This was made from a request from a reader, one that wanted a story with brothers filled with sex yet a bit of a story. the person wanted it to be verbal. So here goes the first requested story I have made. Hope you all enjoy.  

I always thought that there was something wrong with me, never getting a hard on when seeing girls nor boys. Nothing got me hard, turned on or even curios. Not until I turned sixteen I knew what made me drool. 

I had gotten up to take make a nightly visit to the bathroom, I stopped seeing the door open just a bit and inside the lights were on. I passed the door and stopped again seeing into the crack of the door, a wet naked body that made my cock twitch. I stepped closer and I saw him, my older brother John. My cock started to get hard and I was chocked, my brother turned me on and as he turned around seeing his cock almost made me moan. I went back to my room hard and so horny, I laid down and started moving my hand up and down on it. I moaned and almost at once shoot a huge load. I cant believe I just did that, made me cum from the sight and thought of my own brother. I cleaned myself of and waited until John left the bathroom, went and did my business and then straight to bed. 

It was not until a few days later that I started to be able to look him in the eye's. Still became hard just thinking about him in the shower and it all was so much, so hard to be around him yet I managed. It was evening and john had gone out with a few friends, father was working late and my next to oldest brother Daniel was at a friends house. I walked up stairs to lay down on my bed as I heard a faint sound of moaning, I kept walking and it became clearer. There even his door stood open. My oldest brother Micheal, laid on his old bed moaning I stepped closer. It was then I saw him holding his hard throbbing cock oozing with pre-cum, I once again became hard. This time I could not leave I needed to see him cum and I wanted to cum with him. I let my hand slid down my pants and grabbed my hard pole, starting to rub it. I bit my lip many times as I almost moaned with each stroke, he moaned laying back and jerking his big fat cock. He must have gotten here when I was out for Michael had moved out, but his room was still there. I felt pre-cum leaking from the head of my cock. 

My oldest brother was so ripped that I could see, working as a personal trainer one should be. I felt my cock twitch and cum shoot in my pants, just as I heard him moan so loudly that I could do it to, he came I came. And I knew I had to run away from there. I went to lock myself into the bathroom and took of my pants and underwear, only to hear a knock. 

Hello I said knowing who it was. 

Theo its Micheal can you open I need to come in He said. 

I took a towel and wrapped around my waist, I put the clothes in the hamper and opened. He came in and to my shock with his dick hanging out and cum on his chest. 

This is so embarrassing but I needed paper He said. 

I looked away and he saw that clearly. 

Come on bro its just a cock and cum He said.  

I just told him I know and that could he please finish it up quickly for I needed to take a shower. He laughed and cleaned himself of and left. I took a deep breath and jumped in to the shower for a nice cold shower, in need of a cool down before going to bed. 

My oldest brother Micheal was 29 and moved from home three years ago, and my next to oldest brother Daniel was on his way out, already started to pack. He had gotten a job and would be living in the neighboring town, he was 27. John lived the wild life for now being 24 he loved to spread his seed so to say. They were the best and I could not believe that two of them had made me so hard and horny, well I did think of them as the best so fitted nicely. 

A week went and Daniel had his going away party. I was there and danced trying to forget all thought of my brothers. After a few hours the party started to quiet down and not many people where left. I decided to go out for a bit of air and went out the back door. I stopped and went back taking a second glance from the corner seeing Daniel with his cock out and rubbing it, and a phone in his hand. Once more my cock got hard for one of my brothers, this needed to stop I could not be this horny for my brothers. I heard him talking. 

Oh yeah what else would you do to me He said and moaned. 

I felt a stab in my heart, was I jealous. I cant believe this I was jealous that someone got my brother this horny. I went inside and up to my room to jerk my hard cock. I shoot hard on to my face and some in my mouth, it all was so confusing for me. Just as I thought that I had got it out from my head the next brother got me hard. All thoughts of the things that had happened the last two week got me horny again and I kept on jerking my cock. 

Two years passed and a lot of things had happened. I had jumped of school and moved from father to live on our farm. Yes we had a farm, that we spent summers at but since the farm hand father had hired needed to leave he thought to sell it. It was then I told him and John that I wanted to drop out from school so I told him I could live there. He had after many no and buts agreed. John had gotten a good job but still lived at home, Daniel was still working and had just six months ago got a promotion. Micheal was hotter then ever still earning a lot of money on his private training program. 

