While driving across country, I found that if you had your pants unzipped when you picked up a hitchhiker, it often led to things you wanted to happen.  I never exposed myself but I often had the waist of my jeans unbuttoned and the zipper down. If anything was said, I used the excuse that the jeans were actually too tight to drive in and my others were packed away.

Being gay, I was selective, and only picked up the younger clean good looking guys thumbing a ride. I would pull over and asked where they were going.  If it was on my way, perfect.  More times than not, the passenger would notice my jeans open and I would notice at bulge start to form in whatever pants they were wearing.

It was the second day of my trip, when I noticed a hot young muscular stud wearing a sleeveless ‘muscle’ shirt, and fatigue pants.

On the duffle bag next to him was the Marine emblem.  Immediately, I pulled to the shoulder.

He grabbed his bag and jogged up to the drivers door and I asked where he was headed.  He told me and I said it was on my way and to hop in.  After tossing his bag onto the back seat, he hopped in and introduced himself as Clay Baker, and told me where he was headed.

“Nice to meet you, Clay.  I’m Mark Rivers,” I replied, and said, “You realize that you are about three days away from your destination, don’t you?”


He said he did and if needed I could drop him off anywhere.  I decided that I would see how the trip went that day then decide.

Clay said that he was headed home on leave but it was just to see some old friends since he had no family.  I said I was driving to the west coast on vacation and had no real schedule, since I was taking a month off from work.

“Nice, I have thirty days off also,” he replied.

 We chatted about nothing in particular and later, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed him glance over at my crotch several times.  Then I noticed a bulge start growing in his fatigue pants.  It was nearing sunset when I suggested that we stop for dinner.

I pulled into a truck stop and parked and before getting out, I said, “I need to fix my  jeans.  They are to tight and I unfastened them to make it more comfortable.”

“I know what you mean. I’ve been in  the exact same situation, and if it is dark, I usually take them completely off.  I was lucky I never had an accident.”

“Well, before I picked you up, I considered doing the same thing,” I said.

We went in and ordered.  After placing our order, he excused himself to use the restroom.  He was gone for a while and our meal was just being delivered when he returned.  As he sat down, I noticed a slight sheepish grin on his face and wondered why. 

He insisted on paying and as  he did, I said I would meet him in the store area after using the restroom.

I went into the restroom and into one of the stalls and immediately noticed a hole in the partition between my stall and the next one over.  As I dropped my pants and sat down I noticed a guy in the next booth with his pants down to the floor and as he leaned back, he stroked a beautiful almost eight inch cock.  I watched for a moment when he suddenly put his finger up to the hole, the famous signal that he wanted my cock.

I put the reason I had gone into the restroom out of my mind and stood and put my cock through the hole and immediately felt a hot wet mouth engulf my cock and lovingly start sucking it.  As I enjoyed having my cock sucked, I wondered if the slight grin on Clay’s face was because he had received a blow job also.

After feeding the man my load, I motioned for him to put his through.  He did and I immediately swallowed the seven inch cock and hungrily sucked the huge thick load out of it, making sure I got to swallow every delicious drop.

After he pulled back, I leaned over to the hole and asked softly, “How long has it been since you shot your load?  That was huge.”

“About half an hour.  A guy in fatigue pants and I sucked each other off.”

“Is he good at sucking?” I asked.

“A fucking pro,” he replied.  “Just like you.”

“You’re damn good at it also,” I replied.

I did what I needed to do and left the restroom and as Clay and I looked around, I noticed the guy that sucked me off exit the restroom. Glancing around, he saw Clay and I together, smiled and winked.  We completed our purchase  and as we headed out I noticed a gold wedding band on his left hand.  

He appeared to be in his late twenties and good looking and muscular.  As we left the store and headed for the car, I saw him climb into the cab of a big red Kenworth, with a large walk-in sleeper.

As we pulled out he was behind us and as we turned right he sounded his air horn three times and turned left.  I glanced over at Clay, wondering if his face was as red as mine, and it was.

“I wonder what that was about?” I said.

“Who knows.  Maybe he got lucky,” Clay replied.

‘Yea, twice,’ I thought.

Now knowing that Clay and the trucker had sucked each other, I pondered how to bring it up.  After a couple of minutes, I glanced over at Clay and said, “May I ask you a personal question, and if I’m out of place just tell me.”

“When you went to the restroom, did that trucker offer to suck you?”, I asked.

Clay hesitated a moment then said, “Yes, he did.  Did he offer the same thing to you?”

He left the door wide open for my response.

“He did and I let him.  I’ll be honest with you.  He wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last . I love getting sucked off, any time and by any one that wants it.”

“You’re awfully open about it,” Clay replied.

“Well, we probably won’t ever see each other after this trip, and you don’t know where I live so I don’t care if you know,” I replied, then asked, “Did you let him?”

Smiling, he said, “I sure did.  I’m like you, I love getting my cock sucked.”

“Clay, after what you just said, let me know if you want it again.  I love sucking a guy and giving him some pleasure.”

“I’m glad to know that,” he replied.  “I just might take you up on the offer.”

“Anytime,” I replied, then ask, “You don’t mind riding with a cock sucker?”

“Nope, not at all,” he said with a smile.  Little did he know that I knew he was a cock sucker also.

Before long it was dark and we were between cities and no motel around.  My jeans were in deed uncomfortable and I found an exit where I could pull off and get them down top my knees without wrecking the car.  I was curious as to what Clay might do.

I watched casually as Clay watched my action.  Moments later, I had my jeans down to my knees and was pulling back onto the freeway. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him glancing over at my cock which made it to slowly get hard.  I was about half erect when all of a sudden, Clay had leaned over and had my cock in his mouth.

“I knew you wanted it, and I get yours next.”

A few minutes later I saw a billboard advertising the ‘Midway Motel’. I stopped Clay and pointed to the billboard and said, “Let’s stop there.”

He sat up and I pulled to the shoulder and got my jeans back in place.  I got the room and we drove back to it and once inside, we couldn’t get undressed fast enough.

As we undressed I confessed to Clay that the trucker and I had sucked each other and the trucker had told me that he had done the same with a guy in fatigue pants.

Clay smiled and said, “Well, now you know, I love cock also.”

In moments we were both naked and wrapped in each others arms kissing passionately and sucking each others tongue.  After a moment, he dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock balls deep, holding it there as he worked his throat muscles.  After a few minutes, he spun me around and after spreading my ass cheeks buried his tongue in my ass , drilling it in as far as possible.

After a few moments, he stood back up and apologized for his attack on my body, explaining that the last four days before his leave started he hadn’t been able to hook up with his other gay marine buds.

We kissed again and he said he couldn’t decide if he wanted to suck me first or take me in his ass.  I smiled and asked if he ever got fisted and he said he loved it.  I suggested that we have a sixty-nine while I fisted is hot bubble ass.  He was all for it.  Moments later, after burying my fist up his ass half way to my elbow we began a hot sixty-nine, devouring each others cock.

We climaxed simultaneously and having my fist in his ass increased the amount of cum he fed me.  Later we fucked each other before going to sleep and during the night we had another sixty-nine.

The next morning we took things slower and each sat back and watched the other suck the others cock dry.  After packing up and both dressing minimally, we got breakfast and hit the road.

