It had been a rather boring weekend, full of absolutely boring nothings. It all started Friday night at the 'health spa.' I had gone to the steam room, God I saw some of the most gorgeous eye candy, setting naked on the benches, they couldn't have helped but notice, my cock was sticking out like a tree limb. I made no contact, which was disappointing, then I went to the 'Sauna' which ended up being about the same, except there was this old man, who looked about ninety, setting there, trying to rub up a hardon while he sat there. I got up went to the showers after about two hours and realized that it wasn't gonna be a happening thing.

I left there and went about twenty miles out on the hiway, to a rest stop, where I knew there was a glory hole in the mens room, and Shit, the stalls were all full. I waited about an hour, and they never emptied, That was a 'not gonna happen.' thing.

I finally got tired of wasteing my evening, and I went home, clicked on to a gay website, got myself a beer, stripped naked, and found me a hot video, lubed up my cock and gave myself a glorious climax, but it still seemed empty, meaningless. Every once in a while I need to be touched, or preferrably sucked off or fucked, or to be the one fucking, I love all three.

Well all weekend my needing frustrations were building up, I was about to burst apart at the seams, wanting to taste the cum of some other man, or be tasted myself. I had tried to call a couple of my gay friends hoping to make a 'hookup,' But they were either, gone, or going out on a date with someone. I was getting more frustrated that ever. I finally resigned my self to just spending the weekend with my right hand, a case of beer and my t.v. or computer.

Well the weekend passed and I was setting at the kitchen table about 10:30 on the following monday morning, I had a cup of coffee and the morning paper on the table, just still in my sleeping shorts, thank god I am a certified Accountant working for an accounting firm, and I do a lot of my work on the computer at home, and I was at home that week or I would have missed the fun that was about to take place.

Like I was saying, I was just in my sleeping shorts, no shirt, flipflop shower thongs on. I had just gotten me a refill of coffee and set back down, when the doorbell rings.

You must understand something about me, I am a fairly nice looking 29 year old man, I live in my own home, by myself, I am gay and I have a really well kept body, I work out to keep it that way, my Idol has always been 'Chris Evans' the actor and I have made my body build about like his, thru hard workouts at the Gym and really a lot of swimming at the 'Y' and local pools, and jogging.

Well the doorbell had just rang, I was standing in my shorts, I just asked myself, 'Who could that be this time of the day?' I wasn't expecting anyone.

I went to the door and there standing before me was a young man, oh looked to be about twenty.

I said, 'Yes' He just smiled and said 'Hello sir, My name is Tom Cranston, and I am working to win a free trip to 'Cancun,' I am with group of college students here, and we are trying to get enough sales to win the trip.' I said 'Really', he said 'yes sir' I started noticing him, god he was a doll, my body was thinking for itself and I noticed his beautiful smile,his perfect white teeth, and his build, I could tell he had been on the workout bench a lot, He was built like a college athlete.

I said,'Well come on in Tom, Im sorry about the way Im dressed, He said, 'hey man, don't appologize, I think you look really hot.' I just smiled and felt my cock kind of give a lurch.

Tom came in and I had him set down at the table and open up his folder, I was just staring at his body, I noticed him sorta rub his pecs a little, and he started giving me the sales pitch on his magazines that he was selling.

I said, 'Tom would I make you more comfortable if I had a shirt on?' He said, 'Heck No! you look just great, I run around our house that way at home all the time too' I said 'I go like this all the time around the house, sometimes even with less than this on,' He just smiled, I noticed him staring at my chest muscles. I was really feeling the excitement, and I knew before he left I would at least give it the 'ole college try.'

I finally said 'Tom, can I ask you a question? he said 'Sure' I said,'Being a young dude, doing what your doing, away from home and all, what do you do for sex?' he said, he kind of blushed and said, 'To be honest, either without, or use my hand, I'm sure you know about that,' I said 'yes I do, My right hand is my favorite lover' we both just laughed and he said, 'you got that right.' I looked at Tom and ask him, 'Have you ever had a really good blowjob?' He responded, 'It depends on what you mean by a really good one.' I said 'one that is not only good enough to get you off with, but one that drains you of all your energy as well as your cum, one that leaves you feeling like you have just had the most wonderful experience of your life,' He just leaned back in the chair and said, 'nothing like that, that I can remember,' I said, 'Since you have been gone from your school, how many times have you gotten your nuts off?, He said,' about four, and It's been about a week for me now,' I just looked at Tom, straight into his eyes and he was kinda smiling and he ask me, 'Why do you ask?' I think he was hoping maybe, I said, 'Well, maybe we can do something about that', He said 'wow, you mean, here, now?' I said, 'Yes Tom, Here and Now,'

Tom smiled at me and said 'Sure, who besides me and you will ever know, right?' I said 'you got it.'

