Jill picked me up on schedule at my motel and drove me to her dad's place. As we drove, she said, 'Dad had to go to the station for a little while. He should be home in about an hour.'

We arrived and she began showing me around, ending up at her bedroom. She immediately tried to get me in bed. I refused asking what would happen if her dad returned early.

'You know it wouldn't look good for a cop to walk in and find his only daughter getting screwed in his house.'

She reluctantly agreed and we returned to the large family room. After a short conversation, she asked what was wrong. I lied and said I was just nervous about meeting her dad. The truth was I wanted to be out looking for some cock.

Since her dad was going to cook hamburgers out on the grill. we began getting things ready. As I was making the patties, we heard her dad come in. She an to meet him as I began washing my hands in he sink.

My back was to them as they entered and just as she said, 'Dad, I want you to meet Mark. You two have so much in common.'

As I turned, I almost froze in my tracks, barely hearing her say, 'Mark, his is my dad, Jim.'

Regaining my composure, I replied, 'Nice to meet you sir.'

'Same here, uh, Mark, but please call me Jim.'

'Sure thing,' I replied,shaking the hand of the man I had spent the last week with having sex with. I knew him as Rick.

'Jill, if you can finish getting things ready, Mark and I are going out on the patio for a beer and to get acquainted.'

'Sure, dad, go on out and get the fire started.'

Jim handed me a cold beer and I followed him out to the patio. After the door was closed securely, he turned to me and smiled saying, 'What are the fucking odds of this happening?'

'Probably more that a million to one,' I replied.

'Well, we have to watch ourselves and not call each other Tom or Rick.'

'Oh, I know. But you don't know how bad I want to jump you right now.'

'Same with me,' he answered.

'Fuck, I can't believe I was brought out by and spent the last week having sex with a cop.'

'Well, stud, you did, and the cop loved it.'

We began talking more honestly with each other, and soon Jill emerged with the burgers. As Jim cooked the burgers, the three of us visited.

We had lunch, and later they showed me around town, and later dropped me off at my motel saying that they would pick me up for dinner at eight.

I went in and tried to sort out everything that had transpired. I still couldn't believe that the man I had been sleeping with for the last week was really Jill's father.

About five there was a knock on my door. I went to answer it and found Jim/Rick standing there.

He quickly entered he room and as soon as I closed the door he grabbed me and kissed me passionately, undressing me.

After the kiss, I asked how he managed to get away from Jill.

'I just told her I had an errand to run. I had to see you.'

Seconds later we were naked in bed in a hot sixty-nine. After another hot kiss, I said, 'I assume Jill knows nothing about your sexual preference.'

'No one in this town does. If they did, I'd loose my job and probably be run out of town. That's why I go to Dallas. This town is extremely conservative.'

'I understand completely,' I said. 'But since I've still on vacation for another week, is there any problem with me staying in town and us getting together?'

'Fuck no!' he said, 'I'd love that and with you being Jill's boyfriend, no one would think anything about you staying with me.'

'I'd like that,' I said.

'You two are flying out of different terminals. I'll drop you first and you can go in and get your ticket changed to next Sunday and after I drop her off, I'll swing back by and pick you up.'

'No. Just in case she might call she needs to hear the airport background noise. Park and either wait until her flight leaves or come in and sit with me.'

'Good thinking. We can watch the board and as soon as we're sure she's gone we'll head back here.'

'You better get going. You need to get ready for dinner.'

Jim left and I lay on the bed not believing I was going to get another week with him.

They picked me up and we went to dinner and as we ate, I could tell something was bothering Jill. After we ate, I said to her, 'Something is bothering you. What is it?'

'I hate having to say this but after I finish up in New York, the company is transferring me to the London facility for an undetermined length of time.'

Acting slightly upset, I asked, 'When were you going to tell me?'

'I was going to call you after I got back to New York. I just didn't think I could tell you in person.'

'Well, it will help you advance with the company and I can't blame you for that. I sincerely wish you the best.'

'Mark, I know things were going good for us but I can't be selfish and expect you to be loyal. It would be best if you find someone else, but know I think a lot of you.'

'Thanks, I appreciate that, and I think a lot of you also,' I said, but inwardly I was relieved and jumping for joy.

'If I had found out sooner, I'd have cancelled this meeting.'

'I'm glad you didn't. I've thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jim,' I replied.

The rest of the evening was uneventful and at one point when she went to the ladies room, Jim looked at me and said, 'Is it possible that you could visit me some?'

'Most definitely,' I replied. 'I wanted to tell her I was already seeing someone.'

They dropped me off and the next morning picked me up for breakfast before Jim drove us to Dallas for our flights, dropping me off first.

I went in and had my flight changed to the following Sunday, then found a seat and waited, watching the departure board. A short time later, Jim joined me. Just as he sat down, my cell phone rang. It was Jill, saying again that she was sorry and hoped I didn't hate her. I assured her that I didn't and again wished her the best. Before she hung up, I could hear them calling her flight. Glancing at the board, I saw the status of her flight change to 'Boarding'.