It was near ten that morning , he reached over and began rubbing my cock.  Once it was hard, he unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out.  Leaning over he began sucking my cock.

After a moment, I said, “Clay, you might want to stop.  We’re about to pass a trucker.”

He paused and said, “Fuck, let him watch.”

He returned to sucking me and as I pulled up next to the semi, the driver looked over and sounded his horn.  Clay pulled off, letting the trucker get a good look at my hard cock.  Then after sucking it a few more seconds, he sat up and looked up into the cab of the truck.  The trucker pointed at Clay then to his crotch and Clay smiled and nodded his head yes.  The driver motioned for us to follow him.

I dropped in behind him and a few miles down the road the trucker pulled into a rest area that was deserted.  We followed and he motioned for us to come to his rig.  We did and he shoved the door open and said, “Get in here.  I ain’t got off in three days.  I need one of you bad.

We climbed in and followed him back to the sleeper where he was totally nude in less that a minute and a half. We got on each side of him as he sat on the bunk and took turns sucking his cock and nipples. It wasn’t long before he said he was close.  I let Clay take the load then he kissed me and shared it.  The trucker thanked us and said it was the best he had ever had and sucked Clay off as  Clay finished me off.

After returning to the road, and both sexually satisfied for the moment, I asked Clay if he had been able to have sex when in the middle east.

“Mark, there was more that anyone could imagine. Since the chance of having sex with a woman was very slim, sex among the soldiers was overlooked by all.  Even some officers joined in.”

“How did you know which guys would participate?” I asked.

“Well, in my case, after I arrived, my superior sent me out on patrol with another guy and while in the foxhole our conversation went to sex and the next thing I knew he was sucking my cock.  He had no idea I was already into men and was shocked when I sucked him and deep throated his cock.”

“And I assumed, word got around that you were one who played.”

“You got it. My third day there, the Major called me to his quarters and we spent half the night sucking and fucking, and he was married.

Sex was also common late at night in the enlisted showers. At times there would be several pairs having sex but usually it was more like an orgy.”

“And you joined in, I assume,” I said with a smile.

“You better fucking know it.  There were nights I would suck several while an equal number fucked my ass.  There was also one high ranking officer that was straight but did give in to his needs and would call me to his quarters and fuck me and kiss but nothing else. He used my ass as a cunt.”

After making a coffee stop I let Clay drive, and as he did, I sucked him off while a trucker drove along side and watched.  Once I had Clay’s load in my mouth, I sat up and showed the trucker the cum in my mouth.  He smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

That night, we got a motel room at a motel next to a large truck stop.  We went in for dinner and Clay hooked up with a driver in the large handicapped booth in the restroom.  

We had agreed that whoever hooked up with a trucker first, they would let the trucker know our room number and to pass it on to what ever trucker needed relief.

All night there was a steady stream of truckers to our room, usually one at a time but on a couple of occasions, we had a pair of team drivers visit and we would both service one in what ever way he wanted.  Team drivers are drivers that drive together in the same rig, each driving their eight hours.  Team drivers cover more distance before resting than a single driver.

We managed to get about three hours sleep before checking out. We drove for a short while before stopping for the day again next to a truck stop  we got a bite to eat then went to our room and crashed for several hours.

It was approaching nine that night when we went back to the truck stop to eat.  As we walked across the lot we noticed two hot truckers who appeared to be in their early thirties, climbing down from the same rig. They entered the building first and as we followed, they headed for the restaurant.  We casually followed and took a table near them.

Upon hearing their conversation, I could tell they were team drivers.  Our tables were next to each other and the way we were seated, any one of us could look over and see the two at the other table clearly.

After ordering, I glanced up just in time to see one of the drivers look our way and smile as he wink at Clay.   I waited several moments then whispered to Clay, “I saw his wink.  Smile at him and then head to the restroom and lets see if he follows.”

Clay waited a moment then when the guy looked at him again, clay smiled and got up and headed for the restroom.  A few seconds later the trucker got up and followed.  

Several minutes later, Clay returned followed by the other driver, and as Clay sat down, he said, “They play and I invited them to join us.”

“Perfect,” I said.

They moved to our table and introduced them selves as Rick Sims and Dan Connors.  In conversation, we found that Rick was thirty-two and Dan was thirty-one.  Rick was married to Dan’s twin sister.


We talked casually as we ate dinner then they joined us in our motel room.  There, we found out that they had been playing since before they became brother-in-laws.

After a four-way cock sucking episode, where Dan sucked me, I sucked Rick, Rick sucked Clay and Clay sucked Dan, I said I needed to take a piss.  Dan quickly said he wanted it.

I stepped up to him and once his lips were sealed around my cock I let the flow begin and he hungrily began swallowing.  Then Rick looked at Clay and said, “When you need to go, feed it to me.”

Clay smiled and said, “Open up.”

Within seconds Clay was feeding Rick his piss as I fed Dan mine. After they had drained and swallowed both our piss loads, I asked, “Do you drink from each other?”

“All the time,” Rick said. “Whoever is driving feeds his piss to the other.  That way we don’t have to stop as often and can make more runs, thus making more money.  Plus, since we both love cock and getting fucked, we keep each other sexually satisfied while on the road, unless we meet guys like you two to join in.”

After some ass fucking, we all showered together and they left.   After they had, Clay laughed and said, “Since they share everything else, I wonder if they share Rick’s wife?”

“It wouldn’t surprise me.  About a year ago I met a guy and he took me home and I had sex with him, his wife, his dad, and his mom.  I was fucking his wife while he fucked his mom and sucked his dad. It was an unbelievable night.”

“I bet it was hot as hell watching him fuck his mom while sucking his own dad,” Clay said.

“You better know it,” I replied.

I glanced over at him and said, “Clay, I’m just curious and was wondering when and how you got started with men.”

“It started when I was much younger.  It was just my dad and I living together.  He worked construction by day and was a drunk by night.  He’d drink from the time he got off until late at night  then stagger in and go to bed.  He never new if I was home or not.”

I had gone out one night and it was about nine or ten.  I was walking along a street when a car pulled up and the guy offered me twenty bucks to suck my cock.  I wanted the money and was curious about what it would feel like to get sucked.  I agreed.  I met him several nights and was paid twenty every night  then one Friday he said he would pay me fifty if I let him fuck me.  Again, I agreed.”

He paused and took a deep breath before continuing.  

“He took me to a cheap motel and when we got in the room we both undressed and he ate my ass some then used lube on us both then gradually shoved his cock up my ass.  He went slow but it still hurt.  Once he was all the way in, he stopped and let me adjust.  When he started actually fucking me, I kind of liked it.  Before long he climaxed and filled me with his cum as he jerked me off.  After we showered, we did some kissing and then he had me suck him off and eat his cum.  When we left the motel he said it was a super evening and paid me a hundred and fifty.  I knew then how I was going to get more money.”

I started hanging around on street corners and made no less than two hundred a night depending on what the guy wanted. I bough a cell phone and was having clients call me all the time.  Some nioghts I would have as many as four appointments and make up to eight hundred and on a few occasions a thousand.”

“I was a male prostitute until I was twenty and joined the Marines. At eighteen, my dad died and I inherited the house.  My clients began coming to me.  If they wanted me for a party, it was a flat rate of five hundred then a hundred an hour after that.  I did what ever they wanted including being their urinal.  I refused any type of shit play.”

