, defined pecs and ripped abdomen. His captor had known what he was doing: he was totally male, but so completely not at the same time. As he was staring at his chest and stomach heave with each breath, he felt a rush of pleasure jolt his entire body. The vibrations had intensified, and his nerves exploded in pleasure at the stimulation. Each tingle through his ass rippled across his entire frame, wracking his mind with desires to submit, to accept his new life.

Wait... What new life?

Richard drew another breath and tried to release it slowly, but a moan emerged instead. He tried fighting the urge. The vibrations continued, but he could not tell how much time was passing either a long period of time, or minutes that felt like hours. He was being overwhelmed.

He looked down at his lengthened member and stared at it. He gripped the flaccid shaft and brought it up to his face, studying his dickhead. Before his capture, he'd been cut. Staring at his new foreskin, he decided to see what he'd lacked in previous years. He slid the skin back, exposing his purplish head completely. As disgusted as it made him, there was a certain sexiness to it. He slid the skin over the head again, then back down. He could feel how much more sensitive he was, yet the stimulation he felt was not enough to give him an erection.

The door opened abruptly, allowing Richard 's captor to enter. He roared with laughter. 'Ah, I see you're playing with your new body,' he said with satisfied amusement. He walked over and nodded approvingly. He watched Richard a moment longer, then pressed the console. The extension of the table retreated, but something similar lashed out all of a sudden, latching itself onto the base of Richard's skull. The bonds tightened then went rigid, holding Richard upright. The console beeped and a thin light shone from the entire length of it. Richard's brows scrunched up in confusion, those eyes blinking a few times. Then...


A thin film of sweat started to appear on Richard's body. His breathing became irregular. Richard began to squirm. He pulled his legs in, which then slide back to their initial half bent position due to the coat of sweat. His head lolled and his eyes slowly glazed over and lost their focus as the console began a hypnotic chant into the mind's ear.

The head lolled back, his eyes glazed. Muscles twitching, legs bending and unbending. His skin took up an unhealthy colour as the basics of nature were being defiled. A thin smile spread across Richard's face as he moaned, but the smile disappeared as quickly as it came.

His skin reflects a considerable amount of the dim light that shone from the ceiling.

Richard's body spammed and twitched a few times. Then he abruptly relaxed and his shaft began to swell as a sinister smile spread across his face.

The bonds released him, but not the console's extension.

Richard leaned forward into a sitting position. His expression was dreamlike, once in a while he smiled, and the smiles fade away as abruptly as they would come.

He reached downwards, wrapping his hand around his rock hard shaft and leaned back against the bonds that had held him just moments ago. The warmth of his hand radiating to his shaft cause him to moan in ecstasy.


He began to stimulate himself. With each thrust of his hand, his defined chest muscles and bicep flexed, but he's half drugged mind paid them no heed.

He didn't last long.

Although still rather disoriented, Richard gained was able to summon some strength as his mind and the console's merged into a single body.

Colour began to return to his skin. His strokes became more powerful. Then...

Richard's eyes widened as hot, violent waves surged out of him as he obviously climaxed onto the cold green table. Smiling throughout.

By now, the console has become rather weak, just like an old computer getting slow. Before it detached from Richard, it placed a seal within his mind, a parting gift, then made its exit, rendering him to fall into a deep slumber.



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