Smoke from camp fires filtered through the trees, unable to rise rapidly in the hot humid night air, fires that could be seen through the trees in one location after another over the low rolling hillside of the campground. A campground located in the deep South, hidden from prying eyes among the oak, pine and maple trees, away from any city or town for it was a campground for men, men only, men who loved men, who lusted after other men, had sex with them.

It was Jake's idea to come for he had ventured to the campground a couple of times back in the spring and had told his friends they had to come down at least once to check it out. After a month of planning, of the group thinning down to only four of them once other commitments were factored in, Eli, Gavin, Sean and Jake found themselves on a camp site in early October. They had hoped it would be cooled down by then but it was still in the ninties during the day, sweltering heat when the humidity was factored in. Eli and Sean each had their own small tent and Gavin was bunking with Jake in the large tent he had purchased last spring. It had been around two o'clock when they had arrived and it took them only an hour or so to get their camp site set up. They dragged the picnic table to one side of the small clearing to make room for all three tents and put up a canvas tarp over the picnic table giving them an area to keep their coolers and camp stove dry in case it rained.

They had worn shorts and t-shirts, unsure about going nude even though they had already seen several guys walking around without their clothes. They brought out the alcohol and mixers and made large strong drinks, something to kick start their evening and took off to survey the campground and see what was going on. The lanes cut through the woods, wound around in large arcs as they gave access to over nearly one hundred and fifty sites and they walked a couple of lanes seeing how others set up their sites, most similar to their own with just a tent and a tarp over a portion of the site, but some had slings, crosses and one even had a fuck bench sitting in the middle of their site. They cut uphill and headed back to the main small clearing where the main lodge building was located that had a common dining room, a TV room and some rentals on the second floor. Below it was a patio area with a pool. The pool was busy, naked men lounging in deck chairs, sitting on the side of the pool or casually paddling around in it.

Jake had recognized a few of the guys staying that weekend and had stopped to catch up. The guys flirted around, talked about some of the guys staying that weekend, and those they met wanted to find out where Jake and his friends were staying and as always, inviting them to come back to party later. One of the guys was considered a local, a farmer from only an hour away who came one or two weekends a month. He was in his late thirties or early forties and was a tall well built man with salt and pepper hair by the name of Willis. He was walking alone, carrying a bag of ice when they ran into him and he told them he had two friends at his camp site and they should get together, maybe cook out tomorrow evening. Eli, Gavin and Sean quickly saw why Jake liked the older man for he was friendly, easy going. They also noticed he had an uncut cock hanging low over his balls, both nipples pierced with bars and a tattoo of a dragon running up his side around his back and over his shoulder ending on his chest near his right nipple. He looked like a man who knew what he liked.

When they got back to their camp site they all crashed out in a lounge chair except for Eli who had brought a hammock and with it secured to two trees at the back of the site he was rocking gently back and forth as they talked about what they had seen and what there was to do tonight up at the lodge. The alcohol and the hot sun had made them tired and soon the conversation grew quiet and one by one they feel asleep.

It was getting dark quickly under the canopy of the trees when they awoke and the campfires were putting smoke in the air that hung under the tree canopy, Jake telling them that was a good thing for it kept the mosquitoes at bay. Sean pulled out his laptop and speakers and soon had music playing while Jake and Eli pulled out a grill and fired it up. They made drinks and talked while they waited for the coals to burn down. When the coals when ready burgers were tossed on the grill and Eli and Gavin pulled out chips, condiments and some onion, lettuce and cheese they had packed just for the occasion. When the burgers were finally cooked they sat around the picnic table eating for they had felt ravenous since their naps.

After dinner they had sat around drinking more, feeling the alcohol hit their system, making the banter between them rowdy and silly. They called out to any of the guys who came walking by their site, looking at the ones who were naked, checking them out. Maybe it was the primitive mood of the campsite, or the drinks mixed a little too strong, or the banter with its daring comments but it was Gavin who stood up first saying "When in Rome..." and he pulled his t-shirt over his head and then unfastened his shorts, dropping them and his boxers. Jake and Sean had seen Gavin naked before each one having slept with him in the past, but Eli, having not seen him naked checked him out. He was average in height, lean body and a cock that looked thick, looked like it could get much thicker when erect. Gavin pulled on his cock a couple of times and smiled at the others.

"Well come on guys, get naked."

