Albert Campell got a new position in his hometown as the new head College Coach for the hockey team. This would be his 20 Th year in coaching hockey after playing five years in a semi pro league in upper New , York State. He has only been shortly divorce after wife number 3 and has 2 kids from previous marriages in the pass.

Coach Campell stood only around 5'9 and came with a wrestler type frame and got drafted by the New York Rangers in the Late 70's. The Hockey budget for this coming season is close to 500,000 to a 40 games season and hopefully the new 6,000 college new sports arena would foot the coast of most of the finances.

Peter Muller was called into Coach Campell office for a short meeting to discuss his new leadership roll as the team voted for him to be the new Captain for this season. He play centre and was rank as the best skater in college for his size. His two sister were figure skater s that were rank very high in the region and they taught him very well on how to become a much faster and better skater.

" High Coach you want to talk sir ? "  

" Yes Pete was wondering what your intention are for the season "

" I have a few plans Sir "

" Please call me Coach "

" I would like to have 2 weekly meeting with you all along "

" Yes that could happen "

" How about we start this after next Tuesday game "

" That would be great "

" Anything else Peter "

" Nope Sir "

" Nice you are dismiss "

" Thank you coach "

The time was well after 10 pm that Peter had to go to meet the coach after losing the first game of the season 4 to 1. He was real nervous as after the coach scream at him a few times during the game. He was wearing his new Puma track suit that fitted his body very well.

"Come on in Pete "

" So we need a lot of work to do with yourself and a few other players my friend "

" I understand Coach "

" Please Pete take a seat "

Coach Campell always shower after every game and deeply enjoy sitting behind his huge desk just wearing his jockey briefs underwear. Peter then notice before he took a seat that he was just in his blue briefs.

" So please Peter tell me about yourself ? "

" What would you like to know Coach "

" What are your grades like , Do you have a good home life and girlfriend ? "

" I have a 75% average on all of my grades Coach, Home life is good and I don't want a girlfriend right now Sir."

" You not into girls Pete? "

" Note during the season Sir"

" Are you married Coach? "

" I just got finished with wife number 3 Peter "

" Sorry to here that Coach "

" I am going to stay single for now "

" Much like yourself don't want anything during the season "

" Anything else Peter ? "

" I am all good Sir "

" Take care and keep your grades up "

" Thank's Coach bye for now "

" You also Peter "

Coach Campell look down at his watch and started to rub and jerk off as soon as Peter left his office, He shot off a load of cum all over his hands and underwear that he had on. He then got up from his desk chair to take a shower and get clean up before he head home for the evening. It was like 5 am he once again jerk himself off while watching NWA wrestling on TV. He deeply got turn on by the two bear wrestler name Rick Styner and Arn Anderson as their sweaty match lasted a good 20 minutes long. 

Peter was so amazed that he finally got a Coach that he can work well with and might have the opportunity for him to be his first fuck. The Hockey team had a very good streak and won their 10 Th. game in the row and was going into this weekend tournament rank number 3. The hotel desk manager told Coach that he was short on some of the rooms and players would have to team up as roommates. 

" Hey Pete you are teaming with me dude "

" Yes Coach "

Their room was on the 10 floor well above from were the rest of the team was staying. Peter put the local sports channel on to get the updates and scores from the NHL as Coach was standing over the bathroom sink just in his white sports briefs as he was shaving and trimming his mustache. 

The room was around 300 square feet and had a queen size bed for them to sleep in, During the night Peter hands slip a few times and started touching Coach Campell crotch. It was around 5 am when Coach woke up and notice Peter walking slowly over to the bathroom with a semi hard cock showing off very well in his red boxer briefs.

Peter just got back into the bed when Coach got up to take a leak as he came back walking slowly with a massive hard on showing. He walk right over to where Pete face was and began to roll his underwear down just pass his huge set of hairy balls.

 " Okay Pete time to be a man dude "

" Suck my dick "

" Yes Sir "

" You be my first cock Coach "

The deep throat was well into 20 minutes before they both started to 69 each other as both of their throats fill up from all of their won pre cum. 

"OMG Pete this fucking hot "

" Yes Coach, I loved your huge 7 inch "

" You have a nice tool yourself Pete "

" Thank you Sir "

It was a short time later they both exploded a huge load of cum at the same time as their sweaty bodies were cover with sweat and passion. The both slept very well for a next couple of hours as the alarm went off shortly after 7am. The team meet down in the lobby just after 9 am and got back on the bus to head over to the arena for the 11 am game.

Peter loved watching everyone change and shower in the looker room as he had to do his best in keeping his 7 inch uncut dick down. The team finished second in the tournament as the team is now heading on home and had to get ready for their next game in just 3 day's

Coach Campell  secretly invite Peter over to his apartment on Saturday night for dinner at 6 pm and had to tell him that he had got a huge contract at one of a top 10 Colleges in the USA and Peter was devastated by the news .

 They both walk into Coach Campell bedroom both aching of sexual passion during in which Peter was totally all excited before the fuck. Coach Campell slowly got out his bottle of sexual massage oil and was very horny before he started to rub both of their hairy bodies down with is.

Pete was bend over at the side of they bed as Coach was now rubbing and massaging his hard cock with the oil before he got down on his knees and started to eat out Pete hairy virgin hole. You can now hear Peter moan fairly loud as his ass juice stated to pour out of his sweaty tingly hole as the juice pour all over Coach lips and mouth.

" Holy shit sir that feels great "

" You have a nice hole Peter "

" Please Sir, Eat it all out "

" OMG love it Coach "

" I knew you would Pete "

" OMG, I think I am going to exploded Sir "

" Let it go Pete "

Pete ass started pour out a huge load off ass cum that landed all over his mouth and lips. He then got up slowly from his knees and walk over to the kitchen fridge to grab a beer to wash  the rest of Pete ass juice all the way down.

It was a good 20 minutes later that Peter was prep up on the side of the bed as Coach was just about to fuck him now. He then guided his massaged oil cover cock and started shove it all the way up Peter tight Virgin ass. 

"Holy shit Coach love it Sir "

" Same here Pete, Your ass is so good and tight "

" Fuck me Sir , Fuck me Sir "

Coach Campell cock was thrusting like a torpedo sliding in and out of his hot juicy hole as the fuck got more and more intense. Their hot smelly sweaty bodies are now in full sexual passion as both of them were now moaning with great sexual pleasure.

" Fuck Im close Peter "

" Give it to me "

" I want your juice Coach "

"  OMG, Are you ready "

"  Yes Sir "

" Here it fucking comes Pete "

" Holy shiiiitttttttttttttttttttt  "

Coach dick exploded a huge load of  white cum that landed all over Peter hard nipples, chest and face. He was now totally exhausted as his sweaty body was lump over Peter. They both got up from the bed to take a shower and began to lather both of their bodies up with Irish spring soap. They both felt very relief form the shower and slept very well the rest of the night.

The next morning they blew each other off once again as Coach made some breakfast for them both before Peter went home. Over the next few months their private relationship grew much stronger. It was late Friday afternoon that Peter got a letter from Yale telling him that he got accept and along with hockey scholarship. 

He then phone Coach and told him the very good news, After the call they both agree to meet once again for some more fun and passion. This time Coach let Peter fuck him in the ass, while he wore his bright blue FOTL underwear.

The End





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