Sunlight streamed into the stairwell as I made my way up the stairs of the college news building. The echoing of my footsteps filled the area while my hand grasped the metal railing. I was starting my first assignment as the new staff photographer at the college newspaper, the Campus Messenger. I was going to go with the sports editor to the away football game this weekend. I was really excited, and nervous at the same time. I walked into the main office and began to make my way to the sports editor's desk, the clicking of keyboards and light chatter filled the air around me. Just then, the sports editor began walking towards me with this proven confidence that came from knowing he was the best editor at the paper as well as his ability to incite sexual tension in the most celibate people. I had heard rumors about him and his sexual conquests; many new staff members had fallen prey to his advances, and, after seeing him I knew why. He was 5'11; blonde hair that was cut short so as not to cover his sculpted face that revealed his piercing blue eyes. This was all complemented by his well-defined physique, which I would later discover was a souvenir from his high school football days. I couldn't help but run my eyes up and down his body. He was wearing a baseball tee, it was green, my favorite color that stopped just at his belt; the kind of shirt that reveals a man's stomach when he raises his hand in class, or when they stretch back in their chairs. His jeans were perfectly tight so as to give onlookers an idea of what his cock may have looked like. I tried to ignore the paragon of sexuality that approached me, but my interest was peaked.

'Hello,' I said, 'I'm Marc, the new staff photographer.'

He shook my hand to greet me, 'Hi I am Tyler.' I felt his eyes examine my body. I was the same height as he was with black hair, and dark brown eyes, with a nicely toned body. I am also half black and half Latino, allowing my hair to be slightly curly. 'I am the sports editor.'

'I know who you are,' I said, 'I was just talking with the editor and chief of the paper. She explained to me that you and I would be covering the away game together.'

'Yes, we will,' replied Tyler, 'but before we go I need to...'

'Let me stop you there,' I interrupted, 'I am completely capable of getting the job done satisfactorily. So just let me worry about the pictures, and you can worry about the story you are going to write.' It was true, I am a really good photographer, and I didn't want him to think I could not do the job. Plus I wanted to gain control of the situation.

'I like your confidence,' he said, 'maybe we can go somewhere else and talk about the plans for this weekend. My place perhaps.'

I could feels his eyes piercing through my body. His hand reached for my shoulder and slid down my arm to caress my bicep. I was losing control of what was happening between us, but I did not want to be another one of his conquest. 'Your reputation proceeds you, Tyler, I think that we can make the plans over the phone, and, I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate me accompanying you to your apartment.' It was a lie, I didn't really have a boyfriend; I just wanted to throw him off.

'Really, that's too bad, we could have had a really nice time together. I guess I will just call you with the details,' he said.

'Ok,' I turned and walked away. I looked back and he was smiling at me while he stood there confidently with his hands in his back pockets that pulled his jeans back tighter against his crotch allowing to get a glimpse of his bulge. I couldn't help but think about how he came onto me, so confidant. As if he knew exactly how to make me fall for him. I felt as though I had just dodged a tornado, however, I didn't want to admit that I could easily have been swept off my feet.

I spent the night before the game alone. Normally I would be strolling though bars with friends looking for something to do the night before a big game, when the whole school was one big party, but this Friday was spent alone. I couldn't help but think about Tyler while I lay in bed. My room was dark except for my desk lamp. My roommate was gone for the night, probably with his girlfriend. No matter how hard I tried not to I couldn't stop thinking about Tyler. I thought about what his lips might taste like, and how his hands would feel against my skin. The only though better that his hands touching me was the thought of my hands touching him. I felt consumed. My cock began to stiffen and my hands trailed down my chest to my stomach. They eventually disappeared into the darkness of my boxer shorts that hid my 7-inch cut cock. I began stroking myself. The precum oozed from my cock and slid in-between my fingers making my cock and my underwear wet. I slipped out of my shorts to reveal my throbbing cock. I began tugging at my cock in frenzy and my breaths got bigger and my body began to tremble from the ecstasy that flowed through me with every stroke. I love the way I could make myself feel, I know exactly how I liked to be touched. My other hand slid down past my balls to touch my hole. I began to tickle the wall of my hole, teasing it as though I were going to push my fingers into it. I could feel myself being wrapped within the delight of my touch. The head of my cock began to swell to its fullest as the pressure behind my cock built up until cum pulsed through the shaft of my cock and burst out onto my stomach. I took a breath of relief.

The next morning I woke up early to meet Tyler so we could drive to the next city for the game. It was a short drive, but I slept the whole way anyway; I suppose I was tired from staying up late the night before. We arrived at the game a few minutes before it started; we had press passes so getting in wasn't a hassle. I didn't spend much time with Tyler during the game. I spent most of the game walking around the stadium taking photos of the fans, cheerleaders, and players. I was getting great shots, but I kept pointing my camera towards Tyler when I got a spare moment, zooming in on him socializing with the crowd and writing things down in his notepad slowly became a habit.

