I loved my life at this point, being only 22 and having such a full life. In a loving and lustful relationship with my two brothers, a beautiful daughter at a little over two years old. A farm that went with good profit and had expanded into milk production for the village and the smaller town a little further away then the summer cottage resort. Life was good. Then something happened. 

The phone rang and I answered, It was John and sounded like he was in a panic. I tried to calm him down and that's when I heard him say that our father had gone into the hospital, I hung up and asked my brothers to come to the hallway. It was there I told them what had happened. The problem is that I cant go for Leo and Kevin was home visiting their mother that turned sixty, they would be leaving and also took the kids with them, so they could meet there grandfather. I made a little video on Micheal’s phone so Dad knew I was thinking about him, helped them all pack there things and then they were of, it was a bit hard letting Lily go but she was really comfortable with Daniel and Micheal. I waved them of and took a deep breath, well time for work Ithought to my self and started with the chores. 

Night came and the chores was done, it took so much longer working when doing it all alone, it was a hot night and I still stood in my normal hot pants and nothing more. Now sitting on the porch steps drinking some ice tea, It was then a car pulled in. Did they return already I thought and that would be strange, I got up and looked. The car stopped and the light turned of, out from it John came. I went to meet him and he ran up and grabbed me, lifting me. 

Oh Little bro so good to see you He said and put me back down.

Yeah good to see you to I replied. 

I asked him why he was here and he told me that our brothers had asked him to come here for it would help if I got some hands around the farm. I smiled a bit but asked if he had meet with father. He had. I offered him a glass of ice tea, which he gladly accepted. We sat and talked about our life's and what had been going on, it has almost been four years since we had seen each other. We laughed into the late hours of night. 

We went of to bed he took the sofa for his room had been turned into the kinds, he wondered why he could not be in one of the other rooms. I could not tell him there where no bed there for we all slept in the same bed. I laid between Michael and Daniel. He took the guest room and fell asleep.

Morning came and John still slept like a baby, the phone rang and I went down fast to answer it. It was Michael. He told me that Father had awakened and felt better, but that he would probably need surgery. I got worried and more so when he told me that they needed to be there for at least one more week, or if necessary two more seeks. I felt a bit un easy about this. 

Oh you already so that horny Michael laughed a bit saying. 

Yeah, and don't be mean I said. 

He apologized and we talked a bit more I ended the phone call by saying Cant wait for you and Daniel to get home and fuck me hard, I hanged up. 

Good morning John said. 

I jumped a bit and turned around he stood there at the bottom of the stairs. I looked at him with a blushing gaze and went past him asking if he wanted coffee, he would love some. He acted normally so I felt better thinking he probably did not hear me, I took a deep breath and sat down in at the kitchen table. He came in and I had to avert my gaze, he had a raging hard on. Did he have that before, well morning wood is normal and I did not look at him earlier when I walked past him.

I drank my coffee and went out time for some work once more, a week passed and this time Daniel had called me and said that it would take one more week but that father had done the operation and everything had gone fine. I worked hard and so did John on the farm, it was good I had him for I would have not had the energy to do this myself. The only down side to all this was that I was so horny, I always got at least something everyday. It was as if I needed cock everyday, I was hot and longed to get used. 

Night came and John had went to bed earlier then he usually did, I decided to sneak out. With the present I got from Daniel and Michael on my 22 birthday. Two dildos formed after their cocks, I needed to feel something inside me. I went to the barn closing the door and took of my clothes. 

I was already hard and I went grabbing the big metal plate that was left from construction, which was good to place the dildos on so their suction cups would stick good and make me able to ride them. I laid down on the hay at first, starting to rub my cock, moaned loudly feeling so horny and relaxed knowing that John slept soundly inside the house. I sucked on my finger and then started caressing my lustful hole, slowly entering it. I moaned my brothers name's, and put in a second finger. 