Within minutes the others were naked. Jake who was tall and lean, Eli who was muscular, with broad shoulders who worked out five to six days a week and Sean who was the shortest, the guy with the baby face, who looked years younger than his twenty-seven with his fair skin and lean tight body. Sean had swam in college and continued to enter bike races and swam regularly at the Y and his body showed it. More drinks were poured and they sat around talking about sex, the men they had sex with and eventually about some of their fantasies. They absentmindedly tugged on their cocks as they talked, felt them stretch out some as they continued to build up the tension for the night, the anticipation of sex. They were open and casual with each other and had plans to split up and each go find their own enjoyment, to search out their fantasy or just to hook up and pump out a load, but they kept sitting, their banter going back and forth till Eli and Sean were sporting good rock hard erections. Sean's cock curved up toward his stomach and Eli's stuck straight out as he stood by the picnic table sipping a fresh drink. Gavin looked at each of them and laughed.

"Hell, I might have to fuck the two of you" Gavin stated to Eli and Sean.

"Maybe we'll fuck you instead. You want us one at a time or would you prefer us to shove them in together?" Eli snapped back at Gavin.

"He wants them together; you know how lose he is" Jake joked making them laugh but Eli stood stroking his cock, the shaft rigid and the head suddenly glistening wet in the dim firelight.

"Fuck I am horny" he whispered. Sean, who was as stroked up as Eli couldn't take it, the feel of his hard cock, his want for sex and watching Eli stroking his own cock and he squirmed in his chair, then jumped up.

"Fuck it" he said as he walked up to Eli and dropped to his knees. "Let me suck that."

Jake looked over at Gavin and smiled, then motioned down into his own lap and Gavin saw he was hard, the flared round head of his erection sticking out of his fist. Gavin was stroking his own, feeling it harden in his hand and he eased out of his chair and dropped down between Jake's legs, taking his cock and licking the head. Jake put his hands on Gavin's head and guided him, urged him to put his mouth over the head and push his mouth down over it. The warmth of his mouth, the slick wetness, felt good as his cock disappeared through Gavin's lips.

Sean sucked Eli with urgent need, worked his mouth furiously up and down the shaft, sucking it, licking the head and swallowing it down his throat. He held on to Eli's legs, brushing his body against them feeling the hair tickle his skin. He pushed his own cock over Eli's calves, rubbed the sensitive head over the hairy skin leaving a trail of pre-cum in its path. Eli glanced over at his hammock and knew it'd be perfect. He reached down and got Sean to stand up.

"Come on; let's make this interesting" as he led Sean to the hammock. He had him lay back crossways, his legs dangling over the side toward Eli and his head over the back side. Eli dropped to his knees, put Sean's legs over his shoulders and buried his face in Sean's ass, running his tongue up and down the dark crevice as he probed him. Sean slowly stroked his own cock as Eli kept his tongue busy in his ass, probing him, pushing against his hole, wetting it, making him want more. He cried out, urged Eli on, told him to eat him out as he spread his legs some more, gave Eli greater access.

Gavin pulled off Jake's cock and gave him an evil smile, slid his shoulders under Jake's thighs and pulled him forward, lifted his ass spreading his legs as he buried his face in Jake's ass.

"Oh fuck" Jake grunted as Gavin's tongue touched him down there, slid along his ass, pushed against his hole and even penetrated him, pushed through the tight ring of his opening. He grabbed a fistful of Gavin's hair and shoved his head tighter to his ass.

" me out...mother fucker" he whispered, his voice hoarse.

Gavin reached up to the lounge chair's arm and release them to let the back fall flat. He pushed Jake back, moving with him, moving up between his legs he was holding up and spread out, turning Jake's ass upward, spread open, his hole wet and open. Gavin moved down, rubbed his cock over Jake, smeared his hole with pre-cum and then he looked at Jake, stared him in the eyes.

"Go ahead, stick me" Jake begged and Gavin bore down on him, pushed his hips down and breached Jake's hole, buried a couple of inches of his cock into him before he stopped and held still for a moment. Jake had cried out and thrown his body back hard on the lounge chair, the tenseness of his muscles visible even in the dim campfire light. Gavin held still only for a moment and he began to sink his cock into Jake, eased it in, inch by inch, stretching Jake's hole open and burying his cock into him.

Eli had Sean's ass loosened up, wet and slick and he stood up, rocked the hammock upward toward his hips as he aimed his cock at Sean's hole, pressed it against him and penetrated it. He rocked his hips forward and the hammock toward him some more and sank his cock all the way into Sean amazed again at how easily Sean could take a cock, the way he just opened up and let you sink all the way into his ass. Eli pressed his hips up tight to Sean's ass, rocked his hips back and forth feeling his cock buried in the warm velvety insides of Sean's hole. Eli began to fuck, to work his hips as he held tight to the hammock, pumping his cock faster and faster, fucking Sean hard till his hips were slapping against Sean's ass. Sean was grunting loudly, crying out, his voice reverberating with the jolts of Eli's body against his ass, the way Eli shoved his cock into him hard and fast.