Our team ended up losing the game; everyone from the school left in disappointed with their heads downcast. Tyler and I had arranged to stay in a hotel and drive back the next morning. I was worried about staying alone with him so I found a bar about a block away from the hotel and stopped for a drink. Perhaps I could avoid my temptations. The bar was filled with students from the other school who were celebrating their recent triumph. Temptation eventually strolled into the bar and sat down beside me.

'Sucks we lost,' Tyler said, 'hopefully next weeks game will go better.'

'Yeah,' I said, I was surprised to see him. 'At least we got a free trip out of it.'

'Did you get some great shots?' he asked.

'Yeah,' I replied, 'I think I got a great photo for the front page.'

'Can I see?' he asked

I handed Tyler my camera and he began to search through all of the images. He didn't say much while he searched, he just kind of nodded and smiled with approval. 'It turns out you were right,' he said, 'You really do know what you are doing. I especially like this picture.'

He turned the camera to face me. The image surprised me; I had forgotten that I had taken several pictures of him at the game. My faced turned a slight red and I became flustered.

'Do you think the boyfriend will approve of this?' he asked with a smirk on his face, 'Because I think he should be a little worried.'

I decided to come clean, 'Well he would be upset, but there is no boyfriend.'

'I know there isn't. I am just messing with you,' he laughed, 'shame though, you are too cute to be sleeping alone at night.'

His smile made me go weak at the knees. My legs slipped off the bottom rung of the bar stool I was sitting on.

'You want to get out of here?' he asked.

We left the bar and went out into the chilled night air. I pulled my jacket closer to me to stay warm while the music from the inside fell onto the still night air. I could see my breath floating in font of me. We walked back to the hotel slowly. Just then Tyler stopped under the street light I turned to face him and he grabbed me my waist. My heart began to pound against my chest. I was sure he could ear it. His eyes looked into mine and he pressed his lips against mine. The kiss shot through my body like lightning and surged through every inch of me. I tried to resist, but I eventually gave in. I began to melt into him.

When we got there Tyler held the door open for me as I entered the room and he followed behind me. I sat down on the bed. Tyler took off his shirt and sat directly behind me placing muscled chest and stomach against my back and laying his legs against mine. I sat there between his legs and his hands slid up my back and took my shirt off. He placed his hand gently on my chin and brought my lips to his. His other hand caressed my body sliding against my chest, gently pinching my nipples and rubbing against my stomach. His hands eventually found there way to the crotch of my pants and he began my through my jeans. My cock began to stiffen when he unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down. Could feel his cock stiffen through his jeans against my back. His hand slid into my pants and began stroking my cock.

'You are already wet,' he said.

He pulled my cock out of my pants and revealed it throbbing and wet with precum. He left my back and came around to my front. He pulled his jeans and underwear to the floor and revealed his 7.5inch cock. That stood before me erect and ready. He grabbed at my waist and pulled my pants to the floor to join his. I slid back on the bed and he climbed onto the bed and began to crawl towards me. I felt his lips against my waist and his gentle touch the felt like a feather gliding across my cock. Then his tongue trailed across my waist down to my cock. He licked the shaft up and down and tickled the tip of my cock with his tongue. The teasing was almost too much to bear. My hands clutched the sheets and pulled at them while I bit my bottom lip. My begging was answered when he placed my raw hard cock into his mouth. It was warm and wet. His tongue slid around my cock. The sounds of ecstasy started to escape from my mouth into the room. My hands fell to the back of his head as I tried to push my cock further into his mouth; Tyler graciously accepted the extra meat without gabbing. His lips left my cock and I felt his hands push against my legs to raise them into the air. His fingers began to poke at my hole. He slid two fingers into his mouth to get them wet and then slowly slid them into my ass, I began to cringe a little at the pain, It had been a while since I bottomed, but I was eager to take Tyler's cock. He pushed his fingers in and out of me like a piston to loosen the walls of my ass.

'Wow, you are tight,' he said 'Is it you first time?'

'No,' I replied.

Tyler reached for his condom and I heard the wrapper tear. I suddenly felt his manhood press into my hole. I cringed at every inch that went inside of me. He placed his hand in mine and our fingers interlocked as he kissed my lips until the pain turned to pleasure. He could tell I was loving every minute of it and began to fuck me harder. I loved the feeling of his cock deep inside of me. His warm body pressed up against mine. He began to rock my body, thrusting into me harder and harder with each moment. My moans of pleasure began to fill the quite room. While my hand reached for my cock I bean stroking myself hard and in rhythm with Tyler's thrust. I could see in his face that Tyler was getting ready to cum and the force behind my cock was getting overwhelming. Just then I felt him cum, he began to grind into my ass until every bit had left his body. I came onto my chest and he fell on top of me and kissed my lips.

Tyler slid out of me, pulled off the condom, and he began to wipe the cum from my chest. He laid his head down on my chest and I wrapped my arms around him and held him against my body. I felt confused. I did not know where this was going to go between us. I didn't think that this meant we were a couple, but I did want this to be the last time we were together.

'So what now?' I asked

'I don't know,' Tyler replied

'Well I would like to do this again, it was amazing,' I said

'That would be great,' he said.

I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. Even though I knew this wouldn't be our last time together, I was worried. I was afraid that I was going to develop feeling for Tyler. I got caught in the storm.




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