Jill and I met when she was twenty-two and I was twenty-six. It was the day she began work with our company. I am a petroleum engineer and she was a chemist. We hit it off almost immediately.

During our conversations, I soon found out that her parents were only fifteen when she was born. Her mother wanted to give her up for adoption but her dad refused, and with the help of his parents, he raised her alone. She said she had never met her mother nor did she want to.

We dated for two years, and seemed to be getting close. I had to admit she was the best fuck I had ever experienced, always willing to try something new.

Even though we were just dating she wanted me to meet her dad. She had said that when needed he was very strict when she was growing up but most of the time their relationship was like big brother-little sister. She also said that we had a lot in common.

She was from a smaller town about forty-five miles outside of Dallas where her dad was a police sergeant.

Our office was in Atlanta, and she said she seldom got home. I myself was also from a small town in Colorado.

She had to go to New York for a meeting for two weeks but said she'd be flying to Dallas on that Friday to see her dad and begged me to join her for the weekend. I agreed.

I had never been to Dallas so I took my two week vacation without telling her and flew to Dallas a week before our scheduled weekend. I figured I'd do some sightseeing during he first week then do the same after our weekend. She was going to have to return to New York for a few more weeks.

I arrived in Dallas, rented a car and found a nice but reasonable motel room. It was late Friday night so I called and had a pizza and a couple of beers delivered to my room.

After a good nights sleep, I got up, dressed, and went to breakfast and drove around. As I did, I saw a main street with several bars and made note of the street so I could program it into my rental cars GPS system that evening.

I returned to my room about three and napped for a few hours. After waking, I showered then went out to dinner. About nine, I programmed the address i had written down into the GPS system and was soon right where I wanted to be. After finding a parking place, I began making my way from one bar to the next. Most were either too loud or played the wrong kind of music.

I was about to give up and head back to the motel when I saw the sign of another bar about half a block down a side street. As I neared it, I heard the sounds of country music and was delighted. I went in and stepped up to the bar and ordered a beer. The music wasn't overly loud and conversations could be had without yelling.

As I stood at the bar and looked around, I noticed that the clientele was all male, some without shirts. Then I saw two guys farther down the bar kiss and realized I was in a gay bar. I thought about leaving but was facinated at what I was seeing.

The guys here were not what most people imaging when they refer to a gay male. These men were all very masculine and most very muscular. There were no feminine guys there. All wore jeans, some wore sorts shirts or tank tops,some shirtless, some in various types of leather gear.

I was on my second beer when a nice looking man close to forty and well built came up to me wearing jeans and tank top, revealing a fairly muscular hairy chest.

'Hi. You're new here aren't you?'

'Yes, I am. I'm on vacation.'

'Well, it's certainly good to see a new handsome face. I'm Rick,' he said offering his hand.

'I'm Tom,' I lied. My real name is Mark, but decided to use an alias.

'Where you from?' he asked.

'Originally Colorado, but I'm living in Georgia now.'

'Nice,' he said, looking me up and down. 'The body is nice also.'

As we were talking, I had been looking around and seen guys kissing and groping each others crotches. A couple even had their hand down inside the front of another guys jeans.

For some reason, my own cock began to stiffen. I had never really been interested in other guys. The only thing I had done was glance at other guys cocks in the gym but only to see if they were more endowed than I was.

Rick must have noticed, because while talking he suddenly reached down and grasped my hard cock in his hand,saying, 'Damn! Is that your cock or a club? Man, you're big.'

I was so shocked and surprised that without reacting or thinking I said calmly, 'It's all me.'

'Fucking nice. I'd sure like to get a taste of that or at least see it.'

For some reason it was turning me on that another man was wanting sex with me. I wasn't repulsed by it as I thought I would be.

Rick moved closer to me and continued rubbing my boner, looking into my face and smiling. He then said softly, 'I can see you're uncomfortable. I'll stop, but I really would love to get you in bed and suck you dry.'

'I'll think about it,' I said, 'but let's just talk a while. Who knows, maybe someone more interesting to you will come in.'

'Tom, I seriously doubt that. Besides, it's the same people here every weekend.'