Jake and Gavin could hear Sean, knew he was a loud noisy fuck and for a moment had to smile at each other as they listened to Eli fuck Sean so hard they could hear the slap of their bodies coming together. It spurned Gavin on, caused him to fuck harder, to work his hips in tune with Eli and Jake laid back and took it, held his legs behind the knees, spreading them as much as he could, giving Gavin room to pummel his ass, to fuck him hard. Soon they heard Eli, heard him grunting, the break in his rhythm and they knew he was going to cum.

Eli had kept a furious pace, had fucked Sean as hard as he could, for he wanted to get off, wanted to blow a load, and blow it fast. The next one he'd take his time, but right now he wanted to get off. He felt his body tighten up, felt his cock get harder and he threw his body into it, crammed his cock into Sean and was soon pumping his load, thick wad after thick wad into his ass. He pumped his hips till he was spent, till his cock couldn't take any more stimulation and he pulled out of Sean's ass and wiped his wet cock off on his thigh. He let Sean's legs down and stepped back.

"You leave anything for us or did you fuck him to death?" Jake called out and Eli smiled and turned toward Gavin and Jake, seeing Gavin holding still while both of them were looking back at him.

"There's plenty left for you guys; come on over and shove your cocks in his ass. I think the fucker likes it."

Sean laid across the hammock, still slowly stroking his own cock, Eli's load oozing out of his hole, his legs dangling off one side and his head dangling off the other.

"Come on guys, fuck me; I'm ready. I want both of you to fuck me" Sean cried out without even raising his head and Eli looked at Jake and Gavin and smiled making a hand motion that Sean's ass was all theirs. Gavin pulled out of Jake and helped him up. They didn't go to the hammock but over to the picnic table and cleared it off, causing Sean to rise up and watch.

"Come over here you nasty fuck" Gavin called out to Sean who flipped out of the hammock on his feet, hard cock still in hand, and strolled over to the picnic table. He climbed up on the table and turned his ass toward the end where Gavin was standing, waiting, his cock hard and wet. Gavin moved up, putting Sean's legs over his shoulders, as he rubbed his cock over the wet leaking hole. He felt the slick cum of Eli and he smeared it around, got his cock head coated with it and he pushed into Sean. Sean gripped the table edge as Gavin buried his thick cock into him. Jake climbed up on the bench seat and worked into position to put his own cock to Sean's lips, rubbed the leaking head over them coating them with his pre-cum.

"Suck me" Jake whispered as he pushed against Sean's lips, watched as he parted them and let the cock Jake was feeding him sink into his mouth. Jake slow fucked Sean's mouth, eased his hips back and forth not wanting to cum but just wanted Sean to keep him wound up for he planned to pump a third load up his ass as soon as Gavin dumped a second in it. Gavin was fucking Sean with a solid even pace, for he wasn't in a hurry to cum, willing to fuck and fuck and fuck, for as long as he could. Eli stood by the table, slowly stroking his still hard cock watching Sean take Jake and Gavin.

"Goddamn, so this is where the party is at tonight" a voice called out from the lane and Jake, Eli and Gavin looked over and saw Willis and two other guys watching them. The other guys looked like farm boys, probably early twenties, solid bodies, their cocks getting hard watching the action. One had straw blonde hair and later they would notice his freckles that ran across his cheeks and nose and the bright blue eyes. The other one had dark red hair and fair skin. Late that night they would find out the boys were farm hands that Willis had hired to help him on his farm and on some weekends they came with him to the campgrounds to fuck. The blonde was Marcus and the red head was Scott.

Jake waved them over and they came up to the picnic table and watched Jake get his cock sucked as Gavin fucked Sean's ass. They were all stroking their cocks, all of them hard. Willis slapped Gavin on the ass.

"Fuck that ass, give it to him. He looks like he can take a fuck real good" Willis stated as he nodded toward Marcus and Scott.

"Shit yeah he can take a fuck" Eli whispered as he kept his own cock hard, then he turned to Willis. "You want a taste of his ass? Suck this."

Willis smiled at Eli and dropped to his knees and soon had Eli's cock polished clean, licked till it shined with his spit and he sucked it down, burying his nose in Eli's pubes where he breathed deeply the heated scent of his body.