I got up reached over to Tom, and said, 'Stand Up,' I noticed my cock was like a brick, standing straight out, pushing out the material of my shorts, and it had left a wet spot on the front of my shorts, Tom looked down at it and just smiled a big full white teeth smile, and said 'WOW'

I knelt down in front of Tom, and I told Tom 'to take his shirt off,' Tom took his shirt off and his body was just as I expected, beautiful, so youthful, muscular, his stomach muscles were like a washboard, from training for football, his chest muscles were thick and ripped looking, and his nippels stuck out hard from dark halfdollar sized aerolas, Damn he was awesome looking, his neck was thick and bullish, and When I finally got his cargo shorts down, I noticed his 'abercrombie' plaid, flannel shorts, and his cock was just sort of jetting out in them, I could tell he was starting to get a boner. I reached up and started rubbing his chest muscles and licking on his abs, I felt his stomach give a little lurch and jerk a little, and I was rubbing my hand over his upper arms and his deltoid muscles, god his body was musclar and hard, and so defined, shit, I was going bonkers over it, Tom just wimpered at the different little things as I did them to him. I finally reached up and lightly twisted his hard, tightened, nipples, and he really groaned, and said, 'God Damn man, what you doing to me? That feels Awesome' I just kept it up, I had him almost begging, and then stood up with my cock punching him in the groin area of his body, I started gently, lovingly around the neck, and lower face, I nibbled on his ear, and He just said, 'AW FUCK', I kept doing this and I noticed, as I looked down, his cock was sticking out hard and straight, still in his shorts.

I slowly slid my mouth around to his as he stood there with his eyes closed, and I said, 'What you think so far, Tom?' He said, 'Don't talk, I don't want to wake up and find out this isn't real', 'Awe fuck man, this feels better than anything I ever felt before,' I gently kissed my way down from his lips to his abdomen, and then I slid his shorts down and out plopped at least seven and a half to eight inches of a very thick cock, with a beautifull cut head, god it was beautiful. Tom was groaning as I rubbed his nutsack and massaged his balls, his bush was black thick and carpety and that cock was jutting upward by now, waiting for the tender touch of a loving hand, mouth, or any other orafice in which it would encounter.

I finally got down to the shaft of his cock, and I stuck my face into his bush and smelled his crotch odor, deodorant soap with a little manly, sweaty youthful smell, it was like a breath of fresh air to my nostrals, I moaned as My nostrals inhaled its awesome fragrance, god It was fantastic. I had by that time taken his hard throbbing cock into my right hand and was licking the length and sucking the base with my tongue and mouth, I could feel his heartbeat thru his harder that stone cock, I felt the veins as they pumped life giveing blood thru them, He was about to pass out from the sensation, I had him lean back onto the kitchen counter. I then licked my way slowly back and forth up and down the shaft of his cock, feeling him flex his anal muscled and make his cock swell out, and then, after I had totally saturated his cock shaft with my salive and got him actually groaning, I went to the head and slid my mouth all the way down to the hilt untill my nose was touching his stomach, Tom let out a loud grunt, grabbed my head and said, 'Holy fuck, AW Shit,' and I started doing the thing I love to do best, I had a cock, a gorgeous cock in my mouth, and I wanted to taste that essence, Tom was leaking pre-cum and I was loving it, his manfluid tasted awesome, like fine wine. Fuck man, I was sucking him like it was the last dick I would ever have, and I felt his muscles tighten up and heard him groaning and grunting, gasping for breath as his impending cum shot was building up, I wanted it to be a climax for him to remember and as he said 'OH HOLY FUCK' I felt his cock start to do its pumping thing, as his fantastic tasting cum belched out onto my tongue and down my throat, I took it all the way to the hilt and held his cock there, and swallowed as he shot it, and then when it finished doing the pumping action I pulled it back and started sucking on the head to get that last little drop of mancream as it oozed out onto my tongue, I was one happy camper, and I just kept it in my mouth as I pulled my very hard cock out of my shorts, and started stroking its foreskin back and forth, fuck man, I was so damn excited that It didn't take me three minutes to blast a load all over the kitchen floor, and I looked up at Tom as I finally kissed his gorgeous cock, as it deflated, and He said 'Mother Fucker man, that was Awesome,' 'That was the most awesome climax I have ever had.'

I looked at Tom and said, 'Well Tom, I am really glad I could help you out,' I kissed him on his mouth, and he started getting his clothes back on.

He looked at me a little questionable and said,'Would you mind If, While I'm still here, if I came back for a repeat of this?' I said certainly not Tom, It has been my pleasure, he said, 'not all of it,' and he laughed.

That was last Monday Morning, now I was setting again at the table, with my coffee and a cinnamon roll, on Wednesday morning doing paperwork for the office, I was in a tee shirt and some bluejean shorts, and again the doorbell rings. Not giveing any thought to who could possibly be there, I was not expecting anyone, I opened the door and there was Tom, He smiled at me and I noticed he had the most handsome young flaming red headed dude with him, I ask him 'if he had forgotten anything,' He just said, 'you said to come back If I wanted to,' 'you know? I said 'yes I did say that didn't I?' I looked at Tom, and then at his red headed friend, I said 'and who's this?' Tom said, 'This is Dennis, my motel room mate,' I said 'Hi Dennis.'

