First, a little about myself. At the age of ten, my mom ran off with another man, and Dad and I were on our own. We were best buds so we didn't mind it just being us at home.

Tim and I became best buds at the age of eleven when he and his family moved next door. We were always together. At the ripe 'old' age of thirteen, we began experimenting sexually. First it was just jerking together, then jerking each other. Before long we graduated to sucking each other to completion. If we were out in the woods, we'd spit, but if we were at either of our houses we couldn't spit so we soon learned to swallow and found tat we liked it. Then by fourteen, we were into rimming and fucking each other.

This continued through out high school, and into college when Tim came home for the weekend. After we both graduated, we each got jobs in different cities and went our seperate ways. We keep in touch and get together when we can.

I graduated from the local community college in photography and applied with numerous advertising agencies. I received letter after letter thanking me for my interest and wishing me well, but no offers for employment. I was becoming discouraged when I got a letter from a major ad firm in Miami.

They were willing to fly me down, talk to me and review my portfolio of photographs. I put together a variety of still life, landscapes, and models posing. I flew to Miami and was met at the airport by a limo and taken to a first rate hotel near the firm's ofices. All my expenses were paid.

I waschecked into the hotel and received a note telling me to please have my meals in the hotel restaurant and charge them and my bar tab to room. It further stated that the limo would pick me up at ten the next morning.

I went to my room and it was awesome. It was a mini-suite with a fantastic view of the Atlantic. I changed and went to the hotel gym and spa and worked out.

The workout room was for both men and women, but there were seperate locker rooms and showers of course as well as saunas and steam rooms.

After my workout, I returned to the locker room and noticed guys going to the steam room and sauna wearing just towels. I knew that things could get interesting.

With just a towel around me I headed for the steam room. When I entered, you could only see about two to three foot in front of you, but i could tell that the benches rose up like bleachers. I worked my way to the top and sitting down.

A man that I had passed on my way up soon sat about a foot away from me. He was in his late twenties and muscular, with fantastic pecs and abs. His chest had a medium coating of dark brown hair and his head was shaved. He han a short neatly trimmed moustache and goatee. My cock began to stir.

Shortly after he sat down, he removed his towel and wiped his face, thenlay the towel beside him. He made no atempt to cover his cock. Soon afterward, I did the same, and noticed him immediately look toward my crotch.

We casually spoke and chatted for a moment and i noticed his cock stiffen slightly. As it did, mine stiffened slightly also as he looked at it through the steam.

Moments later, he picked up his towel and after standing and wrapping it around himself, he leaned over to me and in a soft voice said, 'I'm in ten-twenty-two. Why don't you stop by when you leave here and have a drink?'

'Thanks,' I replied. 'I just might.'

He left and after half hour or so I headed for the showers. After showering and dressing in my gym shorts and tank top, I headed for the elevators.

I was on the fifteenth floor and as I started to press the utton for my floor, I paused a moment then pressed the number 10.

I exited the elevator and found his room. After knocking, he opened the door and invited me in as he stood behind the door. As I stepped in and he shut the door, I noticed that he was nude.

'I'm glad you stopped by. I'm Cory,' he said, ofering his hand. Shaking it I replied, 'nice to meet you. I'm Mark.'

'I hope you're not offended by the way I'm not dressed, but I much prefer being nude whenever I can.'

'Hey,' I replied, 'no problem. It's not like I haven't seen you nude earlier.'

'Very true. Please, feel free to join me,' He said. 'What can I get you to drink?'

'Just a beer will be fine.'

He went to the mini-bar and returned with two beers. As he offered me one he asked if I was in town on business. I replied yes and asked about him.

Laughing, he said, 'Well, not really. I live here and am married and own my own business. At times, I just like to get away and be by myself for a day or two.'

'I undersand that,' I said, knowing exacly what he meant. 'I assume the wife doesn't see the bills?'

'Not the business accounts. I handle them.'

'Nice setup.'

'I think so,' he said with a smile.

Looking at him, I said, 'You know, I think I just might join you if you don't mind.'

'Hell no! Please do.'

I stood and stripped and tossed my clothes onto a nearby chair, then sat on the sofa. He came over and sat on the sofa also, just a foot from me.