"Suck his cock, Willis, suck, you mean ole bastard" Scott said in a low barely audible voice. Suddenly Gavin began to grunt louder, shove into Sean harder and he pumped his cock in short violent thrust as he came, shooting his cum into Sean, mixing it with Eli's. As he came in Sean Jake held still, felt Sean's mouth loosen around his cock as he was panting hard now. Gavin pulled out and stepped back as Jake climbed down and moved into position. He ran his cock over Sean's hole, felt how it tried to suck him in, it stretched open, slick and wet, and Jake pushed into him, felt the warm wet slick cum of the previous loads coat his cock as he worked it into Sean, pushed in all the way then pulled back till the head popped out and he shoved in again. Marcus, Scott and Gavin stood by him, watching as he pulled is cock completely out of Sean, let it bob in the hot humid night air and then shoved it back into him, all the way till his hips slapped up against Sean's ass. Sean grunted with each penetration, cried out for him to fuck him, begged him to put it in his hole and Jake gave it to him, over and over, as he pulled out and slammed his cock back in.

"Mother fuck" Marcus whispered as he watched Jake repeatedly pull out and shove his cock back into Sean's hole, busting through the ring of his opening over and over.

Scott climbed up on the table and rubbed his cock over Sean's lips, smeared them with his pre-cum, then ran his cock over Sean's nose and cheeks, down around his chin leaving a slick trail over his face, Sean lying there, mouth open, tongue hanging out waiting for Scott to put it in his mouth. He was rocking back and forth as Jake fucked his ass, now working his cock into him with a solid full thrusting pace and he reached his arms over his head, took a hold of Scott by the waist and held him still, pulling Scott's hard cock into his mouth.

"Fuck the bastard wants it bad" Marcus said as he watched Sean take it at both ends. Gavin moved up beside Marcus and reached down, knocking his hand off his cock and took it, stroked it slowly as he leaned over and kissed his neck, tongued his ear, moving around and kissing him on the mouth. Marcus soon held Gavin's cock, squeezed the hardening shaft, ran his hand up its length and felt the slick wet head.

"Stop...stop" Eli cried out, pulling his cock from Willis' mouth. "I don't want to cum yet. I want to pump another load into Sean" he told Willis as he moved back, his cock bobbing hard in front of him. Jake suddenly cried out his familiar way he had when he was cumming, and they watched as he pumped his cock into Sean hard a few times shooting cum into Sean's ass. When he pulled out, Sean pulled off Scott's cock and sat up.

"I have to get up for a minute, this table is rough as hell" and Sean jumped down on his feet, his cock hard and leaking, and as he stood sizing up everyone around him a long drool of pre-cum trailed down toward the ground.

"Okay, who's fucking me next" Sean stated suddenly wanting to feel another cock filling his hole. Marcus pulled away from Gavin and stepped up to Sean.

"Let me in that ass" he said in a commanding voice. Willis, standing beside Eli nudged him and nodded toward Marcus. Eli wondered what he meant, but had a good idea. Marcus moved up behind Sean who turned and bent over, his hand on his knees. Marcus put his hand on Sean's neck and pushed him down more, bent him over till his ass spread open, his hole turned up, all slick and wet, and Marcus put his cock to it, worked the head into Sean and then he pushed into him, worked it in till he was pressed up against Sean's ass. He began to fuck, work his cock through the slimy mess that was Sean's hole, feeling cum pump back out. Sean felt it too, a trickle down his thigh of cool runny cum. Marcus kept Sean bent over and thrust into him, working his hips, using every inch of his cock. Willis watched for a few minutes, watched Marcus's ass as it flexed during his fuck, watched as he worked up a sweat on his skin, the hot humid night air making them all hot, their skin shiny from sweat. Willis made his way behind Marcus, moved up close behind him and ran his hands over his body, rubbed his back and shoulders, reached around and rubbed his chest and stomach.

"You want me to fuck you while you fuck him?" he asked Marcus as he rubbed his hands up and down his sides.

"Yeah, dick me, Willis, put it in me" and he shoved into Sean, stopped and bent over Sean, pressing his chest to Sean's back feeling the heat between them. Willis moved up and wasted no time putting his cock to Marcus' hole, rubbed it a little then he shoved forward, burying half of his shaft in Marcus making his cry out as he clung to Sean.

"Jesus" Eli whispered as he watched Marcus take Willis' cock, watched as he shoved it into Marcus all the way on the second push. When he was all the way in he pulled Marcus up, wrapping his arms around his chest, bear hugging him to his body.