“Un-fucking-believable!” I exclaimed .

“If I may ask, how much did you make on the street?”

“When my dad died, I had twenty thousand in a box in the attic.  After selling the house when I joined the Marines, and after what I pulled out for this trip, I have over a hundred thousand in the bank.”

“Mother fuck,” I exclaimed.

“Hell, Mark, I have five thousand cash in my bag.  I only told you because I know I can trust you,” he said, then added, “By the way,  any future gas you need is on me.”

“That’s not necessary.  I’d be buying it anyway.”

“Hey, stud, don’t argue with me,” he stated bluntly.

I said we needed to stop for a bathroom break when he asked, “You just need to pee?”

“Yea,” I replied.

He smiled then reached over and began taking my cock out of my pants.  As he did, he said, “Once I have you in my mouth, let it flow.”

I looked at him for a moment when he smiled and said, “Yes, I like drinking it.  I drink my own often.”

“The more we are together the more I find that we have in common.  I drink also, and love to be piss on all over.”

“No shit!  I love getting hosed, clothed or nude,” he replied, before leaning over and taking my cock in his mouth.  Once he had, I let the flow begin and watched as he drank every drop.

After he had finished and I had managed to put my cock away, I asked, “Clay, if I remember right, you said that your buds have no idea that you are visiting, is that correct?”

“Yea, why?”

“Why don’t you spend your leave with me.  I’ll have you back on base in time.”

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“I’ve never been more serious.  I’d love nothing better that being with you for the rest of my vacation.”

“Baby, you got a vacation partner,“ he replied.

I pulled to the shoulder of the interstate and didn’t care who passed as I leaned over and tongue kissed him with cars passing.

That night, after eating, we spent the night together, just the two of us.  We started out with a hot sixty-nine and piss trade, then later we lovingly fucked each other. We drifted off to sleep in each others arms and awoke the same way.

After getting up, we headed for the bathroom and quickly, Clay stepped into the shower and dropped to his knees.  “I want a golden shower,” he said, smiling.

“Face included?” I asked.

“You better fucking know it, baby,” he replied.

As I began pissing all over his face and muscular hairy chest, I told him I wanted the same in return.  After swallowing what was in his mouth, he gladly agreed.

Once I was on my knees receiving his piss, I drank all I could. It was an honor having this hot stud Marine feeding me his piss.  After he was drained, I stood and we kissed passionately.


After fucking each other standing in the shower, we cleaned up and headed for bed. Cuddled together, turned his head to me slightly and said, “Am I ever glad you stopped and picked me up.”

“So am I, mister stud Marine,” I replied then after a moment, I added, “At some point before I take you back to base, I want to have sex with you in full uniform.”

“I’d like that very much,” he replied. 

We drove through the town where his buds lived and I asked, “You want to stay here or keep going?”

“That’s a fucking stupid question.  I want to spend my vacation with you doing what we both love,” he replied.

We continued on, usually stopping at motels next to truck stops.  That night we pulled into one and got a room ad while eating dinner at the truck stop we saw two semi’s from the same company pull into the lot.

Having chosen a booth at the window, we watched as both drivers climbed down and walked toward the restaurant, coming straighe for the window where we sat.  Both were in their late twenties or early thirties and muscular as hell.  The fact that they were both good looking was an added feature.  

As they neared the window I could see them better than Clay could.

They were looking at us and as they did I told him to turn and look at how hot they were.  As he turned, I looked at them also and casually licked my lips.  Immediately, the taller of the two reached down and rubbed his crotch.  I licked my lips again.

They entered the restaurant area and took a table where I could see both their crotch’s under the table.  They were looking in our direction and when I glanced toward them at one point, they both rubbed their crotch’s.

We ate and  afterward I headed for the restroom.  Moments after I got up, the taller of the two got up and followed.  Once in the restroom, I stepped up to a urinal and the other guy came in and looked in the booths and once satisfied we were alone, he came up to me and asked, “Do you and your friend play?”

“Play?” I asked.

“Don’t play games with me. We saw you licking your lips. My friend and I will give you what we got if you give us what you got,” and with that he grasped my cock gently and leaned forward and kissed me gently.

With him kissing me I felt comfortable that we were not in any danger from them.  After the kiss, I smiled and said, “Room 128, next door.”

“Great.  See you two studs after we eat,” he said. “I’ll let you leave first.”

I left and we paid for our meal and headed back to the room.  Roughly ten minutes later there was a knock on the door.  Opening it, I found the two truckers standing there smiling.

I invited them in and after closing the door, the one I had talked with in the restroom spoke up and said, “We have been talking.  We would like to start out with you fucking us then sucking us.  Then after a while we will do the same to you.”

I looked at Clay and he spoke up saying, “That’s fine with us.”

They stepped closer , the taller one in front of me and lovingly put their arms around us and kissed us passionately, as we all undressed each other.

Once we were all completely nude, I looked at them and asked, “Have either of you ever had sex with an active duty Marine?”

They both said no but admitted that it would be hot.   Clay chose the shorter for the first round.  Moments later, Clay and I were side by side on our backs in bed, the shorter guy, Ben, was sucking Clay and the taller, Sam, was sucking me.

Before long, they brought us both to a roaring climax, hungrily eating our cum loads.  Then, after raising our legs, we were surprised when they both dove in and hungrily tongue fucked and licked our asses before making entry. 

Almost the entire time they fucked us they were passionately kissing us.  Soon their loads were deposited in our holes, and Clay and I were in heaven with these two studs.

After pulling out, the four of us kissed and made out then talked.  Ben was single but Sam was married.  He laughed and said, “When I started driving, my wife made me promise that I would never fuck another woman.  I agreed and have kept that promise.  She never said I couldn’t have sex with another man, mainly because she didn’t know I preferred men.”

We asked if they had sex together and they said they did nightly unless they happen to meet someone that played, like us.

After a while, Clay and I sucked them off and devoured their loads then got in position and fucked their asses.  After filling their asses with our cum, we kissed more before they dressed to leave.  

Standing at the door they said that they were pulling out about seven and asked if they could come by before hand for some cock sucking.  We said definitely.

We went to sleep, pleasantly drained and was awaken the next morning at half past six by a knocking on the door. Checking the viewer, I saw Sam and Ben standing there.

I stepped behind the door as I opened it, seeing as how I was totally nude.  The two truckers kissed us both good morning and said that since they became team drivers, they had never found two guys more into sex than they were, until meeting us.

Immediately, they stripped off what few clothes they had on and we began a hot cock sucking session with me sucking Sam, Sam sucking Clay, Clay sucking Ben, and Ben sucking me.  We all climaxed just moments apart and all hungrily devoured the thick loads fed to us.

They kissed us again and wished us well before they left. As Clay showered, I pulled out my laptop and did a search for gay nudist resorts and found that there was one only about six hours away.   I entered the bathroom and joined Clay in the shower and as we washed each other I asked what he thought about going to a gay nudist resort. I have never seen anyone so excited in my life.

We checked out and as we headed for breakfast, Sam and Ben pulled out in their big rig and sounded the horn at us, both giving us a ‘thumbs up’ sign.

