Lane had arrived right on time to Chad's home where he was picking Chad up to head to the airport. The airport was less busy in the early mornings so their parents had booked their 10 day getaway leaving early one Friday morning. Chad ran out to the motor court with his butler carrying his three massive Prada suitcases full of clothes. He knew he needed to bring his best clothes and shoes with him on this trip because everyone in London looks like they've just stepped off the runway. He was dressed in slim suit trousers and a light grey blazer with a white burberry shirt with the top two buttons undone. Lane could barely believe his eyes as he watched Chad step into one of his graduation gifts, a 2014 Mercedes GLK. The got the luggage situated in the back of the gorgeous new car before pulling out and getting on the freeway towards the airport. Chad's parents own a private airline company catering to wealthy business people and citizens who desire to travel in style, so of course Chad and Lane would be flying private.

They pull right up onto the tar-mac that their jet is waiting on and have the staff put their things on the plane and walk them to the door. Chad and Lane step in the jet and greet the pilots and the small staff, and then take a seat towards the middle of the comfortable cabin. The cabin had large leather seats with massive tv screens and a spacious lounge area with a wet bar. They text their parents saying that they were on time and taking off, and then they threw their phones in their carry on bags.

Chad looked over at Lane, who was sitting across from him on the large chase lounge that Lane always sat on when they traveled. They spoke about how excited they were about the trip to first London, then Rome, Dublin, and finally Barcelona. Chad was getting very horny as he watched Lanes big pink nipples get hard under his tight white sweater. Chad could just tear him up right there on the plane, but he knew he needed to wait until the evening when they arrived in London where they were staying in the presidential suite of one of the nicest hotels. Chad had a massive boner right then just talking to Lane. They hadn't been with each other since the week before because it was so hard to find time to be alone during graduation season. They had called each other when they could and spoken about how great the sex would be in Europe.

They arrive at the hotel, and have their bags taken to their room. They stopped at the concierge and made late night reservations for a sit down bar and then they went right up to the room. The bags were in the entrance hall of the suite and they had an hour to kill before it was time to leave for the bar so they laid out on the bed and turned on the tv. Lane reached over and turned the tv back off.

"Dude I was watching that." Chad said plainly.

Lane reached for his dick and then asked, "were you?"

Chad unzipped his pants and unbuckled his belt, letting his huge shlong out into the air. He had never been one for underwear, which really turned Lane on.

"How long do we have until the reservation?" Lane asking with a smug grin.

"Just over half an hour" Chad replied. Lane dug down into Chad's pants and bouncing his big heavy nuts around like tennis balls. Then with his other hand reached up Lane's tight button down and toyed with his hot nipples. He gently pinched them and they instantly got rock hard. Chad was moaning in pleasure as his big hot boyfriend jacked off his massive shaft. Lane let go of the big vegetable sized dick and ripped off his tight sweater and pulled his sexy dress jeans down in one motion. Chad pulled and pushed on Lane's big cock and sweet hairy balls.. Lane loved licking the trail down from his chiseled abs to his big bulge. Lane loved the feeling of Chad just being with him, and even more the fact that they were naked together.

Chad got on top of Lane and swallowed his big fat dick straight down to those big hairy balls. Chad sucked over and over and swallowed all of Lane's smooth precum out of his throbbing rod. One of Chad's favorite parts was the was Lane's dick would throb full of blood in Chad's mouth. They knew they didn't have much time so they had to act fast.

Lane threw Chad over on his stomach and spread his big tan globes and shoved his tongue right up Chad's tight ass hole. Chad was moaning so bad that he was worried someone would come in asking if everything was alright. Lane dug in over and over with his tongue and then began to rim his tight ass before he brought his monster cock up to the hole. Lane didn't even slow down he barebacked Chad's tight ass and thrusted his throbbing meat right into Chad's ass.

"Oh Fuck Yea! Shove that fucking cock up this ass, bitch! God damn, get it in me Lane!!" Chad screamed.

"Yea you like this dick? Ride this big cock baby squeeze that tight ass around my fuck stick, you whore! Feel my balls smack up against you as I fuck you for all you worth, bitch! Daddy can't help you out now can he baby? Oh take that cock." Lane said.

Chad came all over the fresh sheets just listening to what Lane was saying to him. Those tight abs and deep red head of his monster cock just sent Chad's mind over the edge. Lane took about 15 minutes in Chad's sweet little ass before he shot his thick fuck sauce all in the walls of that tight ass.

"Oh fuck yea you want some more baby? Mmmm kiss me baby, oh fuck yea, mmmm.." Lane moaned. That was such great sex that they finally got to share after all of that time. It was time to get ready, and Lane just called the concierge and cancelled their plans and ordered room service and a movie. Lane wanted Chad all to himself tongiht....

The End! Tell me how you liked it! Suck ya later.


Big Dick Rick


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