I arched back and enjoyed just fingering myself, my cock throbbing and remaining hard the whole time. I Needed cock now but the second thing had to do for now. I rose up and went over to were the dildos stood ready to be ridden, I slowly let my self slide down on the dildo made from Michael's cock. I moaned loudly almost screaming his name. I sat there for some time and then started to go up and down, making my cock leak of pre-cum. After a few minutes of up and down I touched my cock a few strokes and knew I would blew, but I needed the other in me to. I rose from the dildo and moaned as it left my hungry hole. 

Oh such a whore for a brother I have I heard John's voice say. 

I looked to the barn door that had opened and saw him standing there, nude caressing his cock. 

I was about to go away and stop everything, but he lifted his hand making me stop. 

No you fag I want to see you cum ridding the dildo He said. 

I was so horny I could not stop, and my brothers being my only weakness. I felt I needed to go on. I Went over to the other dildo and just as I was going to let it slide inside me. 

Whore do it really slowly John said and jerked his fat cock. 

John's cock was the biggest one of all of us and like some weird joke mine was the smallest. Micheal and Daniels cocks stood proud at nine inches, Daniels just a little longer and thicker. Johns on the other hand must be ten inches or more and really thick, almost as big as my arm. I got down to its base. 

Now stay there faggot He said. 

I sat there with the dildo of Daniel inside me hard as hell and dripping of pre-cum. He told me to start moving and rub my cock at the same time. I moaned loudly. 

Say his name slut John said with growled coming closer. 

I moaned my Daniel's name several times, which seemed to get John harder and made pre-cum start to form fast on the tip of his big cock. I rubbed my cock fast and moved up and down on the dildo moaning and getting so horny, hearing John moan. I shot my load in a big moan that could have been heard from far away. I slowly got of the dildo, moaning as it left my ass. John kept rubbing his cock and suddenly he spoke. 

Oh lose and good, now whore face down ass up He grunted. 

I obeyed and laid down on a horse blanket, I had my ass up. Face and chest down, he came  and slapped my ass hard, really hard. I screamed. 

That's right bitch, scream like the whore u are John said. 

He grabbed my hips in a firm grip and plunged in no warning nor ease, he just shoved in. I screamed again. He growled, such a good slut screaming for your brother. He started pumping me, and grabbed my head holding it hard to get a good deep fuck. I screamed since I was not yet comfortable with his cock, which seemed to get him hornier. He spanked me hard, and did it almost with every shove back inside me. 

Oh still so tight fag He moaned. 

I felt myself being stretched and as he started to pull out his cock and then shove it inside me hard he felt my hole gaping. He plunged in me still making me utter screaming like moans. He kept fucking me... I felt my dick rise again and I moaned all the more. 

Such a whore, getting hard from your brother fucking u he grunted. 

His movements were still hard and slow. 

Oh you love my cock don't you fag He moaned.

Oh yes god yes I moaned in response. 

He then vent faster and faster. Only to leave my ass. 

Get on you knees He said. 

He started jerking his cock and told me to keep my mouth open, I did as he said. He came and it was so much cum that shoot from his cock, he ordered me to keep it in my mouth. He lowered himself onto his knees and pulled me in for a kiss, letting his tongue inside my mouth. The cum swirled between us and we swallowed some. As the kiss ended we laid down. 

So Theo how long He asked.

What I asked. 

How long have you let our brothers fuck you and when did you knew you got horny by us He said. 

I told him about the first time I had seen him and the others, also that me Daniel and Micahel was in a relationship. He seemed not that shocked, but sad. 

Whats wrong I asked. 

I want you to He then said. 

I laughed a bit and he sat up, I knew I must have hurt his feelings. I rose up and placed my arms around him, telling him that he already had me. He then understand that he was now my boyfriend to. He turned around and laid me down, kissing my mouth and licking my neck, pinching my nipples. 

I have been hot for you since you where fifteen He whispered. 

Really I replied. 

Yes since the first time I saw you swim naked in the lake I knew I wanted you. 

He told me about his fantasies and that he had jerked his cock so many times watching me. I got horny and he grinned. Time for another fuck he said and started it by saying such a whore I have for a brother. We fucked three more times. 