We ate and hit the road with Clay saying how much he was looking forward to being naked outdoors with other naked men, and that he had always wanted to do it.

We only stopped for lunch and gas and arrived at the gate to the nudist camp shortly after three that afternoon.  A sign posted at the gate stated that it was a private club and that they had weekend, memberships as well as weekly, monthly and annual memberships which had to be paid in advance by credit card.

“My treat,” Clay said, pulling out his card and after scanning it , entered our names and agreed to documents that stated we were both over the age of twenty-one.  A  note was printed out stating that we could pick up our memberships cards at the main office.

By the time we returned to the car, the gate began to slide open and we drove through.  About a half mile through the woods, we entered a clearing  and parked at the office.  We went in and showed our ID’s, had our pictures taken and seconds later had our membership cards good for seven consecutive days.

We were assigned to apartment six which happened to be poolside.  As the clerk handled the registration and check-in, he stated that it was fairly quiet being a Wednesday, but things would be extremely active Friday through Sunday.

We were informed that the only restriction was that scat play was permitted only allowed in the ‘pig pen’ which was a special cabin with concrete floors and was hosed down daily, but water sports was allowed anywhere on the property as was oral and anal sex.

The young hot clerk, who appeared to be in his late twenties, said, “Since you said that this is your first time to a club of this nature, be prepared to see the activities occurring out in public with others watching and occasionally joining in after being invited.”

We were given two keys, each on a wrist band, and parked the car and took only our personal items inside.

After stripping, we went out onto our patio which connected to the walk around the pool and as we sat down, a nude waiter wearing only flip-flops, asked if we cared for something to drink. We each ordered a beer and moments later, he returned with two ice cold beers and said he was Nick, and was assigned to our bungalow, and if we needed anything to call him and gave us his number.

As we sipped or beers, we looked around and saw two older men, probably in late forties or early fifties, making out over on the lawn before starting a sixty-nine.

Later that afternoon, after looking at a property layout in our room, we decided to check out what was called the ‘wet room’, which is where most water sports was held.  Then we checked out the dungeon where there was slings, stocks, and other items of bondage.

As we walked back to our apartment, we saw a car pull up to the apartment next to ours, and the driver quickly exit his car and hurry into his apartment.  He was in his early thirties and very muscular and well built.  He had light brown hair on his head and arms.  But what got our attention more than anything else was the fact that he was in a state police uniform.

Once back on out patio, we saw Nick and called him over and asked him about the uniform.

“Do me a favor,” he began.  “Go inside and I’ll bring you two beers and explain in private.”  He quickly turned and left.

We went inside, and moments later Nick returned with our beers and after letting him in, he said, “Please, you didn’t hear this from me.”

We agreed and he began telling us that the guy was Tony Macon, a twenty-nine year old state cop. He said he is totally gay, and spends a week at a time at the resort about once every couple of months.

“He arrived yesterday and it is extremely rare for him to be seen in his uniform.   His work district is about an hour north of us and visits us to play, since he doesn’t do anything around where he works.

“Our lips are sealed,” I said, “but I can’t wait to see him nude.”

“I don’t mean to be tacky, but your mouth will water,” Nick said, then saying he needed to get back to work.

He left and we returned to the patio with our beers.  About ten minutes later, The man came out nude for a moment.  After looking around, he noticed us and nodded then went back in.  A few seconds later he returned with three beers and asked, “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” I replied.

He came over and after setting the beers on the table, he said, “I’m Tony,” and offered his hand.

As I shook his hand I said, “I’m Mark and this is Clay.”

Seeing him nude, we both realized what Nick meant.  Tony was about six-three,  extremely muscular,  hairy all over, and sported about eight inches hanging over large tight balls.

He sat down and said, “I noticed you two when I drove up,and was wondering if I could ask a favor.”

“Sure, ask away,” Clay said.

“I seldom arrive here in uniform, but when my shift ended, I was running late for a an appointment at my bank, and didn’t change.  I figured I would get here before anyone was out and about and wouldn’t be seen,” he began.

“When I pulled up and was still in uniform, I didn’t know what to do, so I got inside as fast as I could.  Yes, I am a state cop but I love sex with men as much as any other gay male.  May I ask you to please not let anyone know I am a cop.  If it got out it could mean my job.”

“Tony, I assure you our lips are sealed,“ I said.

Then clay spoke up and said, “I know exactly what you are saying. I am active duty Marines, and if they found out I was gay it would be the end of my career, if I lived long enough to be discharged.”

He smiled and stood up and said, “Stand up.  I want to thank you and give you both a hug.”

We stood and Tony stepped up to us and first hugged and tongue kissed me then Clay and asked if we would have dinner with him that evening.

We agreed and he said, “I’m off for the next two days, so maybe we can sit and share some experiences, especially some of yours, Clay.

We agreed to meet in on the patio at half past seven, with Tony insisting that he put our meals on his bill.  It was totally weird to see the other guest sitting at tables, everyone nude. The wait staff was nude also but wore an apron around their waist because of state law.

We had a great meal as wee told Tony about me picking Clay up on the side of the road hitch hiking, and about me having my pants open at the waist and unzipped.

Tony laughed and said, “When we back to the apartment, I have something to tell you  about something similar that happened to me.”

We did tell him about our encounters with truckers along the way and he was astonished that so many truckers played while on the road.  

We finished our meal, and headed back to the apartment, and as we did, Tony spoke up and asked, “Are either of you into water sports?” 

We both said we were and he suggested that we check out the wet room later in the evening.  We invited him into our place and asked what he was going to tell us.

He laughed and said, “Like I told you earlier, I never do anything over in my own district.  I need to amend that and say almost never.”

Smiling, I said, “Okay, spit it out and I bet this is good.”

He laughed and began his story.

It was about six or seven months ago and as soon as I finished my shift I was going home and  change and head up here. It was about three in the morning and quiet and as I patrolled the highway I was thinking about my trip up here.  Needless to say I was turned on and boned when a semi flew by in the opposite lanes.  I did a quick u-turn and checked my radar.  He was fifteen over the limit.  I turned on the siren and lights and pulled him over. When I walked up and told him to get out he told me to wait a minute.  I jerked the door open and he was totally naked.  I made him get down and asked what he thought he was doing.”

“What was his answer to that?” I asked.

“He said he would tell me the truth and said that he was horny and had stripped and was jerking off and was nearing his climax when he sped up and I caught him  I could see his cum load  all over his stomach and chest and needless to say I got boned, and it was very obvious.  He laughed and said I looked like I was in the same boat, and he would gladly take care of in in exchange for not giving him a ticket.  

“Before I could respond he was rubbing my boner making it ever harder.  Since he was from a thousand miles away I dropped my guard and agreed.  Right there on the highway we went around to the other side of his rig and he sucked me dry.  He was young, muscular and hung and by the time he got me off he was hard again. I looked at his eight incher and dropped and sucked him off then told him to get the hell out of my area.  He laughed and said he had always wanted sex  with a cop.”

“You ever hear from him again?” Clay asked.

“No, but for a few months I was on edge every time I had to go to the district commanders office, wondering if he had received a letter.

We laughed and I looked at them and said, “You’re a state cop and you’re a Marine.  I’d give anything to have you both in uniform in front of me on my knees.”  

