Lane was so annoying. He seemed to be at my house constantly with his family, which irritated me as we certainly weren't friends. Lane's family loved to come over as our dads were college roommates and our moms were forced to become best friends. It seemed like every single weekend there was some reason for us to get together, whether I liked it or not.

That is the way I felt when we were about 7. Lane is 2 days younger than me and we could pass as twins. We are both 17 now, soon turning 18. We have nearly the same color deep brown hairy, his long and wavy and mine in a short clean cut. He had a swimmer's body as he was one of the best swimmers our school had ever had. We enjoyed school and often helped each other out on projects and studying for big tests and things. It never really occurred to me that he might be gay until one of my good friends told me the rumor at my birthday last summer.

Of course it didn't bother me, I wasn't phased and nothing changed between us. He called one night and asked if he could come study after his swim practice one weekday this week and I quickly agreed. We had just had a long 10 day spring break and his family spent the vacation in Europe. I was excited to see him and prepare for our upcoming English test.

He arrived and spoke to my mom for a little while before heading to my room to study. He came in as I was just stepping out of my bathroom after taking a long shower. I wasn't expecting him for another hour and was hoping to have some time to jerk off. I felt that he noticed my semi hard dick in my tight towel, and asked if he could use my bathroom. I said sure and began to lay out some clothes. I had almost forgotten he was gay when he walked in from the bathroom to find me naked and picking out my underwear. I think he liked my big low hanging sack and my thick 11" dick. I had a raging boner as I started to jack a little while he was peeing.

He sat down on my bed and I slipped on my boxer briefs and walked over. He began to open up his backpack and I checked my phone and turned on my computer. We were about ready to begin on our poem test review when I felt it again. I was hard again and knew I had to do something about it. I couldn't go off and rub it off, and felt myself in a difficult situation as I know he saw my fat boner in my tight underwear.

He kind of laughed and then asked me, "So did I get you excited?"

I looked down and smiled like I didn't feel my raging cock nearly sticking out of my tight briefs and said, "Sorry about that I haven't had time to get out some horniness."

We both laughed and he reached over and began feeling my large bicep. He said, "Well I know how we can get you some relief."

Lane leaned in and for the first time I realized how fucking sexy he was and had wanted me for so long. I plunged my tongue deep in his and felt my hands unbuckling his belt and raising up his shirt. Those perfect model's abs and that thin sweet line of hair leading down to his crotch. I loved feeling his big hard nipples and his rock hard pecs. He got my briefs down and played with my massive set. He moaned as he leaned down and engulfed my dick in his hot mouth. He deep throated me within a few minutes and I felt myself nearly scream in pleasure. I grabbed his tight little ass and brought it over to me. I grabbed a condom out of my drawer but he suddenly stopped me. "Chad, I don't want protection.

Once I heard that my eyes lit on fire and I was burning to get in him. I pushed him down and he passionately kissed me ass I pulled my dick around onto his ass. I made him beg as I threw it all around his cute little ass. I felt my head get in his tight cherry, and then, my whole dick was in his virgin ass before I knew what was happening. I was balls deep in Lane whom I just found my sudden passion for. I fucked the hell out of him, in and out and in and out, and we tried at least 4 positions without taking my throbbing meat out. I felt my now tight ball sack cinch and I moaned and Lane knew exactly what was happening. He stuck his ass out as far as possible and I shot at least 12 ropes of thick fuck juice into his tight ass. He pushed me over and was now on top of me with a massive raging boner. He kissed me again and again and had his sexy dick in my face before I knew it.

I sucked him until his tight balls shot into my throat. I didn't know what to do so I swallowed the sweet thick love cum. He and I went back to the bathroom and showered before we got dressed and talked about what had just happened...


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