It was nice and peaceful here, tending to our horse and the ones that rented space for theirs, it was a nice little earner. I also rented out cows for breeding, and even sold some crops to the little village of summer cottages a few kilometers from here. I was happy not being near anyone, happy being here alone and not a thought or sight of my brothers. I had not jerked my cock for the past year I had blocked it all. I was free and happy. 

It was summer and the weather was hot I had hot pants on and nothing else, working in the sun sometimes standing by the water tank and pulled the string to get wet and cool downed. The house was quite big and roomed five people, it had a kitchen a dinning room and a living area. 

I went inside done for the day. If one did a little everyday it did not become that hard here. I enjoyed it. I went inside to grab something to eat, taking a place in the sofa to watch some TV. Just as I sat down to take a bite of my sandwich the door bell rung, I stood up grunting. I went through the kitchen and went right down the small hallway then opened the door. I could not believe my eye's there he stood hotter then ever. Daniel, my hot brother Daniel. 

Hi Daniel what are you doing here I asked. 

Can I live here for a few weeks He replied. 

He went past me and came in with to huge bags, I was now worried. What had happened, what was this all about. He went upstairs and left his bag in the room he usually stayed in when he was here, he came down and sat in the sofa next to me. 

So what has happened Danny I asked. 

I could see he had trouble speaking about it but I just kept looking at him until he caved. 

Well I got fired He said. 

I asked why he came here and he told me he could not face father yet. I sighed telling him that he could stay here but he better help out around here or he could leave. He got a bit angry and told me this was not my place but that's when I told him that father had just two month ago given me the farm and that my name was on the contract as of two weeks ago. He shut up and promised to help. I laughed a bit and went upstairs in need of a shower. It was under the running water that my cock became hard for the thought of Daniel appeared within my mind and I became so horny. 

I moved my hand up and down over my now 5inch cock and moaned I had all but forgotten that I had not closed the door and moaned his name I heard a creak outside and stopped almost flying out the shower and closed the door. My heart pounded, I wonder if that was Daniel that made the floor boards creak and think if he heard me. The thought got me a bit horny and I started jerking again. I came and let it flow down the drain with the water, cleaned my self of and went to my bedroom to try and get some sleep. 

The next morning I got up a little later thinking I could now that I could get my brother to help. I got out from my bedroom and down a bit in the hall I knocked on his door. I opened it. 

Time to get up, you got work to do I said. 

He sounded pissed up as he got up saying this is to early for one that just got fired. I told him to stop complaining and get a move on. We ate a big breakfast and then we were of to the wood to getter a few timber to chop for the fireplace. It was very quite as we stood there he did not say much and I was busy working. It was an other hot summer day and I had taken of my tank top now standing there in hot pants as always. 

Can I ask you something Theo Daniel asked. 

Yes sure I replied. 

It took him some time. 

Are you a virgin He then asked

Yes if you must know I answered. 

Never been with a girl He said. 

Girls are not for me I replied without thinking. 

Oh he said and then nothing else we continued working but this day only four hours instead of the usual seven. We went inside and took something to eat, which after Daniel went to take a shower I told him I needed to go to the barn, looking so everything is as it should be. He said okay and went up. That had been a lie, I needed to jerk off and thought it best to be a bit away from him still a bit scared that he heard me last night. I stripped down and let my hard cock out I went to thebig barrel and leaned over it, I spread my legs and wet my finger I needed some sort of penetration I started fingering myself and moaned. I moaned his name over and over, I had just stopped fingering my hole and started to rub my throbbing hard dripping cock as I felt a pair of hands on my ass. I turned around. 

Stand still Daniel said. 

I turned back and stood still. His hands still on my buttocks he caressed them and then within seconds I felt two of his fingers in me. I moaned. 

Say my name He said. 

DANIEL I moaned. 

Cant believe I have such a slutty little brother He said. 

He pumped my ass with his fingers and I could not stay quite I moaned louder then before and begged for more and got a third finger. 