Tony smiled and asked Clay, “You have a uniform in your bags?”

“Yes I do, and I know what you’re thinking.  Let me go get it.”

Clay went to our room and got his uniform and came back  and together they both put their uniforms on, minus any underwear. They stepped up to me and as they kissed, I dropped to my knees and unzipped their pants and extracted their hardening cocks.  I alternated between them as they kissed and after a while Tony said he was close and asked me to not get Clay off and to let him do us both.

Moments later, Tony’s huge cock exploded, feeding me a huge, thick, creamy load.  After devouring it all, I stood up and Tony dropped and began sucking me and Clay off.  First, he got me off then took his time getting Clay off, but when he did he devoured Clay’s hot load. I knew from experience that Tony was fed a huge thick load.

After swallowing the load, Tony stood up and kissed us both and asked if we wanted to check out either the dungeon or the wet room.  We said yes and after they undressed we headed out and checked the dungeon first.  There were three guys in slings, with one getting fucked by an older man. A second was being face fucked and the third appeared to be about  thirty and was asking us to fist fuck his ass.  We stopped and took turns fisting his hot ass seeing who go up him the farthest.  While Clay was fisting him, the guy climaxed out onto himself, and Tony and I licked him clean.

We went to the wet room and found several guys there  making out.  After we entered, Tony and Clay knelt side by side as a signal they wanted to be pissed on.

Seeing them on their knees, the men headed over and about that time several others entered.  I quickly knelt next to tony and secones later, nine guys were pissing on us aiming for our open mouths.  All three of us drank as much as possible  and after the guys finished pissing, they began jerking off. Moments later all three of our faces were coated in thick, creamy cum.

As we began to lick each other clean several of the guys joined in and licked cum off of us also.  We watched as one of the guys got double fucked by two of the biggest cocks there while sucking the others.  

We went to the showers that were provided and after cleaning ourselves off, we headed back to our apartments, with Tony telling us that on Friday and Saturday night the wet room would be packed, with piss and cum flying everywhere.

We got back to our rooms and Tony said goodnight and that he would see us the following night after he got off patrol.

Clay and I slipped into bed and were soon asleep.  At some point the next morning we heard Tony start his car and drive away.  Later, after having some caffeine to get us going, Clay and I headed for the dining room for breakfast.  After a casual breakfast, we strolled back to out apartment.

We both commented how strange we both felt strolling around outdoors totally nude with others around.  Then, as we approached the pool area, we saw a couple at a table with one guy in a chair and the other sitting on the ground between the guys legs, casually licking and sucking the hard cock of the guy in the chair.

Then, on the pool apron, two guys lay on lounges casually fondling their hard cocks.  Both appeared to be in their early to mid-forties.

Both were fairly well built, one was hairy, and both well endowed.

As we passed them, the nodded and smiled and I casually asked if they needed any assistance.  They both smiled as one said, “We wouldn’t turn it down, especially not from you two.” 

We stopped and as I sat on the lounge next to one guy, Clay did the same with the other. Seconds later we were fondling their hard cocks before swallowing the cock we held. As we did, both men moaned softly and we began sucking , working for the loads they would provide.

The man that Clay was sucking looked at the other and said, “I don’t know about your stud, but mine is a fucking expert.”

“Fuck, so is mine,” replied the guy I was sucking.

Moments later, both cocks exploded just seconds apart, feeding each of us a large, thick, creamy load.

As clay and I pulled off and licked the cocks clean, one asked, “May we return the favor.  You both look like you could use it.”

Glancing at each other, we both smiled, noticing that we were both rock hard.  We immediately agreed and the two men sat up and began sucking our hard cocks. After bringing us both to a climax and devouring our loads,  the asked how long we would be at the resort.  We told them we would be leaving the following Wednesday.

They smiled and the slightly older one said, “Before you leave, we sure would love to see what those two awesome cocks would feel like up our asses.”

“We’d love that,” Clay replied.

Returning to our place, I said I needed to piss and Clay immediately said he wanted it.  There in the living room, he sealed my cock in his mouth with his hot lips and lovingly drank every drop I fed him.  We kidded and he said he wanted it every time.  I agreed but only if he fed me his every time he needed to piss. 

Shortly after lunch, we noticed several guys around the pool and Clay said, “I want you to fuck me with those guys watching.”

“Hell yea.  I have always wanted an audience when I fucked a guy,” I replied.

We went out onto our patio and I began eating Clay’s ass.  The men were all no further than fifteen to twenty feet away as I stood up behind Clay and began sliding my cock balls deep in his hole.

We noticed the men farthest away moved closer with one in his early fifties stepped in front of Clay offering his cock.  Clay swallowed it and began sucking the guy as another younger man began fucking me, and another slipped under Clay and swallowed his cock.

It wasn’t long before we all four climaxed just moments apart.  After we all kissed each other as a thank you, Clay and I headed for the hiking trail as the others resumed getting their tan.

As we did, I reached over and casually grasped his left hand with my right hand.  I glanced over and he looked at me and smiled and squeezed my hand.

After a few moments, I said, “When we finish out this week, what do you think about us returning to my place and spend the rest of our vacation together there.  I do know that there is a gay nudist camp a couple pf hours from where I live, should we decide to go there for a while.”

“Mark, I love that idea.  It’s so good to be around someone that has no problem with me being my self.  We both love sucking cock, and getting sucked, fucking and getting fucked, kissing, eating cum, and drinking piss.  Why should I change that?”

We kissed and continued our walk.

That evening, Tony returned and after stripping came over, smiling and said, “I’m off for four days, so let the fun begin.”

It was a Thursday evening and he didn’t have to return to patrol until Tuesday morning.

“Knowing you two were hear, I got an okay to take two days of personal time off along with my regular days off.  It’s good to know I can have sex with guys that know I’m a state cop and not worry about them outing me.”

We smiled and said we looked forward to a wild weekend.

Smiling back, he said, “So do I, and by the way, I’m thirsty.  Do either of you have something for me to drink?”

“Out on the patio, I do,” Clay replied. 

“I think I do also,” I added.

Stepping out onto the patio, Tony dropped to his knees and Clay and I both stood in front of him and let the piss flow, aiming our steams into his mouth and all over his face and chest.

When we were drained, Tony stood up saying, “Fuck, guys, that was awesome.  I fucking loved it.”

“When you need top go let us know.  We want yours on us.”

“Until then, can I eat your asses?” he asked.

We smiled and turned our asses to him, and as we bent over I felt his hands spread my cheeks and his hot wet tongue drill into my hole.

“Oh, fuck yea,.  Don’t stop,” I said.  

Unfortunately he did but I then hear Clay gasp in pleasure as Tony shoved his tongue up Clay’s ass.

Tony alternated back and forth between our asses as we both developed raging boners and several guys watched.

After our asses were squeaky clean, we let the boners subside then went to the dining room for dinner.

The crowd had grown to more than triple what had been there earlier and guest were still scheduled to arrive the next day.  We later went to the dungeon and saw several guys in slings getting either fucked or fisted.  One guy in his thirties had an older guys fist up his ass past the elbow.

Also in the dungeon was every variety of  bondage and torture.guys had suction cups on their nipples and weights on their balls   stretching them to unexpected lengths. It was obvious some had been getting stretched for years.


