The sound of the bird that nest in the tree outside my apartment woke me earlier than normal. I looked around to find myself naked and tangled in my bed sheets from the previous nights escapade. Tyler was still asleep next to me; I tried to ease out of my bed so that I wouldn't wake him. I picked my underwear up from the floor, pulled them up my legs and began walking down the hall to my bathroom. I splashed some water on my face and brushed my teeth. It had been about a month since Tyler and I first slept together in that hotel room. Since then we had been sleeping together, not exclusively. Tyler informed me that he did not want to be in a relationship, however, my feeling were not quite the same. Every time we were together my feelings for him grew stronger. I felt that it was more than just sex between the two of us. We would stay up all night lying in bed just talking with one another. I felt that he knew better than many of my friends. I was fearful to ask him for more because I didn't want to lose what was already between us. I felt lost and confused.

I left the bathroom and went to the kitchen. I opened the cabinet and reached for a glass. I closed the cabinet door.

'Good morning,' said Tyler.

'Ah,' I screamed. Tyler was standing behind the cabinet door still naked when I closed it. I suppose I was so deep in though about the two of us I didn't hear him coming. 'Why do you sneak my apartment like that?

'I wasn't sneaking,' he laughed

'Please, you could have snuck up on a ninja with your moves,' I answered back.

I turned to face the sink and began to pour water into my glass. I felt Tyler arms wrap around my waist. This is what confused me; if all he wanted was sex, why was he still in my bed in the morning, why does he hold me the way he does, as if there was something more. I finished drinking my water and placed the glass on the counter. Tyler's lips began kissing my back.

'Stop,' I laughed, 'not now, I need to get ready for class.'

'Class is not that important,' he responded. 'Besides you have a good grade in all of your classes, being late once won't change that.'

'I know but, I really like this class,' I said, but my protest fell on deaf ears. Tyler kissing began to get harder. I was still in his arms, and I began to give in. I felt his hand glide across the part of my body where my underwear meets my lower stomach. I could feel his knock begin to tap against my ass. His member was beginning to search for its destination. Tyler's hand slid into my underwear and gabbed my cock. My eyes closed and I threw my head back. I felt his lips kiss my cheek then my neck and shoulder. My cock was getting bigger, soon it was hanging out of my underwear while Tyler stroked my cock; my precum began to drip onto the tile of the kitchen floor like a leaky faucet.

'We need to stop beforeTyler please' I tried to get the words out but it was too late, he had taken me again.

'You just need a little more sex,' Tyler said.

Tyler began to guide me over to the table. I felt his hand push against back until my stomach was flat against the wooden table. His hands pulled my underwear down just below my ass. I felt Tyler's warm spit splash against the inside of my ass, then his finger began to dance in my ass until it was moistened. The next thing I felt was his cock pushing into my ass. I gasped for air. He didn't hesitate to give me ass all he had. I graciously accepted. He began plowing into my hole with an intense force. I reached back and began jerking my cock that was hanging in the air. Tyler's thrust weren't slowing down. The pleasure from his cock inside my ass coursed through my entire body.

'Your gonna make me cum,' I said.

'Not yet,' he replied.

I tried to hold myself back, but I was reaching the precipice of our connection. Just then I felt my cock jerk and my load fell out onto the floor.

'Oh, God,' Tyler screamed. His load quickly followed and shot up into my ass. He fell to my back. 'You still want to go to class,' he said while trying to catch his breath.

'Yeah,' I laughed, 'now get up and hand me a paper towel. I wiped the cum from the floor with the napkin Tyler handed me. I heard the shower turn on.

'Come on and join me,' Tyler shouted from the bathroom.

'One sec,' I responded. I tried to pull myself together before I went back to the bathroom. I needed to get the hazy look off my face. I didn't want Tyler to know this possibly meant more to me than he wanted it to. I joined him the shower and we washed each other off. We eventually got dressed and made our way out the door. Tyler gave me a ride to my first class, since his was in the afternoon. I was still late.