Such a nice slut, you will be a nice fuck. Daniel said. 

He pulled his pants down and took a firm grip of my hips. 

Now you whore I will take you and make you mine He grunted and slowly entered me. First with the head of his cock which made me moan loud and almost screamed out his name. 

There you dirty fag, you like your brothers cock don't you He grunted and shoved it deeper. 

I did not answer just moaning trying not to cry. He slapped my buttock hard and I screamed.

Don't you He said again. 

Yes, yes I love it I moaned. 

He shoved the last partinside me then stayed there for a short time, just to make me used to it but it was to short of a time for his moment as he started to pound my ass and growled.

You such a whore brother, I love that I'm taking your virgin hole He grunted 

I screamed for the pain was high but my cock was hard and I loved every minute of it. 

Yes yes faggot scream He moaned and pulled out his cock then back in then out. Hard as hell and slapping my buttocks, making me sore. He grabbed my head and pulled it back bending my back in a arch and kissed my lips just to almost toss it forward and keep pumping me. He made a last shove and filled me grunting your fucking little slut. He told me not to turn around, and that this was the first and last time it would ever happen. We will never speak of it again and you will never jerk to the thought of me again or else. He pulled out his cock and went back to the house. 

I felt his cum dripping from me and tears from my eyes. I was so hurt and so scared yet so happy. 

I went inside and up to my room to sleep. I cried my self to sleep. 

Three weeks later it was as if it never had happen it had become as it had always been brothers being brothers, joking and laughing. I was happy, still I got hard but never once had I touched it. I was still to scared of what might happen if I did. Daniel worked quite a lot on the farm and was in a nice routine, everything just seemed to flow by. 

It was night and I had decided to take a midnight coffee that was when I heard it, A soft moaning from Daniels room, I laid my ear against his door. Hearing him moaning and saying my name. Oh Theo my beautiful Theo. I felt my cock harden but I went on, I went down stairs, which made the stairs creak. The moaning stopped but I continued down stairs. I made the coffee and went out on to the porch and took a seat in the chair made of wicker, the door opened and out came Daniel. 

Oh I thought I heard someone He said. 

Yes I could not sleep, there is coffee if you want some I replied. 

He went back inside and came back with a cup sitting down on the other chair. It was quite for some time. 

Sorry Theo He said out of the blue. 

For what I asked. 

I forced myself on you he answered. 

I stood up and went inside, I did not really need to hear this. I went to the kitchen, and left my cup on the counter. I heard his footsteps following me and he grabbed me from behind, placing his arm around my belly and started kissing my neck. 

I want you He said softly into my ear. 

I turned around to meet his lips and he lifted me up he carried my up to his bedroom and laid me there, pulling of my boxers and took his of to. There naked, I saw him and felt my cock get hard within seconds. 

I love it that you find me so attractive He said. 

He came over me and started kissing my chest, liking my nipples. This time it was so soft and tender. He went down and started to kiss my cock and licked along side the shaft. I moaned which he took as a sign, he wet his fingerand his lips. His finger started to enter me and his lips went over my rock for a cock. He put in a second finger before he started to move them back and forth within my hot, hungry hole. 

Oh Daniel I moaned. 

He stopped sucking and pulled out his fingers, switching now and let his tongue play with my hole and make it wet and nice. It only took a few lick and he was ready. He grabbed my legs lifting them and started to push his leaky cock inside me. I gasped for air and moaned as I found it. He went slowly and I dont know why but I did not get as turned on by this. 

Fuck me hard I said

He looked at me and smiled a evil kind of smile. He came close to my face and stared at me. 

So you like to be fucked hard you little slut He said. 

Yes, fuck me brother I moaned. 

He started to ram his cock inside me and I screamed yes oh god yes. He growled and spit down on his cock and rammed it back inside. I knew he loved to fuck hard, to dominate and he knew I loved to be a slut. His slut. He went faster and faster but not that hard now. 

Your so tight whore He grunted. 

The sweat ran from his body. He stopped, pulled out and tossed me around. Placing my chest down and my ass up. He plunged back inside me and I screamed. 

Yes you fag, scream faggot He said. 