We talked for a while and he bought me a couple more beers. There was something about Rick that put me at ease while we talked.

I asked where he was from and he relied that he was from nearby but was on vacation and had a room a few blocks away.

'I've got more cold beer in my room if you'd like to go there,' he said.

I was about to agree, simply out of curiosity to see what it was like to get sucked by a guy when it was announced that the floor show was about to start.

Spotlights lite up the stage and the curtains began opening. As the did, I noticed a low fence circling the front of the stage a few feet from the edge. I asked Rick about it.

'The dancers end up stripping totally nude and by law they have to remain completely out of reach from the customers.'

'Totally nude?' I asked.

'Yep, and usually totally boned by the time they leave the stage.'


We watched the show and the dancers started out as firemen, cops, construction workers, doctors, or other professions. And as Rick had said, by the time they left the stage, their cocks were rock hard, and so was I for some reason. I figured it was because I'd never seen another man boned before.

Rick noticed I was still boned and again grasped my cock. I looked at him and our eyes met. Then, he leaned toward me and as he did, I realized what was going to happen, but I couldn't resist.

His lips met mine and I felt his tongue exit his mouth. I parted my lips and offered mine and immediately our tongues began exploring each others mouth. I have always enjoyed tongue kissing but it was much more erotic with another man.

'Mmmm, nice,' he said as he slowly pulled back. 'Please, Tom, come to my room tonight.'

I took a deep breath and said, 'Tell me where you're staying and the room number. I'll meet you there.'

'You promise?'

'Yea, I promise.'

He gave me the name and room number and the address. We left and I returned to my car and put in the address. Seconds later I was on my way to meet another man in his motel room.

He opened the door when I knocked and invited me in. After cosing and locking the door, he kissed me again and began undressing me. Soon, my shirt was off and my pants were at my ankles as he stroked my cock slowly.

'Finish undressing and lets get in bed,'he said as he began removing his clothes. hen he removed his pants, his hard cock sprang forth, a drop of clear precum on the tip.

We lay in bed and as we kissed again I felt another mans cock for the first time, stroking it slowly.

He then began kissing and licking my neck then moved down to my chest, licking and sucking my nipples as I gasped and moaned in pleasure.

He then moved lower, licking his way down to my navel. He paused and spread my legs and got between them, then licked his way around my cock and went to my full balls, sucking each one gently. I moaned again. He lifted my legs and pushed them up. I new if he tried to shove his cock up my ass there was going to be trouble.

Suddenly, I felt his warm wet tongue begin licking and probing my hole. Electrical shocks surged through my body and without thinking I said, 'Oh fuck, yea.'

After a few minutes, he stopped and after lowering my legs and lifting my cock, I gasped as he swallowed me all the way.

He began sucking slowly at first. I was floating in space and moaning with pleasure as he slowly sped up. It wasn't long before I could feel my climax approaching. I began lifting my hips, trying to fuck his mouth and throat. He met my movements and soon my cock exploded into his mouth, sending huge volleys of cum out the head. He began moaning as I felt him begin swallowing my load. When he had milked my cock dry, he slowly pulled off, and as he looked up at me he said, 'That has to be the biggest and sweetest load I've ever tasted. I hope it was the best you ever received.'

'I have nothing to compare it to since it was the first time I've ever done anything with another guy.'

'You mean you've never been sucked before?'

'Oh a few women have sucked on it but none have gone all the way.'

'Well, may I ask what you thought of it?'

'It was beyond description. I've never shot a load like that. It was even hotter than fucking my girlfriend, and she's fucking wild in bed.'

'Man, that's a real compliment,'he said as he sat up next to me. 'So the kiss in the bar was a first also?'

'Yes, it was. I have always enjoyed kissing but kissing you was awesome.'

'Tom, did you know you were entering a gay bar when you came in?'

'No, I had no idea until after I had ordered my beer, but I found it facinating. Then you came up and when you grabbed my cock, I liked it. That was a first also. For some reason, when you invited me here, I wanted to see what it was like to have sex with another guy.'

'Well, what did you think?'

'So far, I have enjoyed it more than I thought I would.'