One week later everybody had returned home, Michael and Daniel got out from the car and saw John trying to avoid eye contact. 

Oh so you have taken good care of our slut Daniel said. 

He smiled and we all laughed. Three day's passed since their return and John felt really at home, and getting to fuck me was his greatest joy. Yet he looked as he went thinking something as if he was worried or had something planned. The weekend came and or kids was in the village sleeping over at Karen a wonderfully sweet woman with two young kids and her sister plus their husbands. We all were really horny and we went tothe barn just to get more space fucking our brains out. 

I opened the barn door and I jumped seeing a group of guys all naked. 

Whats this I asked. 

Your our whore so be a whore Daniel said. 

I was a little shocked, had they told so many guys that i got fucked by my brothers there was twelve cocks infront of me. I looked at John and he smiled a wicked smile. So this was what he had been planing. They lifted me up and laid me over the barrel that they now had made steady. I was not ready for this I only wanted to be a whore for my brothers no one else. 

No I don't want this I said and was about to stand up and leave.

I felt a hand push me back down. 

Your our whore and you will do what we want Michael said. 

Yes you will fag John continued. 

I felt my cock getting hard, Daniel saw it as he said he's ready. I felt a pair of hands grabbing my buttock and splitting them. The man behind me spit at my hole. Another man came to stand infront of me wagging his dick in my face. 

Make me hard you dirty fag, letting your brothers fuck you now suck He said. 

I started sucking his limp cock and felt it grew inside my mouth. The man behind me started to lick and sometimes spit more. They kept calling me things. The man that Kept licking me had stopped and switched with the man in front of me, now I sucked his cock and the one before was teasing my hole with his cock. 

You want this cock you slut He said. 

Oh yes, fuck me I replied.

He grabbed my hips and slowly went inside me. All the way down and then he pulled out slowly all the way and then plunged it back in. I screamed and felt the other guys cock shoving it self down my throat. All the other guys stood around jerking their cock's calling me things. I heard my brother saying such a good little brother taking our friends cock's. The guy that fucked me hard was grunting like he had not got laid in years. 

Oh so tight, my wife is not this tight He grunted. 

The one I sucked said, my wife never suck me anymore. I knew what I was then just a cum-dump whore for their release, some had not gotten laid in over a year others had not got it since there kids was born. It was sad but I was so honored they wanted to defile me and use me I moaned between the gagging the guy made me do with his cock ramming down my mouth and the one pumping his cock inside my ass. They filled me, one inside my hole and the other my mouth which I swallowed. The next pair of guy's got right in there. I was used for over three hours, then it was my brothers turn. 

Now baby brother fag Michael said. 

That what was they called me, I was there baby brother, gay and to them their slut, whore and fag. 

Around the guys stood and watched the show, like they got hard as fuck from seeing older brothers fuck their baby brother. Michael grabbed my hips and was about to plunge his cock inside me. 

Oh your hole is gaping so much He said and let his cock enter me. 

Yeah Bro fuck our faggot brothers ass hard John said. 

Michael started humping me and with great force, telling me I was still tight. Even after my whore hole had taken so many cocks. 

Your hole is full of nice cream so easy to pump Michael moaned. 

Oh nice bro, and his mouth is such a wet hungry hole to John grunted. 

They switched positions, and John spread my cheeks just looking and said. This hole is so hot and wet, it dripping of white cream. You like it you fag having a hole full of man juice. I moaned louder then before, I loved my brothers so much. Yes I loved to get cock from others because they were there, all my cock reacted to was my brothers and their wishes. I would always be their fag and lover. 

Oh I'm cumming  Michael screamed. 

All they guys almost simultaneously said, fill your faggot brother. Others said, he's such a dirty fag taking his brothers load. John kept fucking my mouth making me gag as he grabbed my head and started to fuck my throat really deep. He shoved it all the way down my mouth, staying there and watched as I looked at him with pleading eye's. He grinned and pressed some more, he released my mouth. 

That was good fag Hesaid. 

Daniel stood now behind me, and I looked around fast before John once more grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat.  