Dennis was a doll, awesome looking, but different, He was not as defined as Tom, he was about six feet tall, looked to be about 165 pounds, and he had a beautiful smile, and He said, 'man Tom has talked about you ever since he left here Monday, man your all he talks about, I wanted to meet you for myself.'

He looked at me straight in my eyes and said,'Is it true,? about you and Tom,' I said,'is what true?' He looked a little embarrassed,and he said,'you know? about him getting his cock sucked and all'

I just looked at this young gorgeous dude and ask him, 'Dennis have you never gotten a blowjob before? He said, 'No sir' I said 'How old are you?' He said, 'I'm a year older than Tom here'

I said, 'so your wanting to see what that feels like?' Tom spoke up then and said, 'man can we all do it together? I liked to swallowed my tongue, I thought to my self, damn twice in one week, this can't be happening. I said, 'sounds fantastic to me.' I stood up and walked over to Dennis, and said, 'Don't be nervous, I'm just gonna make you feel good,' He said, 'I ain't nervous, I'm just excited, Tom has told me how awesome it feels and I can't wait.'

I reached over and started to unbutton his shirt and he smiled and I looked down, his cock was about to take over inside his trousers. It looked like it was thick, and long, and it was. I got his shirt off and noticed he wasn't as ripped muscular as Tom but he was gorgeous, none the less. I opened the snap on his trousers, pulled them opened and I noticed he was wearing briefs, and they were stuffed full, his cock, from what I could see, was very thick, I was in for a surprise, Dennis was uncut, I slid down his briefs, and he wimpered and moaned his excitement a little, and his cock just flopped out, all I could think was, 'I hope I can get it into my mouth for him.' I saw the most beautiful hairy set of hugely thick round nuts in a nusack I had seen in a long time, his pubic hair was thick and fiery red, god it was gorgeous and his clean smelling body was turning me on like crazy, I noticed Tom was almost naked and I looked back over to Dennis and saw the foreskin on his cock was about half way withdrawn, exposing a beautiful thick pinkish head, flared out thick and tight inside the skin, the light reflected on the little bead of precum glistening at the slit end of his cock.

Tom was completely naked at this time and I was stroking on Dennis's cock and he was muttering someing like 'Oh shit, aw fuck,' he was totally into this like a lust filled sex starved man. He had never had anyone touch his cock before, neither male or female and he was ready and primed.

I said 'Guys, lets take this to the bedroom and do it right,' They both said 'awesome.'

We got to the bedroom and Dennis was up on his knees, I had stripped naked, and was leaning over and had Dennis's cock at least threeforths down my throat, and Dennis was going wild, He was wimpering and grunting like a breading Hog, pulling my head onto his huge cock, god he was into it. Tom was kneeling on the side of the bed and stroking as he watched, and he was kissing Dennis, I was fucking about to loose it, watching these two young dude get it on, with each other. Tom had layed down on his back and slid under me and had my cock into his mouth, that was a shock, Dennis was hardening up, very stiff and thick, like a rock, about to blow a load, grunting and moaning and shoving his cock into my mouth, and Tom was sucking my cock like a vacuum cleaner, and I was in limbo, god this was awesome, finally I got Tom's attention and said 'I want you to fuck me,'

He said 'O.K. got some lube?' I said,' In that drawer'

Tom lubed up his cock and my asshole and then with little warning, since he had never fucked an asshole before, I guess he thought it was like a pussy, easy to get it in, He like to tore me a new asshole, it hurt like a mother, He just jammed it in to the hilt, he was so friggen turned on and anxious, Fuck, I almost bit Dennis's cock off, not really, but I did clamp down a little to much, he just said, 'Who, dude, take it easy there', I caught myself and calmed down as my ass adjusted to the thickness of Tom's cock.

Finally I felt Dennis's cock jerk, and damn he flooded my mouth with a quart of cum, at least that's what it felt like.

My ass was taking a pounding by Toms eight inch cock, and I beginning to feel that spot up inside the asshole that feels like heaven when touched by a big cock, I was almost ready to blast a load, I felt Toms cock thicken, as his pace increased, he was breathing heavier, and He just quickly said, 'Awe Fuck me man, Holy shit' and I felt his cock belch out its mancream into my intestines, It felt fantastic, God I felt so satisfied, so fulfilled, and completed drained, These two guys had done what I hadn't had done in a long time, and I loved every minute of it.

We all three got into my hot tub, and cleaned the sweat, and cum and the smell of sex off of us, I fixed Dennis and Tom a nice Lunch, and we spent the afternoon just enjoying ourselves. Later that afternoon we had sex again before they left. They came back twice more for fun and games, before they had to go back to the college.

It seemed like everytime they came to get it on, I bought some more magazines, by the time they left to go back to school, I had bought about three hundred dollars worth of magazines.

I have their numbers and home addresses, they call me ever so often and promised me when they are in the area they will stop by to see me. I really never did find out if they got their trip to 'Cancun' though.

I will never forget those awesome two weeks I had just Buying Magazines.



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