"Fuck that boy's ass, fuck'em" he commanded and Marcus began to pump his hips back and forth, fucking his ass on Willis' cock and then shoving his own into Sean. Scott moved back to Sean's head, grabbed him by the hair and pulled it up, making Sean look up at him.

"Suck my cock; I'm almost ready to blow" he commanded and he pushed his cock into Sean's face. Scott bounced his cock in Sean's face a few times before letting him have it, letting it slide between his lips and sink into his mouth. He could feel Sean rocking back and forth as Marcus fucked him and he soon worked his hips to the same rhythm, pushing in when Marcus did and pulling back when Marcus pulled back sinking Willis' cock into his own ass. Gavin, Eli and Jake stood around them, watching, stroking their hard cocks, ready to fuck again. It didn't take Marcus long to blow his load, having Willis working his own over at the same time and he came noisily as he worked his hips hard between Willis and Sean. Scott was obviously ready to blow too as his body tensed up, his head thrown back working his cock in Sean's mouth. As Marcus and Scott pumped their loads into Sean the others watched and Willis pulled back and let Marcus finish up. When Scott pulled back his cock was deflating already while Marcus fell over on Sean's back breathing hard.

"Ok Marcus pull out and let someone else get back in him" Willis said. Marcus pulled out and stepped back and watched as Sean went over to a lounge chair and lay on his back.

"Ok guys, I'm about done, someone fuck the cum out of me" Sean said as he waited, feet up on the lounge chair, knees up, legs spread, waiting. Eli moved up and got down between his legs and soon had his cock buried back in Sean. He held Sean's legs together, tight to his chest, as he fucked, pumping his hips rocking Sean up and down on the lounge chair. Willis came over and got down on his knees and looked up at Eli.

"Fuck him hard and I'll suck his dick" and he leaned over taking Sean in his mouth. Marcus leaned over to Gavin and Jake telling them Willis would rather suck dick than anything else he could think of and he looked at Gavin stroking his cock.

"You want to shove that thing in my ass and fuck me?" he asked Gavin. Gavin grabbed him by the neck pulling his face to his own and kissed him hard on the mouth; then he pushed him back and hands on his shoulders pushed down and bent him over.

"Hell yeah I want to fuck your farm boy ass" as he moved behind Marcus. Jake watched Gavin penetrate Marcus, just shove his cock into the boy's ass so hard he grunted when Gavin bottomed out in him; then he went over to the lounge chair and moved to Sean's head, stepped over the top and fed his cock to Sean, letting him suck his cock as his own was being sucked by Willis and his hole pummeled once again by Eli. He looked over and saw Scott move up behind Willis and without saying anything drove his cock into him, just slammed it all the way into the man and Willis rose up and cried out.

"Fuck, Scott, rip me open" and he went back down on Sean.

Through it all, it was Sean who was the most jazzed, lost to his desires the most, his hole so loose none of the cocks stretched him anymore, not even Gavin's thick one; they all just slid in, slid in through the cum, pumping out previous loads letting them trickle down his ass. He sucked Jake as hard as he could, his eyes closed, his mind only on cock, cock in his mouth, in his ass and his own being sucked, wrapped in a warm wet mouth. When he came he was panting for breath and he shot a large load into Willis' mouth, thick white wads of cum, choking Willis on it. The spasm of his ass, milking of Eli's cock brought him to climax quickly. Jake saw how Willis was swallowing, taking Sean's load then he saw Eli's expression and he knew he was cumming too and he pulled out of Sean's mouth and grabbing his cock, stroked it a few times and came pumping out his load in Sean's face. When Willis finished swallowing Sean's load, had milked his cock empty and licked it clean he shifted up and cleaned off Sean's face, licking up Jake's load as Scott blasted his load into Willis, hammering his cock in the man's ass, coating it with cum. When Scott pulled back Willis stood up and Sean and Jake could see cum hanging off the head of his cock; he had cum while sucking Sean and getting fucked by Scott. By the time Gavin came again fucking Marcus the others were laid out, exhausted. The camp fire had died down till their site was so dark they could barely see. Through the trees the other fires were dimming as well but they could hear the sounds of others being rowdy, the occasionally cry out of someone cumming or getting penetrated, but the effect on them was no longer sexual as they were spent for the night. Willis, Scott and Marcus finally got up and told the guys it had been wicked fun but it was time to turn in. Once they were gone Jake got up and got a beer. He turned and looked at the others all crashed out in the lounge chairs.

"Anyone want a beer?"



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