Whore's should not look else were when cock is present John growled. 

I had noticed that all the other guys had started to suck and fuck each other. John looked a bit angry as he had his cock down in my throat again, this time almost made me pass out he laughed and started throat fuck me again. 

Oh I'm cumming He roared like a beast. 

As he shoot his cream he held down his cock all the way inside my mouth. 

Swallow it whore He moaned.  

Daniel came just seconds after inside my ass. I breathed and felt a cock inside my ass again I looked behind me and saw Kevin. He smiled and told me that he had been allowed to try fucking me, I got hard again this was his first time being a top. He let his cock inside me and moaned in so much pleasure. 

Oh look Kevin the slut his yours, he is honored John said as his cock started to grow. 

Kevin started humping me, and I loved it. To be his first ass. Michael ordered me to suck his cock hard, as he wanted to continue with this fuck fest. Leo came up behind Kevin and entered his ass, Kevin doing all the job. Moving his hips back and forwards. 

Oh yeah fuck my ass I moaned. 

Oh yeah fuck my cock Leo followed. 

Kevin came inside me and told me it was amazing. Leo pulled out his cock from Kevin and started to clean his little brothers cock, just to then start fucking me. This fest went on to early in the morning. Being filled over thirty times in the ass and twenty in my throat. Most of the men slept in the barn, but many had drove of in their cars. As we walked up to the house I had a really hard time walking but that changed, when Daniel lifted my up and kissed me. 

Happy birthday He said. 

My birthday is next weekend I replied. 

Yes but we can never surprise you so we made is this way John answered. 

So did you like it Michael asked. 

Yes so much, I love everything with you I said. 

They told me that since I only could get hard when it was evolving them or it was they who did it, they thought it nice to give me the cocks I had missed out on. I smiled. 

But wait what about my birthday I said. 

Don't worry, That weekend we have decided that you can do what ever you want with us Michael answered. 

I smiled again and got laid in out giant bed. They told me to get a good few hours sleep and that they would pick up the kids. I smiled as they all kissed me goodnight with tongues and all. 

I love you I said. 

We love you to they said and closed the door. 

I woke up the next day, I really needed to sleep as I had been fucked so much and hard. Rubbed my sleep from my eye's seeing all of them laying there besides me, of course we were always nude. It must be very early. I got up and looked at them one more time, what if all this ended some day. Why had I thought of that now. I felt my self almost starting to cry, I shook my head and went down stairs. Pouring me some ice tea spiked with a bit of vodka, as I went to the porch still nude enjoying the breeze of the morning air. The thoughts still haunted me, I heard Lily calling out and I went to grabbed a  pair of sweatpants and got her up.  I was so happy but this feeling of it all to end, felt like a knife being stabbed into my heart. 

The weekend came and waved to our kids as Karen came to pick them up. It was my birthday today and as soon as The car was beyond viewing distance, I turned around seeing my brothers already naked with there cocks between their legs I felt the tears come and  ran into the house. They followed. 

I had laid down in our bed grabbing a pillow and cried. The door opened I said to them to go away. They did not listened. All came to me and pulled me in for a group hug. 

Whats wrong Theo Daniel asked. 

You can tell us anything Michael said. 

I told them my fears, the fear that it would all end, they would find hot females to fuck and leave me. I cried more. 

Never think that John said. 

I looked at him and to the other two. They told me that it would never happen, we were a family and this was not going to end. 

Your our soul mate Theo Michael said. 

Yes our true love Daniel continued. 

We will never let you go John said. 

I smiled and they wiped of my tears. They pulled my in for another hug. I felt much better. 

We walked back outside now we all were naked and they asked me were I would like to have fun, considering it was my birthday. I asked if we could be in the fields. They smiled and John grabbed my hand. As we had gone out in to the field they stood there. 

What is your wish  John asked. 

We will do what you want this weekend Michael said. 

I dared not look at them as I asked. 

Can I fuck you I said. 

Look I heard them say. 