His movement went from fast to hard again slamming, he pulled it out and shoved it back in with force making me scream each time. He loved to hear me scream and beg for more. He was close as he grunted louder and with a trust he moaned loudly and filled my sore hole. He fell on top of me and I felt his cock slowly becoming smaller inside my ass, I felt it plop out and dripped with cum. He rolled of me and breathed a few deep breath I stood up and was about to leave, hard to move and aching as I took a step. I felt a hand grab my hand, and pulled me back to the bed. I fell on top of him.  

Where are you going He said. 

He smiled and told me that he wanted me to sleep in his room for now on. I smiled back and we laid under the covers naked and sticky, he spooned me and kissed my neck. 

I think I'm falling for you brother He said. 

I have already fallen for u I replied. 

We fell asleep in each others arms that night and from then on everything was as if we lived in a dream. We fucked each day, sometime two or three times a day. Some times he sucked me or I him, often it was hard and he dominated me like I loved, other times we made sweet love in the fields. It was everything I ever wanted. Until my dream broke into pieces. Three months had passed and I woke up to find a note. 

I cant do this anymore its not normal, I'm sorry but I have to go away
love Daniel. 

A year passed and I had almost healed. I had even forced myself to sleep with a woman, it was a hard thing to do. I was drunk and had taken pills to get my cock up. She had rode my pole all night, feeling nothing inside, feeling this wrong but something good came from it. Three months ago she had stopped by with a baby, my baby. She told me that she could not take care of it, if I did not she needed to put it up for adoption. I signed the forms she had with her and took the baby into my arms. A beautiful baby girl. 

Two more moths passed and it was summer again. My beautiful Lily was five months, and I loved her. Yet it was hard working on the farm and raising a little girl at that age. I myself was only 19 but my life was quite and peaceful, I did not want anything more then this. 

I had taken a break from everything this day and sat on the porch sipping ice tea and relaxed. I stood up seeing a car coming towards the farm, who could this be. No one from the village had called for an order, I noticed as the car came closer that it was Michael. Shit this cant be good, no what now. I got all sort of ideas into my head and panicked. I lifted Lily up into my arms and went down the few steps from the porch, the car pulled in and stopped. Out came Micheal more handsome then ever just turned 32 still hot as fuck and young. He opened the back seat and out came a little boy at what I could guess a little over a year old. He had probably just started to walk, a really cute boy. I went to greet them, with Lily in my arm. 

Hi Micheal I said. 

Hi Brother He answered. 

He closed the door of the car and went up to us. 

And who is this little cutie He asked. 

This is Lily my daughter I replied. 

Oh he said and told me he always thought I was gay, I told him the story about how I got the child and that I was gay. He wondered why I had not called and told non of them that I had a gotten a daughter, I laughed and said the same to him. I did not know that you had one. The little child my nephew was named Carl after our grandfather. We took our children and went to the porch, I offered him so ice tea, but he fetched him self a cold beer.  We sat down and the children sat in the play pen. 

So how is life He asked. 

It just wonderful, I'm so happy I replied. 

We kept talking about what had been going on in our life's and Micheal told me that his girlfriend had left him and the baby, now he had full custody and was quite happy to. He also said that he had lost the apartment he lived in for his girlfriend was on the lease, which the landlord had found out so he was thrown out. He asked then and there after he found out that I owned the farm, if he could live here. I told him that I did not mind and that it may not be his farm or house but it is his home. He smiled. We went to put the kids to bed and then we sat back on the porch. 

So how is the farming going He asked. 

I told him it was fun but hard at time and I had thought about hire a new farm hand. It was not easy to find but I had thought about it many times, especially after I got Lily. He asked me about my love life and I told him I was happy as it was. He looked down to the floor and to me it looked as if he was blushing. 

So are you interested in someone I asked knowing it might be to soon. 

No, well yes and that was one of the problems with the girl I was with He answered. 

He told me that he was interested in some one else and had been for a few years. I was curios but did not get much more out of him. We relaxed on the porch and enjoyed the sunset, now not saying anything. This was uncomfortable I decided to break the silence. 

Who is it I asked and smiled a crooked smile. 

No I cant tell you He replied. 

Of course u can bro, you can tell me anything I said. 

