"DAMN IT!!" I hollered. My car sputtered to a stop and the engine light flicked on. I was in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Georgia. It was also hot as hell out here. The heat index said it was almost 90 and hot weather isn't exactly good for heavy set men like me. I am tall with short dark blond hair, green eyes, good skin and a chunky build. I have always been a big man. The only negative side my weight has on my is on my social life. I had been trying to find the man of my dreams with little or no success. I have been on a few dating sites but nothing ever came of it.

I flipped open my phone and called AAA. They assured me they'd have someone from the local garage in a few minutes. I took a swig of my waterbottle and waited. Luckily I didn't have to wait long. I got out of my car and my mouth dropped open when I saw the hot black hunk getting out of the tow truck. Tall with black hair braided into cornrolls. His eyes were dark and sparkling. He was handsome. He looked like he could be a model for GQ. He was lean and hard muscled. He smiled at me displaying perfectly white teeth. "You the dude with the car trouble?" he said. I nodded. He went to work hooking up my car to the truck.

"You can ride up front with me!" he said smiling again to let me know he was joking. I climbed into the passenger side and we were off. "It's lucky you called when you did cause the shop was getting ready to close." I nodded. "I'm sorry, you must have a wife and kids waiting for you at home." He smirked at my obvious attempt to see if he was single and showed me his left hand. "You see a ring anywhere on this finger?" I laughed. "No, I guess not." The more he talked, the more I was beginning to like him. He had an air of a young, cocky, Southern stud but he was also polite. "What's your name?" he asked. "Mike." He nodded. "Nice to meet you Mike , I'm Marcus."

When we got to the garage it looked deserted. "The owner is my Uncle. He let me stay after to help u." I nodded. He popped the hood and leaned over it. I could make out his firm, muscular ass. My 5 inch cock twitched. "Yeah, just as I thought. You blew a gasket.Come take a look." He moved aside and I leaned over. I was wearing a pair of grey shorts and could feel his huge cock poking against my ass when he pressed his body against mine. I smiled. "Oh, you like that?" he smirked thrusting against me. I nodded. "Theres a cot in the office some of the guys use to catch some sleep. I wanna show u what it's like to be made love to by a brother who knows how!" I smiled. "I've never really been with a guy before." He smiled. "Thats cool baby, I'll be real gentle."

I followed Marcus to the back and there, just like he said it was was a fold out bed. "Some of the other guys are gay too and sometimes when my Uncle isn't here we have hot fuck sessions" he explained. He looked me over and smiled. "But I aint never had something so fine as you are!" I smiled. "I'm nothing special." He moved closer. His dark eyes sparkled as he gazed into mine. "I wouldn't say that." He tilted my head up as he was a few feet taller than me and pressed his lips against mine. They were soft and slightly moist. I felt his tongue press against my lips, seeking entry. I parted them and felt his tonuge slide in against mine. He placed his hands on my asscheeks and gently squeezed. "Damn! I gotta get you naked!" I stopped. "Are you sure?" He cocked his head slightly and smiled. "What I mean is, I am not very big." He shook his head. "I don't care about that baby!"

He gently pushed me by the shoulders till I was sitting on the bed. I watched as he slowly unbuttoned his work shirt revealing a smooth, youthful, muscular physic. His chest was smooth and his stomach was flat and ripped. I could just make out the V shape of his pelvic bones. God this man was hot and he wanted me! The Gods must have finally remembered me! He stood infront of me, looking down and smirking I knew what he wanted me to do. I slowly unzipped his pants and saw he was wearing a pair of Calvin Kline briefs.

I pulled his pants off and reached up to massage his basket. I could feel his cock through the soft fabric. It was huge. I had to see it. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of his briefs and smiling up at him, yanked them down. His cock bobbed up and down like a spring. My eyes grew wide when I saw it. It was long and thick with a bulbus purple head. "How big is that thing?" I asked. "Almost 11 inches" he laughed. I smiled. I grasped it gently and began stroking it. I loved the feel of the soft skin against my hand. I licked his head and felt Marcus jump. "Damn baby!" I took the head of his cock into my mouth. Marcus groaned. "Yeah, that's it baby! Suck my big anaconda!" I began moving my head back and forth, moving a little further down. I found I could almost go to the back of my throat.

I felt Marcus put his hands on my head as he began gently fucking my mouth. "Oooh! You've got an amazing mouth! Lookit those sexy lips!" he murmered. I could tell by his heavy breathing, he was close to cumming. I knew about "edging" so I decided to try it out on him. I reached up and massaged his smooth, lemon size balls. When I looked up I saw he had his head tilted back and his eyes closed. "Yeah baby! I'm real close!" I felt his balls draw up in my hand so I stopped. "Whachu stop for?" He asked. I smiled. "You'll see." I did it again and he smiled, quickly catching on. I started again and when I felt he was close I stopped again.I did this a few more times and then really let him have it. I sucked his cock for all I was worth. He was groweling and moaning. "Oh fuck, Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. I had hin lay down on the cot and began jerking him off. His ab muscles tightened and I felt his cock pulsing in my hand. "AARRRGGGHH!!!" he roared as rope after rope of hot cum spurted out and landed on his stomach.

After he recovered his breathing he smiled at me. "Damn baby, that was the biggest nut I ever busted!" I giggled. "Thanks." I stood. "Where do you think your going?" he asked playfully. "Aren't we gonna fix my car?" He stood and walked past me, his huge, bat size cock swinging between his legs. I watched as he locked the front door and closed the door to the room we were in. "Not tonight." he murmered before kissing me.

To Be Continued.........

Authors Note: I love black, latino and Asian men. I think they are so hot!! E-mail me at [email protected] if u like this new story or if u want to get to know me u can check out my profile on Manjam.com under the name Nirvanaseeker :)



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