Hi my names Jim, I am 40, tall and slim with average looks and I want to tell you about something amazing that happened to me this summer.

I woke up early as the bright sun was streaming light through the curtains. I could feel the days heat building up already and I needed to make the most of the morning while it was still cool and before the guy I had hired arrived to start working on laying paving out back. So I jumped out of bed and showered quickly, letting the cool water trickle over my tanned shoulders and down by smooth toned chest. I rubbed myself down and quickly wrapped a towel round my waist. Nipping downstairs to make a brew, I picked the post up off the mat and headed into the kitchen when suddenly there was a knock at the door - damn the builder was early! What do I do, dash upstairs and let him see me through the glass in the door, or be brazen about it and open the door with nothing but a towel to preserve my modesty? Sod it I thought, what harm can it do?

'Hi, it's Dave, come to lay your paving' he said with a broad smile as I opened the door.

Wow! I thought, he's HOT! I could feel my cock twitching beneath the towel and I blushed at the dirty thoughts that instantly flashed through my mind. Dave was a tall, tanned and muscled bloke, short cropped dark hair (just a bit of stubble), big brown eyes and the most dazzling smile I had ever seen - my sort of bloke, if only he was gay I thought! He shook my hand firmly with a big strong grip and the veins in his muscled arm pulsed - the veins in my cock pulsed as if in harmony!

'Come on in' I said, 's'cuse my mess, I was in the middle of getting dressed and making a brew, want one?'.

'Erhh... Yeh that would be great thanks', he said 'do you have any Cola for the lads?'.

Lads? I thought to myself, what lads?... as two tall, good looking young lads stepped into the hallway, one of them ducking his head so he didn't bang it on the ceiling light - Ahh yes - his helpers, the job was too big for just one bloke. 'Oh yeh right, of course, sure I do' I said, 'just give me a minute while I get some glasses'.

'Actually, could I skip the brew and have a cola too? I'm too hot for a brew' said Dave.

'Yeh no problem' I called back, as I dashed into the kitchen, pulling the towel to make sure it was firmly fastened at my waist and trying to push my growing erection down at the same time.

I soon reappeared with a tray, holding three glasses and three cans of Cola, straight out of the fridge. The warm air was already condensing on the sides, causing water to puddle on the tray as I put it down on the table just outside the door. 'Here you go lads, I am just going to finish getting dressed, make yourself at home and I will be down in a jiffy'.

I dashed upstairs and threw the towel down on the bedroom floor, I peered through a gap in the curtains and spied down on the three guys out in my garden. Dave had pulled his t-shirt off and was sitting sunning himself in one of the garden chairs, he had a broad hairy chest and a small tat on his left shoulder, he was playing with his nipples and rubbing the cold can across his chest. The two young lads were lazing on the lawn, their long limbs stretching lazily across the grass. Cute, I thought to myself, perhaps a bit young for me, but hey it never hurt to look, did it?! Both lads must have been about 18 or 19, tall and square shouldered. Their young bodies had yet to fill out into muscle like Daves, but a summer of working with him and they would be two strapping hunks. I started stroking my cock as I watched them, it sprang instantly to life and I held its meaty girth in the palm of my hand, stroking the purple vein that throbbed its length. One of the lads was laid out on his back looking up at the window and I was sure I saw him smile to himself, as his hand slid to his crotch and gave it a quick tug. I felt a pang of guilt, standing here watching these three obviously straight guys doing what guys do, but the urge was too strong and my thoughts too dirty, when suddenly I shot my load all down the curtains! I hastly wiped my cock on them and dressed myself in a pair of old shorts that were draped over the back of a chair and pulled a vest over my head. I ran down the stairs and out into the garden. 'Sorry to take so long' I murmured breathlessly as I shot a glance over the three faces staring at me. Did they know what I had been upto I thought? The lad who had tugged his crotch shot me a quick smile and jumped to his feet.

'Right then' said Dave, 'best get to work, come on lads, help me with this stuff' and winked at me as the three of them passed by and went through the garden gate and out to the van parked on the drive. I cleared up the glasses and cans and carried the tray back into the kitchen.

I watched them through the kitchen window as they carried sack after sack of sand and cement, followed by a huge cement mixer that they stood at the end of the lawn. 'Hey I was just thinking, where can I plug this in?' Dave called, waving the plug at me cheerily through the window.

'Oh hang on' I replied, 'there's a socket in the shed, I'll just unlock it for you'. I got the key and padded out across the lawn and unlocked the wooden shed, entering into its cool shade. Dave followed me in, his broad bulk blocking the light at the door, followed by the two lads. 'Here it is...' I called out. Suddenly it went dark, as one of the lads slammed the shed door shut, with all four of us in the cramped space. Dave lunged forward and grabbed me from behind with his strong arms, trapping me against the edge of the work bench. He pushed me down and forward across the bench, kicking my legs wide apart. The lads came round to my side and grabbed my arms, I felt the rough tightening of rope around my wrists as they strapped me to the end of the bench. Dave pulled down my shorts roughly, with a sharp rip the cheap fabric came away in his hands and he slapped my bare arse cheeks hard and tears pricked my eyes at the sudden pain. Almost immediately I felt the tightening of rope around my ankles as the lads trussed me up good and proper and I realised that struggling was futile.