He swallowed a lump that seemed to be stuck in his troat and tried to get the words just right but blurted it out.  

Its you He said. 

I looked at him and he turned his head. 

I saw you He then continued. 

I felt myself blush. He told me that he had seen me watching him when he jerked off in his room. He still did not look at me but continued. Since then all I can think about is you and what it would be like to fuck you, I have always found your ass so cute and now it has gotten so sexy. He kept talking and had not heard me as I got up and knelled in front of him and started to caress his bulge, he turned to look at me. I kissed his lips and he was shocked. 

What are you doing, you don't have to He said. 

Why do you think I jerked of to you I replied. 

That was like a go at it signal for he jumped on me and made me fall on to the floor boards of the porch. I could feel his cock pulsating as it nudged against mine, he pulled my clothing of fast and kissed my skin in eagerness. I grabbed his head, and he looked into my eye's. 

You don't have to be so rushed I said. 

He breathed heavy. 

I been longing for this He replied. 

Then fuck me I said. 

He continued liking my body and squeezed my nipples. He was so horny that he became wilder and wilder. He turned me around telling me he cant hold on, he spit in my hole and shoved in his cock. I screamed a yes, and he gruntedas he pulled out back in and out back in. He Took it out. 

Turn around and suck me He said. 

I did as he said. 

Oh you like to clean cock, such a dirty little slut of a brother I have he moaned as my lips played over his cock. 

He saw my cock twitch when he called me that and smiled. 

So bro you like to be verbally abused, as the dirty fuck toy you are He said. 

I moaned with the big 9inches cock inside my mouth. 

He ordered me to stop and turn around again and plunged his cock back inside my wet, tight, horny hole. 

Your so tight whore He grunted and went faster. Some times making a few hard slams into me. He kept pumping me and took a hold of my cock. Moving his hand up and down. I moaned and begged for more. 

You like it don't you fag He said. 

Yes, yes I moaned. 

He grabbed my cock harder as he softened up his own movements, pumping my cock and made me cum, he took some of the cum that came on his hand and put it in my face forcing me to eat it. He pulled out and ordered me to once again to turn around. I did as he said and now he stood up I was on my knees. He grabbed my head and shoved in his cock into my mouth. He held a good grip on my skull and started to throat fuck me. I almost puked, I gagged and could hardly breath. 

Yeah you faggot whore, gag on it He growled. 

I tried to push away for it started to be a bit hard. He slapped my face and took a new grip with his hand on my head. 

Just take it he said. He shoved it down to the base and held it there. 

I made a sound that sounded like I puked as he pulled it out, his dick covered in slime and saliva. He grunted, good whore. And kept going now fucking my mouth and throat fast. He was close I could tell and he made a few more in and out. 

Swallow my seed, take my cum fag He moaned loudly and filled my throat. 

I managed to take it all down and he pulled out, telling me to breath. I took a few breath and then he stood there with his limp dick, Clean it he said and I did making it hard again. He fucked my ass next filling it and then we did the 69n, we hardly got any sleep but when we finally went to bed we slept in each others arms. He smiled at me as we said good night. 

I love you Theo He said. 

I love you to I replied. 

No Theo I love you, and want to be with you always He replied. 

We talked a bit and I told him that I loved him to that way and I would love for him to be my man, but I also told him about Daniel and that it was only my brothers that turned me on. He smiled and laughed a bit. Well a whore is a whore. I slapped his arm and he pulled me in saying that in sex your a whore, my whore but other times my angel. We drifted of and could not wait for a new day. 

The next day I stood in the kitchen and made breakfast. Lily sitting in her baby chair and so did Carl. Micheal came down only in his boxers, coming from behind and held me kissing my neck. 

Good morning love He said.

Not in front of the children I replied. 

He laughed saying not to worry they wont understand. We could take it down once they passed three years or four if were lucky. I smiled and agreed after a few minutes and gave him a kiss on the lips. He sat down enjoying the breakfast I had made, we needed a good breakfast for it would be a hard days work. Many from the village had ordered crops and other things I would also interview the new farm hands that I had found. Iate up and went out putting Lily in the playpen and Carl. We went and worked only to take short breaks to cheek on the kids and from time to time suck or jerk our cocks a little. Kissing and laughing. Could life get any better. 