We waited a while longer before leaving and returning to Jim's house.

As we drove back, Jim casually reached over and grasped my hand, saying, 'You know what I like best about you?'

'What's that?'

'Where I'm more brazen and forward, you are more reserved and quiet. We balance each other out. We make a good pair.'

Smiling, I replied, 'Yea, especially in bed.'

'Oh, definitely,' Jim said.

As soon as we reached Jim's, we stripped and were in bed, soon with my cock up Jim's ass. Afterward he fucked me.

On Monday, he got it approved for me to ride with him on patrol for the week. As he'd drive, I'd frequently lean over and suck him off. At times, he'd pull into a deserted alley and blow me.

I commented that I thought I'd enjoy police work. He said it was very rewarding and suggested that I consider a change in careers.

'Why don't you do it? You can apply here and I'll help you with your academy training.'

'I'll think it over,' I said. 'May I use you as a reference?'

'Fuck yea. You better.'

The rest of the week was awesome and riding with Jim made me more open to becoming a cop.

The week ended all too soon and I returned home, however my thoughts were on Jim and the excitement of his job and the fact that being a cop made things safer for others.

A month later, I contacted the personnel department and inquired if they were hiring, explaining that I had no experience at all. They said they were and if I had college credits, it would substitute for experience. I was sent an application and after filling it out, I sent it in.

A few weeks later I got a call from Jim. he was all excited, saying that he'd been called in and questioned about me. He said that they had already done a background check on me and everything was clear and asked his opinion about my being able to handle the job. He said he gave me a great recommendation. I thanked him saying that we'd just have to wait and see what happened and that I missed him.

'Mark, if you're called for an interview or get hired, plan on staying with me.'

'Thanks,' I told him, 'but only if it won't cause questions to be asked.'

'It won't. As far as anyone will know, I'm renting you a room.'

'Sounds good. I'll let you know what happens.'

Two weeks later I received a call asking when I could come in for an interview. I said for them to give me a date. They did for the next week. i asked them not to tell Jim as I wanted to surprise him and they agreed.

I took an emergency leave and flew to Dallas, then rented a car. I arrived at Jim's and when he opened the door, he was totally shocked.

'What are you doing here?' he asked as I stepped inside.

'I have an interview tomorrow morning at nine,' I said.

'Damn, why didn't you call and tell me?'

'I wanted to surprise you and from the look on your face, I succeeded.'

'You damn sure did,' he said before kissing me.

After the kiss, he said that he was now on the day shift and gave me a key to the house.

'I have to be at roll call at six so just lock up when you leave. After your interview you had better call me right away.'

I promised him I would as we both undressed. After a hot sixty-nine we went to dinner then returned home for some fucking.

The next day I had my interview and was told that I was in the next class of recruits starting in a month. I thanked them and as I was about to leave I was old, 'Don't let us down. Jim really praised you for your level head and abilities.

I called Jim as I had promised and he said we were going out to celebrate that night.

I returned home and gave my two weeks notice and packed my things, having a moving company put them in storage. I drove to Texas and to Jim.

He was on patrol when I called to say I was in town.

'Use your key and make yourself at home. I'll be home shortly after four.'

When he arrived, I was nude in the kitchen, beginning to prepare dinner.

'Man, could I ever get used to coming in and finding you this way on a regular basis.'

'I'd like that also, but with me in training we'll both be getting home about the same time. After we eat, there will be studying for me.'

'And I'll help you in any way I can.'

He did and I graduated top in the training class of five. Jim had requested to be my training officer during my probation and it was granted.

Life was good and I was doing something I loved and was with the person I cared the most about.

I completed my probation and was put on patrol on my own. Everything was great.

Then, about six months later, as Jim and I watched a football game one Sunday, Jim looked at me and said, 'Mark, I love you.'

'What?' I replied, being caught off guard.

'I love you. Not just as a friend but it's go beyond that. I want you to be my life partner. I want you to be my lover.'

'Of fuck, Jim. I wasn't expecting this, but I can truthfully say that I love you also. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that I'd fall so deeply in love with another man, but I have. I'd love nothing better than being your life partner.'

That was the beginning of our union as a couple.

A few months later, a fellow officer that Jim knew in Oklahoma, called and said that his department was hiring and wondered if Jim was interested in applying.

'Brad, how do they feel about gays?' Jim asked, turning on the speaker on his phone.

'Jim, they have no problem with it. They know that I'm gay and another officer on the force brings his lover to parties.'

'The reason I asked is I now have a lover and he's a super guy.'

'Well congratulations, but I guess that leaves me out of the picture.'

'Not necessarily,' Jim told him, 'but are they hiring more than one person?'

'Oh yea. Is a cop also?'

'Yes he is and you know how it is here. We have to be so secretive.'

'Not here. Why don't you two take some time off and drive up and apply. You can stay with me.'

'We just might do that. I'll let you know.'

'Great. I'll be waiting and I can't wait to hear how he settled you down.'

'Later,' Jim said with a laugh.

After he hung up Jim told me that he had met Brad at the same bar where we met and had been having occasional sex for a couple of years. He said he found out Brad was a cop when his badge accidentally fell out of his pocket after they had had sex one night.