'Tom, would you like to spend the night with me? I promise we won't do anything you don't want to do, but I'd love to feel you beside me tonight.'

'Yea, and for some reason I think I'd enjoy it.'


We had another beer from his mini-fridge. as we talked, I found out that he was thirty-nine and a single dad.

We did some kissing and cuddling and I found myself running my fingers through the hair on his chest and playing with his nipples. Then I began stroking his hard cock and as I did, I began sucking one nipple then the other as he moaned softly.

I continued stroking him and lay my head on his stomach, eyeing the head and eye of his cock.

Suddenly, I knew what I had to do.

I quickly moved to his cock and swallowed as much as I could and began sucking him. As I pistoned up and down his cock, I heard him say, 'Tom, you don't have to do that. I just want to suck you some more.'

I ignored him and continued sucking him, gradually relaxing more and was soon taking his entire cock into my mouth and throat. I found myself enjoying it and it seemed normal.

Moments later, he warned me that he was close. I ontinued sucking and soon his cock exploded and filled my mouth with warm hick cum. I collected it all, savoring the sweet yet slightly salty taste before swallowing it all.

After I pulled off, he said, 'Fuck it all, I damn sure wasn't expecting that.'

'It was something I had to do. I wanted to see what it was like.'


'Surprisingly, I liked it. It somehow felt normal and not perverted.'

'Frankly, the way I see things is that sex is sex, and there is nothing wrong with two people having sex even if it is with the same gender.'

'Before tonight, I'd have disagreed with you but now I will agree with you. I can see why a lot of people are bisexual. They get the best of both worlds.'

'I used to be bi, but I found that sex with a guy is so much more enjoyable. There isn't the drama that is associated with having sex with a woman.'

'I think I agree with you on that. My girlfriend gets up tight if I climax too fast of if I'm not hitting the right spot. She loves for me to eat her but she thinks sucking my cock is revolting.'

'See what I mean?' he said.

'Most definitely,' I replied.

We kissed and cuddled some more and soon we were both hard. I began sucking him again and he stopped me and flipped into a sixty-nine.

Feeling him suck me as I was sucking him was a real turn on and soon I climaxed again. My climax seemed to trigger his and we both swallowed the rewards, then kissed passionately.

'You ready for some shuteye?' He asked.

'Sure,' I replied, 'but if I wake up during the night, I can't promise not to get under the sheets and suck you again.'

'I can't make that promise either,' he replied. 'But tomorrow, I'd love to feel that thing up my ass.'

'Hey, I'll try anything at least once,' I replied.

He laughed and we cuddled together. Before long we were both asleep.

We awoke just before ten Sunday morning. After a hot morning kiss, he looked at me and smiled and said, 'I thnk you're getting into the guy thing.'

I am. My problem is deciding if I'm bi or gay.'

'Only time will tell. You will know.'

We showered together and dressed and went to breakfast. When we returned, we immediately stripped and he looked at me ans asked, 'You ready to fuck you're first guy in the ass?'

'Sure am, if your ready.'

'Damn right I'm ready. I love it up he ass just as much as I love sucking cock.'

He grabbed a tube of lube and was about to put some on his ass when I stopped him. He asked why.

'I want to do something,' I replied.

Remembering the pleasure he had given me, I lifted his legs and began eating his ass. He moaned audibly and said 'Oh yea, eat that ass.'

I ate his ass for a couple of minutes and loved it. When I stopped, he lubed his ass then my cock.

After pulling his legs up, he said it was all mine. I got into position and centered my cock on his hole and began to push. My head sipped in and when it did he said 'Oh fuck yea. shove it all in.'

I did and soon I was pistoning in and out of his ass as he exclaimed how great it felt and said how bad he needed it.

Before long he could tell I was close and said for me to empty my load deep into him. As my cock exploded, I buried it and drained my balls as he had requested.

Afterward, I slowly pulled out as he said how wonderful it had been.

'Tom, I would love having you fuck me every day.'

'It feels that good?' I asked.

'Oh yea. The first couple of times he entry hurts like hell. You will never experience pain like that. But if the guy is gentle, before he climaxes, you'll be loving it.'