I heard the sound of a zip being tugged and the fall of jeans around Daves ankles. His bushy pubes stroked my butt cheeks and the unmistakable stab of a cock at the rim of my ass. He spat and dribbled it onto my hole and with no hesitation pushed his rock hard cock mercilessly into my hole. Pain ripped through me as he forced his way into me and I made to scream, but before I could utter a sound, one of the lads jumped up on the bench and kneeling in front of me stuffed a hard and long thin cock into my mouth. I smelt the sweat and faint cheesey whiff of his cock as he thrust it deep down my throat while I gagged for air. Dave immediately began thrusting deep and hard at my arse. His cock must have been huge! I could feel every vein of his cock pumping deep into my guts and I heard his balls slapping between his legs. He quickly built up a rythmn pulling his cock almost out, before slamming it back deeper and deeper until I thought I was going to split in two. With the other lad almost suffocating me with his cock stuffed down my throat I felt like I was going to pass out, when suddenly they stopped and Dave pulled out and leapt up onto the bench, while the second young lad started fingering my hole. Dave pushed his wet sticky cock into my mouth and I could taste my ass juices and his pre cum dripping down my throat. The lad spat on his hand and worked my hole with his sharp fingers, stretching it wide so that he soon had his whole hand into my well worked hole, he started punching with his fist, god it hurt - but strangely I was enjoying the pain. The lad who had been suffocating me with his cheesey cock ducked under the bench and started sucking my cock that was already slapping painfully against the edge of the wood as my arse was pushed backwards and forwards with the force of the fisting I was getting.

After what seemed ages of this, Dave and the first lad swapped round and I felt the thrust of Daves familiar cock pushing up into me while the first lad gagged me again with his cock. Weirdly enough after all the finger probing I had just endured at the hands of the lad, Daves cock felt soothing. Suddenly the lad shuddered as he shot a thick creamy load of hot cum down my throat and he let out a soft moan of ectasy, leaning back against the shed wall. Almost immediately Dave let out a muffled grunt and I sensed a pulsing of his cock inside me, unloading its sweet juices deep into my stomach. He fell forward onto me and his wirey chest hair tickled my back. Then without a word, all three of them pulled their clothes back on, opened the shed door and walked out, closing it behind them with a slam and a turn of the key. 'Wait!' I called out, but my throat hurt and the cum gurgled so that hardly a sound came out. I heard their footsteps fade away as the garden gate creaked and slammed shut. Somewhere I heard the banging of van doors and the engine start and then drift away as they drove off leaving me tied up in the darkness, cum starting to dribble from my sore hole. What was I going to do?!!

Hours passed as I lay prone on the work bench with my sore arse in the air and the rope cutting deep into my wrists and ankles. I realised that I desperately needed a piss... badly! So I just HAD to pee, the warm musky trickle of piss ran down my legs, splashed up against my ankles and puddled at my feet, quickly turning cold on the concrete floor.

Eventually I thought I heard a van engine and the faint click of the gate opening. Footsteps gradually came near and the sound of muffled voices. The shed door opened and immediately closed again with someone I couldn't see standing behind me. After a moment of silence I heard that familiar sound of a fly zip and the sound of trousers coming down - Oh hell I thought, here we go again! Two rough hands drew my arse cheeks apart and his rough beardy chin muzzled deep into my hole, his warm wet tongue licking me out and making me wet again.

'Someone been pissing themselves have they then?' said the unfamiliar voice. 'Dave told me you were a dirty little whore pig. Well let's see if I can make you squeal like a good little faggot' Then I felt the warm splash of piss as he squirted over my arse and between my legs. He pushed an erect cock, still pissing, into my sloppy wet pussy and filled me up until it squirted out down my legs and onto the floor. Gradually he started to fuck me - and wow did he fuck me hard! The wet squelching of his warm piss and my cunt juices mixing with his rapid thrusting. In out, in out he thrust, deeper and deeper until eventually he shot his load into me with a deep and violent shudder. He pulled out almost immediately, pulled up his trousers and opened and shut the door, leaving me alone again. I heard muffled voices and then the door opened and he re-entered with some other guy. They threw a blanket over my head, undid the restraining ropes and wrapped the ropes and the rug tightly round and round me like an old sack. 'He'll fit in well with the other bitches' said the guy who had just fucked me. One of them picked me up and threw me over their shoulder to carry me out of the shed. The next thing I knew I was thrown into something cold and hard and the sound of a door slid shut. I was in a van! The engine started and the van drove off!!!... Where the fuck where they taking me?!!!




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