We then went to the wet room where Clay and I quickly knelt and had six guys come up and began hosing us down starting at the top of our heads.  Tony was one of them.

We went to the drinking area and all three of us began devouring what ever piss was fed to us. I stopped counting after the ninth man fed me his piss load.

It was past midnight when we returned to the apartment and Tony said he had one request.  When we asked what it was he smiled and said he wanted us to double fuck him.  We said we would be happy to grant his desire.

With Clay on his back, Tony sat on his cock and once he was ready, he leaned forward and I came up behind him and began shoving my cock in his ass with Clay’s.  After several moments, I was in almost balls deep and as Tony moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure, I began to piston in and out.  With the underside of our cocks rubbing together as I went in and out, Clay and I soon reached a gigantic climax, filling Tony’s ass with our cum.  As we did, he cried out in pleasure and spontaneously climaxed out onto Clay’s chest.

Gradually, I pulled out then Tony rolled off to the side, totally spent. After a moment he noticed his huge load of cum on Clay’s chest, and together, he and I licked it all up, feeding some to Clay.

We stayed in Tony’s bed that night and fed each other our strong morning piss.  After a three man shower, we went out for breakfast at the buffet poolside.  We observed guys jerking off in other guys coffee  or on their food.

Sex was even wilder with the larger crowd that night  in the dungeon we observed a ten man fuck session.  The man not getting fucked was getting sucked.  I had never seen ten men, forming a line, one fucking the other. As we continued around men were being hung by their arms and whipped  and abused, causing them to spontaneously ejaculate huge loads all over whoever was in front of them. 

We returned to our apartment and had a three way with Tony, giving him my address as well as Clay’s and we got his, promising to keep in touch.

Clay and I headed back to my place, with me driving.  After several hours, we swapped  drivers, and as he drove, I said, “Are you into piss play as much as you seem to be?”

“Was it that obvious?” he asked.

“It was to me, I guess because I love it also,” I replied.

“Mark, I’ve been into piss since my late teens.  One of my buds and his dad got me into it.  When I stayed over at their place on weekends, we all pissed in a glass and drank it with out meal.  We never knew whose piss we were drinking.  Hell, they even had a plastic cover for their mattress and would piss in bed and sleep in it.”

“Would you like to do that with me?” I asked.

“Mark, with you, I’ll do anything you want,” he told me.

“Well, I have been told about a place where guys go and have piss parties.  It’s on private property, and from what I’ve been told the cops can’t do anything about it.”

“It’s open to anyone?” he asked.

“As far as I know, yes it is.  The property is an old park with an abandon restroom, which the county sold several years ago.  The individual that owns it, is into puss play and calls the restroom the ‘Piss Pond’.  He started having buds over to play then told his buds that anyone could use it.  The crowd grew and from what I have heard there are sometimes twenty or more guys there some clothed, and their clothes soaked in piss, and some naked.”

“Fuck, baby, that sounds hot as hell.  Have you been there?”

“Not yet, but with you with me, I can’t wait to go and see the action.” 

“Damn, the thought of that is getting me boned,” he said, rubbing his crotch.

“Well, I guess we need to take care of that,” I said as I leaned over and unfastened his pants.  Once they were open, I extracted his now rock hard cock.  “Fucking beautiful,” I said before taking it entirely into my mouth. As I did, he moaned softly and said, “Baby, your mouth is always like velvet.”

I began slowly and lovingly sucking him and moments later he said, “About to pass a trucker.”

“Fuck, let him watch if he wants to,” I said.

 As we passed, I suddenly heard the truck’s air horn sound, and turned and looked at the driver.  He smiled and opened his mouth and wiggled his tongue, indicating that he wanted to suck also.

I asked Clay if he wanted to stop and he said sure.  I motioned the trucker to follow us, he nodded then motioned for us to come to his truck and climb in.  I nodded we would and soon we pulled into a rest area.  

We pulled in and by the time we parked and Clay fastened his pants and we walked back to the truck and climbed in, the hot young driver was already in the sleeper and totally naked.

He sucked us both off and we took turns sucking him, and when he climaxed we shared his load.  I did manage to find out that he was twenty-nine and seeing the gold band on his left hand figured he was married.

After he had fed us his cum load, he said, “I love to get fist fucked, and if you are into that, I’ll feed you a load three times bigger than the one you just had.”

We said we would love to fist his ass, and in a split second he had a small can of Crisco out to use as lube.  Once we both had our hands and lower arms coated in Crisco, Clay entered his ass first, going in then pulling out, alternating between his right and left hand.

After a few minutes, the driver told us to each shove a fist up him together.  Clay grasped my left hand with his right as if we were walking down the road holding hands.  Then, with the fist we had made against the truckers hole, he said, “Push and bury that fist in me.”

We did and went in him just over half way to our elbows, as the trucker cried out, “OH FUCK YEA!”  the said he was about to shoot.

I quickly took his cock in my mouth and huge volleys of cum erupted from his hard cock and once my mouth was full, I motioned for Clay to take over.  I swallowed what I had taken and once Clay’s mouth was full he pulled off and swallowed and the drivers cock continued shooting cum out onto his hairy stomach.  

Once we had pulled out of his ass, we licked him clean then kissed him and fed him what we had licked up.

He thanked us for a great time and as we dressed, I asked if his wife know what he did on the road.

Smiling, he said, “She doesn’t but her dad does.”

“Hey bud, you have to explain that statement,” I said.

“When I was twenty, his company hired me on to be his helper loading and unloading cargo as needed.  He was bisexual and into cock and cunt.  He got me into sucking cock and he and I were soon sucking and fucking each other daily.  He loved getting fisted and got me started.  We would fist each other while having a sixty-nine. I started dating his daughter and his words to me when we decided to get married were ‘What you do on the road is your business.  What you do when home is her business.’  When on the road I’m a cock loving, cum eating, fist taking whore.  But at home, I am a loving devoted husband and dad.”

“Do you and her dad still get together?” Clay asked.

“Oh yes, at east twice a month if not more.”

“What about your son?  You going to introduce him to man pleasures?”  

“Well, definitely hot until he is much older, at least twenty, and even then the situation will determine what I do or don’t do.”

We thanked him for an awesome time and asked if he was ever in Franklin, North Carolina.

“As a matter of fact, I am there every five to six weeks.  There is one of the warehouse workers where I make a drop that comes to the truck stop at night and we get it on in the sleeper.  Just a good old country boy, but hot in bed.”

“Well, that’s where I live, so if you get a chance, give me a call,” I said as I wrote my name and phone number on a pad he had in his sleeper.

“Man, you can count on it.  I want to see you two again.”

“Well,” Clay began, “I may not be there.”

“Why not?”

I spoke up and said, “He will be protecting our rights.  He’s active duty Marines.”

“Fuck yea.  I just had a damn marine fist my ass and trade cum.  Awesome.”

It was then that we finally introduced ourselves, finding out that he was Sam Baker. 

After a round of hand shakes, we wished him a safe trip and  we returned to the road.  I did some thinking for a while, and decided it was time for me to settle down and I looked over at Clay and said, “When is your enlistment up?”

“Eight months,” he replied.

“Have you thought about what you want to do after that?” I asked.

