I struggled against the breathlessness of the old sack that smelled of damp and it's roughness chafed against my face. Roughly I felt several pairs of hands on me and someone pushing hard down onto me, as they slipped ropes around my ankles and the cold hard snap of cuffs forcing my arms behind my back. The ropes around my ankles were pulled tight forcing my legs wide apart as I lay face down on the van floor. A hand sharply slapped my naked butt cheeks and fingers started to feel around my sloppy hole. Clumsily they forced my hole wide and played with my rosebud, I felt hot breath against my cheeks and a warm tongue lick round my bud before the mouth sucked deep on my cunt.

'Sweet', said a faceless voice, 'get a taste of this hot pussy'. I could now feel several pairs of hands pulling and tugging at my arse and grizzly bearded mouths slobbering at my hole.

'Fuck, that's one hell of a hole, we are going to get a lot of use out of that before the Boss sells him on'. Several of the other guys were making appreciative noises and laughing at the idea of what they had planned for me.

'Yeh, it's party time with this one alright, he's a dirty little faggot. Dave said he loved what he and the boys did to him in that shed, practically begged to be raped, he did'. I recognised the last voice as being the guy that had raped me in the shed.

'Right lads, we're nearly there now, untie him and get ready to unload the pig'.

Hastily the ropes around my ankles were slackened and immediately pulled them together and bound them tight. The van drew to a halt and the doors were slide open and a cold damp waft of air flooded in and chilled my naked body. Several pairs of hands dragged me across the van floor and manhandled me out of the van with a bump onto the floor and then dragged me several yards across the hard ground. A door opened and they continued dragging me down a corridor or something. My body scraped and bumped against the cold floor and walls until eventually we came to a halt and I was made to stand upright.

'Here he is, Boss', said the voice from the shed.

The room fell silent and I heard a chair scrape across the floor as someone stood up and walk across to me. The 'Boss', as I assumed he must be, walked round me and said nothing. I quivered at the thought of being observed by someone I couldn't see, but who clearly commanded respect from my kidnappers. I felt a hand on my arse and then there was a sharp snap as a stick was whipped across my cheeks. I staggered and squealed at the unexpected pain.

'Silence, cunt', and another snap hit my crotch. I stifled a scream and doubled over in pain. 'Stand up'! barked the voice. I stood erect and tried hard not to whimper or show my pain.

'He'll do, take him down and prepare him. I have a client coming to visit later and I want all the slaves ready for inspection. We should get a good price for this one too'.

'Yes Sir', said the main kidnapper.

I was marched out, me hobbling along with the ropes cutting into my ankles. Again down the interminable corridors they forced me until eventually we reached a door through which I was forced with a push that sent me stumbling forwards onto a mattress on the floor. Roughly I was made to kneel, as suddenly the sack was pulled off my head and I blinked to try and get my focus again. But all I saw was a hairy crotch aiming itself in my direction and a bulging cock head slapped against my face.

'Take it bitch and watch your teeth or you'll get the biggest beating of your life'.

He forced his erect cock into my mouth and thrust it deep down my throat with such force that I retched and coughed a deep choke. With deep plunges he fucked my face hard and rough, I struggled for breath with each renewed attack, as saliva spewed out of my mouth and down my nose. I was blinded by tears from my eyes as he relentlessly raped my mouth with his hard pole.

'Get used to it bitch, this is your life from now on, take it and take my cum'.

With that he let out a deep groan as a thick salty wad of spunk shot deep into my mouth and down my throat. He pulled out as I coughed and spluttered and choked on his juice. 'Don't you fucking cough it up, you little faggot, now clean my cock good'. And he pushed his crotch back into my face and forced me to lick his shaft of strings of cum and my spittle. 'That's right, now you're a good little slave, don't waste any - and don't forget my balls', and he forced my mouth down to his huge drooping hairy balls and commanded me to lick them clean. My tongue flicked speedily across his salty sack and found several beads of cum that had fallen from his shaft, I greedily gobbled them up.

'Good job', barked my attacker, as he pushed me hard aginst my chest with his boot and sent me flying backwards onto the mattress.

'Now get some rest, you're going to need it. We'll be back very soon to sort you out for tonight'.

And with that, he turned sharply and slammed the door hard behind him and slid a bolt across it with a cold hard clang...




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