'See you at the paper this afternoon,' he called out to me as I walked into the building. I just waved and watched him drive off down the road. I turned and walked down the hall to me second upper level English class. I was only a sophomore, but I had tested out of the lower level courses. Either way, paying attention today would prove a challenge.

After my classes I went to my news assignment. I was meeting a reporter on the news staff at a professor's office. She was writing an article about the professor's artificial intelligence research. My job was easy; I just needed to take his picture a couple of times in his research lab so it didn't last very long. Afterwards I made my way over to the paper to choose the picture that would be in the paper the next day. Tyler was already there talking with one of his sports writers. I began to think back to that Monday when Tyler and I came back from out first assignment together. I don't know if it was just my imagination but it felt like everyone was staring at me, As if they knew that I had slept with Tyler. I could just imagine what they were thinking, but since then I eased up and began to relax.

'You want to get out of here,' Tyler asked

'Sure,' I replied.

We left the office and he drove to a diner just outside of campus. We sat at opposite ends of the booth and started talking like we always did. Eventually, I worked up the courage to voice my concerns.

'Tyler,' I started, 'I need to get something out in the open, and before you say anything just let me finish. I know that you just want to stay friends, but I think that I may want something more than just being friends. I want a relationship.'

'You know how I feel about this, we have already talked about this,' he replied.

'I know we did, but that does not mean that my feelings have changed,' I said, 'I just want something more than just sex. You know I have feelings for you, and I think that you have feelings for me, or at least it feels that way. Do you have feelings for me that are more than just sexual?' He hesitated with his answer. I let it all hang out there, and there it stood, hanging between us, waiting for a response. 'Your silence says everything I need to know.' I started to put my jacket on and leave.

'Wait,' he said, 'why do things have to change? If it makes you feel any better I have stopped sleeping with other guys. Were just having fun right were only sophomores we need to try different things?'

'Because, I want something more than just fun and sample different things,' I said, 'I want a relationship, and it is clear that you can't give that to me. I will just take the bus home.' I left the money on the table and left the diner. Luckily the bus was pulling up as I walked out. I ran to catch it drove off.

Back at my apartment I felt alone. I wondered if I had made a mistake, why couldn't I have been happy with what we did have. I picked up the fun and started dialing Tyler's number, but the sound of my roommate entering the apartment stopped me. He sat down on the couch and we started talking. This was one of the few times I was glad not to have the apartment to myself.

A month went by and Tyler and hadn't really spoken since that night at the diner. Every time my editor would give me an assignment with him I had to pass on it. I started taking more news and variety photos. The news stuff was that exciting, but I was really getting into the variety section of the paper. I had no idea that there were so many cultural activities in the little college town I was in. I was a good distraction.

'Hey Marc can you do me a favor?' asked Stacy, my photography editor, 'I need for you to go and take some pictures of a new band that is performing in town this Friday night.'

'Sure,' I said, 'you is the reporter I will be working with?'

'His name is Michael,' she responded.

I had never worked with Michael before so I decided to go over and introduce myself. 'Hey how are you?' I asked, 'My name is Marc.'

'Hi I am Michael' he responded with a smile. He was a little taller than me, 6'0 I guessed. He had curly brown hair with green eyes with a five o'clock shadow. He was thin but still a little muscular. He was wearing a pair of tight jeans with a tucked in button down shirt and a vest with a tie. He had a real artistic style about him. I couldn't help but thin he was attractive. I shook his hand, it felt so strange, he felt completely different from Tyler.

'I am the photographer who has been assigned to work with you,' I said, ' I am really excited, I have never photographed a band before it should be a good experience.

'It will, here is the address were I will be interviewing them just drop by and we will get things going.' Michael said.

I left, but I let my eyes linger on his body a little more, I felt his eyes do the same. That Friday I went to the club where the band was supposed to be performing. Michael was already there with the band. They were setting up while he asked them questions. I started getting my equipment ready. The job was easy, the band was really nice during the whole process. Michael waited for me after I was done even though he was finished with his interview.

