I was now eighteen, home from college for summer break, I was glad to be home and being with my lifelong best friend Chad.

Chad and I had been best buds since grade school, I was just eight when we moved into our new home in the burbs, across the street from Guy and Millies home, Thats Chads Mother and father.

Well I was at Chads home when the police came, I remember that afternoon like it was yesterday, Chad's Mom had been in a bad auto accident on the freeway and was killed we were both just 12 at the time, it was devastating for both Chad, an only child, and his Dad, Guy.

I remember being there for my best buddy thru the hard times of his mothers death, and my parents taking him into our lives and sorta being parents for him too.

He was for the most part a member of my family too, and I had become a memeber of his.

Guy was always so kind and gracious and just fatherly to me, if we did something we weren't suppose he would scold me just like I was his and I loved him for that.

And then there was the puberty thing, when Chad and I were going thru the sex thing, Damn we experimented with so many things.

We started having sleepovers which we had been doing since we were little but now they had taken on a new meaning, we were discovering our bodies, and learning what our cocks and balls were for.

We started the mutual masturbation experiences which led to the cock sucking which I absolutely loved and then into some experimenting with anal sex between the both of us, Chad's dad nor my parents either had any idea that we were doing such things.

Well I enjoyed getting fucked by Chad but he liked the suck jobs better, didn't like getting my cock up his ass, I guess it was because my cock was so much bigger than Chad's, he just had about six and a half inches average size I guess, but mine had grown to a little over eightinches, and was like almost 5 and three quarter inches around, nice and thick.

I like Chads cock because I was circumcized but he wasn't, and I enjoyed his foreskin for some odd reason, I loved nibbeling on it and playing with its velvety feel it was awesome.

Well Chad had gotten a job to earn some college money and I had gone on to my first year, we were both just eighteen, I was missing our little sexual rendevous that we had been having often and I was anxious to get back home to Him, and from what he was telling me on the phone he was too.

Well as soon as I got home Chad of course had me over for a sleepover, I was setting in the kitchen when His Dad, Guy walked in from just having a shower, he was a concrete worker in construction, and would always have to shower the concrete dust off when getting home from work.

I looked up and he was just wearing his light blue sexy looking boxerbriefs, I couldn't help notice what an awesome body Guy had, he was built, and I mean really built, thick muscular arms, nice thick pecs and a set of stomach muscles that would make any athlete proud, and that cock laying to the side in those boxerbriefs, Damn,it was nice and rounded and thick looking,seeing it was making my mouth water, Damn, Guy was one hot looking dude.

'Oh Shit Ken, I didn't know you were still here.

Guess I should have gotten dressed but Im sure you've seen your Dad in his underwear before?' he said, 'Chad and I walk around in our underwear here at home all the time, it's not a thing with us.'

'No Problem Mr. Watson, nothing I ain't use too. my Dad and I do the same thing.' I responded.

'Oh Please Ken, you've know me since you were eight, I'm just Guy, o.k. Mr. Watson was my Dad.' he said with a giggle.

'O.k.. Guy,' I said with a smile.

'much better,' he said.

I was in heaven ogleing Guys hot looking body, I had never seen him like this before, he was fucking hot, and My mind was going bezerk with Ideas of what I would like to do with him, but I knew it was out of the question.

Guy finally got his cold beer from the fridge and went on into the family room.

I went on home a little later and Chad and I spent the night that night at my house, my parents were gone and I sucked his cockfor a while, but enjoyed his cock pounding my ass like a madman.

That was a Friday night. The following Tuesday afternoon about 1:30 I looked out the frontroom window and saw Chads Red Honda Civic setting in the driveway, I knew if it was there he would be home, and his Dad was at work, thinking we would be able to get it on again, I walked across the street wearing a pair of tight shorts and a tanktop shirt and shower flip-flops.

I went thru the back garage door, something I have done thousands of times, and was free to just go on in, as Chad was at my house.

Expecting to find him in the kitchen or living room I was surprised to see he wasn't there, then thinking he was on his computer in his bedroom, I went up the stairway to the hallway, his room door was opened and empty, then I noticed at the end of the hallway Guy's bedroom was half closed and there was sound coming from it, as I drew near to his bedroom I realized it was an adult movie playing, with very noticable sexual sounds emitting from the room, I gently walked up to the door, thinking Chad was in his Dad's room watching porn.

I got to the bedroom door, which was slightly ajar, and was shocked to see Chad's Father laying there on his bed with his legs spread and totally naked with his right hand wrapped around his thick hard cock giving it a sound workover, talk about something hot and exciting.

Holy fuck was he hot and sexy looking, I felt my cock swell up like a radiator hose in my shorts, aching for some attention, and really wanting to rush in and attack Guys hot body.