It didn't take but just a minute until he placed his hand on my thigh and said, 'I hope you came by because you wanted to play.'

'What did you have in mind?'

'I love oral play and anal play, especially receiving,' he said.

'Hum. So do I.'

He smiled and leaned toward me. Our lips met and parted and we kissed passionately, our tongues exploring each others mouths. Soon, we were in a sixty-nine, devouring each others cocks. Before long, we were both enjoying the rich thick creamy rewards of our sucking.

After a passionate kiss, I said, 'I assume your wife doesn't know about your interest in men.'

'Fuck no!' he exclaimed. 'She'd probaly castrate me if she found out.'

'Well, I can't see where it's any of her business.'

'Neither can I,' he replied, smiling.

We talked and Cory said that he had been into men since his late teens but also loved pussy as well. I told him that I was strictly into men.

He asked what I was in town for and I told him I was there for a job interview.

'If you get it, would you live here?'

'I'm not sure but probably.'

'I hope so. I'd really like to see you on a regular basis.'

'We might be able to work something out,' I replied.

After more kissing and making out, he told me straight out that he wanted me to fuck him. I did and his ass was awesome. Afterward, he fucked me, and man did he ever know how to fuck!

Before I left, he gave me his private office number and said if I had an opportunity to call him. I promised that I would.

After returning o my room and showering again, I went to dinner then to the lounge for a drink. I went to bed early, wanting to be well rested for my interview the next morning.

At ten, the limo picked me up and took me to my interview. I met with the head of the photography department. As he went through my portfolio, he remained silent.

Then, when he was finished, he picked up the phone and dialed number.

'Rex, you need to get down here and see this guys work.'

A few minutes later a man in his early thirties entered. He was tall, slim waisted yet muscular, and damn hot looking.

'Mark, this is Rex Davis, our owner and CEO.'

'Nice to meet you Mr.Davis. Thanks for looking over my portfoio.'

'Well, it must be good if Sam wants me down here right away to see it. Let's take a look.'

After going through it, he closed it and said, 'I see why Sam called me. These are very impressive.'

'Thank you, Sir,' I said.

'Mark, we're all on first names here. Please call me Rex. Here's what I have to offer. I'll put yu on for a six months trial. At the end of that time we'll review your work and what our clients have to say then take it from there.'

'That's sounds fair to me,' I replied.

'Stay at the hotel for the week. I'll have a realtor contact you about helping you find a place to live.'

'Thank you.'

He then told me my salary and I was stunned. I never expected it to be that much.

'Report here to Sam next Monday if your settled in. I understand that after you find a place, you'll need to go home and pack. Sam will arrange your flight arrangements.'

I thanked them both and returned to the hotel. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. The first thing I did was call my dad and let him know. He was thrilled for me but said he hated to see me so far away. 'It will make a nice vacation for you,' I told him.

Second, I dialed Cory's room number. When he answered I asked if he'd like to come to my room. He said definately and I gave him my room number.

When he arrived, I was nude and filled him in. He was excited that we'd be able to continue seeing each other. We had another round of hot sucking and fucking until early evening.

I soon found a nice apartment and contacted Sam and had him make flight arrangements and moving arrangements for my belongings. When I returned to Miami, I rented furniture for the apartmentand got setled and reported to work.

I was given assignments and all too soon the six months passed. I had drawn close to Cory seeing him at least once a week at my apartment and some nights in his room at the hotel where we ocassionally foung a third guy in the steam room to join us.

Rex called me to his office and informed me of his decision.

'Mark, you work has been exceptional and all the clients you've worked with have praised your work. Therefore, you are now off probation and are a permanent member of our staff.' I received an increase in salary because several of the clients I had worked with asked that only I handle their accounts.

After a few more months, Sam called me in and said that we were getting a new account on a trial basis. 'Because of your knack for getting the models in just the right poses, I want you to handle it.'

I asked what type of account it was and he said it was a swimsuit account. I couldn't wait to photograph the hot young built male models.

After the first round of photographs, Rex called me to his office, complimenting my work.

'Mark, I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you have on boxers or briefs?'


'Do you have on boxers or briefs?'

'Well, to be honest ith you, I have on bikini bries.'





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