I'm Cory Baker. When I was 13 and my brother, Dustin, was 15, our mother passed away suddenly. Then it was just Dad, Dustin and I at home. Dad was having a rough time accepting her death and making life adjustments. So were Dustin and I, but we had each other. Dustin immediately began including me in his activities with his school buddies.

Before long, Dustin and I were inseparable an I was a freshman in high school and Dustin was a junior. We shared everything, including a bathroom at home. Our bedrooms were separated by what is called a 'Jack and Jill' bathroom. The bathroom had a door leading to each of our bedrooms.

It was during my sophomore year of high school that I began hearing strange sounds coming from Dustin's room. One night as I was preparing to go to bed, I again heard the strange sounds. I eased into the bathroom and toward the door to Dustin's bedroom.

As I drew closer, I could hear him moaning softly. I immediately wondered if he was hurt or sick, but I soon realized that I recognized the moans, because I had also made them myself. With the lights still out, I eased his bedroom open and looked in. There Dustin lay on his bed, totally nude, legs spread wide and rapidly stroking his cock. I was enthralled watching him in action and soon my own cock was rock hard.

I watched as his cock exploded, sending huge thick volleys of pearly white cum put onto his chest and stomach. When he was drained, I eased the door closed and hurried back to my own bedroom, only to jump in bed and relieve myself.

These episodes continued several times a week until Dustin graduated. After graduation, Dustin enlisted in the Army, and I was alone. During my senior year of high school, while playing football, I quickly realized that I preferred seeing the guys nude in the gym after practice and games than I did seeing the cheerleaders half dressed. It was during this time that my best friend, Josh Guthrie, began fooling around sexually.

It all started out after he noticed me checking out the other guys cocks after a game one Friday night. He had called and invited me to go riding round on Saturday night. I agreed and after he picked me up we his a few of the hang out spots in town. Then as we drove around he casually said, "Uh, Cory, I noticed you checking out some of the guys cocks last night in the showers. It's cool with me if that interest you."

I was totally shocked because I thought I was being so casual about it. "What the fuck are you talking about?" I replied, trying to sound offended.

"Hey, man, it's cool. I saw you looking and your cock starting to get boned. Mine was also. I've always enjoyed looking at yours."


"Cory, I've been fascinated by guy's cocks for a couple of years, but was afraid to let anyone know until now."

"I've been the same way for several months myself," I told him. I then told him of watching Dustin jerk off then going to my room and doing the same. He was quiet for a short time and soon turned onto a small lane that led to the nearby lake.

After stopping the car, he turned to me and asked, "What do you think about us jerking off together out here?"

"You serious," I asked.

"Sure, why not?'

"I'm game if you are, but you have to start it off. I'm not taking the chance of you going around school telling everyone I started jerking in front of you."

He started laughing and said he'd never do that. We got out and stepped in front of his car. Without hesitation, he quickly dropped his jeans and briefs to the ground and began stroking his already half hard cock. Once he began, I moved over next to where he was leaning on the front of his car and dropped my jeans. Immediately, I joined him and soon we were both hard as steel.

After a moment, he stopped stroking and ever so slowly reached over and gently felt my cock. "I've never felt another guy's cock before," he said. "Neither have I," I replied as I grasped his. We began stroking each other and soon brought each other to roaring climaxes.

As we pulled our pants back up, he said, "That was hot. Would you want to do it again sometime?"

"Hell yea," I replied.

The following week was an off night for football and he asked if I would like to spend the weekend with him at his parents cabin on the lake. I quickly agreed.

We left for the cabin directly after school o Friday and after an hour and a half we reached the gate of the property. Josh handed me a key and told me to unlock the gate and after he pulled through to relock it. I did and moments later we pulled up to the small one room cabin.

"Welcome," he said.

"It sure seems deserted," I replied.

"It is. The property is completely fenced and no one else has cabins in the area," he said with a sly smile on his face.

"What's that grin for?" I asked.

"Cory, if we decide to, we can go totally nude all weekend."

"Cool," I replied.

We unloaded the car and once everything was in the cabin, he looked at me, smiled and ask "Would you really like to go nude this weekend?"