I stood there gently massaging my hardon thru the material of my pants while I lusted and ogled Mr. Watson's body and cock.

I had my hand down inside my shorts working my cock as I watched Mr. Watson stroke his gorgeous cock which was like Chad's, uncut and beautiful but quite a bit bigger.

When I saw Guy swipe a drop of clear pre-cum from the tip of his thick cock and the lick it off his finger, I gasped in excitement, he turned his head and opened his eyes, startled he jumped and covered his crotch.

'Oh Fuck, Kid, how long have you been standing there, AHHHH I was just, well I was ah!' I walked in as he tried to cover his thick cock, I smiled at Guys face and said 'Well Guy, it's pretty obvious what you were doing, and It's alright I do it too, but If you'd let me I would love to take care of that for you,' I said.

His face showed a little shock, and yet there was this go ahead look about it, and I reached down and removed his hand as he stared at me almost in anticipation.

I leaned down and took about half his cock's length into my mouth and began sucking on this almost virgin cock since his wife died almost eight years previous.

I heard his voice as he said, 'OH Jesus, kid, Oh Shit,' and I felt his hips responding by pushing upward toward my mouth and his hand went behind my head and began pushing my head downward onto his swollen, throbbing cock, his cock felt like a slab of very hard concrete as he began to face fuck me. and I knew Chad wasn't the only one in this family that liked a good blow-job.

Guy was holding my head like it was the best thing since sliced bread, 'Oh Fuck Kid, I'm gonna blow it, it's getting close, you better get off,'

I just kept sucking like a hoover, and I heard his loud moan and felt his cock swell in my mouth and began to pump the cum out like a garden hose shooting a stream of water, and he filled my mouth with his love nectar, 'OH Fu---ck Ken,' he said with a loud groan, gasping, his breath was ragged and raspy, then he looked like he died as he lay back breathing heavyy, almost gasping for breath.

We layed there with his cock still deflating and I was rubbing on his cock gently enjoying it slickness and then placing some of his slickness on my own cock, and stroking it.

I felt Mr. Watson's hand go down and take my cock into his tight palm and he smiled at me and said, 'Ken, let me do that for you, That blow job was the best feeling thing I have had for years, Does Chad know you suck cock like that?'

'Truthfully Guy, I have sucked his cock many times, and he loves to fuck me too.' I said.

'No shit, Damn, I was doing without and you two were enjoying sex like rabbits,' he said with a giggle.

'So you like to get fucked?' he asked.

'Oh yeah, I like em big and Hard.' I said.

I reached down and Guy's cock was almost hard again, I began to rub it with a strong hand and he began to respond.

I got up on the bed better and he lifted my legs up and placed his still wet cock at the opening of my manhole and I felt his thick cock punch thru the opening and I let out a little gasp as he sunk it to the balls.

Guy was so loving and gentle, 'I have watched you grow up and Ilove you son,' he said, and then he leaned over and took my body tight against his and began to fuck me like a lover should, full length strokes and I was about to blow a nut just from being fucked, actually that day was the first time I nutted from being fucked and not at least stroking my cock, Guy was not just fucking me but making love to me, and I was in love with it.

Guy made love and fucked my asshole for almost an hour before he slammed his thick cock to the balls grunted, groaned and I felt his cock jerking inside my manhole as he filled me with his spunk, he layed over ontop of me and just lay there while he got his composure back, I was kissing on his cheeks, neck and lips like a madman.

Guy looked into my eyes, 'God your Beautiful Ken.' he said.

'So are you sir, I have always wanted to make love with you.'

'Well believe me son, it won't be the last time,' he said as he gave me a big squeeze and hug. Kissing me on the lips as he did.

We sat up wiped ourselves off and took a shower together, I love it.

Then went down to the kitchen to get a beer.

Tell me something as hot and good looking as you are Guy why didn't you ever get yourself another woman?' I asked.

'Well I never wanted another one after Mariah, she was that awesome and special,' he said.

'And another thing, why is Chad's car here and yours is gone, did he use it or something?

I asked.

'No, my car is in the shop and I took the day off work so I could get it fixed, and I took Chad to work in his car and borrowed it for the day, I got to go get him at five, want to ride along.'

'Sure why not, you think we should tell him about this afternoon?' I ask.

His responce was almost a shock, 'Nah, not right now untill I feel him out, maybe we can work it into a threesome, at some point, that would be exciting.' he said.

I just smiled and said, O.k. whatever you say.

And for your information, that was not the last time I had awesome sex with Chad's father, actually we had sex almost once a week from then on, not to mention what happened with Chad, but thats another Chapter.



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