Marcus kissed me. "Damn baby! I ain't never came that hard befo!" I smiled. "So are we gonna fix my car now?" I watched as he walked to the front door, his bat size cock swinging between his legs as he waslked. He locked the door and then walked back to me. "Not tonight!" He kissed me and I felt him lift my shirt over my head. I am a little flabby in places and have "manboobs" but that didn't seem to worry Marus. He kneeded both my boobs with his big hands before kissing and licking them. My nipples became hard. He licked and gently nibbled on both causeing me to moan softly. "God, you is so freakin hot!" he said in his hot ghetto slang. I smiled. "Your nothing to sneeze at yourelf."

He unbuttoned my pants and slowly slid then down. I preffer the loose cotton shorts to briefs. I closed my eyes when I felt Marcus begin massaging my basket. Like I said, my cock isn't very big but its thick. I also have an amazing ass. Smooth with just a little hair in the "Valley." "MMM! I'm gonna love fuckin that hot ass of yours!" Marcus exclaimed. I smiled. He slid my shorts down and my cock poked out. I gasped when I felt him begin stroking it. He hugged me with his hand still between us. "I wanna feel you cum all over me!" he murmered in my ear. Soon he had me panting and moaning. I was so close to cumming and told him so. "Yeah, cum for daddy!" he whispered in my ear. He moved his hand faster. I couldn't hold back anymore. I felt my spunk expload all over his hand and drip onto the floor. "UUURRRHHH!!" I whimpered.

As I caught my breath Marcus licked his cum soaked fingers. "MM! Sweet!" He told me to lay on the bed with my legs up to my chest. I knew what he was planning to do but I still cried out in suprise when I felt his long tongue lick my cheeks and crack. His strong hands parted my cheeks and I moaned like a two bit hooker when I felt his tongue flick across my hole. "OOOH Yeah! Lick my ass!" I moaned. He worked my ass with his tongue while I panted and moaned all the while. After awhile he stopped. "Ok, it's time for me to fuck that sweet ass!" He smirked down at me. "It's gonna hurt like a bitch at first but I'll go slow." I watched him unwrap a condom and slide it onto his huge kilbasa size shlong. He squeesed some lube into his palm and stroked his cock. It made a wet sucking sound which I found to be very erotic.

I jerked slightly when I felt him squirt some lube into my ass. "Ooh! That's cold!" Marcus smiled and nodded. I felt some pressure when he inserted one of his fingers. "MMM Yeah! I'm deffinately gonna enjoy yo ass!" I felt him stick in another finger and then another. My anal walls opened up to his prodding fingers. When he felt I was loosened up enough he removed his fingers which made me kinda sad cause it was beginning to feel so good. "Remeber to breath" he reminded me.

I felt him insert his cock between my cheeks and rub it on my hole before pushing in. I felt a little pain but not too much. He slowly thrusted in and out, giving me time to get used to his cock. "Can u handle more?" he asked. I nodded clearly touched by his concern. He inserted more of his cock. Strangely I didn't feel any of the pain I had read about in gay erotica stories. Just a weird pushing and pulling sensation. "Ok, I'm gonna ram it on home, stay with me baby!" I nodded. I felt him thrust hard and I cried out. "Fuck!" He stopped. "Shit! Did I hurt you?" "No, I cried out cause it felt so good!" He smirked. "Ready for me to fuck yo ass?" I nodded.

He moved slowly, thrusting in and out. "Shit baby, yo ass feels so fuckin good!" I put a hand on his smooth, muscular chest and tweaked one of his nipples. He was panting and moaning softly. His lemon sized balls slapping against my ass with each thrust. I was loving it. It wasn't a quick frantic fuck. Marcus was taking his time. "I love you!" he exclaimed looking into my eyes. I smiled. The pushing and pulling sensation felt awsome. "Yeah, Fuck my tight ass!" Marcus had his eyes closed and his mouth was a perfect O. He moved faster, his balls making a "thwacking" sound as he thrust into my ass. "MM! I'm gonna cum baby!" he murmered. I was getting close myself. "Oh shit! Oh yeah, here it comes!" he pounded my ass like a jack hammer. "FUCK I'M CUMMIIINNNGGG!" His eyes screwed tight. I felt the warmth of his cum as it filled the condom. "AARRRGGGHHHH!!" he groweled as he came. I couldn't hold back any longer. I felt my own cock expload spurting my milky white spunk on my stomach and chest.

We lay there panting, Marcus on top of me. "Damn baby!" I smiled. "I know." I looked into his beautiful brown eyes. "Did you really mean it when you said you loved me?" He kissed me and then smiled. "I sho as hell did!" I laughed. "That sounds so nice, I've been alone for so long and have never had an amazing stud like u say that to me." He kissed me deeply. "Baby, you aint never gotta worry about that again!" I hugged him. His softening cock still inside me.

Part Three Cumming Soon.......

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