“I have thought about re-upping, but now I’m not sure,” he said.

“Clay, if you decide to get out, I would love to have you move in with me.”

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“Most definitely,” I began. “In out short time together, I have grown fond of you and would love to have you for a roommate and see where things might lead.”

“I would like that also,” he replied. “I think you just made my decision for me, especially due to the fact that you and I enjoy the same things, including giving and receiving water sports.”

“Speaking of that, I need some relief,” I told him.

Leaning over, he extracted my cock and once it was out in the open, he took it in his mouth and once he had I left the flow begin.  Immediately, I felt him start swallowing the flow fed to him, and it excited me beyond belief.

I started getting boned, and he kept my cock in his mouth, and began sucking me, more like making love to it.  I was in heaven with the what he was doing and before long fed him a nice load of my love juice.

After swallowing my load, he sat up and looked at me and said, “Mark, when I move in with you, I want to do that several times a day.  I want to keep you drained. In more ways than one.”

“The feeling is mutual,” I replied.

Later, we traded drivers and I serviced him just as he had me, first by drinking his piss load then sucking a cum load out of him.

With both of us driving, we arrived at my place sooner than expected, and being that I lived on a large tract of land which was totally private, we stripped and lived nude.

After a hot passionate sixty-nine out under the warm afternoon sun, Clay looked at me and asked, “Mark, if I’m not getting too personal, how did you manage to get four weeks vacation?”

I might as well go ahead and tell you, since you would find out when you move in,” I said.

“Find out what?” he asked.

“I am president and CEO of Rivers Enterprises. It is a conglomerate of several companies.  I own seventy-five percent of the stock and am able to take time off whenever I desire.”

“Mother fuck!” Clay exclaimed.  “I would never have suspected anything like that.”

“I didn’t tell you sooner because I wanted to make sure you would want to move in with me for me, and not my wealth.”

“Mark, you could be penniless and I would still move in with you.  I want it made clear right now, I plan to get a job and support myself.  I will not in any way live and mooch off of you.”

“Well, you can do that if you want, but how are you at secretarial work?”

“Good.  That is what I was trained for before I was sent overseas.  I was personal assistant for a Lt. commander before I was sent to the middle east and only went out on patrol on occasion.  Why do you ask?’

My personal secretary is due to retire in six months, and I will hire a temp until you get out then put you in the position.”

He smiled, then asked, “Will it be all work and no play?”

“Not all the time,” I replied.

“I think I just might like that job, sucking and fucking the boss,” he replied.

“You never know what might happen,” I replied, then asked, “Hey, tonight, how would you like to go check out that old park I was telling you about.”

“Fuck yea,” he replied.

That night about nine, we slipped on only tee shirts and jeans and old sneakers, things that we didn’t mind getting soaked in piss.

We headed to the old park and when we arrived we noticed three big Harleys parked near the restroom.

As we parked, I looked over at Clay and said, “I think this might be a fun night.”

“I agree,” he replied.

We entered and found the three leather wearing bikers leaning against the out of order sinks smoking.  All three were shirtless and only wore open leather vest.  They were all muscular, and one was hairy and they all had their cocks out, ready for action.

The taller and more muscular of the three looked over at us and said, “We’re looking for cock sucking, piss drinking pigs.  If that’s not you get the fuck out of here.”

We stepped closer and he glared at us, finally saying, “Open your mouth wide.”

Clay and I both did as instructed, and the one we considered the leader and another stepped up to us and spit a huge collection of saliva into our open mouths.  Instantly, we closed our mouths and swished it around before swallowing it.

“Guys, we got us a couple of pigs.  Now let’s see how they suck .”

We were ordered to our knees and immediately had a semi hard cock in our face. Hungrily, we opened our mouths and engulfed two of the cocks, and began sucking them.  Once the were hard, the owners grabbed our heads and began face fucking us and we loved it.

As we sucked the two, the third pissed on each of us then began jerking off and soon said he was going to blow his load.

“Shoot it in my cock suckers face,” the leader said, referring top Clay.

As Clay continued sucking, the third guy stepped close and coated Clay’s face in a huge thick load of cum.  Clay never paused, he just kept sucking the cock in his mouth.

Suddenly, we heard more bikes roaring into the lot and moments later, seven more hot muscular half naked bikers came walking in.

As they immediately began taking their cocks out, Clay and I both received a huge thick creamy load in our mouths.

As the two men we had sucked stepped back, the others circled around us and all began pissing on us, starting at our heads and faces then our bodies.  Clay and I both opened out mouths and several aimed for our mouth and were encouraged when they saw us eagerly drinking their fresh warm piss. 

Our tee shirts and jeans were soaked, and we were instructed to strip naked. We did as instructed, and in the light from the one lone bulb, we watched as we both started getting raped in mouth and ass.

For almost three hours, we were fucked repeatedly in our ass and mouth and ate numerous loads of cum and drank unknown loads of piss.

Finally, as Clay and I knelt, covered in piss and cum, the group began to leave, and once only the leader was left, he stepped over to me and as he reached into his vest pocked and pulled out a card, said, “Next time you and this stud want to be used, give me a call.  I‘m looking forward to hearing from you, Mark.” and with that he handed me the card and left.

Totally stunned, I thought he looked familiar but in the dim light I wasn’t sure. When I looked at the card and saw the name, I realized who the man was.

It was Rex Taylor, the manager of one of the companies in the conglomerate.  I was his boss.

We heard the bikes roar off and at the same time heard a car pulling up outside. Staying naked, we waited and heard another car pulling in.

As we leaned against the sinks, totally nude,  five guys walked in, none older than thirty at the most.  Seeing us naked and cum on our faces, all five quickly stripped and stepped closer and began licking the bikers cum off of us, asking if it was the bikers cum.

We told them what we had been through for the last three hours and they said they wished they had been there to be on the receiving end. 

For the next two hours, we all drank each others piss, sucked cock and ate cum, fucked and got fucked.

We exchanged first names only and I asked Ted, who seemed to be the ‘leader of the group’, if they would like to get together the following weekend .  He got the others aside and talked and quickly returned and said yes. 

I got his phone number and said I would be in touch with the details. On Tuesday, I called him and gave him directions to my lake house which was totally secluded and private.

That weekend, we had one huge orgy.  The only thing that wasn’t done was scat, since none of us liked being fed from the hole.

As the weekend ended we agreed to all get together the last weekend of each month, and reluctantly, we all dress and left.

On Monday, I called Rex’s office and told his secretary to tell him I wanted to see him at my home at five thirty sharp, and to call me as soon as possible.  He called an hour later, and I gave him to cancel all appointments on his calendar for Tuesday.

Clay and I had sex during the day while waiting  for Rex to arrive.  He was two hours away and knew I demanded punctuality.

At five twenty-nine, he pulled into the drive and rang the doorbell.  Clay and I were both nude, and when I answered the door that way, he was surprised.

I welcomed him to my home, and said, “Feel free to get comfortable and join us.”

Once in the den, I offered him a beer and when I returned with a beer for each of us, he was in the process of undressing. Once he was totally nude, I picked up his clothes which were neatly folded and stacked, and took them to my safe and locked them away.

He looked at me curiously, and I said, “Rex, you know my philosophy.  I expect my employees to do no more or less than I do.  I think you should experience what we did Saturday night.

