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Rex was extremely pleased with the way I had captured both the male and female models in swimwear for the new client.

As we talked he asked if I was wearing boxers or briefs. All I could was respond with was 'What?'

He repeated the question saying not to take it the wrong way. Stunned I replied with 'Well, to be honest, I'm wearing bikini briefs.'

'Perfect!' he said.

I was still trying to figure out why he asked when he said, 'Please, strip down to you briefs for me.'

'Do what?' I asked.

'Please. I'll explain soon, and if I'm right about what I'm thinking, you can draw two salaries.'

That intrigued me so as I began stripping, he called his secretary telling her that we were not to be disturbed for any reason.

Soon, I was standing in front of Rex in nothing but my bikini briefs, with the outline of my cock totally visible.

'Nice, very nice!' he said.

'May I ask what this is all about?'

'I'm sorry Mark, but I wanted to see if you had the physique to be a model and you definitely do.'

'A model?'

'Yes. You have the build and already now what poses will look best. You'd get paid for all your photography work, plus when you were the model, you'd get model pay.'

'Do you really think I could do it?' I asked as he walked around me looking me up and down. when he was in front of me I noticed him looking more at my cock than my body. I was sure that I could see a bulge growing in his suit pants.

'You would be in great demand as a model.'

'Well, if you think so I'll give it a try,' I answered.

I realized then how sexy and hot Rex was as the bulge in his pants grew slightly. I felt sure he was into men also.

That afternoon, he had me model for an underwear company and when the client saw the photos, he immediately said to go with them.

Within a week, I was on several billboards around town wearing the clients bikini briefs or boxers.

The week after the billboards went up, I invited Cory over for a night of sex. When he walked in, he gave me a kiss and said, 'I nearly had a wreck on my way over here when I saw the stud I was going to have sex with on a billboard wearing bikini briefs.'

'I forgot to tell you about that. It was the boss's idea. I get paid two salaries, one as a photographer and another as a model.'

'Damn, man, you're going to be real popular.'

We had one hell of a sex filled night and he left around two the next morning, telling me we might not have to sneak around much longer. When I asked why not, he said he was planning on filing for divorce.

'What about your company?' I asked.

'We had a prenuptial agreement. Since I had the company before we married, she agreed not to try to get any portion of it or it's income made during our marriage. There will be one lump sum payment to her.'

'I wish you the best,' I told him not knowing what else to say.

On my next modeling session for the underwear company, Rex was there for the photo shoot. When it was over, he followed me o the dressing room, saying how well it went and how hot I looked. That caught me off guard.

'Hot?' I asked.

'Yes, hot! I'm not ashamed to say it.'

'Thanks,' I answered, as he stepped closer to me.

'I've thought you were hot since the day I met you,' he said as he placed his hand on my crotch and felt my cock.

I was speechless as my cock hardened rapidly. As he felt it he smiled and said, 'I think he'd enjoying the attention.'

'It, ugh, seems that way.'

'I'd like to give him some more attention.'

'What can I say. You're the boss.'

'Yes, I am, but right now I just want to be your friend and show my friendship. May I?'

'Sure,' I said,curious as to how far he'd go.

He slowly knelt down, sliding down the briefs as he did so. My hard cock sprang out as he lowered the briefs to the floor. I quickly stepped out of them as he held my cock,looking at it and saying, 'Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.'

With that he swallowed the entire shaft, burying his nose in my thick pubic bush. I couldn't help but moan softly.

Rex slowly and lovingly sucked my cock for several minutes. He hen turned me around and began to lick and tongue fuck my ass. After several minutes of that, he turned me back around and returned to sucking my cock. It wasn't long before my cock stiffened more signaling my impending climax.

Rex sucked with more energy and when my climax burst forth, he eagerly and hungrily swallowed every drop, milking it dry before releasing me.

As he stood up, he said, 'I hope I haven't offended you but I just had to do it.'

'If I didn't want you to do it, I'd have stopped you. You're not the first guy to do that to me.'

'I hope that you enjoyed it because I'd like to do it again.'

'I did enjoy it and you can do it anytime.'

'Thank you, and I hope this stays just between us.'

'I don't know what you're referring to,' I replied.

Smiling, he said, 'Thanks.'

He left and as I dressed, I wondered what he do if he knew just how bad I wanted to do the same to him.

The following day was payday and when I got my checks there was a third one in it. It was not a normal paycheck. It was from Rex's personal account for one thousand dollars and in the memo was written 'Bonus'. I had to smile.

That afternoon, I decided to take things to a higher level.

Rex always stayed later that the rest of the employees. I hung around until everyone else had gone then went to his office.

Walking up to his open door, I said, 'Rex, may I talk to you a moment?'

'Sure, Rex, come on in. Shut the door if you like,' he said as he walked from around his desk.

'I don't think that's necessary,' I answered, 'since everyone else has left.'

I stepped toward him and stepped to within inches of him and said, 'I'm a man of few words.'

With that statement, I pressed my lips to his, surprising him, and with my hands, I unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. When I broke the kiss, I quickly knelt and jerked his briefs down with me. His semi-hard cock bounced around and was soon buried in my throat.

'MOTHER FUCK!' he yelled. 'I guess you are a man of few words.'

I eagerly sucked his cock and after a moment turned him around and licked and tongue fucked his ass. As I turned him back around to finish sucking him he said, 'I'm all yours.'

I quickly sucked him to a roaring climax and afterward we kissed passionately. When he kiss broke, he said, 'Now it's my turn.'

He then sucked me dry.

When it was over, he told me that he never dreamed that I'd ever suck him although he thought he might convince me to fuck him. I confided that I, too, wanted to suck him from the day we met.

Rex and I would both stay late two to three times a week for sex and in between I was having sex with Cory. I was never horny, and if I was it wasn't for long.

After several months, Rex called me to his office and said he was promoting me to executive assistant. I would be working directly with him in securing new clients.

At about the same time, Cory's divorce was final, after which he confided to his now ex-wife that he was gay and had fallen in love with another guy. That guy was me.

We talked and I told him that I loved him also but I'd be traveling with Rex and would be expected to have sex with him as we had been doing. Cory said he could live with it as long as he knew I'd be coming home to him. We became lovers and Rex surprised us by sending us to his private beach resort as a 'honeymoon'.

When Rex and I traveled, we did indeed fuck and suck each other but our relations when in town were minimal, usually with Cory and I at our place.

I finally came out to dad when I took Cory home to meet him. Dad was surprised but accepted me openly and welcomed Cory into the family.

After five years things are going great and Cory and I are still deeply in love. We still have three ways with Rex who I still work for.




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