'Nice job,' Michael said, 'You are a natural.'

'Thanks, I hope the pictures come out nicely,' I responded.

'Hey this may be a crazy question, and I don't do this very often,' he said, his voice began to tremble, he looked kind of nervous, 'but the band gave me a couple of passes to their show tonight before you got here and I was hoping that maybe you would like to go with me?

I blushed and smiled and said yes. We planned to meet outside the club right before the band went on. It felt strange to be going out with Michael, I couldn't help but think about how Tyler never asked me out on an official date, he just kind of assumed I would want to go with him. Just then my phone started to ring. I picked it up and looked at the screen only to discover that it was Tyler. I hesitated, I felt confused a part of me wanted to answer the phone, but I couldn't. I just let it ring.

That night at the club I met up with Michael. We went inside and listened to the band play. We danced and talked and I had a really great time. Everything just felt so right, but I couldn't stop wondering about why Tyler had called me.

After we left the bar Michael and I started walking through the campus to go back to his place for a drink. He was a junior and 21.

'Are you okay,' he started, 'you seemed kind of distracted.'

'No, I am fine' I said, 'I had a really great time tonight.'

'That's good,' he said. I felt his hand reach for mine. Just then it seemed as though Tyler vanished from my thoughts. Everything felt okay, I laid my head down on his shoulder and we walked back to his apartment.

When arrived at his apartment and Michael let me in. Michael placed both of our coats on the sofa in the living room and he started to give me a tour and he explained that he lived alone. We went into the back and he showed me his bedroom. I decided to take a chance; I grabbed Michael and kissed him on the lips. He tasted incredible, I wanted more. I began unbuttoning his shirt and we walked over to the bed, our lips never parting. I laid him down on the bed and started kissing all over him feverishly, his lips to his cheek and neck down his chest where he had a little hair, it felt great against my smooth chest. My lips trailed down his stomach to his waist. I pulled his pants down to his ankles and began playing with his cock 7inch cock. I massage it in my hand and licked it before placing it in my warm wet mouth. My tongue massaged his cock as I sucked on his penis hard and slow. I could feel him moving around in my mouth. His boy was squirming at the command I had over his body. Michael pulled me off his cock and stood me up. I took off my shirt and his lips met my stomach. His fingers began pulling at my pants until he let them fall to the ground. I felt his lips press against my cock until he consumed it into his mouth. I took my hand and ran my fingers through his hair as he continued o suck my cock, pushing his head further onto my cock. I began to call out his name with ecstasy. He left me cock and slid back on the bed. He reached into his nightstand and pulled out a condom, then turned to lie on his stomach. I took the condom from him and placed it on my hard cock. I kissed his back down to his ass I put two fingers in my mouth to get them wet, then inserted them into Michaels ass, it was so soft. I tried to loosen his pink slightly hairy hole. I placed my cock on his ass and began grinding into him before I put my cock in him.

'You want to fuck me?' Michael asked.

'Yes' I said.

I pushed my cock into him. I heard him gasp for air. His ass was tight and warm. It felt like someone had grabbed my dick and squeezed it. I started pumping his slowly, and then I began to pick up speed and started pounding his trying to go deeper into his hole. I heard him scream out my name in pleasure. I flipped him over on his back and pushed his legs back. I kissed his lips then pushed my cock back into his hole. I started jerking his cock while I fucked him. I waned to see him cum. Watch him shoot all over his chest. I started fucking him harder trying to achieve my goal. I heard him scream out and I watch his cum poured out onto his body. I pulled out of his ass, snatched off the condom and began jerking my cock until my cum splashed onto his body as well. I took a breath of relief and grabbed a towel to clean Michael off. Afterwards, I laid down next to him and kissed him lips. He placed his head on my chest and we fell asleep holding one another.

Over the next couple of weeks we continued dating, until Michael asked me to be his boyfriend. I felt free.




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