“Mark, may I say something first?” he asked.

“Go ahead,” I replied.

“I enjoy what was done to you and Clay as much as you two.  However, the others are only dominate, and love humiliating other males.  We are all members of the same biker’s club and they have no idea at all that I am submissive.  The rest of the members are totally straight and into cunt.  If you are planning on making me do what you two were made to do, I’m all for it. I wanted it Saturday night, but couldn‘t let anyone know.”

“Let’s go out on the patio and you can prove it,” I said.

We did and he was right.  He hungrily devoured every drop of our piss and eagerly took us in his ass one after the other, as well as eagerly accepted us both jerking off onto his face and into his open mouth.  After clay and I licked his face clean of tour cum, we all kissed. After the kiss, he smiled and said, “Before I leave I want one or both of you to fist fuck me.”

We gladly obliged and toot turns fisting his ass until we brought him to a roaring climax.

As he left, we assured him that on the next meeting at the park, we would keep his secret.

All too soon, it was time for Clay to return to his military life.  I bought him a plane ticket and the night before he left we had wild uninhibited sex.  I finally admitted something to myself and told him that I loved him.  

“I love you too, baby.  I’ll get back as soon as possible.”

Sam, the trucker, spent the night with me when he was in town, and I met Rex and the other bikers at the park once a month, but my desire was to hole Clay in my arms again.

Then, one Saturday morning just as I had turned on the coffee maker, my doorbell rang.  Grabbing my robe, I headed for the door and when I opened it I heard, “Surprise!“

I froze as I looked onto Clay’s smiling face.  “You’re not due for another month.  What happened?”

He rushed in and grabbed me and kissed me passionately before finally saying, “There was an accident just outside the base a month ago.  It happened just as I was at the gate and I managed to pull the driver out before the car exploded.  In recognition for the bravery, I was given a month credit on my enlistment and got out a month early.  I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well that you did,” I replied as he stepped in and tossed his belongings to the side. 

I closed the door, and immediately, he dropped and opened my robe and began sucking my rising cock.  He was going at it like a starving dog and when I soon climaxed into his mouth, he moaned softly as he swallowed every drop.

Pulling off, he stood and said, “Not wanting to endanger my record of good behavior before my discharge, I haven sucked a cock since I last saw you.  The only cum I got was my own.”

“Well, now you can get all you want.  The temp secretary is scheduled to stay another month so you take time and relax and then you can start work.”

“Cool, but right now I want your cock up my ass,” he said as he hurriedly stripped off his uniform.

Moments later we were in bed with me pounding his ass hard and deep and him saying how good it was.

After filling his ass with my load, he asked about the park.

“I’m scheduled to meet the Rex ad the others tonight.  I’m sure they will be glad to see you again.”

I sucked him dry, taking my time to bring him to a climax.  After devouring his load, we flipped and had a piss sixty-nine, feeding each other our piss at the same time.

Clay has been home with me now for six months and we have come out of the closet and gotten married.  We still play together and separately at times with the others permission but we are never apart when it is time to go to sleep.

Now, when Sam visits, he sleeps between us.  He loves having a sixty-nine with one of us while the other fucks his ass at the same time.  He said he might have a surprise for us that would let him visit us more often.

A month later, we got a call from Sam asking if we had plans for the weekend.  We said no and asked if he was going to be in town.  When he said he was, I immediately told him that he was staying with us. That’s when he said that the surprise he had mentioned was coming to reality.

Friday night, Sam arrived just after six and immediately wanted sex, which we were glad to provide.  

Sam wanted sex out on the patio and once he was nude, we went outside.  

He sucked us some and we sucked on him then he asked us to let him know when we needed to piss.  I smiled and said, “I need to now.”

He dropped to his knees and said, “Hose me down, baby.”

I began pissing on his chest when he leaned forward and put his open mouth in like with the piss stream and began drinking it.  Watching the action, Clay stepped up and started pissing on
Sam, aiming for his mouth. 

Sam hungrily drank as much of our piss as he could, and when we were drained, I looked at him and said, “I know that wasn’t your surprise.  What is?”

“How would you two like to be able to use me any night you wanted?” he asked.

“How is that going to be possible?” Clay asked. Sam already new that Clay and I were lovers and had wished us well when we had previously told him.

“First off, I have filed for divorce from the bitch I married. I got home early from a run and walked in on  her taking on two of the husbands in our group of friends.  Her dad is quite wealthy, and he had me sign a prenup stating that divorce was not an option unless it was discovered that either of us was unfaithful.  If I was found to be unfaithful she got a trust fund that he had set up that is now worth a quarter of a million.  If she was found to be unfaithful, the trust fund would come to me.’

He paused a second, then continued and said, “A few weeks ago, I got home from a run a day early and walked in on her in bed with the husbands of two of the couples we are close friends with.  When I walked into the house I heard moans and voices from the bedroom.  I eased back and when I saw what was going on, I got my cell phone out and took pictures for evidence.  I went to her dad and told him I was filing for divorce and showed him the pictures.  A couple of days later, I filed for divorce and three days later I had a quarter of a mill in my checking account.”

“So just what does that mean?” I asked.

“I used part of it and bought controlling interest in Midwest Trucking, with it’s main office right here in town.  I’m moving here.”

“No shit?” Clay asked.

“No shit.  We can have fun whenever we want.  I might need your help in finding a decent place.”

“Count us in,” I said, then asked, “Would you excuse us a moment?”

I took Clay to our bedroom, and once there, I said, “We both love sex with Sam, right?”

“Hell yea, especially fisting his hot ass, and sucking his huge loads out of his big cock. What are you getting at?”

“How would you like to have him as our lover?” I asked.

“Fucking awesome idea. Let’s do it.”

We walked back outside and I had Sam sit down and began our offer.

“Sam, we want you to move in with us as our lover, but there is one stipulation.  Until your divorce is final, you will live elsewhere so as not to endanger your good fortune.  Once the divorce is final and you are a single man, we want you to live here with us twenty-four-seven. As you know, our bed is plenty big enough for the three of us. And, if any two of us want just one on one from time to time , the third man will sleep in the guest room.”

Sam smiled and said, “I never expected this, but you got a deal.  There is a small apartment behind the terminal office that I can use until everything is final.”

After kissing us both and swapping spit, he dropped and sucked us both dry, hungrily devouring our loads.  We then took turns sucking him and shared his huge load.

All weekend we sucked and fucked each other and fisted Sam’s ass,  hosed each other down often, and all three drank each others warm piss.  Sunday evening late, Sam left and went to the terminal  and got settled in. 

The following weekend was the scheduled weekend to meet the bikers at the park, and, of course, we took Sam with us. The bikers were glad to find a hot ass to fist fuck, and Sam was used continually.  The three of us serviced the bikers for over three hours, then serviced any others that came in later, including some hot college studs.

After several months, the divorce was final and Sam moved in with Clay and I and it was awesome.  If one of us wasn’t in the mood for sex, which didn’t happen often, the other two played.  We seldom, and I do mean seldom, pissed in the toilet.  There was always a throat to piss down.

We have been together for four years now and Sam’s trucking business has grown and he has several bi or gay drivers that join us to play from time to time.  We couldn’t be happier.


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