We had heard from Jill a few times. She had found out that I had quit the company when she called the office in Atlanta a while back. She knew that I was now a cop but not that I was living with her dad.

Jim and I took time off and drove to Oklahoma, staying with Brad. When Brad heard we were coming he took a few days off.

The evening we arrived, Brad fixed us a great meal and as we ate he insisted on Jim telling him how we met. Jim told him the entire story in detail.

When he finished, Brad laughed and said, 'I bet you nearly shit when you saw it was your daughters boyfriend you had spent a week with and taught the pleasures of man sex to.'

'We both nearly shit,' I said.

That night, Brad showed us to his spare room. Jim looked at him and said, 'You have any objections if the two of us share your bed with you?'

Smiling, Brad answered, 'None at all.'

We had a hot three way that night with each of us doing everything with each of the others.

The next day we had our interviews, one at a time. Afterward, we ere called into the interviewers office together.

'Gentlemen, I see that you both have the same address. Am I right?'

Jim spoke up saying, 'Yes, that's right. We'll be straight forward with you about that. We're life partners.'

'I'm glad you were so honest with me and I have a question for each of you. Do either of you have a problem arresting another gay male?'

'Sir, the answer to that is none at all if they are doing something that they shouldn't be in a public place. What they do in the privacy of their bedroom is their business but if it comes out of the bedroom it becomes our business. We have both arrested gay males for bringing their actions out of the bedroom.'

'Very good. You should be hearing from us within two weeks. Thank you for coming in.'

We left and when e returned to Brad's we told him about the questions.

'Jim, you couldn't have answered in a better way. You were honest and straight forward. They like that.'

We were notified that we had been hired. We moved to Oklahoma and let a realtor sell Jim's house.

To our surprise we were openly accepted and welcomed by the other officers. In most cases, if a gay officer calls for assistance, no officers respond because he's gay. That wasn't the case here. Jim had to call for backup and half the force showed up.

After about three months, Jill called a=saying she was coming for a visit.

'How do you want to handle it?' I asked.

'I'm going to tell her the truth. If she accepts it great but if she can't that's her problem.'

Jill arrived and we met her at the airport.

After greeting us, she looked surprised to see me with Jim.

'Mark, did you join the force here also?'

'Yes, I did. Jim and I work well together so I applied here also.'

As we walked to the car, Jill looked at Jim and said, 'Dad, I don't know what happened but you look absolutely great. You're look so relaxed and happy.'

As we got into the car with me in the back seat, Jim turned to Jill and said, 'Baby, there is something I need to tell you before we leave. Please hear me out and if you want to go back and catch the next flight out I'll understand.'

'Dad, what is it?'

'I guess the best thing is to just spit it out. Jill, baby, your dad is gay and mark is my lover.'

'What? You're both gay?'

'Yes. Mark has made me so happy. The force accepts us as we are.'

'When did this happen? Mark, were you gay when we were dating?'

'No,' I said.

'Jill, here is what happened.'

Jim told her about me accidentally going into the gay bar in Dallas and us meeting. He told her that he came on to me and that I was curious and it just happened.

'Then when you introduced Mark to me at the house and I saw that he was the guy I had been with, I nearly had a heart attack.'

'Jill, I was trying to find a way to tell you I didn't want to get serious when you announced you were being transferred to London,' I said.

'Well, I have just one question. Are you both happy?'

'Yes, honey, we are. Extremely.'

'Dad, that's all that matters. I as hoping Mark would find the right person but I never dreamed it would be my dad. I'm happy for both of you. Really I am. And, I have some news for you. It's he reason I came to visit. I wanted to tell you in person.'

'What is is, honey?' Jim asked.

'You two need to plan a trip to London. I need my father there to walk me down the aisle.'

'What? Who? When?'Jim asked.

Jill gave us the details and said she wanted to see our house. After we arrived and showed her around, she looked into the large master bedroom she smiled and asked, 'Is this y'all's bedroom?'

'Yea.' Jim answered simply.

'Very nice.'

She turned to face us and said, 'I can see your uneasy about how to act with me here. Don't be. I'm see a lot in the last few years. Feel free to show affection if you so desire. I've see guys kiss before.'

Smiling, Jim said, 'You have always been able to read me. Thanks.'

Jill's visit was great and comfortable. If we felt like a quick kiss we did it.

She had filled us in on her fiance' and gave us the date. When Jim asked if she would be uneasy with Mark and I there together, she said no because her fiance's brother was gay and would be there with his partner.

Well, we went to London and Jim walked Jill down the aisle. It was beautiful.

Then on one of Jill's calls home bout two years later, Jill announced that she was expecting and the doctor said it was a boy.

'Dad, I plan on having him call both of you grandpa.' That brought tears to our eyes.

We visit London every summer to see Donald, our grandson. He's six now and Jill and her husband have explained to him what being gay is. He hugs us both when he sees us, calling us Grandpa Jim and Grandpa Mark.

Jim and I love it and couldn't be happier.




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