'Rick, fuck me and show me what it's like.'

'You sure?'

'Yea. I said I'd try anything once. I might as well get fucked in the process.'

He lubed us both up and began loosening my hole with his fingers. After a while he got into position saying, 'If you have to scream, scream into a pillow, and if at any time you want me to stop, just say so and I will.'

'I want to go all the way,' I replied.

He began entering me and when the head slipped in, I had the pillow ready and after covering my face, I screamed.

'Try to relax. I'm going to stop and hold still and let you adjust.'

He did and after a while he asked how I was doing. I old him he pain had let up and it was feeling okay.

He slowly began pistoning in and out and with each forward thrust he'd go slightly deeper. After a few moments he looked at me and asked, How is it feeling?'

'Good,' I replied.

'Well, you have it all up you.'

'What?' I replied, reaching back and feeling. His cock was buried completely in my ass.

'Fuck me,' I said.

He began pistoning in and out gently and I was loving it. As his climax neared, he picked up his speed.

'Yea, Rick, fuck me. It's feeling awesome. shoot that load in me.'

Soon, he moaned loudly and thrust in balls deep. As he did, his cock exploded sending his hot thick load deep into me. The feeling of his cum shooting up me was beyond belief.

As he slowly pulled out, I pulled him to me and kissed him passionately.

As he then lay next to me, I told him how much I had enjoyed it and that I couldn't have lost my virginity to a better man.

Smiling, he said, 'It's been years since I've had a virgin.'

'I hope you enjoyed it,' I said.

'I did but I'd have loved it even if it wasn't virgin. Tom, you are fucking awesome.'

'So are you. You are so gentle and loving, and I appreciate that.'

As we lay there, I asked when and how he found he was interested in men.

'I was a junior in high school. I played football and knew I enjoyed looking at the other guys cocks, wondering what they would taste like. Well, one day after practice, I stayed longer, watching the others shower, some getting semi-hard. They all dressed and left and I jerked off in the showers. After I dressed, I was on my way out and passed the coach's office. the blinds were cracked and I saw him sucking our track coach. I got hard again and after coach got him off and swallowed the track coach then sucked him off. I shot another load on the wall under he window. They started out, so I ran like hell to the door, easing out. I wondered if their wives knew about them. Anyway, a few days later, I stayed late again and when I left Coach was in his office alone. I went in and asked him if I could talk to him. He said sure and told me to have a seat. I did and he came around his desk and leaned against it right in front of me, asking what was on my mind. He had on shorts and I got brave and reached out and quickly slipped my hand up his shorts and said I wanted his cock. He jumped aside and pulled my hand out asking what the hell was I doing. I told him what I'd seen and said that if he didn't let me suck him I'd start telling everyone what I'd seen. he finally agreed and we sucked each other. became a daily thing with the track coach joining us regularly.'

'Damn, your high school coaches,' i said.

'Yep. And they were the first to fuck me. One day while I was sucking the football coach, I was bent over. The track coach lubed his cock and my ass and fucked me right there. I had them both cumming at the same time.'

'Unreal,' I said.

We later went to dinner and as we drove back, Rick said, 'Since we're both on vacation this week, why don't you check out of your motel and stay with me. I'd really like it.'

'Sure,' I replied. 'I think it will be fun.'

The next morning I checked out and moved into Rick's room with him. We sucked and fucked frequently. In he evenings he'd take me to the bar and bath house, where I got to experience sex with other guys openly while others watched.

All to soon, the week was over. Early Friday morning, we loaded our respective cars and bid each other farewell, with me thanking him for helping me find myself.

Since Jill was going to pick me up at the airport, I drove back and dropped off my car, and waited. She thought my flight was due in about nine at night but at seven I called her to pick me up, telling her I managed to get an earlier flight. She arrived and we drove back to her home own and I checked into my motel. She wanted me to meet her father, but I declined, saying I was really tired and needed a shower. She said that she'd pick me up at nine he next morning. I kissed her good bye and watched her drive away.

How was I going to tell her that I didn't want our relationship to go further?

TO BE CONTINUED.............



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