"Sure, why not. We've seen each other nude in the gym."

We both began stripping, and moments later we were nude. It seemed strange yet exciting to go outside in the raw. Immediately, both our cocks began to stiffen. He stepped closer and faced me as he reached down and began to fondle my cock with his right hand. As I reached for his cock, his left hand slipped behind my head and gently pulled my face to his. Our lips soon met and after a moment I felt his tongue trying to enter my mouth. I parted my lips and accepted his tongue and soon offered mine. It was erotic and exciting and I was totally into the kissing as I wrapped my arms around him as we kissed.

When we parted, we looked into each others eyes and he said, "Fuck, I liked that."

"So did I. It was so fucking hot."

We kissed again and afterward, we began stroking each other. Then, without warning, Josh dropped to his knees, and quickly took my cock into his mouth. I gasped as the warmth and wetness surrounded my cock. He began sucking me

and soon I warned him that I was about to shoot my load. He continued sucking me and moments later my load filled his mouth. He collected it all then looked at me and swallowed.

"What the fuck made you do that?" I asked.

"I'll show you," he replied.

He led me back inside and began going through his bag. "A few weeks ago, I saw a neighbor down the street throwing out some trash and as he did I saw a few DVD's fall out of the bag. After he went back inside, I slipped down and went through them. All of them were gay movies. I took them. When I watched them I saw guys sucking so I wanted to try it."

Suddenly, he pulled out four gay movies and we began watching one. We saw guys kissing sucking and fucking as well as pissing on each other and into each others mouth.

After seeing the movie, I was ready to suck Josh. Of course we were both hard so I quickly swallowed his cock and sucked him to completion and swallowed. I was amazed that I liked the taste of cum.

During the weekend, we ended up watching the rest of the videos and sucked each other numerous times.

Josh and I went to the cabin as often as possible and soon we were not just sucking but fucking each other while we kissed. We were both totally into male sex.

Graduation arrived, and unfortunately, Josh went to a university out of state, while I went to the state college, I found out that Dustin and dad had talked and Dad could only afford to send one of us to college. Therefore, had joined the Army so as to take advantage of them paying for his college.

I took a year off and worked to help out with my college expenses. After enrolling in college, I began to meet a few friends that were into the same sexual activities as I. During my Sophomore year, I not only turned twenty-one but Dustin got out of the Army and returned home. The following year, he also enrolled in the state college and we became dorm room mates.

One Saturday morning I was studying for an exam and Dustin said he was headed into town. I said I'd see him later. After a while, I decided to go to town also. I began walking and just as I entered town I noticed numerous cars at an adult video store. I decided to check it out.

I entered and the clerk immediately asked for my ID. After showing him , I headed for the video arcade area. Inside were numerous booths playing adult videos. Some were gay men, some lesbians, some three ways, and some straight sex. You had your choice.

I went into one booth and chose a gay movie and as I did, I noticed a two inch hole in the partition on my right. I eased down and looked through and saw a guy with his pants down slightly and jerking as he watched a girl getting fucked in both holes by two guys. He must have seen me looking because he quickly turned and slipped his cock through the hole. it was nice and I immediately began sucking him to completion.

After finishing the guy, I began checking out different booths. I had sucked four cocks when I went into another booth. When I looked through the hole, I saw one guy with his back to me on his knees sucking a hot muscular stud. The guy getting sucked saw me looking through the hole and smiled, giving me a thumbs up sign. I watched as he climaxed into the other guys mouth then heard him say, softly, "Damn, I love watching guys swallow my load."

I stood up and seconds later I saw the guy doing the sucking slip his fingers through the hole and motion for me to put my cock through. I did and he immediately began sucking me. After a moment I pulled back and motioned for him to slip his cock through. He did and I quickly swallowed it and soon brought him to his climax. His load what thick sweet and huge. I quickly swallowed every drop.

After I stood up me motioned for me to put my cock back through the hole. I did and he slowly sucked my cock to completion and swallowed my load. I pulled up my pants and headed out of my booth. As I did, the door to the booth next to me opened.

TO BE CONTINUED...............................



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