Two weeks passed and I had hired two farm hands, Brothers one named Kevin 21 years old and his older brother Leo 29 they where a huge help. Mostly so I could look after the kids more and also to leave me and Michael time to fuck more. 

It was night time, we had sneaked out to the barn. Leo and Kevin was in the guest room sleeping, so we had time for our self. We had brought the baby monitor. We kissed each other as soon as we closed the barn door, we where so horny had not been able to fuck or anything the last five days. 

I have missed my slut so much He said between kisses. 

Your slut has longed for your big cock I replied. 

We stripped of our clothing and went to a barrel. He told me to place myself there with my ass out, he opened my buttocks and spit against my hole. He spit a few more times and then started to Like it, teasing my hole just licking the entrance not entering with his hot, wet tongue. 

MMM you taste so good fag said. 

More Micheal I panted. 

He laughed, and I knew why. He loved when I begged, and then a thought of Daniel came to mind. I had to brothers that liked to dominate, and call me things. He let his tongue inside of me and digged good with it, rimming around the edges from time to time. I loved him so much and loved how he made me feel. He stood up and put a finger inside with ease. 

Still tight but now ready He said. 

He grabbed my hips and in that moment we heard a harking. We turned around and saw Kevin and Leo standing there watching. 

Oh our barrel is occupied Leo said. 

Yes seems that way Kevin continued.

We smiled and so did they coming up to us. Kevin was placed on opposite side of the barrel, so his and my face was really close to one an other. Leo plunged his cock into Kevin the same time as Michael shoved his inside of my hot hole. They fucked us so hard giving us orders and calling us sluts, whores and more. We had at there command started to make out, Me and Kevin playing with our tongues. 

Yes good whore's Leo grunted and pulled his cock out. 

Yes keep doing that Michael said and pulled out his. 

I was shocked as they traded places. Now Leo started to pump me, and Michael fucked Kevin. This was so hot, I thought I really loved being my brothers whore. The continued for a long time and the pulled out only to with a few pumping movements fill their own sluts ass. We continued for sometime. They forced us to clean there cocks and make them hard once more, now time to try the other sluts throat. This time non of them came, they took out their cocks and said to hold out our tongues.

Oh I'm cumming Micheal screamed and shoot his warm creamy load on my tongue and mouth. 

Yeah me to Leo grunted and did the same to Kevin. 

They told us to keep it there, sitting on our knees with open mouths and tongues out with white substance visible. They looked at us and grinned, now fag's swallow. We did as they told us and stood up. It was as if they had one mind when they lifted us and placed us down on the hay. They started rubbing our cocks. And liking the shaft. 

Good whores get rewarded Micheal said and started sucking my cock. 

Leo smiled and sucked Kevin's. We came hard and they swallowed every drop, cleaning us from the juice that shoot from us. We laid down some time before we all went back to the house naked. Leo had his arm around Kevin and Micheal his arms around me, walking with our cock out swinging as we went to the house. It was still dark so we got a few hours of sleep, before we needed to get up. 

Weeks became months and I turned 20, the summer came once more. The summer was the best but also the most work on the farm, which was not all that bad for it gave us more money. Michael and started to work In the village two days a week for handyman tings. He fixed the pluming, the roofs and if there needed anything built. That gave us a few more coins in the bank, Leo had started working as a helper on some other farms near by and so also brought in more money to the household, they had become part of the family, and we all lived a happy family life. I stood on the porch looking out onto the farm and smiled, thinking how blessed I was. Yet things took a new turn. 

It was night time and raining, I had gone up to take a snack as the others slept. I loved the rain and thunder so it was impossible for me to sleep, and good thing to because I heard a knock on the door. Who the hell could that be at this hour. I walked slowly to the door and opened it, not prepared as arms pulled me into a hug and lips kissing mine. It was Daniel. 

What the hell do you think your doing I asked as I shoved him of me. 

I made a big mistake He said standing there wet from the rain. 

He kept talking and told me that he could not get me out from his mind, he could not forget me. All he knew was that I was the one for him and nothing could change that. 

I love you Theo He ended. 

Im sorry but I'm with Michael now I replied. 