I looked up only to see them down on there knees with there asses up in the air. We will let you do anything you want and your cock is the only cock that is for our hole's. Daniel went back to me and started sucking my cock, John came around me and spread my buttocks starting to lick my slutty hole. Michael stood up and started kissing me. 

We will be your slaves this weekend John said. 

Yes so its all about you to day Daniel said and continued sucking my cock hard. 

I moaned and felt Michael's tongue enter my mouth, my cock rose and Daniel stopped sucking it. 

You look ready, who do you want to fuck He asked. 

All of you I said. 

Our slut is horny like hell John said. 

The all stood like they had before with there asses up, I went and grabbed a hold of Michael's hips and slowly pushed my cock inside his virgin hole. I moaned loudly, he was so tight. It felt so good. Not as good as getting cock but being the one to take my brothers asses for the first time got me so hard and horny. 

Oh yeah Theo fuck my ass Michael moaned. 

It got me to start pumping him slowly, moaned out loud.

Take my virgin ass baby bro Michael said. 

You feel so good I moaned.

I moved back and forwards and felt as time went that I could move faster, and a bit harder. Michael moaned louder and screamed fuck me baby bro make me the slut, as Daniel had started jerking his cock and went over so that he stood in front of Michael. Michael started to suck Daniels cock which drove me mad, making me a wild animal and fuck hard as hell, Michael had a hard time now to, scream as I knew it must hurt. 

I'm about to cum I moaned.

Yes fill me Michael panted and continued to suck Daniels cock. 

John stood and rubbed his manhood, which leaked with pre-cum. I mad a last plunge inside my oldest brothers ass and moaned as my hot cum filled his hole for the first time. I pulled out and John went down on his knees and took my cock into his mouth but first said. 

I will clean it for you 

I got hard almost instantly and moaned as he kept sucking. Michael still stood on all fours with cum leaking from his cock and dripping from his ass, sucking Daniels cock. 

I want to fuck you now I said to john. 

He stopped sucking my cock and smiled. He let his chest down on the ground with his butt high up. I spread his cheeks and spit, rubbing my cock on his hole mixing pre-cum and saliva making it a perfect lube. I shoved my cock inside him and he screamed louder then Michael, I loved it and could not wait so started to fuck him fast immediately. 

Oh you feel so good big bro I moaned and slammed my rock hard, dripping cock into his hole.  

His screams went to moans and I came hard inside him, now Daniel's ass was mine for the taking. I was still hard and my cock was dripping with cum as I told him to lay down and spread his cheeks. I started humping him and he moaned like he had taken cock before. 

I have fingered myself before He moaned. 

Oh nice bro I said. 

I want cock I moaned. 

I loved to be the one to fuck my brothers, but noting could compare to their cocks inside my hungry hole. I felt Michael coming up behind me and pressed his cock into me as I pumped Daniel that stood on all fours. John stood over Daniel and begged for me to suck him. This was heaven. I could die this way, we all came screaming loudly I Love you brothers. 

We had a good week of fucking until it became normal again so to say. I was their slut once more, and our kids returned home. Time went and the kids started school we had the most fun then but needed to keep it hidden when they were home. We still shared a bedroom but now with separate beds. That when the were gone our slept we pushed together. Time went again and our kids were of to collage. 

I was now 42, my Lily 18 and moved to campus. We were alone. Leo and Kevin still lived on the farm with us. Michael was 54 now and still a hunk, that was what farm work did. John was 49 and Daniel 52. We were called the young brothers. Looking ass we all were in our thirties and hot as hell. Now we lived like we wanted, a huge bed and we fucked every day. We had so much to catch up on. My brothers had started to fuck and suck each other to. Like a full blown orgie everyday. We loved it and so we would spend the remaining of our life's. In horny bliss. They could take cock and give but I was still the one to take the most after all I was born to be my brothers Slutty baby brother and our love was never ending. That is BROTHERS LOVE pure and holy. 

The END 

Hope you all enjoyed it and if you want me to write something you like, send me an email. If you have a wish let me know XOXO/ rainsky  



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