I saw a gaze of anger and was a bit scared has he grabbed my hair pulling me into his arms again holding one hand on my jawline and pinched my face looking deep into my eye's. 

Your such a whore He said and kissed my lips hard. 

Let me go I said. 

He touched my cock. 

But you like it, as the slut you are fucking your brothers He said and smiled wickedly. 

Now get down and suck my cock He said and pushed me to the floor. 

I stood on my knees and he was right I loved this and he was my brother I could not say no to my brother. I pulled down his pants and took his soft dick in my mouth working it as it rose hard and thick. 

Yes, Theo I have missed you my fag He moaned and leaned his head back. 

I kept sucking, for each time I was about to stop he grabbed my head and pressed down the whole thing down my throat. Daniel was a little longer and thicker then Micheal so this was hard. The door opened and there Michael stood. 

So my brothers are having fun without me. He said and came out naked with a hard cock. 

They took turns fucking my mouth and calling me things as I was on my knees. They enjoyed every minute of it and started kissing each other. I got so turned on, I never thought that they would make out. Micheal pinched Daniels nipple as their tongues played around in their joining mouths. They grabbed my arms and pulled my to stand up now all three of us made out, jerking each others cocks some times standing down and licking the pre-cum that left the cock heads slit. Micheal ordered me to take the lose counter and place near me, it was like table that he some how knew would be good for me to lay over. I did so and Micheal stood in front of me Daniel behind me. 

Now suck it Micheal said. 

I took his cock and started to suck it as Daniel spit in my hole and played with his finger around before he shoved in two fingers. I moaned but was made to shut up as Micheal grabbed my head and started fucking my skull like there was no tomorrow. He grunted each time I gagged. Daniel stood up and took a hard grip on my hips. Spanking my butt hard as hell before he hammered in his huge cock. Both of them 9inches but Daniels a little longer and thicker. I tried moaning but all that was heard was gagging and the grunts of my brothers. 

Oh such a good slut Micheal growled. 

Cant believe we have such a whore for a brother Daniel moaned. 

Daniel started to fuck me hard like he had never done before, almost screaming take it, take it you faggot, bitch, whore. Micheal let me breath a little before he plunged back deep into my mouth and throat, I loved to be my brothers slut.

Your such a good fuck toy Daniel said and pulled out his cock form my ass. 

Yeah such a fuck doll Micheal said. 

They switched places and now Daniel forced his huge cock down my throat again, Micheal entered me hard with a slam. Going fast instead of hard. I was like in a trans, hypnotized by the joy and feeling of two of my brothers fucking me. 

Your making our brother whore gag good Daniel Micheal grunted. 

Thanks Bro that's what whore's are for He replied. 

They grunted, growled like beasts and panted from exhaustion. They were close and as they made their last movement Michael grabbed my cock making me cum as well. 

Fill that dirty fag Micheal Daniel moaned as he shoot down my mouth. 

Yeah and make the whore drink your seed Micheal grunted and slammed his load inside me as he jerked my cock that let its semen spill on the floor.  We all kissed each other and cleaned our cocks for each other, after a few minutes we sat down naked and catching our breaths. 

That was, wow Daniel said.

We talked for some time and Daniel told us that he wanted to be with me again, he loved me and should have never have left me. 

Then you welcome to stay Michael said. 

He continued saying that, we love Theo and Theo loves us of course we should be together. We belong together, the love we feel for one and the other. Only brothers can feel. This hot sexy never ending lust and love only brothers could share. We laughed and Daniel kissed me, now putting on his wet clothes he told us that he needed to do a few things and gather some stuff before returning. That's when we also found out that he had become a father of two. One that had just been born and who's mother died in childbirth, the first born was two years old. The woman that had given birth to that child had given birth to it when He lived here. He had no idea that the child existed but had now full custody for the mother had meet a new man that did not want anything to do with children unless it did not come from him. We waved good bye as he drove of standing there naked. 

Me and Micheal kissed and took a second turn at a hot fuck before we went back to bed. 

PART 1 OF 2 End 

Hope you liked this part,and if you have a request then comment or email. Sorry for thespelling but I did my best hope it is still readable. XOXO/ Rainsky



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